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Colorado State University (Colorado State University, referred to as CSU) is a four year public university, founded in 1870, is located in the state of Colorado Fort Collins Losangeles, located in the foothills, the pleasant scenery of the school, from Colorado's first big city Denver 65. The university is a former agricultural college, so until now agricultural is still good, the College of Agricultural Sciences in the leading position in the United States, is the most famous Veterinary Medicine That is a statewide leader .
colorado state university
According to 2017US NEWS (" U.S. News and World Report ") university rankings, Colorado State University is ranked as the level of National University, ranked 129, And by " Forbes "Magazine as the American public university in 2016 sixty-first, Shanghai Jiaotong University ARWU The Academic Ranking of world universities listed CSU as the 208th in the world, the Atmospheric Sciences ranked first nationwide veterinary medical professional doctoral programs ranked the top three, occupation therapy graduate programs ranked sixth doctoral programs in ecology and agricultural science and the national top ten, is the main strong discipline in school.

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colorado state university School profile

Colorado State University (Colorado State University) founded in 1870, 1957 was known as the Colorado State University, covers an area of 5000 acres. Colorado State University is a famous American Public University One of, have advanced teaching and research
Facilities and strong teachers, in infectious diseases, meteorology, clean energy technology and environmental science accounted for the nation's leading position. About the atmosphere, aerospace research for Colorado State University atmospheric science ranked first. And makes human on climate change research, atmospheric radar research, weather forecast has great development. For the CSU-CHILL radar to study the nature of national radar equipment, sponsored by the National Natural Science Foundation, the Colorado State University ( Electronic Engineering The Department of management). Mainly used for radar, remote sensing research aspects. The radar is the world's most advanced equipment in the field for research. Colorado State University has 8 colleges (Academic Schools), providing a total of 55 discipline of college courses to the students.

colorado state university geographical position

The state of Colorado State University (Colorado State University) is located in the state of Colorado Fort Corinth (Fort Collins CO), located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, beautiful scenery, the school from the city of Denver in 65, is a power in Larimer county within the state of Colorado to the city, it is located in the Colorado foothills, Cache La Poudre River, about 130 thousand residents, is the fifth largest city in Colorado, is also a a great university city. Many cultural activities in the Corinth Fort Colorado The state university students as the center. Because many of the residents are age and college students, so the city has very active music activity center, many small breweries also appreciated here. There is a downtown The old city The shopping district, held a variety of large-scale celebration every year. Lincoln Center Is the fort Corinth Symphony Orchestra resident, Broadway The tour is always here. Corinth Bao balloon festival to attract the world's hot air balloon enthusiasts to participate in.
Beer culture in the city is also developed. Except from the beginning of 1984 in the city of business of the Anheuser Busch brewery and three micro brewery. There are also some beer. At the end of June the city hosted the Colorado beer festival. This holiday in The old city In the host, from Colorado In more than 45 breweries and an average of nearly thirty thousand people.
The main venue of Corinth Fort Lincoln center, the center was built in 1978, has a 1180 seat auditorium and a 220 seat hall, four exhibition halls, a Outdoor sculpture And performing field. Many of the local arts organizations will be headquartered in the establishment, including the fort Corinth Symphony orchestra, Fort Corinth Opera etc.. The center has facilities for the disabled wheelchair entrance and auxiliary hearing infrared sound system defects of people. Held here every year nearly 1750 times the activity.

colorado state university campus life

colorado state university Get accommodation

Colorado State University has 13 dormitory building, can accommodate 5500 students. School has the following advantages: 1) to participate in academic and social activities; 2) to make new friends; 3) can use the academic resources; 4) GPA scores than boarders living off campus students. 5) can enjoy top dining facilities; 6) can enjoy public facilities and high-speed Internet etc.. The Darrel center is located in the newly renovated dining center next door. The dormitory is equipped with standard rooms, each floor of a public bathhouse. Each layer has a double room with a private bathroom and a communal room. The student lounge is located in each floor. Each dormitory is a coed dormitory, and equipped with Durward and Westfall dormitory lounge, equipped with parking lot.

colorado state university Restaurant

Six restaurants in the school, The Ram 's Horn and Durrel convenience store for students, teachers and school staff to provide a variety of dining options. The school is equipped with wireless Internet technology, can provide a flexible way for dining busy school students, such as the late night dining. In our campus 6 restaurants and 2 convenience store, you can buy "All-you-care-to-eat" package. Parents or guardians can with students every two weeks free meals 2 times.

colorado state university Campus activities

2 | 20 is LifePointe church school and occupation management association. Is a full of love, hope, faith groups, to provide help for the Colorado University Students and young professionals. The school has a variety of clubs, such as: A+ Game Club (board game club), clubs (welcome sound or for disabled persons), academic clubs (leadership skills), academic Village (help students position themselves, academic activities) Village Association (for academic village planning activities), Action not Apathy (AnA) (to provide opportunities for students to participate in politics). Campus Ambassador is responsible for lead others to visit the campus for students to participate in school activities and contact students.

colorado state university Professional settings

Financial, legal, textile and clothing, engineering technology, management, environment, construction, education, science, tourism, agriculture, arts and humanities, social science, biology, sports, journalism, information science, medicine, language, natural science.
Colorado State University in infectious diseases, meteorology, clean energy technology and environmental science accounted for the nation's leading position. About the atmosphere, aerospace research for Colorado State University atmospheric science ranked first. And makes human on climate change research, atmospheric radar research, weather forecast has great development.
Colorado State University is a former agricultural college, so until now agricultural is still good, but the most famous is the veterinary medicine, is a statewide leader. Other subjects also received praise, forest and natural resources science, business, engineering and psychology. Most students of the subject, followed by business management (17%), Home Economics (10%), engineering (6%), agricultural science (6%), psychology (5%) .

colorado state university Popular professional

Financial accounting includes, The computer information system , finance, management, marketing, fixed assets;
Engineering: Chemical Engineering, civil engineering, computer engineering, electronic engineering, environmental engineering, mechanical engineering, engineering science;
The category of Arts: art, economics, English, history, language, literature and culture, performing arts, psychology, political science, sociology, sociology, Technical Journalism;
Natural Science: the application of computer technology, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, mathematics, natural science, physics, psychology, animal science;
Law, textile and clothing, engineering technology, management, environment, construction, education, science, tourism, agriculture, arts and humanities, social sciences, journalism, information science, medicine, language, Natural Science

colorado state university School Rankings

colorado state university CollegeFactual College

2016CollegeFactual College

Nationwide Area Within the scope of the state
The United States University Ranking
Four Four
The United States University ranking the best price (for all students)


colorado state university The United States ranked CollegeFactual diversified university

The United States ranked 2016CollegeFactual diversified university

comprehensive race The proportion of men and women region
The United States ranked best university diversified

One hundred and sixty

colorado state university CollegeFactual university ranking

2016CollegeFactual university ranking
Professional field The best professional ranking Salary ranking Price ranking The most popular ranking Educational resources ranking
Public management and social services


Social services Thirty-nine

Park, entertainment, fitness and leisure activities in science research Sixteen

Health, fitness and physical education Forty-two

Entertainment Management


Agriculture and agricultural operation


Animal nursing


Soil Science


One Two
The application of horticulture and gardening business




Philosophy and Religious Studies






One hundred and ten
Business, management and marketing


One hundred and twenty-one
Business / trade (comprehensive)


Foreign literature and Linguistics


Linguistics and Comparative Literature


Multi / interdisciplinary research




International Research


Family, consumer and the Humanities Five

Four Forty-three
Study of human development and family studies Eighteen

The textile and Apparel Studies Three
Five Seven
Engineering Technology


Construction Engineering Technology


Two Five


One hundred and twenty-four
Psychology (comprehensive)


One hundred and twelve
Mathematics and statistics




Literature / science and Humanities


The study of literature and knowledge




physics Sixty-four
Sixty-three Ninety-one


One hundred and fifty-nine
Geology and Earth Science Twenty-one
Twenty-seven Forty-five


Biological and biomedical sciences Eighty-four

Zoology Six

Microbial Science and Immunology


Biochemistry, biophysics and molecular biology


Biology (comprehensive)






Political science and government


Sociology Seventy-four



Natural resources and conservation


Forestry Three



Study on conservation of natural resources


English literature and Linguistics


English language and Literature (comprehensive)


Visual and Performing Arts


Art and art management




Computer and Information Science


One hundred and thirty-five
Computer information system Thirty-nine

Communication and Journalism




Communication and Media Studies



colorado state university University Ranking

Professional ranking
2016 U.S.News engineering academy best American universities (Graduate School) ranked seventy-first
In 2016 U.S.News American College of biological and agricultural engineering graduate students ranked twenty-seventh
2016 U.S.News chemical engineering study of American college students ranked sixty-second
In 2016 U.S.News civil engineering college students study in the United States ranked thirty-seventh
2016 U.S.News computer engineering university students study in the United States ranked sixty-second
2016 U.S.News electrical electronic communication engineering college students study in the United States ranked sixty-sixth
2016 U.S.News environmental health engineering study of American college students ranked thirty-eighth
2016 U.S.News mechanical engineering college students study in the United States ranked sixty-seventh
In 2016 U.S.News MBA of professional American college student ranked forty-eighth
In 2016 U.S.News professional study of Biological Sciences, university students ranked seventy-fifth
The 2016 U.S.News study of American Chemical Science Majors ranked forty-ninth
The 2016 U.S.News study of American computer science students ranked seventieth
The earth science industry research 2016 U.S.News ranked seventy-seventh
In 2016 U.S.News study mathematics professional college students ranked seventy-third
In 2016 U.S.News research statistics professional American college student ranked forty-second
Study on physics in 2016 U.S.News American college student ranked seventieth
The domestic university rankings
" U.S. News and World Report "The University ranked 127
University Performance Evaluation Center of university ranking 68
"Washington Monthly" American University ranked 90
World University Rankings
2015-2016 Shanghai Jiaotong University Academic Ranking of world universities (Beijing Normal University, Harbin Institute of Technology 203 208 to 218)
2016QS World University Rankings 414 (reference 411 Xiamen University Shanghai Univer 417)
2015-16 times higher education world university rankings (refer to 251-300 251-300 of the Nanjing University)
2016U.S.News World University Rankings 236 (reference 198 Zhongshan University Wuhan University 251)

colorado state university China HKFS

Colorado State University China students and Scholars Association (Colorado State University Chinese Students & Scholars Association CSU, referred to as CSSA) is designed to provide convenience for the vast number of nonprofit organizations China abroad.
Today (2015) has provided a lot of convenience for thousands of students came to the school of Colorado State University. As for new students pick up service, temporary accommodation services and a new manual book in hand, I have in the world ", has brought the most thoughtful and timely help for newcomers to the freshman. In addition, Chinese kcice will be held each semester a variety of exciting activities at the Colorado State University, has greatly enriched the China students after school life.
Whether you are already in the CSU study, or are willing to come to school CSU students, are available through the China Federation this convenient platform to get information about CSU. Chinese HKFS now has official website, the official WeChat public platform and official QQ group, the official Sina micro-blog has in the semester (autumn 2015) successful opening.
Chinese HKFS students are welcome to understand all kinds of questions or to come to consult about Colorado State University!

colorado state university Cooperation of Colleges

Hunan University
03 2012 20, by the Hunan University and the United States colorado state university Confucius college and the signing ceremony was held in Beijing.
It is reported that this is the Hunan University Hunan University in South Korea Confucius college, Canada university of regina Confucius college, in the overseas construction of third Confucius college.
The same day, director of Hanban, Confucius Institute Headquarters director general, State Department counselor Xu Lin, vice president of the Colorado State University and Jim Cooney representing the two sides signed the agreement. Vice president of Hunan University Chen Shou attended the signing ceremony.

colorado state university Admission requirements

 School badge School badge
The type of institution Comprehensive University The nature of institutions public
Whether the Ministry of Education yes founding year 1870
The total number of students 24875 people The proportion of international students 3%
The ranking of schools In 2015 UsNews US university ranking 121
The enrollment rate Undergraduate admission rate was 76%
Professional recommendation Environmental engineering, environmental health, civil engineering, chemical
geographical position Fort Collins
Application deadline Type of degree Closing date
Undergraduate February 1st, May 1st, November 1st, December 1st
master January 1st, April 1st, September 1st
Cost Cost type Undergraduate fees (RMB/) Master cost (RMB/)
Tuition 159228 yuan 229400 yuan
Living expenses 12000 yuan -16000 yuan 12000 yuan -16000 yuan
Language test requirements Test type Academic degree Minimum score requirements
IELTS Undergraduate 6 (Language: 5) the Fort Collins campus with 6 points, 5 points F Webb Lo Campus
IELTS master 6.5 (School of business: 6.5) in Fort Collins campus 6.5 points, 5 points F Webb Lo Campus
TOEFL Undergraduate 71/120
TOEFL master 80/120
Test requirements Test type Academic degree Minimum score requirements
SAT Undergraduate One thousand one hundred and twenty
GPA Undergraduate Three