Reid Wood National Park

Reid Wood National Park (The Redwood National and State Parks) Also called. Redwoods National Park And as the world's highest ancient coast redwood homes, this beautiful land cover The state of California 59 kilometers north of Coastline . Here you can see spruce, hemlock, Douglas fir, berry bushes, and plant rich woodland rivers and streams throughout the biological. Reid Wood National Park is a vast forest, it has a huge amazing forest share. These huge trees can be as high as 30 storey building, than any other in the world will need to be high, standing in these trees next, adults look like mini toy portrait.
Reid Wood National Park

Reid Wood National Park brief introduction

The host country: U.S.A
Undulating terrain: redwoods And the coastal plain
The main attractions: tall trees
Wild animal: Elk Deer, hare, Owl , Marten And a woodpecker
Event: evening activities, hiking, boating, guided by kayak trips, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, whale watching, backpacking.
In order to accurately understand their height, can put the redwood and Statue of Liberty Comparison of them even higher than the Statue of Liberty from the base to the height of the torch. Only the first branch from the soft forest has 30 to 60 meters. These branches seem to form a delicate green tent, the sky will be pushed away, the sky seemed higher than people usually see in the West.
California There are many magnificent redwood trees have been grown for 2000 years, they are the last to commemorate those who left vast coniferous forest, the coniferous forest before the ice age coming once in the entire North American humid period in lush flourish. It is near the Pacific Ocean, the mild climate allows them to survive. These majestic trees grow along the coast in the fog area, especially the Grand Canyon directly to the ocean in the valley and those who can grow better.
Sequoia dense shade, light like the morning light as air is as cool as partly hidden and partly visible, April, and full of Eden as the dawn of the fresh feeling. The black tailed deer and red deer grazing in great Roosevelt plant, hermit thrush in dense undergrowth call. The hare on the grassy clearings in the eating, and bobcats watching all this, eyes like a polished topaz.

Reid Wood National Park Attractions

High tree Jungle (Tall Trees Grove): in this jungle there is a tree called "high tree (Tall Tree), height of nearly 112.18 meters. Unfortunately this tree canopy in 1980s fell. But don't stop in this jungle there are still many other high Shuneng wow.
The Klamath River (Klamath RiverOverlook): from here you can see the Klamath River at the mouth of many birds and other wild animal, can also see the inside of the Pacific gray whales. The peak month of migrating whales is to watch whale's best period is from November to December, general and from March to April.
Stocky Jungle (Stout Grove): the clear river Smith (Smith River) in the jungle through the side. The soil is fertile river forest floor plants and trees on the sparse stocky cause of abnormal.

 Wood Reid of the Redwood Forest National Park Wood Reid of the Redwood Forest National Park
The jungle is tree Reid Wood National Park Center, is an unusually tall redwood forest, this piece is called Jade (Emerald Mile), miles of breathtaking scenery. Here, in a circle under the shade, sunlight to the forest floor after only a mottled light, creating a similar Gothic The church, like a huge stone is decorated like colored glass. The fog from the sea surface near the surge into the room, as if the misty gossamer tree layers covered, let this strange place more mysterious.
Among many trees in tall trees in the jungle, stands known as the world's tallest tree, "tree", the name is called tree. The top of the tree was 112 meters from the ground (the crown in 1980s fell). Ranger estimates this tree has a history of about 600 years. It was discovered in 1963 and measure, also found along the second, the third tree, the tree is standing in the vicinity.

Reid Wood National Park The origins of redwood forests and exploration

Reid Wood National Park Origin

redwoods The rich history, and is still in development. Scientists have only recently begun to understand the ancient redwoods The complex ecological system. The top branches formed a Sequoia will finally fall on the ground, and other species of hemlock leaves and branches are mixed together, and eventually rot away. The support of a large number of biological. These are some of the survival of the animal feed and trees also need other animal populations.
For example, there is a wild eat tree fungus fruiting body, then in another place the excretion of spores. These spores will grow into a new fungus, thus conveying nutrients and moisture for seedlings and roots. and Owl The flying squirrel, and pileated woodpecker, Marten You will die in the tree nesting habitat, looking for food in the whole woods.

Reid Wood National Park prospecting

At the end of nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century, loggers across the continent westward, cut down and a piece of virgin forest. Now, almost all of the original forests have disappeared. The few remaining ancient trees can be seen only in the Pacific coast.
These majestic trees misfortune lies in: demand for wood Sequoia has been great, because this kind of wood shrinkage, corrosion resisting and anti corruption. At the beginning of twentieth Century, they formed a coalition to protect sequoia. Reid Wood National Park was established in 1968, it merged with three Smith, Del Norte Park: Jedediah Coast and Prairie Creek, a total area of 230 square kilometers.
In 1978 Congress in the area increased 190 square kilometers, including 158 square kilometers has been deforested. A park official described this piece of deforested area into "ongoing war zone". Now this piece of space is being cut for RE Development redwoods .