Southwestern College

Southwest college (Southwestern Academy) was established in 1924, is a small, personal education schools, students can choose two campus learning, one is Ruiluoke, located in Arizona; another is located in San Marino, California, each of the graduates in the high grades at least in line with the entrance of California university requirements: San Marino Campus is located in the historic town of orange school rules, Red Rock Canyon near Pasadinashi and Los Angeles, Ruiluoke campus is located in the beautiful north, near the Arizona Department, students can choose to either a campus, if there is a position, students can learn to respectively two campus in a year.
Southwestern College

Southwestern College brief introduction

Southwestern College hope Student All the life to enrich themselves and become a critical thinker, self motivating leader. School Combination of culture and the difference between students from different regions to use different teaching methods to stimulate students' ability and interest in learning.

Southwestern College Essential information

Ground: the 180 acre campus
The total number of students: 145 (San Marino); 50 (Beaver Creek Ranch)
Length: 9-12 + PG (Beaver Creek grade Ranch grade 6-12; campus) + PG (San Marino)
The proportion of international students: no
The total number of boarding students: no
The teacher-student ratio: 1:6
Class size: 8-12
Average SAT: no
The main building includes classroom activity area and study area, science and computer labs and libraries. The campus includes several classrooms, kitchen, dining room and other office. There is a large music art studio, there are a number of science classrooms, gymnasium and swimming pool (Ya Li, Arizona Campus), tennis, volleyball, basketball field, football field, softball diamond, table tennis, mountain biking Road (Arizona Campus), volleyball.

Southwestern College dormitory

California Campus: the campus has 4 hostels around the dormitory, girls living outside the campus, by shuttle bus to school and participate in campus activities in public areas. Students are allowed to play games and watch TV, have a VCR in each hall, satellite phone, computer can be used. Each dormitory are connected. The cable broadband, dormitory management teachers live in the dormitory, can help at any time.
Arizona Campus: villa type building famous in American history. The room is spacious features. A cable broadband dormitory, two large student lounge with kitchen facilities. /DVD TV, games (including billiards), satellite phones and computers can be free to use, management of teachers live on campus, and is responsible for the management of the school after school and weekend activities.

Southwestern College Application materials

- the online application form;
- high school applicants are required to submit essays; applicants are required to submit the questionnaire of students in junior high school
Over the past three years the transcript; letter of recommendation is a math teacher and English teacher; has another school leadership's letter of recommendation

Southwestern College The interview request

- the first round of interviews: all can visit the campus Chinese applicants must participate in the interview of Vilik (Vericant).
- second interview: after Vilik (Vericant) interview, if the parents need, Southwestern College admissions officer can arrange an interview or Skype on campus interview.

Southwestern College The deadline

Application deadline: rolling admissions
Expiration date: as soon as possible to participate in the interview

Southwestern College Tuition and fees

Application fee: $100
Tuition: (2012/13 year): $41000
Deposit: $2000

Southwestern College The employment of graduates

Allegheny college, Platt College of art, Sacramento State University, California Lutheran University, Baylor University, Rhode Island School of design, California State University of Long Beach college, Chicago College of art, California State University at Los Angeles, University of the United States, the New York visual arts and Design College, Sophia University (Japan), Pomona branch of California Polytechnic State University, Suffolk University, Chapman University, New York State University, Sacramento California State University, Charleston college, State University of New York - Binghamton University, State University of New York at Buffalo, New York State University of New York at Stony Brook University, Concordia University, Curry College, Syracuse University, Binghamton University, Liddell Embry, Drake Purcell University, University of Arizona, University of California at Davis, University of California at Irvine, Washington D.C. George University of Washington, University of California at Los Angeles, University of California at Riverside, Lafayette College, Marquette University, University of Kansas Monroe, University of California at San Diego, Northern Arizona University, Virginia. Asia University, University of Michigan, University of San Francisco, Northeastern University, University of Westminster, Pepperdine University, Xavier University of Louisiana and Whitworth college.