Refers to the meaning of life universe There is a kind of phenomenon of self growth, reproduction, feeling, consciousness, volition, evolution and interaction of rich possible natural process of development and change, the extension can include the ability to self replicate amino acid structure of biochemical reactions produced, and Fungus , Bacteria , Botany , Animal ( Human beings ), the future development potential, artificially created or contributed to the complexity of the machine to a certain extent, with the basic attributes of a line of life connotation of the phenomenon will be may be included in the category of life, including the man-machine hybrid, pure freedom robot of artificial intelligence etc..
In addition, the current conservative definition of life, known as the natural evolution of life has obvious fractal characteristics, and the characteristics in non life natural phenomena in the current definition exists, therefore, although we can not say that the fractal structure of all life, but life is, all of the fractal structure that is an important measure of a widely applicable.

life pronunciation

Pinyin: SH ng m ng.
Pinyin: v a.

life explain

The basic idea:
Life is a kind of "things", at the same time, is also the human life phenomenon interpretation. Just like the light in the interpretation of light or sound phenomenon in the interpretation of acoustic phenomena, is the same reason:
(1): [life] Organism With the existence and activity The ability of. Example: at the risk of his own life.
(2): refers to [vitality] Thing What is nature could endure. Example: a life literary works .
[condition] (3): refers to the qualification and ability to participate in some activity. Example: political life

life Citation interpretation

One Biology Living creature that activity. " Strategies of the Warring States Period Qin Cesan ":" all life long life, play their proper role, throughout the years without Yao." " History of the Northern Dynasties Source - he biography ":" I have a little of Mo in life baby, baby." clear Ji Yun " Jottings from the Thatched Abode of Close Observations - Summer Luan Yang Lu four ":" Bao raise soul, from all of life." Bajing " autumn "Four:" the eyes are bright, the air is free, life is full of rich vegetation."
The fundamental condition of 2 things to survive. Shanxi Du Yu "Chen Nong:" today to sparse "summer autumn vegetable food when people are not possible, prior to the winter, wild grass, it will lift officer Valley to think of life." Ba Jin "a life-saving battle": "don't forget, the party is the first of my life."
3 Judah fate . The Southern Dynasties beam Chung Rong "Poetry" volume: "Ling, the famous, but only a life, not harmonious sound decadent his body." Tang Han Yu " Sense of worth of Fu "Life": more than two times than the once forgotten." " Odd Things Witnessed Over Twenty Years; Having Seen Strange Present Conditions for Twenty Years "Eightieth:" life is destined to find why."
4. Tang Bai Juyi In addition to the "Wu Zhao Shi Zhouci Shi": "Wang Shifa CAI Er, in rows, deadly Fenshen, challenge when Curtis, the sense of loyalty and anger, he won the life."
5 refers to the life of things. Especially Animal . "Sutra - line from the goods": "the hunter often Lingshou network, see each life as the." Liu Pak "Red New Year" poem: "the world of life, who support?" Lao She " The Ricksha Boy "Nine:" all living creatures, then hurt, just want to own a deadlock by to pick up the pieces."
6 fingers Life . Lao She " Two horses "Third paragraph Fifteen:" fully active, also called the national spirit at least shake, called life more fun."
Seven Biology That is life Protein The existence of a form. The most basic feature of it is through protein The new supersedes the old Effect of continuous material exchange with the surrounding environment. Life is a The new supersedes the old. stop, stop, protein decomposition.

life Related words

Numerous living beings, who doesn't love life? Love life, and love. - Qiu
Our life is the weather in March, in an hour and calm and angry. - Emerson
Life is a running torrent, not in islands and reefs, it is difficult to arouse beautiful spray. - Nikolai Ostrovsky
Life is like a novel, its value lies in the contribution is not long. I
Life should be like these beautiful flowers, own nothing, but to the world in the United states. - Over the
Life should be like a candle, burns from the top to the bottom, is always bright. - Xiao Chunu
The value of life, that is to work for the contemporary scale. Xu Wei: Life
Life, it is natural for humans to carve gems. - Nobel
Life is not breathing Life is. - Rousseau