Talc is Hydrothermal alteration Mineral. The magnesium rich mineral Hydrothermal alteration Often become so often a talc, talc Olivine , Enstatite , Hornblende , Tremolite The mineral illusion. Talc is a common silicate mineral, it is very soft and has a creamy feel. It has been elected to represent the 10 minerals 10 hardness The level, called the Mohs hardness, at the 10 levels, the first (a is the most soft) is talc. Soft talc can replace the chalk to draw white marks. General talc in bulk, leaf shape, fibre Radial, the color is white, gray and white, and with other impurity With a variety of colors. Like many uses, such as refractory material, paper, rubber packing, pesticide absorbent Leather coating, cosmetic material and sculpture materials etc..

talc Basic overview

Talc belongs to the 38 surface mineral, the structural formula (Mg6) [Si8]O20 (OH) 4. General talc in bulk, leaf shape, fibre Radial, the texture is very soft, and has a creamy feel. Like many uses, such as Refractory material , Papermaking , rubber The filler , Insulating materials , Lubricant , Pesticides absorbent , Leatherwear coating Makeup, materials and carving Materials etc.. talc Is known as the most soft mineral Can use a nail, leave scratches on the talc.
Talc is a layered structure of minerals. False six sheet single crystal Rare, generally dense block, leaf shaped, fibrous or radial. Aggregate . a set eminent cleavage Thin out, Flexible . Have a sense of slip with water without disintegrating. Odorless, tasteless, and adiabatic Insulation Strong.
 talc talc
[method] removemiscellaneous stone, wash, smashed into pieces and crushed into fine powder, or according to law to dry milk milk.
[taste and meridian] Gansu , light , cold . The bladder, lung , stomach By.
[indications] function and diuresis, Qingre Qushi, wound healing. For hot stone, drench, urine hot astringent pain, Shushi Thirst, heat treating watery diarrhea; eczema Wet sores, prickly heat. For urination, shower drain astringent pain, can be equipped with Plantago , Akebia As for the goods; with watery diarrhea caused by damp heat, Poria cocos , coix seed, plantain seed is used. With the summer fever. glycyrrhiza uralensis And fresh Patchouli And fresh Perrin Equivalent; treatment of damp warm chest tightness, short red urine, with the content of health, C. , Bamboo leaf As for. In addition, this product can receive external heat with wet treatment eczema , Prickly heat So, can be equipped with Gypsum , Calamine , Alum As for.
[usage] 10 to 20 grams. Topical amount.
[storage] the dry place.

talc Identification of medicinal materials

Flat cable, medicinal talc square or irregular block sizes. The egg white, blue or white, the surface of the Pearl like luster, translucent or opaque. Soft and delicate, smooth touch feeling, can scrape off the white finger. Odorless, tasteless, with cool feeling. With neat, color white, smooth, no miscellaneous stone is preferred. Microscopic identification: in the transmission polarizing microscope: colorless transparent sheet. Low positive projection. Highest Interference color Up to three orange, some of the highest talc interference color only reached two middle level. Nearly parallel extinction (slip angle of light is only 2 and 3 degrees). Is to extend the symbol. Two axis . Negative light. Refractive index Np=15381.550, Nm=1.5751.594; Double refraction NgNp=0.0300.050.
Identification of 1 silicon powder: This product is about 0.2g platinum crucible In addition, equal Calcium fluoride (or sodium fluoride) powder, and mix well. concentrated sulfuric acid 5 ml, fever, immediately suspended 1 platinum crucible dripping on the cover, wait a moment, remove the crucible cover, water droplets appear white haze.
Identification of 2 mg: 0.5g of the powder flask, add hydrochloric acid (4, 10) 10ml, cover the dish on the surface, heating to boil, and keep the micro vibration from time to time beaker boiling for 40 minutes, remove, fast filter paper, washed residue 4 - 5. The residue of about 0.1g, set in the crucible, adding sulphuric acid (1 to 2) and 10 drops hydrofluoric acid 5ml, the thermal decomposition and evaporation to take Three t The White smoke When removed after cooling, add 10ml water to dissolve. From this solution plus 2 drops Magneson 1 drops, dripping sodium hydroxide TS The alkaline, blue precipitate appeared immediately.
Three infrared spectrum Method: because the traditional Chinese medicine composition than pure talc, the infrared characteristic peaks can be identified clearly.

talc Medication should avoid

The spleen qi is weak, smooth and fine fever injured Jifu law. Pregnant woman Careful service. 1. " Herbal classic variorum "Shi Wei:" to make.
evil Zeng Qing . "2" Cao Jing Shu ":" patients with Yin deficiency, Heat That small water shortage or red acerbity adverse, polydipsia fever due to Yin Huochi they are disabled. The spleen and stomach asthenia, although do not take relief. "3" Drug of righteousness "" thirst and urination, body fluid is less; urination and mouth thirst, heat is also divided in lower Jiao blood, are not used. And also avoid the tire slip, before. "4" This after every original ":" the spirit sinking, urine clearing and fine smooth in service. "

talc The commonly used formula

1 hot and thirsty. use talc 22, to add three bowl, fry into three bowls. A residue of water, and rice porridge to eat.
2 female workers (under a fever with chills, jaundice, acute abdomen, black stool, forehead is black). With talc, gypsum, divided into the end of barley wort sent under the. Take three times daily. Italy is more urine, abdominal fullness refractory.
3 typhoid Nose bleeding (due to sweating nosebleeds. Such as the color purple black, can not stop bleeding, but also take warm medicine. Wait for blood Out of the medicine will be anxious to stop). use Talc And Steamed Rice, pinch into balls, such as the Wu zi. Take ten pills each time, chewing in the mouth slightly broken, sent under the water. Blood riser. 4 dysuria. With a liter of talcum powder, plantain juice, and mix thoroughly coated around the umbilicus, dry change. Not in front of juice in winter, available water generation.
5 pregnant women without urinary obstruction. With talcum powder and water to make paste, two inches below the navel.
6 Fu Shu (urine red, vomit vent upset, thirst). Good talc (burned) 42, a money, clove A money, a total of research for the end. Each serving two money, The rice soup Send. This side of "Yuye powder".
7 the wind poison of herpes simplex (yellow water flow over the body). With the tiger, pea, Licorice The sub, fried water bath, and then use the talcum powder on the body.
8 lower wet sweat. In one or two, talc (calcined gypsum too), half dry alum a total of research for the end of the dry paint Affected part .
9 toes itch. Treatment.
10 sore wounded. With the talc, Halloysite Rhubarb, each equal parts, a total of research for the end. Wash the wound after hot tea with medicine.
11 heat disease (red eyes, nose swollen, panting, with a spot, such as hair iron). With talc, alum one or two, grinding, three bowls of water, boiled half bowl. Don't stop to drink this water, drink. Some patients can use 12" Yi Yuan San "(aka" Tianshui powder "," white powder"," 61 powder ") to treat.

talc clinical application

 talc talc
1, for urination, shower drain astringent pain, can be equipped with Plantago , Akebia Other goods
2 for the watery diarrhea caused by damp heat, can be matched with fuling, Coix seed And Plantago is used.
3 of heat with fresh licorice, connate disease Patchouli Fresh, Perrin used the same
4 treatment of wet chest tightness, short red urine, can be equipped with Yi , C. Bamboo is used.
5 this product can receive external heat wet, used to treat eczema, prickly heat, can be equipped with Gypsum Calamine, alum is used.
6 61 powder: Talc 600g, Licorice 100g. The above two kinds of licorice, crushed into fine powder, talcum powder and mixing, sieving, i.e.. This product is light yellow powder, with liquorice sweetness, hand twist has a sense of lubrication. Microscopic features: irregular pieces colorless, traces of layers. Fiber bundle around Parenchyma cell contain calcium oxalate Square crystal formation Crystal fiber . The function of Qingshu dampness. For the heat body tired, thirsty Diarrhea Yellow urine, less itchy prickly heat external treatment. Transfer service pack or decoction, 6-9g each time, 1-2 times daily topical; Dusting Affected part . "[People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia" 1985; "Beijing pharmaceutical standard" 1983]
7 Yiyuan powder: talcum powder 60, Licorice 10 copies, 3 copies of cinnabar. In addition to the above three kinds of talc, cinnabar and licorice were crushed into fine powder, and the powder for grinding, sieving, mixing, packing into each 6G package. This product is light red powder; with liquorice sweetness, hand twist has a sense of lubrication. Microscopic characteristics: irregular pieces, colorless, there are layers of peeling marks; fiber bundle Parenchyma cell With the formation of calcium oxalate crystals. Crystal fiber Fine particles; irregular dark red brown, shiny, dark edge; take this product with hydrochloric acid and chloroform Return, 1h, filtrate Dry residue ethanol Dissolved, as the test solution; another glycyrrhetinic acid on Photo Plus, Anhydrous ethanol To produce a solution containing 1ml per 1mg, as the reference solution, draw the two solution 5ml, respectively on the same silica gel G Thin plate On to Petroleum ether (30-60 C) a benzene acetic acid Ethyl Acetic acid (10:20:7:0.5) for The agent In 10%, the phosphorus acid ethanol solution for key Chromogenic agent . The chromatogram of the test, at the corresponding position and control sample, show the same color spots. The function of Qingshu dampness, chufan. Your tired body heat, upset thirsty, urinate yellow less. Transfer service or decoction, 6G each time, 1-2 times a day. ("Beijing pharmaceutical standard" 1983)
Jasper: 8 powder talc (fly) 600g, Indigo naturalis 35g, licorice 100g. The research of the above three kinds of fine powder, 60 mesh. The net powder, mixing, i.e.. This product is white powder; taste slightly sweet. The function of clearing heat, flat Anger . For the accumulation of heat, thirst, Strong anger , short red urine. Orally, 12g each time, 1-2 times daily, cloth bag decoction. ("Shanghai pharmaceutical standard" 1980)
Nine Six bulk temperature Talc: (fly) 600g, Ginger 50g, licorice 100g. The research of the above three kinds of fine powder, 60 mesh. And well, that. This product is yellowish powder; taste slightly sweet with spicy. The function of Qushu cold dispelling, except vomiting and diarrhea. For the summer cold, diarrhea and vomiting. Orally, 9g each time, 1-2 times daily, cloth bag decoction. ("Shanghai pharmaceutical standard" 1980)
10: Tianshui powder talc (fly) 600g, licorice 100g, Calcitum 100g. The above three kinds, respectively research powder, sieving, mixing, i.e.. This product is yellowish powder, taste slightly sweet. The function of heat thirst. For the body heat of boredom, thirst to drink. Orally, 9g each time, 1-2 times daily, cloth bag decoction. ("Shanghai pharmaceutical standard" 1980)
11 chicken Su powder: talc (fly) 600g, Mint 60g, licorice 100g. The above three kinds of mint, licorice mixed, crushed into fine powder, mixed with talcum powder, 60 mesh sieving, mixing, i.e.. This product is grayish white to pale yellow powder; flavor, taste slightly sweet, refreshing feeling. The function of Qingshu dampness, dispelling wind. For exogenous summer wind, headache and fever, urination. Orally, 9-15g each time, 1-2 times daily, cloth bag decoction. ("Zhejiang pharmaceutical standard" 1983)

talc The discussion

 talc talc
1 "medical origins": talc, before treatment of heavy acerbity adverse Yin Qiao, can discourage top down, they slip Tongzhiliqiao, not with the medicine with white light infiltration is preferred, with fine ramming. The service is all red color. 2 "herbal decoction": talc, slide can Tongzhiliqiao, by waterway to dry agent. Zhulingtang The same as with talcum and gelatin in order to smooth,. Onion sauce ginger At the same time, to clarify the solution to slag, light leakage for Yang, relieving the urine also. If this is the solution of the urination.
3 "ncmm": talc treatment can cure thirst, non real thirst, the capital Tongzhiliqiao, permeability to damp heat, spleen and thirst, self check. If the wet days Her too Before, people suffering from thirst and urination, it should use the Leakage The self not thirsty. If there is no wet or urination and thirsty, are known in the hot, dry to moist, Gou is more error taking, the death of its law fluid, and anti thirst Sheng yi.
4 "compendium": talc Tongzhiliqiao, also can not only urinate, Limau Couzhi body, can benefit the body fine drowning. Gueguin about the taste of the first into the stomach, seepage through the meridians, swim Yijin gas, lost in the lung through bladder, The lung and fur For the above, the water source, bladder gasification is our body fluid, so the talc can be published, and channel for hot swing Eliminating dampness The agent, published on is swinging in the heat, and the heat is lower on the channel, is published in the wet and dry, dry wet channel is lower. Heat three jiao Ning and table and wet to Lanna door through Yin and Yang li. Liu He Jian The Yiyuan table on the loose, treating disease, cap is the intention, but not a seoul.
5 "materia Sutra": talc, sliding to the orifices, through Yongzhi, under the dirty. The stomach cold and sweet, with scattered plot heat, cold and sweet smooth, with its use for heat Qushu, desiccant diuresis, eliminating stasis, next to the drug. " The "For the main body of heat release, BI woman Milk is difficult Swing in the stomach, accumulation of cold and heat, the solution of Foot Yangming stomach heat and diuresis Longbitong Who, through bladder orifices also bore cystine liming. " Don "Through the nine orifices of body fluid, to a junction, thirst, profit, solution and stomach damp heat fluid self, then all the self discharge in the lower orifices are. Dan Xi to dampness, sub channel, real e., food poison, stagnation, blood stasis by solution, thirst, spleen and stomach, drop Fire The main stone, partial shower, all this ear.
6 "drugs of righteousness": the main body sliding talc Tongzhiliqiao, a main heat sink, can be cleaned up without the disadvantages of grams of six fu. Attending the heat polydipsia, stagnation of stomach, turbid urine and pain, woman Milk barrier, children hair pox is thirsty, Tongzhiliqiao infiltration heat stress. Such as wet days Her too After urinating into Yiyuan Longbitong, accompanied by scattered Cinnabar Li Jie, the small intestine. To be thirsty mouth Urination In two and, as the heat of coke in the lung qi, to water down, stop thirst.
7 "medical sincerely participate in the West recorded": because of thermal urination, talc most to medicine. If the cold temperature of the hot, exogenous syndromes, focal slip excessive, the most dangerous of the climate, and availability of talc Yam The two xu, Fried soup Service, is to heat, can not work with diarrhea. It has been hot: exogenous retreat of yin deficiency, pulse number can not be self complex, can really Dazi Yin medicine less with talc, is not very nourishing the exogenous heat medicine still linger, from the urine spilled out, the disease will more easily. And if a licorice for the end of service, persons and heat dysentery good governance; and if the ochre for the end of service, good governance due to heat if a person hematemesis epistaxis; damp heat, diffuse body swelling, heart swelling, urination, talc and available research for the service dog, powder, urine Tongli, swelling from the fire to injury; Yin For the heat, should be treated with Rehmanniae Decoction of six ingredients with nourishing Yin, can also be added to talc grass, Ze, is a cooling speed. Although the stone cover talc, and its quality is very soft, no matter decoction Wan San, and so on spleen and stomach for six Decoction in generation, Ling ze. The dampness of the original, as for the lag, Ling Ze rehmannia and its tea, cool, and good with Yin Ze, so the product to the fever also.
8 "the classics": the main body heat release of addiction, women's milk, urine, dysuria, swing stomach accumulation of cold and heat, tonifying qi.
9: "don" through the nine orifices the body fluid, or knot, thirst, make into profit.
10 "medicinal theory": can heal five main shower, dystocia, Chufan enthusiastic impatient, partial main shilin.
11 "Hua Zi Materia Medica": treating acute mastitis, Lijin liquid.
12 "herbal medicine Yanyi Addendum": dampness, sub channel, real e., food poison, for indigestion, by coagulation, solution Zaoke, tonifying spleen and stomach, reducing fire to medicine.
13 "compendium": the treatment of jaundice, edema Beriberi, hematemesis epistaxis, incised wound bleeding, the sore swollen poison.
14: "Chinese Materia Medica" Tong Xuan Tongzhiliqiao heat removal, cleaning the triple energizer, cool six house of heat. 15: "new" herbal medicine to clear fire and phlegm, dampness heat, blood circulation, vomiting, diarrhea and dysentery, eliminate edema Burn .

talc Medicinal research

 talc talc
From " Shennong bencaojing "
1. Tao Talc, white. ". A cold stone, indigo plant Yellow, and cold, can also be hot oil clothing. This out of Hunan outside Only an County The office. At the beginning of the soft mud, long gradually strong, to more than one writer in the utensil, and heat, people use is not Prescription . The county is the first red Nanyang The Ming Dynasty, the emperor, "the note" is also the county, Han, are ye Xian Qingzhou Donglai, roll Shu state division Xingyang ."
The " After this draft ":" this way, talc, permanent, levin, Hao Zhou Are there. There are two kinds of. Avenue、 Yongzhou A, white and smooth as butter. "South Vietnam will" Cloud City YONG County YOUG stone YONG stone is also talc. The natives thought Burning device For cooking fish is also. Levin, Hao Zhou A coarse, Li Qing, a White and black , also called stone. "This land" by the carrier, is now used by many doctors in the north, is white, but come from the south. Or a cloud of Yizhou White Talc is good, consistent with "this the" cloud of Taishan yin. However, he did not take the medicine for the scholar, also known for fresh medicine. this Hao Zhou The medicine for green cloud talc, slightly cold, non-toxic, qi stagnation and the Lord, "" the same."
The "compendium": "hironoshin talc Guilin The city and the "? In the cave, that is the beginning of an ancient also. Black and white two kinds of power are similar. Shandong Penglai County GUI Fu Cun by Yi Jia, the hospital is Guangxi palace and Guilin with talc, also called. People have to cut, not very fast. The root of talc for mountain wood. There is light in talc Huangzi Shi Naozhi."

talc Prescription

 talc talc
1, cure dysentery diarrhea diarrhea vomiting fever, red and white, uroschesis, Shilin ; fluid, fate knot, fire water, wide thirst, Chufan enthusiastic rash, abdominal pain and distension stuffy, Aphtha Teeth, malnutritional sores, heatstroke, Typhoid fever : 62, black talc, Licorice One or two (prepared). For the end. Each serving three money, warm water, take three times a day. However, pregnant women should not wear, sliding tire also. ("typhoid fever" were 61 scattered)
2 treatment of infection, urinating and heat pain: 42 talc. Luo ramming into powder. Each serving two money dagger, fried Akebia Tang stressed, informal time. ("Shengji Zonglu" Talcum powder )
3 in the Qi Guan Ge, Urine Lymph node, stuffy and pain: subumbilical hinder eight talc. Research such as surface. In five large water and stir, meal. ("Guangzhou Liberia")
4: with the treatment of postpartum talc 52, rice, plantain seed, sunflower 42. On the four, under the screen. Oxalis water service to two inch dagger, a dagger. ("Qian" talcum powder)
5 treatment of dysuria, stem pain The lower abdomen ache: talc, Pollen Typhae Equal. On the two, under the screen. Drink wine three big spoon, clothing. ("Qian")
The 6 rule Urine Disadvantage: talc two points, two points (burn), hair white fish two. Three flavor, pestle number. Drink half the money on three point. (" Synopsis of the Golden Chamber "White talc powder)
7 treatment of dysuria: a rise in the front end of talc, juice and apply umbilical four banks, four inches, that is easy to heat, water and also the winter months. ("milk set prescription")
The 8 rule jaundice Late afternoon. Fever with chills The lower abdomen, acute, yellow body, the amount of black, black stool, feet hot, this is the female labor, full abdomen refractory: talc, gypsum on the sub screen under two flavors. Barley porridge juice drink three big spoon, and urine from the very lebble. ("Qian")
The 9 rule Cold For a long time in the solar thermal storage. Bladder , urinating, or because of constipation shit Slip. The symptoms of damp warm early, aversion to cold and heat, grey smooth tongue were talc one or two, licorice two money, Forsythia Three, three (foot, cicada back to earth), Born in Hangzhou Shao Four money. If the slip, licorice should be doubled. ("medical sincerely participate in the West recorded" Xuan Jie Tang)
10 treatment of typhoid fever Nvxue At the end of any amount of talc. The meal such as pill Tungoiltree Big. Take ten pills each time, micro chewing broken, new water swallow. Only a little money at the end of medicine, food, and also have to chew. People can take. ("square". Talc pill )
The 11 rule of violence Vomit Don't eat: talcum fine money two years. Warm clothes, still anxious to hot face half light, and fixed. (" Cao Yan Yi ")
12 heat treatment condition, Red eyes Nasal swelling, gasp, was a spot, such as hair iron knife because of heat, gas in coke, talc, alum one or two. To the end, as a service for three bowls of water, fry half, not drink. (" Xiaziyi To treat a rare disease
13 days you treat women, urine impassability: talc 22, calcitum 22 Kuizai one. On the ground. The third water lamp, fried to a half, the dregs, before the food temperature of two. ("San Hui Fang" talcum powder)
The 14 day treatment of damp heat sores: talc, licorice powder (this is used when half). Wait for the end points, apply paint. Or Mung bean At the end, in order to treat damp heat fat sore. ("Jing Yue Quan Jinhuangsan )
15 treatment of infantile body sore prickly heat: talc powder 32, ash one or two alum, jujube leaf 42. The drug for the end of Luo dao. The first to warm water slurry after taking medicine of sore. ("San Hui Fang" talcum powder)
Rule 16 toe seam rotten: talc one or two, gypsum (calcined) semi dry alum, little research content, but also treat Yin wet sweat. ("the lake" in short)
17 Zhi Fu Shu thirst, urination distrait Sanqian: cinnabar talc 62 licorice one or two. For the fine at the end of each serving three money or white boiling soup. ("Qixiao transfer under the effective prescription" Yi raw powder 18 cinnabar) treatment of typhoid fever heat exterior and interior heat thirst irritability dysuria diarrhea and food poisoning to heat malaria cholera Shilin postpartum no milk: Licorice (sunburn) one or two GUI Fu greasy white talc 62 mint leaves (end) two money five points. For the fine at the end of each serving three money honey a little warm water under no honey may also take three times a day. For a new cold water transfer service. ("vision on the side" peppermint powder)

talc pharmacological action

1. The protective effect of talcum powder on the external skin and mucosa, inflammation or tissue damage spreading on the surface, can form a protective film. It can reduce the friction, prevent external stimulation, also can absorb a large amount of chemical irritants or poison. And absorption and secretion, promote drying and crusting. Oral administration can protect gastrointestinal play antemetic, mucous membrane can prevent antidiarrheal effect, poison in the gastrointestinal absorption.
2 the antibacterial effect of talcum powder 10% into the culture medium (Ping Banfa) can be seen, talcum powder has inhibitory effect on Salmonella typhi, Salmonella paratyphi. By K-B method, only to meningitis Diplococcus bacteriostatic effect of mild.

talc Nutritional knowledge

The introduction of knowledge of talc:
Layered silicate mineral talc talc, mainly containing magnesium silicate hydrate. The crystal structure of talc in monoclinic system by hot water solution and rock and magnesium silicide formed, distributed in Liaoning, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Jiangxi and other places.
The four seasons can be taken to the net, the soil miscellaneous stone mining.
1 talc as massive scaly aggregate, massive or flat block rule. White, yellow white or pale gray to pale blue. Translucent or opaque. With wax like luster, some is Pearl luster. Soft and delicate, on stiff paper writing, a smooth touch feeling, no moisture absorption, the water does not collapse. No gas, no smell, with cool feeling.
To clean, white, smooth, no miscellaneous stone is preferred.
2 talc as fine, no sand powder, white or white. Touch with creamy feel. Odorless, tasteless, with fine powder, color white, no impurities were better.
Supplementary information: talc talc, talc powder according to the different processing methods, cooked dried after storage containers, sealed, dry place.
Talc for the crowd:
Pregnancies; The weakness of the spleen and stomach Tianjin, fever or kidney injury, who served the spermatorrhoea.
Therapeutic effect of talc:
Talc flavour, cold, stomach, bladder, return
Slip quality greasy, can be reduced to be received; with diuresis, Qingre, astringing dampness effect
The damp heat stranguria, dysuria, pour acerbity pain, edema, beriberi, heat polydipsia, diarrhea, eczema, eczema, prickly heat.
Talc practice guidance:
1 for talc urination, shower drain astringent pain, with Cheqianzi, Akebia etc..
2 for the watery diarrhea caused by damp heat, can be matched with tuckahoe, coix seed, plantain seed is used.
3 of heat illness can be with licorice, connate fresh rugosa, fresh Perrin used the same.
4 treatment of wet chest tightness, short red urine, with coix seed, rice leaves connate, with equal.
5 topical and hygroscopic talc, used to treat eczema, prickly heat, but with gypsum, alum calamine furnace, used the same.
6 talc licorice Qingre Tonglin, quality lubricating orifices, for heat polydipsia and infection commonly used.
Chinese geological museum collections
 The geological museum collections of pictures China talc The geological museum collections of pictures China talc
Description: this map of Liaoning Province, Yingkou Dashiqiao China talc (Talc) specimen photographs. Pale red。 Gloss: Glass luster, cleavage showed iridescent pearl. cleavage {001} very complete. Hardness: 1. Proportion: 2.58-2.83. Other: electrical insulation and heat resistance and acid resistance is high, thin flexible cleavage.
Preservation unit: Geological Museum China