Linjiang city is Jilin Province Baishan City In the county of the city, is located in the southeast of Jilin province, Changbai Mountain Hinterland, The Yalu River Pan, and Democratic People's Republic of Korea Two (River road, Cijiangdao County (three) Zhongjiang County Jin Hengji county, Chasong ) across the river, the border line of 146 kilometers, with 3008.5 square kilometers.
As of 2013, under the jurisdiction of 6 streets, 6 towns, 1 townships in Linjiang City, the total population of 216 thousand people.
Linjiang city is China Rhodiola Town, Is the first Asian diatomite reserves diatomite Industrial city.

Linjiang History

Linjiang Place of origin

Linjiang name This mountain . Twenty-eight years Guangxu (1902) The government of the Qing Dynasty Located in this county, near The Yalu River To change this mountain for linjiang.

Linjiang Historical changes

Xia, Shang and Zhou under the Qingzhou state and camp.
Qin is Liaodong county.
The government under the jurisdiction of all households as Anton, after Balhae Tokyo Prefecture of the Yalu River
 Linjiang Linjiang
On the ground.
Song Liao Tokyo is green, that is Jianzhou Wei .
When Shengjing Qing Guangxu twenty-eight years (1902), the Linjiang county. "Four Linjiang" during the battle of Linjiang of Liaodong provincial government, the provincial military region location.
In 1947, under the Liaodong Province, after the founding of the PRC under the Jilin Province in 1954.
1959 removed Linjiang County, the establishment of Hunjiang city.
In April 1985 the establishment of Linjiang region (in September 8, 1986 the State Council approved the establishment of Hunjiang city).
In September 1, 1992, the withdrawal zone for Linjiang county.
In November 28, 1993, county of Linjiang city.

Linjiang administrative division

Linjiang Division of history

In 2000, Linjiang City, under the jurisdiction of 5 streets, 8 towns, 3 townships.
By the end of 2003, Linjiang City, under the jurisdiction of 5 streets, 8 towns, 3 townships: Jianguo Street, new street, a street, Lake Street, forest street, big chestnut Town, birch Town, six ditch town, The town of Shahe Naozhi, flower Town, town, four road ditch town, Baoshan Town, township of ants, Jia Jia Ying Xiang Northeast, Cha xiang.
February 5, 2005, approved by the Jilin provincial government, Jilin provincial Civil Affairs Department issued a document, agreed to adjust the Baishan City part of the township administrative divisions. Of which: revocation of Dalizi town Linjiang City, set up Big Chestnut Street The office, the original big chestnut town under the jurisdiction of administrative areas under the jurisdiction of Dalizi street office.
October 18, 2005, approved by the Jilin provincial government, Jilin provincial Civil Affairs Department issued a document, make the following adjustments to Linjiang City, part of the township administrative divisions: (1) revocation of Jia Jia Ying Xiang, the Administrative Region under the jurisdiction under the Ant Township Have jurisdiction over。 (2) revocation of Baoshan Town, the administrative area under the jurisdiction Six Dao Gou Zhen Have jurisdiction over。 (3) to revoke the northeast northeast Cha Xiang Cha Xiang, under the jurisdiction of the gold, Wu Jiaying, northeast.
 Linjiang City District Linjiang City District
Under the 3 Village Branch Four Dao Gou Zhen The East Hill jurisdiction; Liushuhezi, five, 3 villages under the The town of birch Have jurisdiction over。
March 21, 2006, approved by the municipal government of Linjiang, agreed to the original Wei Shahe town gourd village renamed Whitehorse Lang cun.
April 24, 2006, approved by the municipal government agreed to Linjiang, six town Nangang village renamed Xiangyang village.

Linjiang Zoning details

As of 2013, under the jurisdiction of 6 streets, 6 towns, 1 townships in Linjiang city: The street And the new town street, The street is booming , Lake Street , Forest Street Big Chestnut Street, The town of birch , Six Dao Gou Zhen , The town of Shahe , Huashan The town, the town of naozhi, Four Dao Gou Zhen , Ant Township .

Linjiang geographical environment

Linjiang Location condition

Linjiang city is located in the southeast of Jilin Province, the hinterland of Changbai Mountain, The Yalu River Pan, and Democratic People's Republic of Korea (two Ryanggang , Cijiangdao County (three) Zhongjiang County , Kimhyngjik , Chasong ) across the river, the border line of 146 kilometers, with 3008.5 square kilometers.
Linjiang location

Linjiang climate

Linjiang in temperate continental monsoon climate, the annual average temperature of 2 DEG C - 4, 750 - 1000 mm annual precipitation.

Linjiang natural resources

Linjiang water resource

Linjiang City in the water resources reserves of 510 thousand kilowatts, and there are many hot springs spa. As of 2013, has built 16 hydropower station. Has installed capacity of 56 thousand kilowatts of hydropower resources of inland water utilization rate reached more than 70%.

Linjiang mineral resources

As of 2013, Linjiang city territory for the exploitation of a diatomite , dolomite Coal, gold, antimony ore and other mineral resources up to 46 species, among them, reserves and Grade Diatomite ranks first in the Chinese.

Linjiang Forest resources

As of 2013, Linjiang City, there are 238 thousand hectares of woodland, the forest coverage rate reached more than 83%.

Linjiang Animal resources

As of 2013, Linjiang City, wild animal deer, mink, etc. more than 250 kinds of black bear.

Linjiang plant resources

As of 2013, Linjiang City, wild plants Yew , Korean Arborvitae , Oyama Magnolia Other rare species.

Linjiang Medicinal resources

As of 2013, Linjiang city territory Ginseng Gastrodia elata, Asarum , Fritillaria thunbergii Codonopsis pilosula, Rhodiola More than 100 kinds of medicinal herbs.

Linjiang traffic

Highway : Highway 303, highway 302 passing through Linjiang city with the territory of Linjiang Huashan passenger station, Linjiang birch passenger station.
Railway In the train station: Linjiang City LinJiang Railway Station , Wu Dao Gou Railway Station Three, team station, Longgang station West hill, Huashan station, train station, the station, Wangjianglou station Wuyang, branch, ZhenZhuMen Railway Station And the station, station, station, pine Naozhi gold station, Southwest Branch, branch station, station fifty-one km shady.

Linjiang Economics

Linjiang Overview

In 2013, Linjiang city completed 8 billion 850 million yuan GDP growth of 9% in 2012; the completion of the local fiscal revenue of 570 million yuan, the public budget expenditure 2 billion yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 6% and 10.9%; for all kinds of special funds and funds transfer payment of 1 billion 810 million yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 9.8%; urban residents per capita disposable income per capita net income and farmers reached 18340 yuan, 10060 yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 10% and 12%.

Linjiang Primary industry

In 2013, Linjiang City, realize the agricultural total output value of 1 billion 330 million yuan, growth of 5.5% in 2012.
 Linjiang Beishan Park Linjiang Beishan Park
Dalizi agricultural eco industrial park and along the 4 agricultural products economic belt construction scale, new economic crop area of 30 thousand acres, efficient crop share reached more than 65%. The new agricultural industrialization projects 11, new agricultural products processing enterprises 2 households, the new national five star tourism leisure agricultural enterprises 1 households, 2 households at the provincial level, the cultivation of new farmers specialized cooperative economic organizations 10.

Linjiang The secondary industry

In 2013, Linjiang industrial added value to achieve 5 billion yuan, profit of 270 million yuan
 Linjiang Industrial City Linjiang Industrial City
Respectively, an increase of 12% over 2012, 14.9%. Industrial Enterprises above the scale of tax over 10 million yuan has 5, investment 3 billion 360 million yuan, completed Jianjin pharmaceutical solid preparation, the Golden Leopard wood diatomite decorative plate 47 key project construction. Complete the 2 provincial enterprise technology center, realizing the transformation of 13 scientific and technological achievements, cultivate the 2 provincial famous brand products.

Linjiang The service sector; the tertiary industry

In 2013, Linjiang city investment 58 million 600 thousand yuan, the construction of Huashan forest tourism resort, seven
 The fifteen lanterns The fifteen lanterns
Scenic gorge, gold and silver, and other scenic spots, the valley Song Ling Xue cun. Invested 1 million 100 thousand yuan to repair The former residence of Chen Yun . In 2013, 455 thousand tourists trips, tourism social income 230 million yuan, compared with 2012 growth of 13% and 12% respectively. In 2013, Linjiang City, the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 2 billion 930 million yuan, growth of 13% in 2012. Linjiang port core capacity building completed in accordance with international standards, and through the national examination, examination results ranked first in Jilin province. Completed in 2013 the total import and export $70 million 700 thousand, growth of 14% in 2012.

Linjiang social undertakings

Linjiang Education

In 2013, Linjiang city invested 30 million 860 thousand yuan in urban and rural areas of 43 campus buildings was rebuilt. Investment of 18 million 500 thousand yuan, the construction of training base of occupation education and second middle school dormitory cafeteria. The college entrance examination score of 600 points or more in the number 16.

Linjiang Cultural undertakings

Changchun Has taken in Linjiang " Five golden flowers "," Forest Sea and Snow Plain "," MysteriousTravelMate "More than 30 film. " Four Linjiang Paul "And" Chen in Linjiang "And other TV series in Linjiang shooting.
 Linjiang, a small town 21 old movie Linjiang, a small town 21 old movie
In 2013, Linjiang City, 3 new community cultural activity room, 15 rural cultural compound, completed 2 communities and 18 villages of fitness equipment installation. The upper reaches of the Yalu River area was listed as stone tombs The national key cultural relics protection units , " Love in Yalu River "Start shooting. Editing a hundred years "Linjiang city".

Linjiang Science and technology

In 2013, Linjiang city launched the "Chinese Mobile Technology Museum Tour event, won 3 national invention patents, copyright 21.

Linjiang Medical and health work

In 2013, Linjiang City, the basic medical and health institutions to implement all of the basic drug system, the establishment of the city's food and drug safety monitoring network. Standardization construction of 37 administrative village health room. The NCMS participation rate reached 99.9%, increasing the proportion of reimbursement farmers within the scope of the policy to 70%. The city hospital comprehensive building a total investment of 150 million yuan put into use, Linjiang city and Chittagong established deep cooperation between the two, and for the public to set up a "serious illness referral Easy Access".

Linjiang social security

In 2013, Linjiang City, 7040 new urban jobs, they have difficulty
 The change of the Linjiang The change of the Linjiang
In 648, the transfer of rural labor employment 22860 people. The registered urban unemployment rate at 4.3%. Pension insurance 420 million yuan for 68 thousand and 200 retired workers and rural residents, urban medical insurance reimbursement for 59 million 230 thousand yuan. City of new agricultural insurance and home insurance number reached 25740 people. Urban subsistence security standard per month increased to 300 yuan, per capita rural subsistence security standard increased to 2250 yuan.

Linjiang Infrastructure

In 2013, Linjiang City, complete the state-owned mining and forestry shantytowns 181 thousand
 Linjiang Linjiang
Square meters, 15 thousand square meters of construction of low rent housing. Investment of 84 million 950 thousand yuan, completed the "warm house project of 400 thousand square meters. Investment of 32 million 30 thousand yuan, the transformation of dilapidated buildings in rural areas of 54 thousand square meters. Investment of 4 million 460 thousand yuan, the new 6 heat exchange station, transformation of heating pipe network 10.5 km. Wireless digital TV network reconstruction tasks to complete 41 administrative villages. Investment of 1 million 90 thousand yuan.

Linjiang History and culture

In Japan during World War II, the Qing Dynasty The last emperor Once in the Linjiang City Big chestnut town Linjiang in the refuge, and lost Su The "Fu" and the spring Zhang Yu1 The "return" and the Yuan Dynasty hanttu Wen Chi Zhao Mengfu The "Yin Ma Tu" and other precious treasures.

Linjiang Friendly city

Country City
U.S.A The state of Indiana Hammond City
The Republic of Korea Nine in the city

Linjiang celebrity

Puhanzong Su Humeilin

Linjiang Famous scenery

The main attractions of Linjiang City : The former residence of Chen Yun Four, Paul Linjiang battle exhibition hall, Cemetery of revolutionary martyrs , Mao'er Mountain , the North Hill Park
Linjiang Musk Nature Reserve Baishan City is located in the three state forest and ditch Linjiang The Shahe state forest farm of the national key public welfare forest, a total area of 21995 hectares, is the most concentrated area of wild musk deer in Jilin province. The area within the existing wild animal musk deer from 34 to 44, the national I level and II level of 41 kinds of animal protection, national I level and II level to protect plant 10.
 Musk Deer Nature Reserve Musk Deer Nature Reserve
Linjiang five ditch National Wetland Park Including Linjiang Forestry Bureau six Linjiang Forestry Bureau and some forest ditch west hill farm operation area, a total area of 4153 hectares. The park has a national I level and II level of protection plant 5. There are 291 kinds of wild vertebrates in Jilin Province, accounting for 50.96% of the total number of known vertebrates, including I II, national level protected wild animal 34 species, accounting for Jilin province state key protection wild animal species 42.5%.
 Five channel Five channel
Manchuria Kaiserpfalz Located in Linjiang Big chestnut town That is the last emperor Chinese Aixinjueluo PuYi act as The puppet regime in Manchuria The puppet emperor, fled to the big chestnut apartment site. This is an ancient ruins exhibition hall, is the idiomatical tour scenic spot and an important base for patriotic education. The exhibition hall displays the "Puyi abdication edict", the national flag, the emperor ascended the throne dress and a lot of pictures shows and other precious historical relics, recorded the humiliation history ravaged green mountain, is the Japanese imperialist aggression China, plunder resources, witness the massacre of the people of history.
 The Emperor Palace The Emperor Palace
 Musk Deer Nature Reserve Musk Deer Nature Reserve
 Five channel Five channel
 The Emperor Palace The Emperor Palace