Mature seeds

The mature seeds (seed mathurity), Egg cell The end of the process of seed development after fertilization. Appearance of mature features called Mature form . The decrease in fruit moisture content is called physiological maturity. These two aspects of seed maturation process is basically the same. But some species reached physiological maturity form has not yet fully mature, so the seed storage and low seedling rate. some Tree species Such as, White wax , Ginkgo The mature embryo morphology, further development. In order to avoid the seeds scattered or birds stealing food, we often take part in the seed mature form as seed maturity of this signal, called the harvest maturity. But not blindly ahead of seed, so as not to reduce the seed quality .
Mature seeds

Mature seeds The concept of mature seeds

narrow sense - Mature form (shape, size, color, does not change), also known as process maturity.
generalized - including morphological maturation and Physiological maturity That is really mature.
With only one condition, it cannot be called a truly mature seed.

Mature seeds The basic characteristics of mature seeds

(1) nutrient has stopped, seeds dry matter No longer increases, i.e. seed 1000 Has reached the maximum.
(2) Seed moisture content Reduced seed hardness increased, enhanced resistance to adverse environment conditions.
(3) the seed coat strong, presenting the variety of natural color or local unique colors, such as brown layer of maize grain base.
(4) seeds with high (generally above 80%). Germination percentage And the strongest seedling vigor, seed maturity showed that physiological internal process has been completed.

Mature seeds Mature seeds

Mature seeds cereals

 Cereal seeds Cereal seeds
period colour volume embryo Grain contents
The milky stage green Maximum less Lactescency
The ripening period Chlorotic narrow A large wax The grain gradually hardened for mechanical harvesting stage
Ripe stage Natural color narrow nothing A powder or horny, harden, artificial harvesting stage
Withered ripe stage Dark color Easy shattering to Suiya nothing The grain is hard and brittle

Mature seeds Peas and beans

 legume seed legume seed
Green ripe stage: - plant, Pod And the seeds are bright green; seed volume basically has considerable moisture, high contents of sweet and green ripe stage, seed volume reached the maximum.
Early ripening: - the lower leaves turn yellow, pod turn Yellow green That coat is green, relatively hard, but easy to use a nail breaking moment.
Late ripening - in the lower yellow leaves, the pod chlorotic, seed coat is natural color, seed size, not easy to use a nail breaking moment.
Ripe stage - most of the leaves fall off, the pod dry shrinkage, showing the natural color, hard seeds.
Withered ripe stage - stem dry crisp leaves all fall off, part of the pod rupture, dark color, the seed is easy to fall off.

Mature seeds Cruciferae and Malvaceae

White ripe - seed is very small, the seed coat is white, which contains more juice, gently squeeze, rupture and outflow; plant and fruit was green.
Green mature - fruit and seed coat are green; plump seed, moisture content is very high, easy to be broken nails; the lower Yellow leaves.
Brown ripe stage - fruit chlorosis, seed varieties is the inherent color, enrich the internal hard; the lower leaf yellowing.
Ripe stage - the fruit is brown, seed coat and seed inclusions are relatively hard, not easy to crush by hand; stem leaf dry, leaves begin to fall.
Withered ripe stage - a natural shell color, very easy to crack, the seed is easy to fall off; the whole plant stems and leaves dry crisp.