The archegonium

Also known as the archegonium. Is CHAROPHYTES, moss, Fern The Gamobium The special structure of female reproductive organs. The archegonium of degenerate type also found in gymnosperms.
The archegonium

The archegonium Morphological character

Stonewort (Chara) is located at the branch leaves (Festival), appeared in epidermic cells Stem cell By 5, the tube cell (tube cell) spirally around, and in stalk cells (stalk cell) to give birth to a Egg cell . The top tube cell formation (Cap Crown, coronule), sperm enter. Moss and lichen , Fern Is in Gametophyte The surface of the cell division, formed inside the center cell, buried in tissue formed in the abdomen, lateral neck cells (neck cell cells) projecting from the Gametophyte Tissue, the formation of the archegonium flask shaped. The abdominal wall by a layer of cells (wall ce-ll) which surrounded by living a egg cell and ventralcanal cell (ven-tral, canal, cell) in cervical cells Tundish Carotid sulcus cells (neck canal cell), Moss and lichen Class 3, Fern 1 of the 2 nuclear neck canal cell. The formation of basal cells of the lower wall of the cell, and Gametophyte A nutrition of connective tissue. The mature archegonia, and the neck canal cell, ventralcanal Cell lysis And through the cervical groove to the outside release of substances, such substances can cause sperm for chemotactic swimming to the archegonium, sperm through the neck canal reach Egg cell . The archegonium is composed of gymnosperms embryo sac 1 cell surface generation, is generally 1 eggs and 1 ventralcanal cell and 2 neck cells, simple structure consists of 4 cells. 2 in angiosperm embryo sac Help cell The equivalent of the neck cells.

The archegonium The archegonium shape

Bryophyte , Fern And most Gymnosperms The female reproductive organ. To produce Egg cell Fertilization, and Proembryonal Development of the place. Resembling the flask, upper part called narrow neck, lower abdomen swollen part called. from multicellular A. In addition to a wall outside the cell, there is the neck canal cells in the neck central, containing a egg in the abdomen, and there is a ventralcanal cell between the egg cell and the neck canal cell. The eggs mature, neck cracking, neck canal cell and ventralcanal cell disintegration. The sperm with the aid of water swim to the archegonium neck, the penetration and egg binding. The fertilized egg to divide in the abdomen, develops into the embryo. Because of different plant species, simplified the archegonium structure also has the difference. The comparison of gymnosperm archegonium degradation, simple structure, no neck canal cell. (picture C and D labels should be changed to the right.)