The gametophyte (gametophyte) in plants The alternation of generations The life history, produce gamete And with a single set of chromosomes of plants. Bryophyte The gametophyte generation plants developed, common for the gametophyte, Sporogonium Parasitic on it. Fern The gametophyte said Prothallus Although, can live independently, but with the evolution of life period is short. Sporogonium Compared to not dominant.
The gametophyte is composed of plants haploid Spore through Mitosis Produce.

Gametophyte Definition

Seed plant The gametophyte is the pollen grains and the embryo sac And the corresponding female gametophyte ( Male gamete Pollen: respectively. sperm (male gamete), embryo sac Egg cell ( Female gamete One of the pollen grains) Lethal gene As a typical representative of Melandrium ) consists of only a few cells can't live independently, parasitic on Sporogonium On. formation gamete And breeding generations called gamete generation, gamete generation organisms called gametophyte. General Plant gametophytes chromosomes (n).
The evolutionary history of plants is: Thallophyte To Fern ( Bryophyte Also in devonian There), Seed plant ( Gymnosperms and Angiosperm ); and in this evolutionary process, gametophyte Evolutionary trends Is to continue to simplify.
In bryophytes, gametophyte Chloroplast , Sporogonium Parasitic on the gametophyte, called Protonema
The fern gametophyte, known as simplified. Prothallus But still, independent life.
In seed plants, the sporophyte gametophyte dominated, but greatly simplified, only seven remaining cells in angiosperms, which is a Egg cell The central cell (two. Polar nuclei Three). Antipodal cells Two. Help cell That cannot live independently, parasites in the sporophyte, and this is the opposite of bryophytes.

Gametophyte inheritance

gamete follow Mendel's law of inheritance Chromosome, free combination of female parent and male parent in gametes.
The development of gametes directly by creatures called haploid Biological (even if somatic cell There are many Chromosome set ).