Seattle (English: Seattle) is U.S.A The Pacific Ocean The largest city in the northwest of Seattle, established in 1850s, named for the emirate of Seattle. The official nickname for Seattle Emerald City, which is located in Washington State Between Puget Sound and Lake Washington County, from the Canada US border about 174 kilometers. Seattle county is the county seat. Seattle is the largest city in Washington state.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau data in Seattle area of 369.2 square kilometers, including 217.2 square kilometers of land and 152 square kilometers of water. That is to say 41.16% of the area is water. Its estimated population is 569101, the total population of the urban area is about 3 million 700 thousand.
Seattle is the birthplace of the junk music. It is also the birthplace of grunge, the people of Seattle for great coffee consumption is known. Starbucks Seattle Best Coffee and Taliban Coffee in this building. Similarly, Seattle also brought together many star enterprises of the West coast. Microsoft Corp and Nintendo The company is located in the city of the United states.
In 1995, Seattle was "money" magazine's "best places to live" in 1996 by "fortune" magazine as "the best living city", 1998 is considered the nation's highest quality of life in the city. Seattle is also a traditional conference tourism center.

Seattle History

 Seattle chief statue Seattle chief statue
Back to the history of Seattle, only a short period of 150 years, and most of the data records are derived from (Pioneer Square), a group of immigrants, in the year 1851 from New York to Seattle, landing near the camp near the pioneer square, this group of people is regarded as the pioneer of Seattle. Therefore, there are many of the streets are named after them as a souvenir, such as Denny, Yesler, Bell, Boren etc.. In April 1852 they will their residents move to the Elliott Bay (Elliott Bay). The first map is drawn into the city in May 23, 1853. From 1865 to 1867. It is a town, from the beginning of 1869 it officially became a city. Now the pioneer square (Pioneer Square) has become one of the tourist attractions.
 1919 Seattle strike 1919 Seattle strike
Major events in 1889 (the fire destroyed, the central business district, but no one died in 1909) Alaska - Yukon Pacific Exposition (now University of Washington Established in the year Expo venue on 1919), the Seattle general strike (the first general strike), friendly movement in 1962 twenty-first Century and 1999 1990, the Expo will general conference of the world trade organization, but due to Anti globalization The protests forced the closing movement. In February 2001, magnitude 6.8 earthquake occurred in Seattle area, did not cause serious damage to the city. Now the city of Seattle and Chinese Chongqing City Has become a friendly city.

Seattle geographical environment

Seattle Location condition

Located in Seattle Puget Sound and Lake Washington In the west side of the Bay, is The Olympic Mountains The East. Lake Washington To the East is Manmisi lake, fir (Lake Sammamish), and then according to sa (Issaquah Highland) and cross the Highlands Tiger Mountain (Tiger Mountain), Southeast of the famous Mount Rainier (Mountian Rainer), the last snow is Cascade Range (Cascade Range). City center coordinates is 47 degrees north latitude 37'35''longitude 122 degrees 19'59''. According to the U.S. Census Bureau data in Seattle province area of 369.2 square kilometers, of which land area of 217.2 square kilometers, the water area of 152 square kilometers, the waters reached 41.16%.

Seattle topographic features

 Seattle yard Seattle yard
Seattle city built on a hilly terrain, some of the city the highest place directly near the city center. Through the nearby Terrain Reconstruction Project in downtown different terrain is changed a lot.
Near the Seattle River, forests, lakes and fields are very rich. Today a from Seattle center near the canal connects Puget Sound and lake washington. There are a lot of sailing, skiing, biking, camping and hiking opportunities in Seattle and around the year.
The Seattle fault is an active Geological fault It directly through downtown Seattle, and continue to cause earthquake. Since the history of one hundred and fifty years, Seattle has a total of four earthquakes: the December 14, 1872 magnitude 7.3, April 13, 1949 (7.1), April 29, 1965 (6.5) and February 28, 2001 (6.8).

Seattle Climatic characteristics

The climate of Seattle is affected much by the sea, which belongs to the temperate climate, West
 Seattle has a pleasant climate Seattle has a pleasant climate
Seattle, mild climate, humid air is very fresh, clean and transparent. Not too cold in winter and hot in summer. Because the ocean temperatures moderate, mountains west of the city to protect against the storm. The annual rainfall is 890 to 970 mm, so it is called the city Yucheng, than some of the east coast of the United States (such as New York 1200 mm), but the number of cloudy for an average of 226 days each year, more than New York (132). Because Seattle is located in the Olympic mountains behind, most of the rainfall is light rain or drizzle.
The rainy season is from November to March last year, in addition to the climate in Seattle is very moderate, the most suitable tourist season is spring and autumn three season, but the temperature difference between morning and evening, maximum difference of 10 degrees. Seattle's climate and temperature and nearby Canada The big city of Vancouver almost.
30 kilometers west of Olympic National Park The average annual rainfall of 3600 mm, the South Washington The capital of the rainfall of 1320 mm. Seattle occasional snowfall, but rarely leave for a long time. Sunny weather in general from July to September, the southern Portland start late, finish early.
stay El Nino phenomenon The precipitation occurred in Seattle will decrease, not only make the ski around the difficulties encountered in the winter, and will cause water shortages in the summer.

Seattle place name

Seattle Orion of the Name

 Seal of Seattle Seal of Seattle
The name, the origin of the name of the city of Seattle from Aboriginal chiefs Sears (Sealth). When is the earliest The colonists After the 1850 arrived, the Emirates hills give them protection and friendship. Seattle pioneers, respect for this group of long-term living in the Eliot Bay (Elliott Bay) of the area Wami Xu (Duwamish) of indigenous peoples, directly to this new land of immigrants named the Emirates Sears (Sealth) the name of this intermediate because of some oral miscommunication, finally will become Seattle (Seattle), which is the origin of the name of the city of Seattle.

Seattle City nicknames

 Seal of Seattle Seal of Seattle
Foreign name
Chinese translation
The Emerald City
The Emerald City
The Rainy City
Evergreen City
Evergreen City
The Gateway to Alaska
Alaska portal
Jet City Jet City
Queen City
Queen City

Foreign name
Chinese translation
The Emerald City
The Emerald City
The Rainy City
Evergreen City
Evergreen City
The Gateway to Alaska
Alaska portal
Queen City
Queen City

Seattle National Population

Seattle population

 Crowded Seattle Crowded Seattle
In more than a decade in many legal and illegal immigrants came to Seattle. From 1990 to 2000 of the census population increased by 40%. Although in the census of 2000 only 5.28% of the population is Hispanic, but Spain Born in the whole population Washington State Is one of the fastest growing population in all. From 2000 to 2002 estimated growth of 10%. The city of about 1.25% people homeless, 14% of them are teenagers. "2005" aerobics magazine said Seattle is the most healthy city .
Seattle in Seattle * The cascade area (Cascadia)
19705308441939000 7738635
19804938462240000 9508809
19905162592748867 11000384
20005633743275.847 13379.320
2005 (estimated) 5730003460400 14083486
2010 (estimated) 5941163641200 15765119
Source: U.S. Census Bureau; BC Stats (BC Ministry of Management Services); Oregon Office of economic analysis. Washington State Office of financial management forecast in Seattle in 2005 and 2010 to estimate.

Seattle Nation

Seattle is a multi-ethnic city. White about the city's population of 70.1%; 8.4% black; Indian And indigenous people accounted for 1%; Spain / Latin America American accounting for 5.3%; Mestizos Accounted for 4.5%; Asian Accounted for 13.1%, which accounted for about 3.45% of the population in the city of chinese.
The United States Census in 2010 showed that Seattle metropolitan area has 3 million 400 thousand inhabitants. Whole Puget Sound 3 million 700 thousand people around urban areas, about 73.4% were white, this is the highest city in North American white ingredients. 4.7% said they are a national seed, which is one of the highest in the United States a city. There are 13.71% Asian, 8.44% African, 1.1% Native American, Pacific indigenous people accounted for 0.5%, 6.84% from other non white ethnic groups.

Seattle Economics

Seattle Economic History

 Starbucks headquarters Starbucks headquarters
Seattle has experienced development and recession time. As a large company headquarters of the city people even think it will shrink when it is bad. But Seattle is always in these times successfully rebuilt its infrastructure.
Is the first major development in the development of the city early wood industry. The gold rush at the end of nineteenth Century also brought a short little development for Seattle. The shipbuilding industry at the beginning of twentieth Century also brought prosperity to Seattle. The development after the Second World War, Seattle's economy benefited from the commercial aviation industry of boeing. At the end of 1960s and early 1970s air depression forced many people to leave Seattle. Two of the local developers posted a slogan: "the last to leave the Seattle trouble, turn off the lights."
Until 2001 before Seattle is Boeing The company's headquarters. The recent development mainly from Microsoft and other software, Internet and communications companies such as: amazon , RealNetworks And the American telephone and Telegraph Company wireless. Even the local Starbucks headquarters for many Internet and software companies to invest. This new development has ended in early 2001, but many of these companies are still very strong.

Seattle Finance

The Seattle area has the leading economic groups, such as aerospace, information technology, life science
 The space needle, the symbol of Seattle The space needle, the symbol of Seattle
Science and biotechnology engineering, clean technology and environmental industry, logistics and international trade. among The Boeing Company With 58597 employees in Seattle and Washington (June 2005). 36566 people including the production of commercial aircraft; integrated team 12204; integrated defense system 7382; the internal structure of aircraft Boeing 1254; air force 520 (connected to provide high-speed Internet connections for aircraft in flight). The design and assembly of the new Boeing 787 aircraft will also be located in Seattle to the north of the city of Eliot.
According to the latest research shows that the percentage of employment in the software industry, the total population to row, Seattle is listed as the nation's fifth. Seattle and Washington, about 6000 related software industry companies employ a total staff of 68000 people, to pay nearly $10 billion in annual salary, annual sales revenue of $25 billion. By the end of April 2005. Microsoft Corp has 59947 employees worldwide. In Seattle and the Puget Sound area is 28900.
 University of Washington Sakura University of Washington Sakura
Seattle and Washington State Has 133 biotech companies, most of them are in University of Washington (University of Washington is the winner of the National Institutes of health funding up to the public in the University; Shanghai Jiao Tong University Selection of the world's top 500 universities ranked sixteenth), the best technology of Washington State University, Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory established. University of Washington is now building the Department of genomics and Biological Engineering Department of the new building, new sponsorship obtained including Seattle based Gates Foundation ($70 million of net assets of the fund will have $24 billion), witke foundation 10 million, and the federal government and other private donations of $12 million. In addition. The Union (Lake Union) on the south side of Lake area is building a large Biotechnology Center: including by Witkin (Vulcan) private investment $15 million in biological science and Technology Incubation Center, University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute, adjacent to the systems biology institute, Amie gold company R & D center, Allen Brain Science Institute (created by Paul Ellen, PATH (100 million) seed fund health research center, Seattle project reasonable technology) biotechnology research center, Virginia Mason institute. Every spring, a large influx of tourists to enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms of University of Washington, since the school under the cherry tree has become a famous scenic spot.
 Hu Jintao, chairman of Starbucks taste Hu Jintao, chairman of Starbucks taste
Seattle is also home to 400 clean technology and environmental engineering services company, has about 16000 employees. According to a survey of American Art in 2005, Seattle has 3721 related companies and organization design and art. The total number of 18384 employees. Seattle is also growing fine coffee industry center (headquarters in Seattle Starbucks Coffee With more than 9000 stores in the world), in addition to the vigorous development of the entertainment industry, the nation's largest marine industry and Fisheries (Washington State Fisheries exports are more than the sum of all the other states in the value and weight), film and video industry has 5000 employees, paid a salary of $155 million a year. Seattle also has a huge music industry, providing 9000 jobs to pay nearly $200 million in annual salary. Other important industries include wood products, transportation equipment, food and clothing design. The tourist center and Conference Center
Seattle and King County District attracts more than 8 million 730 thousand visitors a year, $3 billion 970 million in revenue and more than $3 million 420 thousand and tax revenue. Tourism consumption in Seattle area directly creates 60 thousand jobs. Seattle port in 2005 cruise growth hit a new record, there are four large cruise lines, 170 voyage, received more than 350 thousand visitors. Washington State Convention and Trade Center, Seattle Convention Center (1962 World Expo venue) and local hotels for conferences, exhibitions and special events to win a good reputation. Other major facilities include Harbor International Conference Center, Baer, Quist (Qwest) and is located in the center of sports activities Belville Jo (Bellevue) the maiden Bauer Center (Meydenbauer).

Seattle Transportation

Seattle Street

In addition to the central business district of Seattle in East West and North South to form a square format, in the center of downtown streets to coast to. Two to which is often caused by an unusual angle, often make foreign not familiar with Seattle's people are confused.

Seattle Ferry steamer

Washington State Have U.S.A The largest ferry fleet. Starting at 52 Zhanqiao pier, people can arrive by boat BRET Merton Island (Bremerton) and double bridge (Bainbridge Island), the island routes allow passengers to transport consignments. There is one to go to the Vashon Island routes only provide passenger transportation service.

Seattle Train

Three different shifts in the Amtrak train station in King Street with a long history (King Street Station) to start, including And to Seattle Tacoma Two operating lines. The station is located in King Street Station (King Street Station). Monorail from downtown Seattle to the city of West Lake (Westlake Mall) line wall.

Seattle Airport

 Seattle - Tacoma International Airport Seattle - Tacoma International Airport
Seattle - Tacoma International Airport ( Tacoma Airport (Seattle-Tacoma) / Sea-Tac International (Airport) IATA: SEA, ICAO: KSEA) is U.S.A One of the main airport in Washington state in the greater Seattle area, 19 kilometers away from downtown Seattle (12 miles), about 30 minutes. At present, Tacoma airport is the largest airport in the northwest, is the nation's seventeenth busiest airport, the main service in Seattle, Tacoma The city and the Seattle metropolitan area and its affiliated area. Because of this Seattle-Tacoma or Sea-Tac this name. It is often wrong into the public reading of the Seattle Airport (Tacoma Airport).

Seattle Bus

Metro company manages the Seattle public transportation system, and for the car to provide timely and effective assistance tools online. To the north of batsry (Battery Street), South Street to the St. Jackson Avenue (S Jackson Street); West Seattle Docks (Seattle Waterfront), east to Sixth Street (Sixth Ave), the area for a free ride area (Ride Free Area). Usually the underground passage entrance certain bus routes set, now temporarily closed due to construction reasons. Greyhound bus station is located in Stewart street, No. 811 (811 Stewart St). Visitors can through the Internet, telephone or directly to the station ticket.

Seattle Expressway

 The shock of the United States, interstate five The shock of the United States, interstate five
The main highway runs through the north and south of Seattle for interstate I-5, and between the adjacent city, Bellevue (Bellevue) of the main road is SR-520 and I-90 interstate, with Seattle as the starting point on the west side of Interstate 90, go east to Boston . There is a downtown Seattle along the seaside city fast track (Alaskan Way Viaduct).

Seattle Infrastructure

Seattle Places of worship

In the greater Seattle area, all the main religions has its representative. In addition to a variety of Protestant, Catholic family in Rome, The Orthodox Church And there are many synagogues, temples and Mosque .

Seattle Communal facilities

In Seattle, water and electricity is provided by public facilities. Intimate Puget Sound Provide natural gas company, Seattle Vapor Corp to provide steam, Qwest provides telephone service, Kang Custer with cable television.

Seattle Recreational facilities

1 Museum 14
In 1927 the creation of the Henry Art Gallery (Henry Art Gallery) is the first museum in washington. (Museum Of History & Industry)
Burke Museum of natural history and culture (Burke Museum Of Natural History And Culture)
Krone Dyke (Klondike Gold Rush Museum Gold Museum)
(Log House Museum)
(Coast Guard Museum Northwest)
(The Center for Wooden Boats)
Northwest seaport Maritime Heritage Center (Northwest Seaport Maritime Heritage Center)
(Seattle Metropolitan Police Museum)
Boeing flight Museum (Museum of Flight Boeing)
Odyssey marine Discovery Center (Odyssey Maritime Discovery Center)
Puget Sound ship transportation center (Puget Sound Vessel Traffic Service)
(Nordic Heritage Museum)
(Wing Luke Asian Museum)
2 Park 50 (city) /20 (country)
3 spots of 9 (Attractions) 28
Four Beach (Beach) 12
Five The community center (Comunity Center) 24
6 Golf Course (Golf) 5
7 Public Library (The Seattle Public Library) 27
Seattle Central Library (The Seattle Public Library Central Library)
 The novelty of the Seattle Central Library The novelty of the Seattle Central Library
Satan Seattle Central Library Is the Seattle public library system's flagship museum is famous deconstruction architecture. It is located in the city center, is a building consists of 11 layers (56 meters) of the steel and glass buildings. The museum open to the public in May 24, 2004. The library by Koolhaas (Rem Koolhaas), Portland Hoffman (Hoffman) construction company is the general contractor.
The 34000 square meters of public library holds about 1 million 450 thousand books and other materials, including more than 500 computer open to the public, the other with an underground public parking lot. Use the first 1 years of the rate of more than 2 million people. The library has a unique and prominent appearance, a number of discrete "floating platform", like in a big spider.
Seattle public library branch (The Seattle queen Anne - Queen Public Library Anne Branch)
Seattle public library branch of Queen Anne, dignified and beautiful, generous and practical. This building was built in the 1914, permeated with the key age from feudal society to capitalist transition -- the Tudor classical charm quietly stands on the top of Queen Anne. The queen Anne library, as the top bottom library, it hosted various scale conferences and seminars.
8 tennis court 151
9 Performance Center 27
10 swimming pool 10
11 entertainment venues 38
12 Sporting Club Hotel 42
13 path (maintenance) 5

Seattle medical care

 The international medical center of Seattle The international medical center of Seattle
The Seattle area is the Pacific Northwest of the United States health care center. With leading medical organizations, including the Swedish Medical Center, University of Washington hospital and Affiliated Hospital, Harborview Medical Center, public health cooperation hospital, Virginia Mason medical center, Northwest Hospital Dell, general hospital, children's Hospital and Cancer Research Center (NUK has the world's largest cancer control and prevention research project). Seattle medical researchers won the three Nobel prize in medicine in the past five years.

Seattle Culture

Seattle Delicious food

 Delicious seafood chowder soup Delicious seafood chowder soup
Due to the geographical position of Seattle on the adjacent Alaska, richly endowed by nature, Canada fishing grounds, with Chile, Japan and other products are often in handling, so Seattle delicacy seafood to the mainstream, Include Ho , big crab , salmon , trout , Cod and Dried scallop . In addition, there are from Washington prairie Roast beef People are not put it down. Seattle restaurant as many as 2000, in the international area ( Chinatown Chinese), Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the restaurant is looking; traditional Scandinavian dishes will retain the Ballard area. Special delicacy: Crab , Ho , salmon Seafood Chowder Soup (Chowder).
Seattle is a paradise for coffee lovers, a total of 230 home sales Instant Coffee (espresso) coffee stalls, and are still increasing every week; Seattle people addicted to drink coffee, a week consumed 250 thousand cups, two large coffee company Starbucks and SBC Is the greatest hero. Starbucks has 150 stores, with sent to the fifty states now Los Angeles , San Francisco , Denver , Chicago And other city has set up. SBC (Coffee Seattle'sBestCoffee, Seattle's best coffee) is through the restaurant and coffee stalls selling espresso. The same is a history of international famous coffee chain Starbucks, Parker (Pike Market) is located in the grounds of the first Starbucks also attracted many tourists.

Seattle People's life

 The children of Seattle The children of Seattle
The greater Seattle area is superior in its moderate climate, a variety of housing options, rich artistic culture, sports, entertainment and many shops and restaurants, and a year of outdoor recreation in Seattle.2005 was named the best city nationwide wireless network connection; the per capita city class the United States is in art as the center and business organization (according to the "American Art" in 2005 survey, a total of 3721 in Seattle and art related businesses and organizations); in 2001, Seattle was named the "friendly" residents full beauty "child friendly city" second.

Seattle City Landmark

 The space needle The space needle
The most special is the landmark of Seattle The space needle (Space Needle), it is built for the 1962 Expo twenty-first Century, the Expo site is changed to Seattle Center (Seattle Center), is still a lot of important folk art venues and events.
There are other famous landmarks Smith Tower (Smith Tower), Pike Place Market (Pike Place Market), Seattle (Experience Music music experience center Project, EMP), Seattle Central Library (The Seattle Public library, Central and Library) The United States bank building (Bank of America Tower), which is the United States west of the Mississippi River, the nation's twelfth fourth high skyscraper.

Seattle Athletic sports

 Sevko Stadium (Safeco Field) Sevko Stadium (Safeco Field)
The team project alliance home court
Seattle seaman baseball Major League Baseball Stadium Saifuke occupation
The Seattle Seahawks NFL Football Qwest field
The Seattle Football League sound the American Football League (men)
The American Football League (women's) W Qwest Field
Seattle storm basketball U.S. women's Basketball Association Key Arena
The Seattle Thunderbirds hockey Western Hockey League Key Arena Seattle basketball team moved to Oklahoma City, but I believe that soon, there will be a team in Seattle
Seattle's first modern professional team is the Seattle supersonics. In 1969, Seattle pilot team to join the baseball team. Two teams of the name with the local aircraft industry related. One year after the pilot team moved to Milwaukee. In 1976, the Seattle Seahawks football team was founded in 1977, the establishment of the Seattle mariners baseball team. The first to win a national championship for the Seattle team is the ice hockey team of Seattle city team, it won the championship in 1917. In addition, University of Washington, The University of Seattle and Seattle Pacific University There are teams (such as football and basketball).

Seattle Culture media

The most important is the "Seattle newspaper seattle times "And the" Seattle post ", the two share advertising and commercial department. The weekly "Seattle weekly" and " Stranger ", both of which are free weekly. The former is the informal newspapers in Seattle area, the dark side often reported official newspapers not reported at home or in the city of Seattle. The latter for some offbeat readers, reports about homosexuality and other non mainstream news. Seattle has many TV and radio station.

Seattle The festival

 The Seattle International Film Festival The Seattle International Film Festival
Seattle's most famous cultural events have a period of 24 days siff (Seattle International Film Festival), held at the Memorial Day weekend in the Northwest Folk Festival (Northwest Folklife Festival), the summer festival (Seafair), Seattle (Bite of Seattle) delicacy festival held on Labor Day weekend and the Bumbershoot Festival (Bumbershoot), the international children's Drama Festival and the northwest book festival. There are generally one hundred thousand people attended these festivals. Two March marijuana Festival and the independence day in the United States has always attracted many people to participate in.
Dozens of Seattle city held annually to a street festival, every year many also held a parade or race. The largest street festival, including merchandise stalls and many artists performing on the stage, one hundred thousand people attended, the youngest only a dozen stalls and entertainers, with a large area of the market is not much. There are a number of other important Indian organizations run Wo dance, a Greek Festival and many different nationalities at the national day.
Like many other big city, Seattle and many other small scale activities, such as book fairs, special film festival and an annual two day about eight thousand participants from Seattle to Portland bicycle race.

Seattle The area of Chinatown

 Seattle Chinatown Seattle Chinatown
Chinatown The district is the center of Seattle ethnic and cultural diversity. Here is a long history and has a charming architectural and cultural atmosphere of the pedestrian street, most of the regional tectonics in early twentieth Century. As a famous international area, you can see all kinds of shops here, feel the multicultural and experience the festival and experience of language and culture, and enjoy the corresponding all kinds of delicacy snacks. China workers came to this community, at the end of nineteenth Century soon after, Japanese and American Philippines immigrants also came here. These years, the community has become more and more diverse, vietnamese, Korean The Pacific Islands, immigration, American Kampuchea, Thai, Lao and Hmong were born into the community constantly. Now, the region has become one of the most abundant native American community culture.

Seattle Scenic spot

Seattle in 1889 because the plastic pot painter fire and burn the entire wooden City, Seattle in the reconstruction after the fire quickly, building materials used stone, iron and cement more, in 1893, the first railway link l across the American continent to Seattle, sea traffic and Asian ports and the United States the Eastern Harbour connection forming. In 1897 the Krone Dyke gold rush brought a more rapid growth in Seattle, the city's population from 1890 to 1910 grew six times. Seattle also held the first World Expo (Alaska-Yukon-Pacific, Exhibition), University of Washington campus is in the exhibition site. Buy a City pass in Seattle (city passport) (Seattle Aquarium), containing the aquarium, (Pacific Science Center), Pacific Science Center in I-MAX (hemisphere three-dimensional film), The space needle (Space Needle) and Bay Ferry tours (Argosy Cruises Harbor Tour), Wu Delan (Woodland Park Zoo) zoo tickets, the tickets are cheaper than with separate buy more than half self-help travel tourists not to be missed. Sightseeing big city in America and other world class have to sell City pass, cooperation agencies within the city passport will sometimes change, so before you buy the best check those tickets in the city inside the passport agency.

Seattle The space needle

The space needle (The Space Needle) is a major landmark in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, located in the city of Seattle City, the fireworks display in the new year. It is in 1962 World's Fair The design, at the height of 520 feet above the ground of the observatory and the revolving restaurant can be 360 degrees to watch the panorama of Seattle, including Mount Rainier (Mt. Rainier), Olympic National Park (Olympic National Park) and Puget Sound (Puget Sound).

Seattle Pike Place Market

 Pike Place Market Pike Place Market
Parker (Pike Place Market) market was founded in 1907, was originally a Farmer's Market. Today, farmers and traders are only a small part of the attraction here, where you can find the more than and 200 stores, supply all kinds of fresh Vegetable & Fruit, customs and handicrafts; other exotic restaurants, also many along the street.
Parker market has a world famous fish called Pike Place Fish stall, has become a tourist attractions. Victor Steinbrueck park is located in the most northern pike place market, is a large carpet of green. "Chewing gum wall" is because there is a small cinema, every time people are queuing to buy tickets when admission will gum chewing on the wall, a long time, has formed a scenery.

Seattle Smith Tower

Smith Tower 1914 by Gaggin & Gaggin company building design and construction. such New classicism The architectural style quickly became popular in Seattle, become the city most popular architectural style. Since the completion of the Smith tower in consecutive years won the west of the Mississippi River within the scope of the tallest building. Smith tower on the second floor, there are China the last feudal dynasty -- the Qing Dynasty to the Smith tower owner Mr. Smith's gift: Chinese house. A chair is put in a great reputation China house, legend woman sitting in a chair with a single wish, will find a husband.

Seattle Pacific Science Center

 Pacific Science Center Pacific Science Center
(Pacific Science Center) is a multi arch gothic architecture A fountain, beautiful, in laser theater, cinema sound, sound calendar planetarium, children's theater, and including the movie "Jurassic Park" in seven kinds of dinosaur models show. The center is a major objective is to teach children to learn scientific knowledge, and gradually guide their interest in science, in order to achieve this goal, there is the size of the Dinobots and objects, a butterfly Pavilion and a village of insects (a giant insect machine). In the study area, the children can play a virtual reality football robot to challenge tic-tac-toe, and many other interesting exhibition.

Seattle science education

Seattle Level of Education

The average level of education of Seattle residents is very high. In addition to the Seattle School of adult training and family education is also very strong. Over 25 of the adult population, the number of high school education and above accounted for 91.9%. 53.8% of the population has a bachelor or above degree. 36% of the population have a master's degree or above, 93% of the population of high school. In addition to the Seattle School of adult training and family education is also very strong.

Seattle Higher Education

 University of Washington University of Washington
Like most of the other big city public schools in Seattle public schools tend to be the reason for the controversy. Although the Seattle school does not have to court on the abolition of the racial separation approach, but in a different racial separation in the city to achieve equal racial composition in every school is not easy. Although some school performance is better than some other schools, but this area, parents to their children. The school is different, there are differences.
In addition to the public schools and private schools in Seattle: four Catholic school, a Protestant school and six non religious schools.
 University of Washington Sakura University of Washington Sakura
Seattle university is the main University of Washington And it has about 50 thousand students in the US, the latest NEWS ranked forty-sixth. In addition, Seattle City University in the United States West Coast It is one of the largest private school, global registered more than 13000 students, the school of Business Administration (especially in MBA training and education) professional management have enjoyed a high reputation in the northwest region of the United states. Biological engineering and medicine is at the forefront of the world. The city is Seattle University (a Jesus University) and University of the Pacific in Seattle (a Protestant University) in Seattle and some commercial art, and psychology of small colleges.
Near Seattle and several other university campuses, respectively. Washington State University (Washington State University), Washington University Center (Central Washington University), western Washington University (Western Washington University)

Seattle research center

The main research centers including the Hutchinson cancer research center, Bart Memorial Institute and Washington Technology center.

Seattle In Colleges and Universities

1, University of Washington (public) 42446
2 Seattle City University (private) 13000
Three The University of Seattle (private) 6810
Four Seattle Pacific University (private) 3779
Five community college (four campus public) 27218
6 Seattle art school 2200
7 Indonesia Art Institute (Cornish) 700

Seattle Foreign exchange

Seattle international business

The greater Seattle area has been in the quality of life and international competitiveness have been recognized by everyone. These advantages are reflected in: strategic position (the middle distance, in London and Tokyo); the ability of advanced manufacturing facilities and advanced technology; group technology; industrial cooperation; diversity of economic base (from agriculture and services to international trade); high quality education and medical system; high quality employees; the rich and colorful cultural and recreational activities; people's overall quality and the concept of open.
Every year in Seattle organized a series of activities. From the Pacific Ocean Exhibition (the display of products, technology, services, education and the establishment of marine personnel special activities) to the Pacific Health summit. International activities over the years include: the 2001 Asia Pacific City Summit, the World Trade Organization in 1999 third ministerial conference in 1996, bilateral trade ministers meeting, APEC leaders meeting in 1993 and 1990 and the United States and the Soviet Union friendly consultations.
On a per capita basis, exports of Washington state in the United States ranked first in 2004, exports per capita amounted to $5479. In 2004, direct exports amounted to $3 billion 400 million, which does not include computer software export ($50 to $10 billion per year), architectural design, engineering design and other professional services exports. Total exports in 2004 in Seattle and Iowa (including transit goods) for $46 billion 100 million, the local economy every 3 working in 1 from here. Strong humanistic characteristics and friendly relations with more than one city in the world for Seattle and Iowa has added more business opportunities.

Seattle Trading partners

Washington, 2004 exports (10)
One Japan (Japan) (excluding Ryukyu 6.31) ($one billion)
Two Canada (Canada) 4.04
Three China (China) 3.09
4 China Taiwan (Taiwan, China) 2.14
Five The Republic of Korea (Korea) 2.06
Six Ireland (Irland) 1.50
Seven Singapore (Singapore) 1.48
Eight France (French) 1.27
Nine Britain (British) 1.09
Ten Australia (Australia) 1.07
The sum of 33.793 (Total)

Seattle Friendly city

Beersheba , Israel
Cebu , The Philippines
Christchurch , New Zealand
Galway , Ireland
Coast defence , Vietnam
Limbe , Cameroon
Mombasa , Kenya
Paige , Hungary
Reykjavik , Iceland
Surabaya , Indonesia
Bergen , Norway
Chongqing , China
Kaohsiung Chinese. Taiwan
Field , The Republic of Korea
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Seattle Local celebrities

 Bill Gate Bill Gate
The world's richest man, former Microsoft CEO Bill Gate (Bill Gates)
Bill Gate (Bill Gates), full name William Henry Gates (William Henry Gates, October 28, 1955 -), the United States Microsoft Corp The chairman of the board of directors. And he Paul Alan With the creation of the Microsoft Corp, former Microsoft CEO and chief software architect, and holds more than 8% of the common stock, is the largest individual shareholder. From 1995 to 2007. " Forbes "Global billionaires list, Bill Gate won 13 consecutive years The richest man in the world . In June 27, 2008 officially retired as chairman of Microsoft, but still ensure that the operation of the company, and the $58 billion personal property donated to the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation . In February 4, 2014, the outgoing chairman of Microsoft office, but in the new CEO NADELLA's request, Gates will be the founder and technical advisor role to serve on the board. In March 2012, Forbes global rich list released, Bill Gates ranked second with $61 billion. (in the new Forbes global richest Bill Gates over Mexico telecom giant Carlos Slim Helu to regain the world's richest man)
The world 's richest man, Microsoft co-founder Paul Alan
 Paul Alan Paul Alan
Paul Alan (Paul Allen), was born in January 21, 1953, American entrepreneur, and Bill Gate The Microsoft Corp was founded in the predecessor. The founder and chairman of Inc. Vulcan. He is one of the richest people in the world by 2006, he ranked sixth in the Forbes magazine, with assets of about $22 billion 700 million, of which 5 billion is Microsoft stock. At the same time, he is the chairman of the Communications Charter, DreamWorks Shareholders also have NFL The The Seattle Seahawks The NBA team and the Portland trail blazers.
The American occupation basketball athletes Spencer Hois
Spencer Hois (April 28, 1988 -) was born in the United States Washington State Seattle (Seattle, Washington), the American occupation basketball player, a midfielder, played in the NBA A team of 76 people in Philadelphia . 2007 NBA draft The conference is The Sacramento Kings He was selected, NBA retire Player Steve Hois (Steve Hawes) nephew.
The American occupation basketball athletes Brandon Roy
Brandon Roy (July 23, 1984 -) was born in Washington, Seattle (Seattle, WA), the American occupation basketball player, the Secretary Point guard NBA, played for the Minnesota timberwolves.
The American occupation basketball athletes Martel Webster
Martel Webster (December 4, 1986 -) was born in the United States Washington State Edmonds (Edmonds, WA), the American occupation basketball player, the Secretary shooting guard / Small forward NBA, played for the Washington wizards.
chief seattle
 chief seattle chief seattle
Seattle chief (Chief Seattle, 1786 - June 7, 1866) the Indians, yellow people, America's oldest residents. The United States is Washington State The leader of the Indian tribe territory. According to Maynard's proposal, which gets its name from Seattle Seattle chief. In 1850s, "Washington" the white leader wants to buy the northwestern United States Indian Territory. The author of Seattle " This land is sacred " (the " This land is sacred "[the Seattle] to be included in the revised PEP primary school language textbooks on the sixth grade 15 classes). This article, published in the book of the sixth grade primary school. This article is based on the Indian chief Seattle letter compiler. Seattle white people are very friendly, white residents are still in his tomb on a monument. Seattle Indian territory by the white compulsory acquisition, to commemorate the great ruler of Indian, this piece of land in his name, which is now the city of Seattle.
American rapper Michael Moore (Macklemore)
Satan Macklemore (Chinese translation: Meckel Moore) formerly known as Ben Haggerty, is from the United States of Seattle on the west coast rapper. With the combination of Ryan Lewis in the end of 2008, the most famous album at the end of 2012 to Macklemore&Ryan Lewis in the name of "The Heist" published, and the album also won the fifty-sixth Grammy best rap album award. Representative Thrift Shop, Can't Hold Us, Same Love.
The famous American rock singer kurt cobain (Kurt Cobain)
The late American rock star, his band Nirvana started the American grunge music era. Published "never mind" "in utero" and best rock album. Cobain is the most China rock music people first come into contact with the spiritual leader. In 2014, he and other members of the nirvana in the debut twenty-fifth years into the rock and Roll Hall of fame.
U.S.A Guns N' Roses Bassist Duff Mckagan
Michael Andrew "Duff" and "Rose McKagan" is an American musician and writer, he is best known for thirteen years as ever virtuoso performance with a spear Bassist identity.
Bruce Lee