River Source Area

River source area is Jilin Province Baishan City One of the two city, is located in the southeast of Jilin Province, Western Baishan City, and East Fusong County To the northwest, and Liuhe County At the junction of the southwest and Hunjiang District Connected to the South and Linjiang Adjacent to the north, and Jingyu County Border, a total area of 1348 square kilometers.
River Source Area
In 2003, the river source area total population of the total population of 268466 people. As of 2013, the river source area of jurisdiction 6 towns, 4 street. In 2013, the river source area to achieve GDP143 billion yuan, up 4% compared to 2012.
The river source region is China agaric Township, Chinese Songhua stone Town. Domestic famous attractions: Cooked rice pot , Bangchui peak Yuanhu, jiang, The fairy Valley .

River Source Area Build history

When is the Song Liao Tokyo Road Green state That is, Jianzhou Wei .
Jiang Qing, is the source of Mukden, Guangxu twenty-eight years (1902
 River Source Area River Source Area
Set) Linjiang County The river belonged to the source.
After 1945, as the Linjiang County town of jurisdiction, named sun zhaijiapuzi (division of history and Linjiang with).
In January 23, 1946, three in sun zhaijiapuzi incident, under the Tonghua province Ji Liao Linjiang County jurisdiction for Linjiang county area, Linjiang county belongs to the fifth district.
In July 1946, Linjiang of Liaoning province Tonghua area resident, three fault zone belongs to Linjiang County of Tonghua area in Liaoning province.
In January 20, 1947, Linjiang Government County, Liaoning province in mid June, Linjiang County into the first area of Liaoning Province, the county for Linjiang area tenth (three on town).
In February 11, 1948, returning to Liaoning province June 21st, Anton was placed under the jurisdiction;
 River Source Area River Source Area
Provincial jurisdiction.
In 1956, the establishment of three faults for Linjiang Town, county town jurisdiction. In 1960, revocation of Linjiang County, the establishment of Hunjiang city. For Hunjiang city (county) town.
Before 1985, a Hunjiang City (county-level city) under the jurisdiction of.
In February 4, 1985, the State Council approved the Hunjiang city to city, set up Badaojiang District , Linjiang region Three, fault zone.
January 31, 1994, approved by the State Council, the city was renamed as Baishan City City, three Hunjiang district name Baishan City three fault zone faults.
In December 30, 1995, the Baishan City area approved by the State Council on three into Jilin province river source county.
June 5, 2006, approved by the State Council, agreed to withdraw Jilin province river source county, restore the establishment of the Baishan City river source area. In the administrative area of the original source of river county is the administrative region of river source region. District People's Government in the town of Sun Jia Bao zi.

River Source Area administrative division

River Source Area Division of history

In October 1962 three, it has 4 production brigade accident commune.
In December 1979, three on town administer 2 production brigade (forest, forest).
In January 1986, 4 jurisdiction 6 towns, three subdistrict offices on District, 60 villages.
In January 4, 1996, the Jilin Provincial People's government documents: Notice of the Ministry of Civil Affairs on December 30, 1995 approved: approved by the State Council, agreed to withdraw Baishan City three fault zone, the establishment of river source county. In the administrative area of the original three fault zone is the administrative region of river source county. The county government is still in the Sun Jia Bao Zi zhen. Jiangyuan still under the jurisdiction of Baishan City. In February, jurisdiction over 7 towns, 3 townships Jiangyuan County, 147 communities, 60 village.
In 2000, jurisdiction over 7 towns, 3 townships Jiangyuan county.
December 22, 2000, approved by the people's Government of Jilin Province, Jilin provincial Civil Affairs Department issued a document, revocation of Jiangyuan stone shed, Xiang Yu Mu Qiao Zi Xiang, the Administrative Region under the jurisdiction under the jurisdiction of Shirengou town. Dashi people withdraw Township, set up a stone town stone town under the jurisdiction of the people; the office of the streets under the jurisdiction of the aura, Dashi Town township merger; township to the town, the town government resident.
By the end of 2003, the county town of jurisdiction 8 River source.

River Source Area Zoning details

In 2013, under the jurisdiction of 6 towns river source area: Pineville , Wangou town , Cha Zhen Yang , Zhazi town , Shirengou town , People in the town of stone 4 Street: Sun zhaijiapuzi Street , Jiang Yuan Street , The walls of the streets , zhengcha street, a total of 60 villages, 29 community.

River Source Area geographical environment

River Source Area Location condition

River source area is located in the southeast of Jilin province. Located at 126 degrees east longitude 23 degrees 11 '~127', '~42 between 41 degrees north latitude 48 degrees 13 minutes, and the East Fusong County Bordering the West and Liuhe county, Badaojiang District Adjacent to the South and Linjiang At the junction of the North Jingyu County To be connected。 A distance of 69 kilometers, north-south distance of 44.4 kilometers, the total area of 1348 square kilometers.
River Source Area

River Source Area topographic features

The river source area of complex terrain, meandering rivers, valleys staggered, the territory of Laoling mountains and the Longgang mountains. Laoling mountains in North East through the county, as the river source area and Linjiang City watershed, watershed is Hunjiang River system and the the Yalu River River system. The Longgang mountains East-West through the county, as the dividing ridge river source area and Jingyu county. The Longgang mountains and mountains of Laoling low mountainous area, and the Songhua River, the two basin low mountain the narrow valley region.

River Source Area hydrology

The territory of the river source area is toudao Songhua River, Hunjiang River two, a total of more than 130 rivers. The main rivers are: Southwest, Northwest River, Hun River, poor Chahe, Dayang river, Tang River Shed, stone river, elm River bridge, Shirenhe Etc..

River Source Area climate

The latitude inland mountainous river source area is located in the north temperate continental monsoon climate. Winter long, cold, more northerly winds; a short time in the spring, the temperature difference between day and night, more southerly; humid and rainy summer, cool autumn and more sunny weather. Affected by the cold, the first frost came early, frost free period of about 140 days. The annual average temperature of 4 degrees celsius. The average annual rainfall of about 910 mm. The annual sunshine duration of 2002 hours.

River Source Area natural resources

River Source Area mineral resources

As of 2013, the source region has proven mineral resources are coal, iron ore, clay shale and gypsum, Talc , Silica , Porcelain stone , Tremolite , Songhua stone 28, gold, which has proven coal reserves of 2.6 tons, annual output of about 3 million tons, is the key coal producing regions Chinese; gold proven reserves of 20 tons, annual output of more than 200 kilograms of gypsum; proven reserves of 74 million 422 thousand tons, 3 million 500 thousand tons of proven reserves of porcelain stone, was at the forefront of Jilin province; shale soil proved reserves of 47 million 760 thousand tons all kinds of building materials, with more than 30 production lines, divided into 7 categories of more than 100 varieties of products sold at home and abroad, Shirengou town Become "northeast tiles". River source area is one of the main origin of Songhua stone, China reserves in the first place, 2007 was Chinese Techanzhixiang recommended Activities Committee named the China Songhua stone village".

River Source Area Forest resources

As of 2013, the river source area of forest coverage rate reached 76%, is an important processing base of northeast forest products, belongs to the group of forest industry of Jilin golden bridge floor group became the largest export enterprises in Southeast Asia floor, won the national well-known brand products, river source area floor, plywood, particleboard total board production ranked the forefront of the country. The world only two of Cambrian Ordovician Geopark, one in Canada, one in the territory of the DAYANGCHA river source area. The area by the famous "ganfan basin" of the original ecological forest tourism park.

River Source Area Biological resources

As of 2013, the river source area has 1200 kinds of wild animals and plants of economic system, the comprehensive development of resources to green products of the Changbai Mountain forest land is increasingly perfect, the total income of 90 million yuan, edible fungus industry base, Chinese herbal medicine base, pollution-free vegetable base, animal husbandry products processing base, 2007 was Chinese Techanzhixiang recommended Activities Committee named the Chinese black fungus town".

River Source Area National Population

According to the 2000 fifth national census data show that the total of 34 nationalities, ethnic population distribution is as follows: Han: 253892; Mongolian: 320; Hui: 1152; Tibetan: 42; Uygur ethnic group : 133; Miao: 46; Yi: 86; Zhuang: 36; Buyi: 99; Korean: 1009; Manchu: 2640; Dong: 10; Yao: 2; Bai: 3; Tujia people: 5; Hani : 2; Li: 1; Lisu 1 people; Gaoshan 11; Lahu 1; Naxi people 1; Kirgiz 1 people; 1 Turkish people; Daur 18 people; Siberia 11 people; Pumi 2 people; Russian 5 people; Ewenki 1; Baoan 1; Oroqen The 2 people; 1 people; 1 Lhoba people; Jinuo 1 people; 1 people of ethnic recognition.
In 2003, the river source area of a total population of 268446 people, the total number of 93902; the total population: 137537 male, 130929 female; the sex ratio was 105:100. Non agricultural population of 203688 people, long time temporary residence staff of 6088 people.

River Source Area traffic

Jingyu County, traffic is convenient, there are State Road 201 and
 River Source Area River Source Area
Mount Bai to Two Baihe The railway from the border areas of parallel and crossed over the middle, the territory of a total length of 83 km. Another 303 provincial highway from the Southwest Shirengou town Through the territory of a total length of 32km. Highway 204 to the river source Jingyu Section, full length 18km in Jingyu county. Jingyu county and Heda line, Shen long 5 national and provincial roads and muddy, white duck line two railway lines, railway stations in Baishan area (area a total of 11 stations, take down 3) is the largest area, county (city) radiation in Baishan region and counties (city) traffic rally point contact center town oil Village (60 villages) Tong road.

River Source Area Politics

position Leading the list
Jiang Yuan District Secretary Shilei Zhang
Jiang Yuan District standing committee, discipline committee Jiatingju
Jiang Yuan District Party committee, Secretary of politics and Law Committee Xushifeng
Jiang Yuan District People's Congress, Party Secretary Mengzhaoke
Chairman, CPPCC Party Secretary Jiang Yuan District Jiang Bo

River Source Area Economics

River Source Area Overview

In 2013, the river source area to achieve GDP143 billion yuan, up 4% compared to 2012. Of which:
 River Source Area River Source Area
Two or three, industrial added value completed 650 million yuan, 9 billion 150 million yuan and 4 billion 500 million yuan, respectively, growth of 14.7%, 21.8% and 35.4%, the proportion of three industries was adjusted to 4.5:64:31.5. The fixed assets investment 15 billion 250 million yuan, an increase of 25% over 2012; the total government revenue and local fiscal revenue completed 815 million yuan, 659 million yuan, 21.8% and 6.85% lower than in 2012; fiscal expenditure is expected to be completed 2 billion 60 million yuan, down 8.8% compared with 2012; urban residents per capita disposable income of farmers per capita net income reached 19211 yuan 10729 yuan, growth of 15% and 17% than in 2012.

River Source Area The secondary industry

In 2013, the river source area of the economic crop acreage reached 23 thousand and 600 acres, 1075 acres of vegetables, new films
 River Source Area River Source Area
. Letinous edodes, black fungus, Pleurotus citrinopileatus and other edible fungi production capacity exceeded 52 million bags, Schisandra, Tianma and other authentic herbs retained an area of 20 thousand acres; the rapid development of Changbai Mountain black cattle, deer, wild boar, mountain bee, cold water fish and other animal breeding. The river source area of industrial output value of 500 million yuan, accounting for 40.3% of total agricultural output value. In 2013 the new provincial leading enterprises 1 households, 3 households, municipal enterprises standardized production base, 3 black fungus base 3, three certification 8. Tiansheng agriculture, jade culture is the enterprise process of agricultural industrialization leading river source area.

River Source Area The secondary industry

In 2013, the river source area above scale industrial output value of 26 billion 820 million yuan,
 River Source Area River Source Area
The added value of 8 billion 480 million yuan, profit of 430 million yuan. 2013 Fuxiang building materials and other 16 enterprises to coordinate various types of loans to 147 million yuan. Ding coal chemical 200 thousand tons of coal tar, 15 thousand tons, 100 million cubic meters of LNG Lin Yuanchun Changbai Mountain characteristics berries and other 9 key projects included in the province, the success of a group of five "for the provincial technological transformation project library, 4 million 500 thousand yuan of special funds. Ruixin casting, Huiyuan industry and other 141 enterprises invested 7 billion 20 million yuan to conduct a comprehensive upgrade of the production process and product process.

River Source Area The service sector; the tertiary industry

In 2013, the river source area of total retail sales of social consumer goods to achieve 2 billion 600 million yuan, growth of 12.6% in 2012. In 2013 three new construction projects 16, with a total investment of 120 million yuan in Yiwu small commodity trade city, a total investment of 75 million yuan in Changbai Mountain city two, three stone culture the 5 periods of the rapid advance of the project. Is the service industry added value of 4 billion 550 million yuan, growth of 21% in 2012. Employees reached 35 thousand people, accounting for 83.3% of the total social employment, growth of 10.5% in 2012.

River Source Area social undertakings

River Source Area Education

In 2013, 28 million 840 thousand yuan investment in river source area, warm classroom facilities, primary and secondary schools on the river source area 36 schools and 3 schools teaching instrument maintenance and reconstruction. The new security 79, 21 school bus station.

River Source Area Medical career

In 2013, investment 19 million 70 thousand yuan of river source area, repair and renovation of the district hospitals and township hospitals, 16 village clinics standardized put into use. The introduction of "river source region of river source area of urban and rural poor people" early medical assistance "implementation plan", in Jilin province took the lead in the implementation of the medical difficulties of the masses to rescue.

River Source Area Broadcasting

In 2013, the river source area to complete the direct broadcast satellite village of 1795 households, 1970 households "household".

River Source Area Cultural undertakings

In 2013, who hired the Beijing river source area tourism planning company, compiled "river source area tourism planning and key land project proposal", the overall planning of the development zone of ecological tourism resources of river source. Ganfan bonsai area was in Jilin Province as a safe area, was named the national AAA level scenic area. Changbai Mountain stone culture city of Jilin Province won the AAA title of advanced safety area. The library district Ministry of culture was assessed as "three National Pavilions", District Museum Songhua stone by Ministry of land and named the third batch of national science base of land and resources.

River Source Area social security

In 2013, the year of urban river source area of new employment and re employment of 9500 people, the development of public welfare jobs 252, the registered urban unemployment rate at 4.4%. The basic old-age insurance for urban workers and urban medical insurance number reached 38 thousand and 600 people and 206 thousand and 700 people, all kinds of payment of pension of 508 million yuan. Urban and rural grant and other relief funds 137 million yuan subsidies, urban and rural level reached 267 yuan / month and 1385 yuan / year. A total investment of 12 million yuan of homeless minors rescue protection center was completed and put into use, effectively help homeless minors.

River Source Area Infrastructure construction

In 2013, Jiang Yuan District invested 40 million yuan to carry out community office building, 29 community office river source area the average area of over 500 square meters.

River Source Area Folk customs

According to historical records Changbai Mountain Is the birthplace of Manchu, now mainly Han and Korean living in a common place. Korean is a singing and dancing, hospitable people. They live at the foot of Changbai Mountain long ago, The Yalu River The banks, in the long-term life and fight with them, the Han people have forged a profound friendship.
Korean regional and national strong. Many of the traditional culture and customs spread so far. The traditional Korean minority is a strong local flavor, straw roof, Korean Taikang, wooden cylinder chimney. Most Korean gathering area, the main crops are rice, so the materials they cover the roof with straw, and across the rain and warm, economic benefits. Korean customers unique, the entire room ground in addition to put shoes in place, the rest is a big Pu Kang, went into the shoes on the Kang, Kang with general PU leather, Korean women always keep it clean, a major feature of this nation is love clean.
Korean traditional dress worn by women in Korea is the most unique skirt. Every large festivals, friends or birthday birthday, they will always wear the traditional costume, accompanied by the beautiful folk music, now singing, now dancing for a lively. Korean women put goods head for general, which is trained in the long-term work ability, even walking fast, very smooth. In the history of Korean patriarchal phenomena. The Japanese customs are somewhat alike, but with the progress of society, this phenomenon is gradually changing.
Korean folk music, folk dance, unique style, they mostly reflect the between labor and the joy of harvest scenes and young men and women love. In history there are many Korean singers and artists. Every traditional festivals and celebrations of the Korean nationality, they will sing, drink a toast, fully embodies the people's love of life and yearning for the future. The Korean national festival festival, the Lantern Festival at the beginning of the year, the festival festival, mid autumn festival. For the elderly birthday scene grand, reflect the Korean zunlaoaiyou customs.

River Source Area Delicious food

Cabbage stewed chicken Huang Bao gourd Stewed spareribs with potatoes Knife white Hot pot Onion sesame cake Stewed pork
Fried lotus root Fried shredded meat dishes. Sweet potato wine Pickled shredded meat Northeast Luandun The goo

River Source Area Famous scenery

Yuanhu River Scenic Area Is located in Baishan City river source area, about 2 kilometers from the river source area government, 21 kilometers away from downtown baishan. Scenic area surrounded by a low mountain valley, north to the village and village three fault segmentation Edmonton ridge is bounded on the west side of the mountain is two low mountain, the south is bounded by low mountain ridge. East of the mouth of the valley, low Wai Valley has a river, the Xiaoqing River meandering.
 Jiangyuanhu Jiangyuanhu
The fairy Valley Located in the river source area DAYANGCHA, State Road 201 north. The legend was the fairy lived. The rainy season here, amidst the rain, the charming scenery, Changbai Mountain The rosy clouds are slowly rising., first called the valley.
 The fairy Valley The fairy Valley
" Nine Gorge "For Yamanaka Osaka, gorge is 200 meters long, the gap in the oblique flow small waterfall, zigzag winding.
 Nine Gorge Nine Gorge
Fenglin Park Is located in the streets of the town of Cha Li village, adjacent to the Bai Jing highway. Here are nine, seven, five maple branch. Rich colors, deep red, pink, purple, yellow, variegated leaves.
Bangchui peak Located in the south of State Road 201, is the two big peaks, 103.8 meters tall, looks like the clappers.
 Bangchui peak Bangchui peak
Cooked rice pot Is located in Baishan City river source area in Changbai Mountain, located in the south of Changbai Mountain, 160 kilometers away from Changbai Mountain. There are scenic spots, nine gorge, peak Club cold Austria Park, Maple Ridge, Shimen geological ditch, Changbai Mountain rocks array six spots.
 Cooked rice pot Cooked rice pot
 Jiangyuanhu Jiangyuanhu
 The fairy Valley The fairy Valley
 Nine Gorge Nine Gorge
 Bangchui peak Bangchui peak
 Cooked rice pot Cooked rice pot