Sun Jia Bao Zi Zhen

Sun Jia Bao Zi Zhen (now sun zhaijiapuzi Street) is Jilin Province The source of Baishan City river county (now the river source area) a small town, located in the northeastern part of the city of Baishan, 21 kilometers from the city center, the river source is the seat of county government, county Jiang Yuan political economic and cultural center. Covers an area of 69.35 square kilometers, jurisdiction over 5 administrative villages, 4 communities with a total population of 32 thousand and 900 people. Sun Jia Bao Zi Zhen set mountain area, industrial area, mining area, living area and trade in one area, convenient transportation, favorable geographical location, is the gateway to downtown Baishan other county (city) traffic hub. Sun Jia Bao Zi in the town area is rich in natural resources, mainly underground mineral resources, forests, wildlife and rich water resources. The town has a land area of 4427 hectares, the forest coverage rate reached 75%, the main tree species are: Larch, poplar, oak and birch; rare species are: pine, cypress, ash, walnut and other delicacies; wild green food and herbs are: ginseng, Codonopsis, Fritillaria, asaryl, Tianma, fungus and wild grape, mushrooms, sesame, Schisandra, Shan Yuan dates, acorns, bracken, Osmunda, Rhizoma Corydalis, wear keel, Cheqianzi, tiannanxing hundreds of wildlife; roe deer, wild boar, deer, badger, fox, hare, pheasant; underground mineral resources: coal, limestone, clay and low grade bauxite soil, such as gold; the main rivers are: Hun, Dayang River, outside Chagou River, West River, Wei Tang Gou River, four river flows through the township collection, abundant water resources, and high quality spring water resources; available grassland area is vast, richly endowed by nature conditions the development of animal husbandry.
Sun Jia Bao Zi Zhen

Sun Jia Bao Zi Zhen natural resources

孙家堡子镇是江源县政府所在地,依托优越的地缘优势和丰富的自然生态资源,镇委、镇政府坚持以“三个代表”重要思想为指针,以为民服务办实事为宗旨,勇于开拓,锐意进取,于2003年被确定为江源县环境优美乡镇和生态示范镇试点单位,于2004年被国家建设部等六部委确定为全国首批重点镇,镇委、镇政府紧紧抓住振兴东北老工业基地有利契机,以建设资源型城镇发展接续产业示范基地为目标,以建设全国首批重点镇为突破口,加强重点项目建设,加大招商引资力度,先后制定出台了《孙家堡子镇小城镇建设实施方案》、《孙家堡子镇工贸小区发展规划》等一系列方案,培育和扶持了以长白山制药有限责任公司、三维木业、宏远瓦业、大东方酒业和惠泉食品有限公司等一批龙头企业,形成了以煤炭、木材深加工、制药、新型建材、酿酒为主导的五大支柱产业。 Out of a town, industrial town, Xing Yu Zhen, characteristics of business activity and open the road to the town of town construction.

Sun Jia Bao Zi Zhen Infrastructure

After several years of hard work, by increasing infrastructure investment, to complete the "bridge", "three", "two areas", "hot" main construction project, which greatly promoted the process of the construction of small towns in the town, social undertakings flourish, people's living level increasing, the good the foundation for building a well-off society in an all-round play.
In the future development of the road, the Sun Jia Bao zi Town Committee, the town will still firm faith, a clear goal, the correct leadership of the county Party committee and government, under the leadership and unity of the people, innovation, hard pioneer create a new economic and Social Development Bureau, Sun Jia Bao Zi Zhen face.