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California city in the United states. It is the largest city in the Inland Empire metropolitan area, at the same time Riverside County The county government. The North San Bernardino County Border distance Los Angeles 60 miles, TRABTECH 320 miles. The nearby large city (population over 100 thousand) Colona, Ontario, San Bernardino, Anaheim Orange County (city), Santa Ana Fullerton, Pomona CK Bunnag, Moreno Valley, Rancho, Cucamonga, Fontana and so on. As of 2008, riverside has a population of 311575.
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Riverside is one of the fastest growing city in America in recent years, select "money" in the magazine is one of the most suitable living city. Relative to other southern California city riverside prices much lower. As a typical Mediterranean climate. Although the summer is hot, but the humidity is very low.
Leaf Said is named after the Santa Ana River, its name is Riverside riverside italy. The city was established in 1870s, John W. North. The first batch of orange trees were planted in 1871. After a few years, the vigorous development of navel orange industry. Until 1882, 500 thousand strains of orange trees in California, half in Leaf Said. Now, it is the most prosperous city of riverside.
Riverside has three high-speed interstate: No. 215, No. 91 California, No. 60 California. Coronado interstate No. 15 (at San Diego, Salt Lake City city). Is there a train station. The city has 3 universities. The University of California at Leaf Said in the city, it is one of the ten schools of California university. In addition, there are riverside la Sierra university.
Leaf Said International Speedway, put into use in 1957, closed in 1989. In 2003, the government plans to build a 3 mile long track. The new track will be Leaf Said car park. Leaf Said has three small league baseball team.
The Palm Springs riverside satellite city, famous tourist towns.

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