Carl Sagan

Carl Eduard Sagan (Carl Edward Sagan), American astronomer and science writer, science fiction writer. In November 9, 1934, Broolyn was born in New York city in 1955. University of Chicago Bachelor's degree in physics in 1956, received a master's degree in physics, astronomy and Astrophysics in 1960 obtained the doctorate. In 60s Harvard University Teach, 1971 Cornell University David Duncan, Professor of astronomy and space science research, Cornell University, director of the research center of the planet, California Institute of Technology The Jet Propulsion Laboratory The scientists. He is also the world's space research organization, one of the founder and President of the American Association for the study of planets.
Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan The background of life

Carl Sagan Young family

Sagan was a Russian immigrant Jewish family in New York city Brook forest was born. His father Sam Sagan is a garment factory in tailoring, while his mother Rachel Molly Gruber is a housewife. Sagan's name "Carl" from Rachel's mother Chaiya Clara. Although it seems not in what cultural atmosphere of the family was born, Sagan was still has a better scientific education.
In 1939, the parents had brought Carle to visit New York World's Fair And, to the young Carle left a deep impression. Not only that, parents also let Carle understand that not only has the spirit of doubt, but also to maintain the desire for knowledge.
Childhood family environment to a certain extent that Sagan has a good scientific literacy.

Carl Sagan Marriage

Sagan married a total of three times: the first time was in 1957 with the famous biologist Lynn Margulies (Dorion Sagan and Jeremy Sagan) and Linda Salzman (born 1968, artist Nick Sagan) and Ann Derouan (born 1981, writer Sascha and Sam).

Carl Sagan Drug Use

Sagan also used hemp . Although he has never publicly admitted, but in a 1971 book Marihuana Reconsidered In use, "Mr. X" anonymous wrote an article on the article, mention it inspired him to work a lot of inspiration. After the death of Sagan, editor of the book told Sagan's biographer, 1999 biography aroused media attention.

Carl Sagan Scientific research and popular science works

Sagan served as the professional publications of planetary research " Icarus (Icarus) "technical director and editor for 12 years.
He is a pioneer in research in astronomy, biology, and search for extraterrestrial intelligence project ( SETI One of the founders).
He is famous because of global and wrote many excellent popular science books and television series universe. 1980 TV series "the universe -- personal travels" more than 600 million people to watch in more than and 60 countries, is one of the most popular programs in the history of the PBS (the "The War" in 1990 by the Civil series more than) the book of the same name, supporting the issue became the first New York Times selling books for 70 weeks, one of the popular science books is the most popular British the. During the writing of "sick The Demon-Haunted World (The Demon-Haunted World) "is a critical analysis of pseudo science and science works.
He is the author of the famous science fiction "contact" (Contact), 1997 Robert Zemeckis with novel filmed the movie of the same name, and the winner of 1998 The Hugo prize .
"That popular science books of Eden dragon -- evolution of human intelligence (The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of human Intelligence)" was The Pulitzer prize . "Booking new universe: the search for a new world for human (Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space)" was selected as one of the New York Times in 1995 the most notable books, audio books are obtained Grammy Award The nomination, and was selected as the two Publishers Weekly Best Books of the year. He is no one ever thought "ending road: nuclear winter and the arms race (A Path Where No Man Thought: Nuclear Winter and the End of the Arms Race)" co-author, explained the phenomenon of nuclear winter. "Broca's brain -- a critique of Science (Broca's Brain: Reflections on dream the Romance of Science)", "comet" (Comet) and other popular science books have great influence.
Throughout his life, Sagan has more than and 600 scientific papers and scientific articles, author and editor of 20 books. He often encourages doubt in his works, Humanism and scientific method .

Carl Sagan Education and scientific career

Sagan from 1951 New Jersey Rahway graduated from high school, went to University of Chicago. He joined the Railson astronomical society there, obtained the Bachelor of Arts
 Karl Sagan and the Viking lander model Karl Sagan and the Viking lander model
(1954), bachelor degree in Physics (1955) and (1956), and a master's degree in astronomy and Astrophysics PhD (1960). In University, Sagan worked in a geneticist Hermann Joseph Mahler Laboratory work. In 1960 to 1962. UC Berkeley Any researcher Miller (Miller Fellow). From 1962 to 1968 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory work.
After 1968, Sagan at the end of the study and give lectures at Harvard University, Cornell University moved to New York. In 1971 to become a tenured professor of planetary leadership research laboratory. From 1972 to 1981, Sagan is the deputy director of the Cornell University radio physics and space science research center. From 1968 to 1979 and Planetary Science Journals Icarus The editor in chief.
Sagan has been involved with the American space program. In 50s he became NASA The consultant, one of the tasks is to provide mission briefing prior to their flight to the moon in the astronaut Appollo project. Sagan for many exploration of the solar system, the spacecraft project has contribution, such as expedition arrangement experiment. He conceived of a solar system to launch spacecraft carrying general information idea, hope that extraterrestrial intelligence can receive and interpret the general information of humanity. He installed a gold etching nameplate in 1972 launched the space probe Pioneer 10. The launch of the pioneer No. 11 also carried a piece of the same copy. After continuous improvement, carrying on the 1977 launch of the Voyager is a Voyager golden record. Sagan is often questioned for the space shuttle and the space station funding that development at the expense of other space machines for these items.
In 1980 he and Bruce Murray, Louis Friedman in California Pasadena The establishment of the planetary society to promote Planetary science Study on biology and astronomy.
Before 1996 for a rare form of bone marrow cancer died in Sagan Cornell University Professor of critical thinking courses, there are hundreds of students apply for the course every year, but in the end of each semester only about 20 people to listen. After the death of Sagan, this course was discontinued in 2000, by Yervant Terzian (Yervant Terzian), recovery.

Carl Sagan Scientific achievements

 Carl Sagan Carl Sagan
Sagan Life mainly engages in the research of astronomy, nuclear war and the impact on the environment, was chairman of the American Astronomical Society of planetary science institute, American Institute of Geophysics Federation of the Planetary Society president, in the U.S. space program has played a very important role, have been awarded the NASA special scientific achievement award, awarded two public service award and the NASA Appollo achievement award, in addition, he also made outstanding contributions because of using nuclear weapons in the opposition get a lot of reward.
In December 20, 1996, died of illness, after the death of the epitaph: Memorial Carle Sagan (1934.11.9 ~ 1996.12.20) husband, father, scientists and teachers. Carle, you are a candle in the dark.
The movie " Contact / Touch the future "Adapted from the scientists Carl Sagan His novels.

Carl Sagan Scientific view

In early 70s, Sagan first appeared on "the tonight show" (The Tonight Show) program, Carson and John introduced astronomical wonders and theories about the origin of life and to millions of viewers.
Sagan is sometimes called "knowledge fly", the scientific community peer despise him, made him think too much and not enough about the connotation. Sagan believes that scientific development depends on the mass of money, if the public does not understand science, how to support it.
Sagan is an active supporter of the search for extraterrestrial life. He urged the scientific community to monitor the extraterrestrial radio signal, analysis of the characteristics of life wisdom. In his efforts, the 1982 issue of the journal "science" published SETI A publicity project, signed by 70 scientists including 7 Nobel prize winners, support, making the controversial field of social recognition.
Help Sagan Frank Drake Dr. designed the Arecibo radio signals, the Arecibo radio telescope in November 16, 1974 through outer space (M13 nebula, about 25 thousand light-years from Earth) launch, expected to provide information to the earth extraterrestrial life (binary wave).
At the height of the cold war, Sagan established the meteorological model shows the global nuclear war could lead to the earth's ecological imbalance, jointly proposed the "nuclear winter" hypothesis.
Sagan in his later years, advocated the establishment of organization of search could hit the earth's near earth object. It is suggested that the use of nuclear weapons to change near the path of a celestial body to prevent it hit the earth, Sagan pointed out that mankind will face the dilemma: if you have the ability to make asteroids away from the earth, we also have the ability to make them to earth, the destruction of the doomsday weapon for mankind itself is a terrible evil.

Carl Sagan evaluate

Isaac Asimov That life only met two people smarter than he is, Sagan is one of them, the other is a computer scientist Marvin Minsky.

Carl Sagan achievement

Carl Sagan Representative work

The 13 episode TV film "in 1980s, he presided over the shot of the universe", has been translated into 10 languages released in more than and 60 countries, in addition, he also wrote dozens of high grade science
 "Time" on the cover of Carle Sagan (1980) "Time" on the cover of Carle Sagan (1980)
General books. The television series "he wrote and directed the universe" audience of up to 500 million, with the support of the "universe" of a book in more than and 80 countries issued about 5000000 copies! His masterpiece " Pale Blue Dot "To launch soon in China, which was named" Newton cup Science Book Award for the year 2000 ten science books. "Pale blue dot" refers to the distance from the earth in space. The book is published at the age of 60, the theme is related to the survival and progress of human civilization, the long-term prospects in the coming years, how humans in space searching and construction of new homes. The book's narrative style like a aspect of past and future epic, Grand A lot of wonderful stories intertwined with meticulous between the P. The book reviews the history of the human position in the universe of ideas, according to twentieth Century since the middle of the space exploration achievement makes a thorough study of the solar system, evaluated the various reasons people into space, and finally the author of future space home long-term prospects. The book layout is grand and magnificent, in order, and expounds the dripping hearty all threads neatly tied up today's science and technology are creating the basic conditions for human beings to space.
Compared with other books of Sagan. " The Demon-Haunted World "More personality, more rich content. In the book Sagan a lot of analysis and reveals the essence of Legends of human and its causes, through the description of his experience and lists a large number of fascinating scientific discovery story to tell the reader that the scientific way of thinking is to get rid of prejudice and bigotry, found a powerful weapon to the amazing fact of truth. He convincingly debunked the "alien abductions" and Scientology, on the moon "face" and other scams, refuted the destruction of scientific belief and science is another kind of overbearing belief system point of view, discusses the misuse of scientific risk, and puts forward the method of lie detection of thinking from various angles "".

Carl Sagan Work

"Universe", "garden of Eden", "dragon", "no Broca's brain thought road: nuclear arms race and the end of winter", "forgotten", "senior shadow contact" (shot for the film of the same name) and "comet", "intelligent life elsewhere in the universe," "pale blue dot - looking human space," home " The Demon-Haunted World ".
Sagan: the greatest contemporary scientists and science experts
Dr. Karl Sagan is Cornell University The professor of astronomy. At the same time he is a world famous science writer. His insights on science made him "the only use simple language to explain what is scientists. He became the most influential figure in this century.
Carl Eduard Sagan In November 9, 1934, Broolyn was born in New York city in 1955 University of Chicago Bachelor's degree in physics in 1956, received a master's degree in physics, astronomy and Astrophysics in 1960 obtained the doctorate. From early 60s he was Harvard University Coach. 1971 Cornell University Professor. On December 20, 1996, the greatest scientist and science writer after a two-year battle with bone marrow cancer, at the Flader Hutchins cancer research center, died, only 62 years old.
Karl Sagan's amazing research. His research focus is on Venus Mars greenhouse effect, seasonal variation, atomic war caused by long-term environmental impact, the origin of life on earth, intelligent extraterrestrial life exploration. He is the founder and pioneer of the biological universe. For a long time he has served as the Cornell University astronomy and space science master's and doctoral tutor. He was seriously ill, he is still in the guidance of his students. He is the most respected professor of Cornell University.
Karl Sagan in NASA's Voyager "," Pirates "," Voyager "and" Galileo "space exploration program has played an important role. To this end, he was awarded the NASA special scientific achievement award, the two was awarded the Distinguished Public Service Award and the NASA Appollo achievement award. Sagan in addition to recognize and reward for NASA, also has 22 colleges and universities in the United States granted Honorary degree , in recognition of his important contributions in science, literature, education and environmental protection. Was due to his outstanding contribution in the long-term consequences of atomic warfare and nuclear weapons against the
 Voyager 1 Voyager 1
A lot of reward. He also won many other departments to give incentives, such as the United States Space Navigation Commission John - F - Kennedy space flight award award; the seventy-fifth annual meeting of the explorers Club; Soviet aviation Federation Konstantin Tchaikovsky prize of the American Astronomical Society; marshall Minkowski award; The United States National Academy of Sciences Grant public welfare Award; the highest award of the National Academy of Sciences, in recognition of his outstanding contribution in "the application of science to the public welfare made".
Sagan is president of the American Astronomical Society, Planetary Science Institute of American Geophysical Union Chairman of the Federation of planets will study, The American Association for the advancement of Science The chairman of the planetary society. He served as editor of the authoritative magazine "on the planet in the 12 years of Icarus". Sagan is the co-founder of the planetary society, the organization has 100 thousand members, is the world's largest planet based organization to study. Help the organization of the research project research project and the earth near the asteroid for radio intelligent extraterrestrial life. Sagan California The visiting jet propulsion research scientists and "Space Odyssey" magazine articles editor. In this magazine he has published many papers. During his illness, he also wrote some articles related to his illness.
Karl Sagan is a great science experts and science educators. In 1980, he launched the TV series "big 16 universe" caused by extremely strong repercussions in the world, this film has been translated into 10 languages, screened in more than and 60 countries, the audience reached 500 million! This film won the Mi Pebodi prize. With this TV supporting science books "universe" is " New York Times "70 consecutive weeks of the largest circulation circulation is a best-selling book, history of English edition of science books in the largest books. His many works in his life. In addition to a variety of popular science articles, he also wrote 30 books. The "garden of Eden", "dragon", "no Broca's brain thought road: nuclear arms race and the end of winter", "forgotten", "shadow predecessors," contact "," comet "intelligent life elsewhere in the universe" and "pale blue dot: human beings in the universe the future of the" books have been translated into many languages. "The garden of Eden dragon" also received American Pulitzer prize .
Karl Sagan in the science in the very fruitful work won him the respect and love of American teenagers. His popularity over all star singers, even political leaders. In 1991 American teenagers "ten wise men" in the selection, his name is listed as the first. And in the year of the Gulf War in the limelight, set hehe exploits Schwartz Kopf only ranked second, Reagan and Bush Ranked fourth and sixth respectively. He is also a member of the American paranormal claims of scientific inquiry committee, the Committee awarded the "rational maintenance award and in 1987". In 1994, he won the first Asimov prize".

Carl Sagan Sagan with UFOs and aliens

Sagan in " The Demon-Haunted World "In one book, with a lot of space to describe the mass of UFO With the alien craze. Sagan believes that there is no clear evidence for this kind of thing, there is no problem and believe it or not, and that all the conclusions should be based on factual evidence. He said in the book, often asked "do you believe in extraterrestrial intelligence" of such problems, and his answer is, there is a large number of molecules of life in the universe, if not only surprising. In spite of this, but still be asked in the end is to believe it or not.