The space port is at the beginning of the twenty-first Century, mankind will be in Near earth orbit Around the moon and Mars track Well, in The Earth Moon system The free space points are built in Hong Kong, as the passenger space station. The space of passenger and freight transport station.
In twenty-first Century, Hong Kong, Hong Kong lunar space near earth space and Mars space port will be built, and form a complete AEROSPACE TRANSPORT Network. There will be a survey ship and perennial tour flight, transport ships like barge like between Hong Kong and the space shuttle cargo and personnel survey ship. The space port according to the needs of the task is composed of a plurality of cabin assembly. Its main role is to: 1 will be the transport ships and aircraft fuel storage, orbit maneuver, repair, supply, maintenance and launch base. 2 will be from the crew and equipment transport hub station. 3 for space science research and development and utilization of resources of the moon and Mars provide permanent base. The spaceport built, will make people beyond the earth's space and resource constraints, the pioneering days of Xinjiang, has great economic value in science and. At present, mainly in the United States to set up a space port in the research plan.

Spaceport brief introduction

It will have a survey ship and perennial tour flight, transport between spacecraft in space like a barge like port and ship with cargo and personnel survey. When the space port and port built into the Martian space, will form a complete space transportation network. The human to long in the moon and Mars and space Hong Kong Work, life and live, must not rely on the earth and the development of completely self-sufficient biosphere At the beginning of the establishment, and the construction of the outpost and base, the formation of development solar system Complete system.

Spaceport The space position of Hong Kong

NASA Especially set up for the VIP reception hall what planet. Here is the space port, is The state of New Mexico The government spent $198 million to build, for the development of track The space of the commercial potential, but before the addition to the astronauts, dreamers and occasionally visit chimpanzee, suborbital space is not known.
Although the concept of space in Hong Kong is well placed, but it has been stuck in the paper for many years. An area of 18000 acres of pasture Cain family is the most ideal space port location. The White Sands Missile Range airspace restrictions make space launch with a clean place. Shanghai is the height of the dial, launch the first mile height is completely free.
Finally in five years ago, things began to turn around. After that, the government of New Mexico will be included in the Hong Kong Space project economic development planning. The virgin and the Milky Way company, British billionaire Richard Branson's commercial space travel enterprises signed 20 year lease, infrastructure projects started, there are already 326 people booked Asia track Space travel. The Milky Way virgin company said it has received a $44 million deposit.