007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm

Essential information

"War" (007: Casino Royale Casino Royale ) is Etc..
007: "Casino Royale" tells the story of the war James Bond Just as British spy story. Although a green hand, but Bond has superb intelligence ability, in the continuous two qualified after the assassination, he was promoted to the "007" intelligence.
The film is the 007 series in the first introduction, Chinese cinema movie, released in January 30, 2007 in mainland China.

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Synopsis

Before obtaining the certificate in the James Bond murder, He has been performing with many dangerous tasks. Until after the two perfect assassination mission, James Bond was promoted to the "00" -- that is the highest level of agent agent. The first task of Bond won the "007" number, then to Madagascar, there is a terrorist Moraka hiding place. Because all the clueless, Mi six (MI6) decided to let Bond to find other terrorists, in order to find more clues. According to intelligence, Bond went to the Bahamas, here met Dimitrios and his girlfriend Solange. Through the investigation, bond learns that Dimitrios and chelloffre maintained close contact, and the latter is the world's major terrorist organization behind the sponsors. Intelligence agencies to obtain secret message display, Chiffy is Yugoslavia Montenegro, a Casino Royale for high stakes poker game, hoping to win money to fill his losses in a series of failed SMERSH investment funds.
In order to prevent chelloffre, and completely destroyed his network, six military assigned Bond to the Royal casino card game with chelloffre, at the same time to beat him. To get a large amount of government funding as a bet, "M" and beside bond arrangement of Vesper Lind -- from the Ministry of finance officers, to ensure the safety of government funds. To start, Vesper does not trust for Bond, so that Bond suffered harassment. However, when the two of them survived in chelloffre and his men launched several deadly attacks, Vesper gradually changed the view of Bond. In Montenegro, bond contact six military old local agent Mathis, and Felix Leite, they work together to start with chelloffre contest. Marathon gambling behind, hidden cunning deception and bloody violence, with the stakes rise, and the struggle between the two sides has gradually reached a new climax.

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm screen credits

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Actor table

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm The staff table

producer Barbara Blow currie, Anthony Wayne Michael G, Werwilson
director Martin Campbell
Deputy director (Assistant) Alexander Witt,
Screenwriter Ian Fleming,
Soundtrack David Arnold
clip Stuart Baird
Art direction Peter Lamont
Art design James Hambidge
Clothing design Lindy Hemming
Visual effects

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007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Dubbing list

Daniel Craig James Bond. Yemang Zhou
The voice of Eva Green Quevispolind Liaojing
Mads Mikkelsen Laqifu dubbing Zhang Hanyu
Giancarlo Ji'an Paganini decoration & nahma Sith dubbing Xu
Katri Aa Mourinho in Austria decoration Suolan dubbing Yang Chen
Judy Dench as the voice of M Xianzhen Feng
Simon Aberkarinque Alex Dimi Tis. Zhangyaohan
The other voice actors Lee Chi Wai Zhao Xiao - Ming Tongsheng Han Lu Kui Wang Kai Laser Wang Lei Zhang Wei Zhang Ai Li Yunpeng Yao Lin Beijing

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Role description

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007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Original Soundtrack

Track List Album information
Nothin'Sinister Unauthorized Access Blunt Instrument CCTV
 The album cover The album cover
Trip Aces Miami International I'm The Money Vesper
Aston Montenegro Dinner Jackets The Tell Stairwell Fight Bond Loses It All
Bond Wins It All The End Of An Aston Martin The Bad Die Young City Of Lovers Artist: David Arnold
The Switch Fall Of A House In Venice Death Of Vesper The Bitch Is Dead The Name's Bond James Bond... Release date: November 14, 2006
 The album cover The album cover

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Behind the scenes

As early as 2003, a report in the BskyB of Britain's largest satellite TV operator has pointed out, "the director Sean Connelly will be included in the list of candidates in Casino Royale".
In October 14, 2005, Danniel Craig in London was officially announced as the new term for Bond, this day is a former actor Bond Roger Moore The 78 year old birthday.
In 1983 " The 007 series: Yong breaking cruise missile ", James Bond beat Maximilian Lago place also known as" casino royale".
"Casino Royale" Bond girl named "suolange", and this name before this two times have appeared in Ian Fleming's works. In his short story "From A View To A Kill" and "007" in New York, has called a "suolange" role.
"Casino Royale" is Ian Fleming's novels have been adapted to become the largest number of film and television works, a total of three times: a TV movie two times. While " Thunderball "There are two times by shooting a movie experience.
In 1989 of 007 "license to kill", also has the role of a "Felix Rett".
The film is Columbia's first production was the official Bond film series, and the last time the "Casino Royale" ( 1967 ) is Columbia's production company, but has not been included in the 007 series of films.
"Casino Royale" novel inspired by the Portuguese capital of Lisbon was in the casinos of Trier The Second World War During the period, here is a place frequented by German spies. Ian Fleming was here three times a bet, but eventually lost.
As those buildings in Madagascar on location on the Bahamian archipelago in 1965. " 007 Thunderball "There will also be taken place as.
The film is the first through the 007 film series China review, after all the movies are in the Chinese illegal bootleg.
Director Cameo: at the airport, the neck is the terrorist break repair workers is director Martin Campbell.
In order to shoot the film, Danniel Craig quit, and received special training, gained 20 pounds of muscle.
The film is the 007 since the 1962 series of the first scene of the movie have rain.
"Casino Royale" is Ian Fleming's first novel of James Bond, but the last one is with 007 series EON Productions copyright adapted into movies. "Casino Royale" the shooting is completed, means that EON Productions has all of Ian Fleming's novel about James Bond all adapted to complete.

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Winning record

Particular year The number of organization prize Prize winner category
Two thousand and seven
The British Academy of film and Television Arts Award
Movie Awards - best sound
Chris Munro, Eddy Joseph, Mike Prestwood, Smith Martin Cantwell. Winning
Alexander Kodak Award for best British film
, , paul haggis
Anthony Asquith Awards: Best Film Music David Arnold
Film Awards - Best Actor Danniel Craig
The film award - Best Screenplay - adaptation , paul haggis ,
The film award - Best Cinematography
The film award - Best Editing Stuart Baird
The best film award - Special Achievement Award Steven Begg, Docherty.
Film Awards - best art direction Peter Lamont Simon, Wakefield
Two thousand and thirteen Thirty-ninth Saturn Award The best DVD/ blue suit   Nomination
Two thousand and seven
Saturn Award
Best action / adventure / Thriller  
the best actor Danniel Craig
Actress in a Supporting Role Eva Green
best screenplay , paul haggis
Best Soundtrack David Arnold

Two thousand and seven
The British Academy of film and Television Arts Award
Movie Awards - best sound
Alexander Kodak Award for best British film
Two thousand and seven
Saturn Award
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007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Behind the scenes production

Creative background
In May 1954, producer and director Gregory Ratoff Ian from Fleming's purchase of the novel "Casino Royale" part of the copyright, and spent six months together with CBS produced and aired an hour of TV drama "Casino Royale" swept the iron man. In the sale of copyright, the novel "Casino Royale" is not successful, before the paperback, the novel even changed novels, and modify the part of the content, the more American, to win the North American readers, at that time, Fleming is also the issue of income needs. Broadcast on the TV version a year later, Ratoff will be the basis of the original prices increased by $six thousand, to buy the "Casino Royale" copyright completely. The two time was later sold copyright people think the price is too low, Ian Fleming I have regret. Of course, the first thing he received royalties after is to buy a $three thousand Thunderbird for yourself. After Gregory Ratoff's death in December 14, 1960, his widow will "Casino Royale" copyright at a price of $75000 sold to Charles K Feldman in 1961. Feldman made in 1967 and photographed the funny version of "Casino Royale" ( The " Casino Royale " ), because the plot is fantastic, and has not been officially included in the 007 series of movies.
On 1999, MGM Sony Corp to pay $ten million, won the "Casino Royale" copyright. Soon, MGM will Yizhisuzhuangjiang Sony Corp to court, accused of infringing the copyright of Bond's Sony Corp, in violation of the agreement to film "Casino Royale", their claim for $forty million. Finally, the MGM Sony Corp pay $five million in damages, and will transfer all the relevant "Casino Royale" copyright for MGM.
Film casting
Before Danniel Craig was officially announced as the sixth Bond, and some of the actors are also within the scope of the study. Producer Michael G Wilson said, they have investigated more than 200 actors, in order to find the best suitable for the role of James Bond, including Julian Mcmahon Grinik Rosen, Dominique West , Gerard Butler Wait, also born in Britain. Henry Carvell Almost won the "bond" role, but eventually because of too young to be abandoned. Finally, producer Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli ( EON Productions, head of the company James Bond decided to play by Danniel Craig).
At the beginning of the movie, Bond is driving the car is the 2007 Ford Mondeo sports sedan, Ford is specially prepared for the film, located by the Cologne Ford Europe design room is designed and made, in 2006 January arrived in the Bahamas for secret filming. The car is not production, large-scale production at least at the start of the second quarter of 2007.

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm The issue of information

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Release date

Country / Region Release / release date Country / Region Release / release date
Chinese China January 30, 2007 Chinese Taiwan Taiwan November 17, 2006
China Hongkong Hong Kong December 20, 2006 The United States USA November 17, 2006
Russian Russia November 16, 2006 British UK November 16, 2006
Canada Canada November 17, 2006 French France November 22, 2006
German Germany November 23, 2006 Japan Japan December 1, 2006
New Zealand New Zealand December 7, 2006 Australia Australia December 7, 2006

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007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Film distribution company

The production company The issuing company
United artists Columbia TriStar Films de Argentina Buena Vista International
Colombia Pictures Inc Sony Pictures Releasing Sony Pictures Entertainment
MGM SONY company Alexandra Films
Danjaq Productions Columbia Pictures Gaumont/Columbia TriStar Films
Eon Productions Ltd. France 2 (FR 2) Independent Television
Babelsberg Film GmbH MGM Nordisk Film Biografdistribution
Stillking Films Sony Pictures Releasing LK-TEL
Casino Royale Productions ITV Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Casino Royale Nordisk Film Theatrical Distribution Oy


007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm box office

As of December 27, 2006, 007: "Casino Royale" war since November, the global release began, global box office has reached $448 million, making it become the 21 highest grossing film of 007 series a. Has had the highest grossing film was released in 2002 007 " 007 die another day "Income, $431 million in global sales.

007: Casino Royale xgqaxsimnm Evaluate the film

"Casino Royale" 007 war almost no regret, this is all you can expect a 007 film, even beyond your expectations, also do the movie. In addition to strike a deep chord action scenes and the pink of perfection Danniel Craig, accurately grasp the script Fleming original novel concise, sharp and brutal style. ( "Empire" magazine )
Director Martin Campbell following the 1995 "golden eye" after the success of the Bond film series again to a new height, as before the controversial Danniel Craig, his charismatic performance, enough to erase Pierce Brosnan , Roger Moore Even. Sean Connelly Stay in the hearts of the fans of the shadow. ( "Variety". )
Danniel Craig is a great Bond, he was the first to grasp the perfect temperament of Fleming in the original cast: a charming man, an indifferent patriot, a superior quality of occupation killing machine, and for luxury goods has a noble taste: Danniel Craig's performance is almost the exact definition of Bond. In his demonstration, director Martin Campbell also played exceptionally well, climax after another action scenes set breathtaking, in addition, the film has incomparable horror atmosphere, lines full of black humor, which is a fusion of " Bourne "The 007 movie" old school "style and. ( BBC. )
There is no doubt that the "Casino Royale" is "since the 007 World War II Golden Eye "The 007 best films after ten years ago, but relatively, it is such a breakthrough, strong muscles, Danniel Craig's sharp eyes and powerful skill to the former Bond set off unusually weak, Bresnan's gentle gentleman temperament was completely replaced by his cold Jian Yi, dark tone film cruel violence index is completely beyond imagination. ( The "Daily Mirror". )

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