Treasure Island

Treasure Island Hotel (Treasure Island, 2003 is known as the Ti) is located in the U.S.A Nevada Las Vegas A room on the avenue Casino Hotel .
Treasure Island
The hotel is still by the time Nastephen Yonli (Steve Wynn) held by the fantastic Resort Group (Mirage Resorts) built, followed by MGM entertainment bought the group and evolved into today's MGM group (MGM Mirage). The hotel opened in 1993, has 2885 rooms.
The hotel was built in order to attract some passengers with children. For example, in the casino Front Gate ago with a Pirate Large video game theme for children to play.
The beginning of 2003, the hotel began to reform their own image, give up some old pirate theme, and the arcade closed. The famous hotel door Human skeleton The first signs will be replaced into the pure English words "ti". However, in front of Pirates show is retained, but still attract a lot of tourists stop to watch. However, the hotel itself is the market by market strategy for family visitors change for young adults. For example, the pirates show added a lot of performances and actresses, this was not previously.
In addition, cable Rudge (Cirque Du Soleil), also in the treasure island hotel has a long-term in the field of performing Myst re, is one of the famous hotel project.