Hotel Sahara

Sahara Casino Hotel (Sahara Hotel and Casino) is located in the U.S.A Nevada Las Vegas A room on the avenue Casino Hotel . To the hotel North Africa Morocco As the theme, has 1720 rooms and 85000 square meters of the casino. The hotel is the site most northern Las Vegas monorail, Las Vegas is the most northern Avenue East hotel.
Hotel Sahara

Hotel Sahara Sketch

In 1950s the famous five "Rat Pack" (Rat Pack) in Las Vegas, many casino hotel long tour, and Sahara Hotel are the only remaining they had performed the hotel. In order to ensure the unity of theme, even off the gate of the hotel on the place was designed Morocco style building.

Hotel Sahara History

The hotel opened on 1952, is the sixth Las Vegas Avenue hotel. At the end of 1954, the hotel invited the famous Jazz Musician Luis Prima (Louis Prima) in the hotel lounge in the show, which at the time of Las Vegas is a new concept of performance in paima, and his wife Gilly Smith (Keely Smith) and saxophone player Sam Bdira (Sam Butera) under the leadership of the hotel, jazz has become one of the most popular Avenue Project in Las Vegas.
In 1961, the hotel was Dale Webb (Del Webb) acquisition. Later in 1963, 24 storey hotel building high-tech Hotel completed. In 1995 the hotel again changed hands, Bill Binnat (Bill Bennett) acquired the hotel, and a year later built a 26 storey hotel building and a new entrance to the hotel. In addition, in 1999 to build a Roller coaster Facilities.