Free radical scavenger

The free radical reduction of non radical oxidation agent called free radical scavenger. Free radical scavenger (FRS) refers to a delay, inhibition and blocking ROS (active oxygen) /OFR (oxygen free radicals). The oxidative damage of material, is the body's protective agent can combine with OFR and make it clear. Therefore, in the process of normal body and protect cells and tissues from oxidative damage plays an important role in.
Free radical scavenger

Free radical scavenger chemical composition

Free radicals are highly chemically active material, intermediate product of many biochemical reactions in the activities of life, human life cannot do without the free radicals, free radicals but too much or too slow to remove, free radicals will attack and damage to macromolecules, causing damage to the cell membrane, the nucleic acid and protein. Is the root cause of aging, but also induced malignant tumor until an important cause of many diseases. Therefore, a free radical scavenger can be used as important ingredients of health food.

Free radical scavenger Mainly introduced

A free radical scavenger, divided into non enzymatic scavengers and scavenger enzymes. Non enzymatic scavenger mainly with vitamin E and vitamin C, Beta carotene The trace element selenium, etc.. The main scavenger enzymes Superoxide dismutase (SOD), catalase (CAT) and Glutathione peroxidase Etc..

Free radical scavenger Important products

SOD Is the most important free radical scavenger, has been widely used in health food production, mainly from animal blood (such as blood, blood etc.) extraction of red blood cells, in addition Milk Bacteria, Fungus Higher plants contain SOD.
Glutathione peroxidase is an enzyme free radical scavenging of selenium, selenium by increasing synthesis ability of the enzyme in the human body, play the health effects on the human body.

Free radical scavenger Free radical scavenger role must meet three conditions

First, a free radical scavenger to a certain concentration; second, because the active radicals is very strong, once produced immediately life with nearby molecules would play a role, so the free radical scavenger of free radicals must be nearby, and at breakneck speed to combine with free radicals, otherwise it will not play effect; third, in most cases, scavenger and free radical reaction will become the new free radical, a new free radical toxicity should be less than the original free radical toxicity to the role of Defense .

Free radical scavenger Effect

Free radical scavengers on normal life activities to maintain body, maintain plays an important role in health. But. With the increase of age, the ability to generate free radicals in the body gradually decreased, thus reduced the damage of free radical defense ability, make the body easily damaged, accelerate the aging of the body, cause a series of disease. In order to prevent the occurrence of such phenomena, can be artificially by dietary supplement free radical scavenger, so as to achieve the purpose of aging and disease prevention.

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