Ginseng is planted ginseng, large varieties of horse teeth. Main producing areas have large to small order of Baishan City, Tonghua City, Jilin Province, Heilongjiang Province, Liaoning Province, North Korea, South Korea, (other areas). From the growth environment is divided into two categories:
First, in the mountains, logging, clean-up repair pool bed planting.
1, 4 under name: small goods
2, 6 under name: down goods
Two, farmland ginseng, in recent years the introduction of Korean technology is also called flat planting ginseng.
1, 4 - 6 of them

Ginseng Plant morphology

Reed head stocky, not bent, Lu Lu head sparsely in the bowl. Taproot is mostly cylindrical, loose; transverse rough and shallow, discontinuous, both upper and lower. Many short legs, Shen More and shorter, cross scattered, more crisp quality, pearl knot is not obvious. Common garden ginseng and Strake ginseng The points, the former is short, thick body, legs Lu, the cultivation of more than eight years, with reed long, body length, leg length feature.

Ginseng classification

Ginseng Suncured

[ Suncured ] is ginseng grown by six or seven years later, in the autumn leaves will wither when digging, to reed head, washed and dried into finished products, selling its mainly white ginseng, Sugar ginseng Ginseng, polygonatum, light branch skin original branch ginseng, ginseng and other kinds of noodles. Suncured mild, to Qi The main role, especially suitable for yin deficiency.

Ginseng Sugar ginseng

[ Sugar ginseng ] (sugar ginseng) is fresh ginseng by boiling water scalding, soaked in syrup, and then dried into. Work with Suncured But the effect is weak.

Ginseng The efficacy and usage of ginseng.

Ginseng Effect

Genuspanax Qihm . Sweet taste of ginseng, mainly used for Qi Such as, Tixu Weak gas, a weak gas or excessive fatigue.

Ginseng usage

Dose: Qi Digestion and absorption is not good, available with ginseng atractylodes, Astragalus membranaceus (3-5 grams of ginseng, Atractylodes Astragalus 10 grams each) to eat stew; Lung qi deficiency A little tired, people may be involved in asthma walnut Gecko, combination. Heart qi , Palpitation and shortness of breath People, weak pulse available ginseng (3-5 grams) or add cinnamon (3-5 grams) soaked clothing. Cold sweat, weak pulse, syncope People, ginseng also emergency, but the dosage should be large (15-30 grams).

Ginseng Wild ginseng and ginseng identification

Ginseng Lo

The great majority of Ginseng Are all round reed, due to age longer, the upper bowl Lu gradually disappear, and the formation of cylindrical, so called round Lu, Lu somite tight, densely grown upper four natural reed bowl (Pearl knot), bowl edge with Leng, shaped like a horse tooth, because a horse tooth Lu, rarely the growth of bamboo and reed reed line, most of the artificial planting ginseng round round without reed, big is on one or both sides of the bowl Sheng Lu also little.

Ginseng Taro

Ginseng taro for jujube stone, Shun Sheng hung, not stretched upward, as more than two branches are alternate, round edge is ginseng taro on the coarse fine, like a reference leg, not to drop, and the upward or side stretch.

Ginseng body

The ginseng body Water chestnut Short transverse body shape, which is along the long body to rough up the spirit. But the stupid little body. Ginseng dasom long body, short transverse body also significantly dull.

Ginseng lines

The book of fine and deep, especially in the shoulder is more and more intense, spiral, ginseng pattern is generally sparse and shallow (old ginseng) is more coarse grain, but the lines off and continued.

Ginseng skin

Ginseng skin and light, but not coarse, coarse and loose skin ginseng and tender, the bottom of the skin is more rough.

Ginseng leg

The legs of the 1-2 ginseng produced only three, rarely, the leg is rough, uniform, round and students legs more or coarse or fine, upper and lower legs and uneven thickness, one place, and long legs or stubby legs.

Ginseng Other

Ginseng Must have obvious small lumps, commonly known as "Pearl", is one of the characteristics of wild ginseng, and because the growth of long fiber, tight soft and not easy to break, not fragile like chewing off, ginseng should be short and tender crisp, more numerous as brush brush, old old ginseng also have bumps, but not obviously. In wild ginseng, because of its natural growth in the mountains, each branch form different, so difficult to set a standard method for the identification of all the above seven points, one by one reference, can be identified, wild ginseng and ginseng gejue Lu under the circle differential fine horse tooth, brocade deep order is not complex, like the body Water chestnut The two leg branch, to be small pimple special pearl, fine leather strong light brown, ginseng taro Shunsheng droop bar, Participate in quality Fiber difficult to break, do not chew broken tangled, ginseng Garden Song identification Shen Lu Two bowls, hanging on to the next stretch to be rough, dull color texture shape Changshun intermittent line, not deep, loose and rough skin tender, must be short and crisp no pearl. West ginseng solid texture, obvious section Chrysanthemum heart , Korean ginseng The two batch of head section, solid color Zonghong, pseudo ginseng four years since the introduction of charge found yijiachongzhen ginseng four a non shallow, the actual situation in order to identify the authenticity by special analysis for reference as follows:
A Huashan ginseng finger shaped, long service Glaucoma Chesan.
Two Japanese ginseng The effect of non wood reed, no actual test components.
Three - Top unstriated in ginseng, tasting and potato with mouth.
Four mistaken for ginseng Phytolacca, after taking poison people, Ginseng rhizome Why emetic for medicinal ginseng root and leaf, rhizome in the middle Shen Lu A large number of components containing calcium oxalate, and gastric hydrochloric acid in meeting generation oxalate , oxalic acid with emetic effect, can make people nausea and vomiting, so ginseng must be removed when the swap in reed head. But in ancient books did not explain that, only in the Guadi powder False "Shen Lu a sentence.