Interstate highway

Interstate highway (Interstate Highway System), officially called Anniversary Eisenhower The national system of interstate and defense highways (Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways). yes U.S.A A part of the highway system, mostly highway, across the board at least four lanes.
Interstate highway

Interstate highway The construction of history

The interstate highway construction began in 1956, sponsored by the military origin of President Eisenhower, is the history of the project, at a cost of $129 billion, 2 billion 400 million hard working hours, the use of 1 million 500 thousand tons of explosives, handling 32 billion cubic meters of debris, a total length of more than 80 thousand km, to 2 laps around the earth, the grand project in the world second to none. In 1991 the completion of the interstate highway.

Interstate highway Route planning

The interstate highway system, covering a total length of 68500 kilometers, in addition to Alaska State and Puerto Rico In different states. Hawaii The state (only Oahu is named independent). Forty-eight, I-XX named state highway.

Interstate highway Classification standard

Highway classification standard
Highway to the odd name (figures from west to East.)
Across the road to even named (figures from south to north.)
Ring road with three digit naming