S only N and Ji terebentylic alias ponderosa knar, Pine Festival Pine, Lang tou medicine based sources: Pinaceae Plant pine, Pinus massoniana, Akamatsu, Yunnan pine and other branches of the nodules. Tropism of taste is bitter, warm, meridian. Effect of expelling wind and dampness, relieving pain. For the main calendar section of the wind cold and dampness, pain; soft foot flaccidity; injuries.

Terebentylic Native plants

Chinese pine
Trees, up to 25m, DBH above 1m. Bark brown, irregular shaped reddish brown scales, crack. Whorled branches, branchlets stout, pale yellow or yellow orange; Winter buds Broadly elliptic, apex, red brown. The needle shaped leaves, needles in bunches of 2, dark green, thick and hard Long, 10 ~ 15cm, diameter of about 1.5mm; margin serrulate, both sides have stomatal lines; Leaf sheath At the beginning of pale brown, dark gray gradient. Male inflorescence terete, length 1.2 ~ 1.8cm, poly generation spikes in the new branches; female ball inflorescences broadly ovate, 7mm long, purple, was born in the year on new growth. cone Ovate or ovate, length 4 ~ 9cm, have short stem, is bent when ripe, pale yellow or light brown yellow, persistent for several years; the middle scales of nearly oblong obovate, length 1.6 ~ 2cm, Scale Shield Hypertrophy, uplift or micro uplift, flat diamond or diamond shaped polygonal cross ridge significantly, Umbo Protruding spikes. Seeds oval or long oval, pale brown, striped, even the wing length 1.5 ~ 1.8cm. Florescence 4 to in May, fruit period in October. At an altitude of 100 ~ 2600m mountain. Located in the northeast, North and northwest and Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and other places.
Trees, up to 45m, bust 1.5m. The lower part of the bark red brown, gray brown, irregular long block crack. Branchlets yellowish brown, usually whorled, no pigment,
 Masson Masson
Glabrous; Winter buds Egg shaped cylindrical, brown, apex, Bud scales The edge of filiform, apex acuminate or long. The needle shaped leaves, needles in bunches of 2, thin needles in bunches of 3, 12 to 30cm long, slender and soft, leaf margin serrulate, Resin canal About 4 to 8, on the back side, or have 2 ventral edge; leaf sheath at the beginning of a brown, after gradually into the black, persistent. Male inflorescences reddish brown, terete, bent, length 1 ~ 1.5cm, poly new technology was born in lower bract axils, spike; Female flowers Single or 2 ~ 4 poly purple red top shoots was born. Cone cone ovate or ovate, length 4 ~ 7cm, 2.5 ~ 4cm diameter, have short stem, pendulous, cooked chestnut brown; Central Seed scales Nearly oblong obovate, ca. 3cm; placoid rhombic, slightly raised or flat, umbo slightly concave, no thorns. Seeds ovoid, length 4 ~ 6mm, 2 ~ 2.7cm long wings even. Florescence 4 to May, the fruit ripening period from 10 to December. Born in themountainous regions below 1500m. Located in Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places.
Trees, up to 30m, bust up to 1.5m. Bark orange red, irregular scaly bald. Annual branches pale yellow or red yellow, slightly white, glabrous; Winter buds Oblong ovoid, dark brown. Conifer needles in bunches of 2, 5 to 12cm long, 1mm diameter micro tip apex, both sides have stomatal lines, margin serrulate, transverse semicircular, resin about 4 ~ 6, edge. Male inflorescences reddish yellow, cylindrical, long 5 ~ 12mm, the lower branches were short spikes in poly; Female flowers Reddish purple, solitary or 2 ~ 3 annual aggregated, small cone scales the apex with short spines. When ripe cones dark brown or pale yellow brown scales; open, easy to fall off, a transverse ridge micro bulge, Umbo Flat or slightly convex, with short spines. Seed obovate elliptic or ovate, length 4 ~ 7mm, even the wing length 1.5 ~ 2cm, 5 ~ 7mm wide fin. Florescence in April, fruit period to the year 9 to October. Born in temperate coastal plain and hill. Located in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Shandong, Jiangsu.
Yunnan pine
Trees, up to 30m, bust 1m. Bark brown, irregular scaly 3-parted, easy to fall off.
 Yunnan pine Yunnan pine
Annual branches stout, reddish brown branchlets, bractlike scales shedding two or three years, exposing the brown endothelium; Winter buds Conical ovoid, reddish brown, bud scales by needle; apex spread, white silky hairs. 3 needles needle beam, thin needle beam 2, length 10 ~ 30cm, diameter 1.2mm, soft, slightly pendulous, fan-shaped triangular cross section, resin nearly 4 ~ 5, in life and life coexist, leaf sheaths persistent. Cone conical ovoid, length 5 ~ 11cm, the stem length of about 5mm, when cooked chestnut root color or brown; placoid hypertrophy uplift, transverse ridge; umbo slightly concave or slightly raised, with short spines. Seeds nearly oval obovate, edge fin length 1.6 ~ 1.9cm. Florescence 4 to May, the fruit ripening period from 10 to November. In 1000 ~ 2800 in the mountain forest. Located in the southwest region and Guangxi.

Terebentylic Chinese medicinal properties

Terebentylic The drug

Terebentylic From the "materia medica variorum". " After this draft ":" party Shuyan loose five grain, the word when reading for mane,
 Terebentylic Terebentylic
Sound error. Say every five or two as a mane, mane, mane seven person. Old pine long saneshige Central Plains, although good, but who also not plug." " Medica ":" Pine , Lei fall asleep Repair large multi section, the skin thick scaly shape, the leaf carving. In March two, Rui smoke flower, four or five inches long, the center for mining pine flowers with yellow pollen . Strong like a pig heart, folded into a scale built, autumn old sub long scale crack. The leaf has two needle, three pin, three pin pin of the other, as for sub Trichosanthes pine, white pine pine. The child as big as Bai Zi Wei, Yunnan and Liaohai, such as big Croton Edible, called Levopimaric Sub." The name of the drug: terebentylic
Pinyin: S only N and Ji
English Name: Pine Nodular Branch
Latin name: Pinus tabulaeformis plant animal mineral Carr.
Alias: pine knot, Pine Festival Lang, loose head
Taste: bitter, warm,
Channel: The Heart Sutra , The lung .
 Terebentylic Terebentylic
Function: expelling wind and dampness, relieving pain.
Indications: cold and dampness, arthritis pain; soft foot flaccidity; injuries.
Usage: oral: decoction, 10-15 grams or soaked in wine and vinegar. External use: amount of liquor rubbed or fried at the end of the research application.
ecological environment Born at 100-2600m mountain.
Resource distribution: Shaanxi, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan and other places.
Medicine based sources: Pinaceae Botany Chinese pine , Masson , Pine , Yunnan pine Other branches of the nodules.
The recovery storage: harvest seasons in nodules, fallen Pine Saw tumor - shaped, dry spare.
Processing: when crushed, washed with water, soak, remove, moistening, be soft slices, dried. Soak or post steamer steamed, sliced by hot. The dry and ventilated place to store a sense of excitement.

Terebentylic Identification of crude drugs

Character identification
1, P.
A flat segment shaped or irregular flake or irregular shape, short. The surface of yellow brown, gray brown or reddish brown, slightly rough, sometimes with brown to black brown grease spots, or the remnants of cork. Hard and heavy. Cross section of xylem light brown heartwood color slightly darker, visible rings, sometimes scattered in small brown porous resin, significant oil;
 Terebentylic Terebentylic
The pith is small, yellowish brown, longitudinal ground texture straight or oblique, uneven. Turpentine aroma, slightly bitter taste.
2, Masson
Similar with the pine. The surface of yellow brown, yellow brown or reddish brown, longitudinal ground texture straight or oblique, more uniform. In a large, red brown, oily is preferred.
Microscopic identification
1, P.
Cross section Annual ring The width of 0.4-0.5mm. Early wood The tracheid diameter of 20-40 m, the wall thickness of about 1.7 m; Latewood The tracheid diameter of 9-27 m, the wall thickness of about 3.5 M. The resin duct diameter of 60-146 M. The radial section of cross field pit windows and 1-3, more than 1, wood ray tracheid wall with sharp teeth. The tangential section of high 1-13 ray cell.
2, Masson
Transverse section ring width 1.5-6mm. Earlywood tracheid diameter of 30-95 m, the wall thickness of about 3 m; tracheid diameter 15-36m, wall thickness of about 7 M. Resin canal diameter can reach 200 mu m. radial section cross field pit pane shaped, not wood, 1-2, ray tracheid wall more blunt shallowly serrate. The tangential section of ray cell 1-24.

Terebentylic Dry aging

Dry and stable period
Usually 5-30 years after logging, such as drying speed condition with good ventilation environment of sawn wood should be slightly faster, if not cut and poor ventilation conditions contained in the wood of the pine drying is very slow. At this stage the incision is generally a smell of turpentine Turpentine In general, the golden color fragrance, red and gold, made a larger proportion of material is strong, high yield.
Aging and carbonization of early and late stage
Usually 30-100 years after logging, this stage used by air and Biological enzyme The special role of microbes such as parts of wood fiber gradually shrink decomposition carbonization, grease and volatile matter which has been volatile decomposition. This stage is generally open terebentylic smell was fermented sour flavor turpentine thick, reddish brown color gradually deepened, the proportion of the material becomes small and the material becomes Crisp In the material, the tube hole increased gradually increases, fat crystals gradually, this kind of terebentylic overall material crack, decaying more outturn rate is very low.
Aging (carbonation) later
Usually 100-300 years after logging, the moisture content of turpentine is extremely low in fat crystals is very good, very high degree of dry shrinkage of carbonation decomposition of wood fiber, wood is very hard and crisp, more holes in pipe material is dense, the incision is generally the shape of strong smell of turpentine Turpentine The volatile matter and a spicy fragrance, some eyes red nose irritation, "at this time through a day, full of rosin". This kind of crack, rotten, rotten, pine moth is very much, the material rate is extremely low.
Decay phase decomposition
For terebentylic The period of decline Terebentylic height, carbonation decomposition, and finally become rotten mud residue of wood powder.

Terebentylic Indications function

Dispelling wind, eliminating dampness, Shujin Tongluo. Jiryaku festival wind pain, spasm spasm, beriberi flaccidity, crane, or loss of blood stasis.
The catalog ":" Lord 100 long wind, wind, foot numbness pain. "
The "Japan Hua Zi Materia Medica": "treat foot cartilage section of wind. "
The "herbal medicine Yanyi Addendum": "Chaojiao cure bone disease, can dry blood wet. "
The "Yunnan Materia Medica": "meridian, phlegm fire, aching pain, dampness flaccidity, strong bones and muscles. "
The "Tong Xuan": "materia medica soufeng shujin. "
The "classification": "herbal treatment crane, ventilation and blood. "
The Guangzhou army "Handbook of Chinese herbal medicine": "cure rheumatism, traumatic injuries and pain. "

Terebentylic modern research

Terebentylic chemical composition

Chinese pine , Masson The main terebentylic containing cellulose, lignin (Lignin), a small amount of volatile oil (turpentine) and resin; volatile oil containing alpha and Pinene (Pinene) more than 90%. Only a small percentage of camphene (camphene), two (dipentene), pentene also containing fat. The pine Pinus tabulaeformis also contains ursolic acid (ursolic acid), ISO Levopimaric Acid (isopimaric acid).

Terebentylic pharmacological action

Terebentylic has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects of certain acidic polysaccharide extraction display; antitumor effect; extraction of polysaccharide, water extract, acid extract has immunological activity.

Terebentylic clinical application

1, treat dysentery after gout recipe ("compendium of medicine") to treat dysentery, take effect, use drug astringent after gout, dysentery after wind blood, viscera under entirely, also not for complex Meridian: terebentylic, Chinese Atractylodes , Bignoniad , Cypress 30g 3G, peach kernel, frankincense, licorice 15g. Ginger, water decoction, daily 1 agent, cent is taken 3 times. Party Zhongsong section of expelling wind and dampness, relieving pain, as monarch drug.
 Terebentylic Terebentylic
2, terebentylic wine (emergency "Yao party") jiryaku knot winds, such as limb pain by charged solution: turpentine and pig pepper Ye Ge 960g, on the 2 kinds of clarification, and stains on the dry koji 150g, when 1600g, glutinous rice wine, the brewing method don't to hurt after hot and cold, the drug, Seeds , a kind of aconite , Bixie The 15g wind 30g, ginseng 12g, Angelica 45g, Large Leaf Gentian 18g, Skimmia 12g, a 36g (end). On the 10 kinds of food in cooking, such as brew, brew 28 foot, head and take clear. Amount of service, not to spit. Party Zhongsong section of expelling wind and dampness, relieving pain, as monarch drug.
3, ("the compilation of Chinese herbal medicine") treatment of Kaschin Beck disease: 15 pounds of turpentine, Mushroom 1.5 pounds, safflower 1 pounds. 100 pounds of water, fry 50 kg, 10 kg of liquor and filtration. Each take 20 ml, 2 times a day. Party Zhongsong section of expelling wind and dampness, relieving pain, as monarch drug.
4, the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis from pine pine, pine head, Pine needles Each half a catty, Chinses Angelica 2 two, made of compound injection. Intramuscular injection two times a day, each 3 ml; and acupoint injection, two times a day, each 1 ml. Treatment of 204 cases of rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic pain, low back pain, 33 cases were cured, 92 cases markedly effective 66 cases, invalid 13 cases. This medicine is like a wind, calm pain, anti-inflammatory and other effects. In order to better effect of acupoint injection.

Terebentylic The heritage of Chinese Medicine

Terebentylic Practical prescription

1, cure day wind deficiency, foot pain arthralgia: Ten kg (terebentylic hammer broken, a stone with water boiled juice five bucket, dregs), glutinous rice (cooking), five measures of fine song five pounds (beat). On the three kinds of mixing into the urn sealed 37 days, take the wine. Can warm drink a day three. ("San Hui Fang" terebentylic wine)
2, treatment of rheumatoid arthritis: terebentylic 18g, Mulberry 30g, Papaya 9g. Shuijianbi. ("ShanGanNing green Chinese herbal medicine")
3, treatment of Kaschin Beck disease: terebentylic 7.5kg, Mushroom 0.75kg, safflower 0.5kg, add 50kg of water boil, add liquor filtration to 25kg, 5kg. Take 20ml, 2 times a day. ("ShanGanNing green Chinese herbal medicine")
 Terebentylic Terebentylic
4, treat foot cramp pain spasm: one or two (terebentylic fine file as rice), frankincense A money. A medicinal stone in silver, slow fried to make coke, leaving only one or two points, a burning, grinding, each serving a money to two money, hot papaya wine notes. ("Sun Shang prescription")
5, treat sprains, bruises (not injured skin): terebentylic amount, chopped into small pieces, liquor soaked half, rub the affected area. ("Sichuan zhongyaozhi" 1982)
6, treatment from high drop, Bad blood Inside the chest and diaphragm, depressed: knotty pine wood 52, fine file, with the small boy five, vinegar five, in the sand basin with low heat fry, spinning drop urine wells vinegar, as for the degree of speculation, pound fine for Luo powder. Each serving as a child under two hot piss money, take three or four times a day. ("San Hui Fang" terebentylic powder)
7, cure stomach: terebentylic, file broken, decoction of wine. ("the by election party")
8, treatment Beriberi Into the abdomen, acute pain, swelling heart, irritability terebentylic (fried yellow), pine bark, sage one or two, Betel nut Three, licorice five money, plus the wick twenty, ginger two, three children. Shuijianbi. ("Introduction to medicine" terebentylic soup)
9, treatment of brain abscess: terebentylic with fine grind Pig bile With oil apply sore. ("Puji side")
10, cure tooth gum swollen pain, itching, root Xuan Lu: four fat turpentine, Asarum Two points, a kind of wild pepper grown in Sichuan Two points, four points Poon law. On the four flavor, cut to four liters, cook for ten boiling wine, bearing with hot, cold vomiting but, more content, from the check. (the "Taiwan" cited "guangjifang")
11, cure tooth root: black beetle calendar, to wipe the terebentylic burning ash. ("San Hui Fang")
 Terebentylic Terebentylic
12, water: terebentylic Tian dermatitis, Leaves The amount of alcohol made from pine AI, embrocation. ("ShanGanNing green Chinese herbal medicine")
13, calendar section of the wind, like the falling limb pain: Thirty kg (terebentylic solution fine file, four stone water boiled take a stone), pepper leaf (thirty kg pig file, such as cooking terebentylic method) two; taste clarification, and five pounds of dry hair Hou Qu stains, four stone Wudou stuffed with glutinous rice according to the home brew method, double fermented wine don't to hurt cold heat. The first after the drug double fermented wine: Bai Ziren 52, Magnet Twelve (end), angelica fifteen two, a kind of aconite 52 (gun), Skimmia 42 (sunburn), wind twelve, Large Leaf Gentian 62, 52 ginseng 42, Xiong Qiong, Moss: 52. Ten taste in food cooking fritters, as usual, double fermented wine, double fermented wine head 47, foot up, and get clear, suitable clothes, not to spit. ("Qian")
14, treat foot flexor, which do not, lumbar and abdominal spasm paralysis: a loose tight knot, washed with water, file, three Hu, cooked nine bucket, and water stains to music; two take a cook Hu Zi, Hu, food stains. Wine such as wine, cooked drink, how much any. (by "elbow behind")
15, cure tooth wind, pain: Sophora japonical , Digupi The one or two, one or two terebentylic (file). The drug, vibrating sieve for powder, each with five money to a pulp (two) in five, seven light, fried boiling, dregs, heat with cold spit. ("San Hui Fang" of Sophora japonical powder)

Terebentylic The literature

1. " Materia medica words Terebentylic: "dry temperature, such as foot, knee Bones There is a wind, wet, pain be jealous of Due to weak, unable to stand, all the. If the Yin marrow lack, blood dryness and fire, should consider the.
2. " Mingyi bielu "The main: 100 long wind, wind deficiency, foot numbness pain.
3. " Hua Zi materia "Day wind: cure foot cartilage.
 Terebentylic Terebentylic
4, "herbal medicine Yanyi Addendum": Chaojiao cure bone disease, can dry blood wet.
5. " Yunnan materia ": meridian, phlegm fire, aching pain, dampness flaccidity, strong bones and muscles.
6, through the "mysterious" grass: soufeng shujin.
7, "herbal" classification: treat the crane, ventilation and blood.
8, Guangzhou troops "manual" commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine: cure rheumatism, traumatic injuries and pain.

Terebentylic contraindication in using herbs

Yin Xuezao clothing.
1. "This after every original": "blood dry jifu."
Second, from the "new" compendium of Materia: "people especially avoid blood deficiency."