Burning Man Festival

"Burning man" (Burning Man Festival) began in 1986, its basic purpose is to promote the concept of community, tolerance, creativity, fashion and anti consumerism. Burning Man Festival The United States is a "Black Rock City LLC" sponsored by the organization of anti tradition Carnival .
Burning Man Festival
"Burning man" is a total of 8 days, every year at the end of August to early September in the black rock desert in Nevada (Black Rock Desert) held. The first Monday of September each year is the United States Labor Day Also, the burning man festival. This time of year, people from around the world flock here, all the participants are called Burner. In the desert is only selling coffee with ice, in addition to any commercial activity, all activities must bring their own life. " Burner Who will be wearing outlandish costume even naked on the festival, everyone will be around to watch a 10 meters high wooden male statue burning, in celebration of the holiday. Local time on August 28, 2016, "the burning man festival kicked off. Tens of thousands of revelers rushed to the Nevada desert for 8 days of artistic creation and offbeat life.

Burning Man Festival Holiday history

Burning Man Festival The origin of the festival

About "a saying the main source is the burning man festival" in 1986 of Larry Harvey, Jerry Gems and some friends burned a Beck beach in San Francisco About 2.7m of wood and a wooden dog, Harvey thought he was the inspiration for the burning of wood statue "a spontaneous action of radical self expressing people", hence the inspiration for the burning man festival.
Another source of the argument is that the "burning man" from a broken relationship. A pair of divorced couples, the husband to bury the dead wood on personal feelings, then San Francisco A fire on the beach she burned. Later, by the police to drive away, then find a dry NEVADA Black Rock Desert Lake as the burning base, hence the burning man festival.
Then by a "Black Rock City LLC," the organization launched a period of eight days. The time for the end of August to the beginning of the September U.S. labor day.
"Burning man" is the climax of the people on the ground in a big circle, the middle of the circle to burn a 12 meter high wooden statue of man, this is the origin of the name "burning man". The great flames and eventually fell to the ground, the "fire" often makes onlookers as cheerful as a lark.

Burning Man Festival Development background

In 1990, Kevin Ewen and John Lou are planning a separate activity at a distance of 110 miles of Reno, Blackstone desert, Alvin envisaged activities into this temporary autonomous zone Dadaism, can burn and performing arts scene sculpture. In addition, invited to participate in the organization work of Lu, Lu is rich in organization
Experience, and publicize the activities will be in the black rock desert "fourth travel" was held, San Francisco police were blocking and stop in San Francisco Beck Lake wood burning activities. Harvey roommate Dan in wood brought to the "fourth travel zone". Michael Mick, another very active organizer, realize to be familiar with the black desert natural environment people need to have the relevant knowledge of the people to help them to ensure that they do not get lost or die of thirst. He created the "Blackstone Rangers" organization. In this way, the Blackstone city seed germination, Lu and Mick organization, Alvin creative, Harvey and James symbolic - create Blackstone city and the burning man festival.

Burning Man Festival The development of history

The first few years, the community is developing rapidly by word-of-mouth legend. All of the participants in the barren desert to experience how to survive, performers and artists are not paid, there is no deliberate schedule, no distinction between art and living space. In 1993, the organizers also participated in another building with art as the theme of the festival "DesertSiteworks", the two activities with each other, in 1996, and officially named the "burning man festival"
1997 is a crucial year for the burning man festival. To 1998, has attracted 8000 people to participate in this festival, and will create a "can only walk / Bike / Art Car Festival, the organizers decided to move to the activities of a closed area relatively private, in the black rock desert east Hualapai small dry lake near the farm was selected to fly. And get a long-term license. To meet the new requirements and to strengthen the management, the organizers set up the Blackstone City limited company, also founded the public affairs department to arrange the network of city layout. Rhodes is an architect from 2001 to 2011 to undertake this task, the design center camp coffee etc.. With no effective execution of motor vehicle, festival again moved back to the Blackstone desert, but set up a temporary fence. Since then, activity has been held there.
And then become a worldwide Artist , Hippie , Yuppie The focal point. There are more than 30 thousand people gathered here this year nearly 40 thousand year

Burning Man Festival The content of the festival

Burning Man Festival Special activities

The burning man: in the festival, people use a variety of radical crazy art, music and even physical form to express themselves. In 2010 the number is the most in the history, reached nearly 50 thousand people.
Express yourself through clothing: participants called "burning man" is a kind of group behavior test, is also a way of self expression radical.
The burning bride: Alberto and Vera's wedding held in this year's "burning man".
You also need a bike: San Francisco sculptor Marshall riding his "masterpiece" wandering in the holiday.
And gas in the truck: "some art installations burning man festival" is indeed rare on earth.
Feel blue: not everyone love from the crowd, but it is the love to the place where many people gather together.

Burning Man Festival Test of survival

"Burning man" position is not the picturesque scenery, but a barren place Black Rock Desert Here, there are 107 degrees Fahrenheit (about 41.6 degrees) at high temperature, and constantly changing weather. In almost no external supply, want to live here for 8 days, is definitely a physical test of wisdom.

Burning Man Festival Creative

In the Black Rock City, people can take any want to take things to come in, create a habitatation, sculpture,
 Night ceremony: burning large wooden dolls Night ceremony: burning large wooden dolls
The art exhibition. Friends from all over the world show brilliant wisdom and creativity, therefore, if you see a shell account, a shed by the light to build a house, or a shark's fin shaped car, please don't be surprised. People can also make a fuss, in itself, outlandish costume strange behavior is acceptable here. Therefore, some people see it as a big behavior, sculpture, architectural art.

Burning Man Festival Self release

"The burning man festival, people completely away from the original life world, here looking for a full 8 days of their own The garden of Eden . No one asked in the past, no one disturb the future, people can release themselves completely here, people in daily life dream. For example, to send a letter to the letter to heaven,
Tell your secrets, and then on fire.

Burning Man Festival Carnival night

The night is the golden time to Fire Festival ". In the center of camp of black rock city "will hold some large-scale party and carnival, let people burning passion.

Burning Man Festival Moment of disillusionment

Black rock city is a temporary city, because it begins and disappear because of the end. So, when the end of the activity, black rock city evaporate, leaving no trace back to the desert, no human habitation. All 8 days happened here will be gone with the wind, fresh memories into people's minds.

Burning Man Festival Eight days of life

From around the world Burner at the same time in this barren desert just built a Xing only 8 days of life "," the only city facilities in the city is provided in the toilet, only the sale of goods is only 2: ice and coffee. Any other life activities shall bring. 8 days later, "residents" and "leave no trace left, all their garbage packed away, completely routed, the city disappeared again into the sand and no human habitation

Burning Man Festival Host situation

Burning Man Festival 2010

In September 2010 the United States Nevada once a year ushered in the "burning man", more than 50 thousand people gathered in the desert, to celebrate the festival of the offbeat Carnival
Day. "Burning man" for a week last Sunday began in the United States labor day. From the beginning of the day, Nevada The Black Roque desert is singular building into a lustrous and dazzling resplendent with variegated coloration of the carnival city. "Burning man festival theme is" crazy show since people ", a variety of personality show revelers hot weather in the desert, and in the" burning man "is the last day of the night burning huge portrait specially constructed, the festival to a climax. " Daily Mail "

Burning Man Festival 2011

In September 5, 2011, the "Fire Festival" held once a year in nevada. In 2011 the burning man festival's theme is "City", many sculpture ideas have focused on this topic, here you can see the phone booth, fashion street, office computer desk, restaurant and so on some scenes in the city. " Daily Mail "

Burning Man Festival 2012

In 2012 the burning man festival from the beginning of August 27th, by the end of September 3rd, more than 50 thousand young people dressed in outlandish costume came to Nevada, instantly formed a creative city, enjoy the carnival, 8 days after the city disappears, everything seems never happened, the only memory. " Daily Mail "

Burning Man Festival 2013

In August 30, 2013 the United States Nevada recently ushered in the "burning man" once a year, more than 6.8 people gathered in the Black Rock Desert (Black Rock Desert) on the carnival celebrations. "Fire" for a period of one week, will end on September 2nd, burning like huge wooden traditional ceremony will be held last night. " Daily Mail "

Burning Man Festival 2014

In September 4, 2014, once a year Nevada "Fire Festival" is held, tens of thousands of people flocked to the local Black Roque desert, they celebrate the party for a week. In 2014 the "burning man" nearly 65 thousand people to participate in the world. The local dispatched more than 150 police officers to maintain order and environmental protection workers. The U.S. National Broadcasting Company (NBC)

Burning Man Festival 2015

The twenty-ninth session of the "burning man 2015" (Burning Man) in the United States Nevada The carnival activities at the opening of the black rock desert near the hot, there are more than 70 thousand people attended the festival. From wearing "wings" to "zombie" naked angel came out to the circus freak fanatic, costume, revelers have released "strokes", the festival site, all kinds of crazy dress pocketed the eye. This year, the "burning man" is the theme of "mirror Carnival" (Carnival of Mirrors). " Daily Mail "

Burning Man Festival Host significance

The basic purpose is to promote the concept of Community Fire Festival, inclusive, creative, fashion and anti consumerism. In the modern society increasingly fierce and brutal competition, the lack of emotional communication between people and people, people generally feel work pressure, need a way to release the inner depression and pain, and the burning man festival just cater to the needs of the times, advocating "radical self-expression" principle, to cancel the daily life of the hierarchy, the carnival of equality, to provide a release of emotion, freedom and freedom of expression for their places. As Brian Dougherty said: "it can make people a refined and cultured reckless (except uncomfortable alkali burn) roll naked in Saline Lake dry mud." This fully reflects the "cancel the burning man festival daily life level, realizing equality" desire.

Burning Man Festival Hold value

Burning Man Festival Cultural value

In the burning man festival, participants completely away from the original life world, no one asked participants from the background, people from the political, cultural, economic, status label pumping, reduction is one of the most essential person. The vast and desolate desert, broke through the city in the cramped space double the bondage of human body and mind. They can release themselves completely here, realize the normal life of the dream. They even naked, outlandish costume, but that does not make people feel ashamed, or cause confusion. Freedom is the burning man festival is not only the key words, freedom of the body, but also the spirit of freedom, that is no matter what you do, will be subject to respect and tolerance. Participants through various forms of self-expression and emotional catharsis, full of enthusiasm and self, fantastic and crazy, but it reflects the burning man festival "inclusive", giving the participants free right to pursue and build our own ideal life "".

Burning Man Festival economic value

The burning man festival is the most important gift of experience economy, not only for a week without basic expenses, but also in the burning man festival experience the generosity of strangers.
The United States is the burning man festival multicultural carnival, it is not excessive pursuit of economic benefits, commercial atmosphere light, the organizers do not blindly pursue economic interests, but stressed that between people and dedication, contrary to the modern market economy and the pursuit of the interests, it is also one of the main reasons to welcome.

Burning Man Festival social influence

The burning man festival in the subsequent development, the growing influence, gradually become a world art festival. This festival has become an important festival of hippies, yuppies and technology giants gathered, there are more than 50 thousand people gathered in this year, the per capita participation is called Burner, they put on a variety of artistic expression and outlandish costume, through interactive art to friends around the world show brilliant wisdom and creativity. Music, performance and flow is common in street theatre, camp and city construction in the form of art. So some people regard it as a large, sculpture, architectural art party. Burning even unwilling to only once a year in other activities, they also created around the regional burning man festival.
Since 1986, the "burning man" is the end of August each year in early September in the United States Nevada black rock desert, with whimsical and absurd and celebrated, attracts a large number of young people to free itself in a radical way to express themselves, they put on a variety of outlandish costume to express themselves in a radical way. "".

Burning Man Festival Social evaluation

"Burning man" is to subvert the traditional grand carnival;
 Burning Man Festival Burning Man Festival
"Burning man" is the unique experience of people unforgettable;
"Burning man" is absurd, whimsical Art Palace home......
Someone said: "to have not participated in the burning man festival people describe feeling, like the blind color described as difficult". Such is the case。 "Burning man" meaning it is difficult to generalise, is essentially a million offbeat carnival. It combines the unique natural environment experience, unscrupulous people from performance, spiritual exile and return, all kinds of meta art and many other factors, with whimsical and absurd known.
This place is called" Burning Man "Burning man. Burning Man what is the place? What is? Why go? As Burning Man says on its website "to explain to people what have not been to the Burning Man BM, as a blind man to describe what is meant by color.