Tonghua County

Tonghua county belongs to Jilin Province Tonghua City , located in southern Jilin Province, is located Changbai Mountain South, Hun In the Middle East, and Baishan City At the junction of the West and Liaoning Province Xinbin County and Huanren County Adjacent to the South and Ji'an City Bordering the north and Liuhe County Is around throughout Tonghua City, under the jurisdiction of 10 towns and 5 villages, a total of 160 administrative villages, has a long history of cultural county. Covers an area of 3726.5 square kilometers (2009), the total population of 247225 people (2010), 2013, Tonghua County GDP to achieve 12 billion 600 million yuan.
Tonghua County

Tonghua County History

week Qin Period is Yan Liaodong County .
The Western Han Dynasty is the xuantu Prefecture on Yin county. The late Western Han Dynasty, a group of North Fuyu south to jolbon Sichuan, on a hill fortification, called jolbon (this Huanren County of Liaoning Province, said the five women died of this mountain) in Fuyu, in the Western Han Dynasty firsthand The first year (AD 1 years) died the Fuyu occupy the Western Han xuantu County Goguryeo The county was named goguryeo. Tonghua County of goguryeo.
   Three countries、 Western Jin and Eastern Jin dynasties The southern and Northern Dynasties, Sui Dynasty to Gaogouli regime, surrender to the Central Plains dynasties.
Tang The general chapter The first year (AD 668 years) after the death of Goguryeo. Anton Du Hu, Tonghua County under the jurisdiction of Kyushu, brother do not state (the state government in the Tonghua county big Mao Zhen Chi The ancient city of Bai Song). Tang The Bohai Sea Time is Xijing Yalu is state.
   Liaoning Tokyo is the state of being.
Metal Tokyo Road, Po speed road house.
   element Liaoyang provincial government under the jurisdiction of dongning.
Ming is Manuel dry division Jianzhou Wei Wang Jia department.
In the early Qing Dynasty is Shengjing Xiuyan, after the name in order to protect the birthplace of forbidding. clear Guangxu reign period Three years (1877) Xiuyan east of Tonghua County home. Four years Guangxu (1878) Tonghua County Shengjing, Xing Jing fu. Twenty-eight years Guangxu (1902) draw Linjiang, Ji'an, Liuhe County, the county east HONGSHILAZI Linjiang community, West Darfur Jiang Jing, South Shahe reed Gang Ji'an, north to the Longgang watershed Liuhe community. Xuantong The first year (1909) will be half an insurance under the Desheng riverside county, East five River Ridge Linjiang County, remaining unchanged.
In two years (1913) of Fengtian province east road. In fifteen years (1926) in the north to draw large Huanggou Jinchuan County . County road five East River Ridge Linjiang County, West Darfur Jiang Jing County, South Shahe County Gang reed series, to the north of Longgang watershed in Liuhe County, Laoling watershed southeast to the northeast to the world series County, Qu Liu Chuan Jinchuan County, southwest to Darfur Jiang Huanren County community, northwest to Longgang Liuhe County community. In eighteen years (1929) to the Fengtian province directly under the. In twenty-three years (1934) Anton province. In twenty-seven years (1938) in Tonghua province. In thirty-four years (1945) Anton province. In thirty-five years (1946 February) of Tonghua Province, Liaoning Province in May. In thirty-six years (1947 May) in Tonghua city and county offices of rule, Liaoning Province, Tonghua County in December, under the jurisdiction of Anton province city. Thirty-seven years of the Republic of China (1948 November), Tonghua City, Tonghua County, Tonghua County branch of rule, Anton District of Tonghua Province Office of the chief inspector.

Tonghua County administrative division

Tonghua County Division of history

October 1, 1949, born in People's Republic of China, Tonghua County of Liaodong province Tonghua District Office of the chief inspector.
In June 1952, the revocation of the administrative supervision commissioner of Tonghua District, Tonghua County, Liaodong province under.
Dahuanggou July 1953 included five village Liuhe County, East three mountain muddy kanggye, northeast to Dadingzi Liuhe County, remaining unchanged.
In August 1954, under the office of the Commissioner of Tonghua area of Jilin province (Tonghua area office was established on August 20th) is. 24, Tonghua City, Tonghua County office. In October, seven by the municipal road village under the four district of Tonghua county.
In June 1955, seven by number change the name back to the station. In July 4th August, belong to the city and county, municipal and district under the jurisdiction of one village of iron, iron street, unity street under the county; County six District seven road ditch village, the village two dense area was placed under the Tonghua municipal water horse; river sub area was renamed the four Dao Jiang Qu. The county under the jurisdiction of fast and large fountain, yingerbu Mao Zi, six channel, two channel, four Micronesia, Guanghua River, iron factory 8 districts, 121 villages, 2 street.
In August 1956, Mao Zi, fast revocation of the fountains, two, four and 4 dense River District, retained the six channel, yingerbu, Guanghua district and 3 ironworks town. Revocation of the village system, the county has 40 townships, over 108 senior agricultural production cooperatives.
In October 9, 1957, the Tonghua municipal road seven, Madang ditch two streets under the Tonghua County, the establishment of Madang Town, seven road ditch town. Jinchang November 1st Tonghua County Township, Township under Tonghua municipal changliu.
In March 1958, yingerbu, revocation six channel, 3 Guanghua District, the 38 townships merged into 23 townships, 3 towns, seven channel, five Madang Road River Township Town, ironworks town for the district town. In September 18th 1, the establishment of the people's commune in the county, the establishment of 7 branch unit of people's commune in the original district, the implementation of political and social unity; revocation, Madang seven channel, five channel, 4 Iron River town, set up neighborhood offices, where each branch will belong; 136 agricultural cooperatives merged into 102 agricultural production area.
In May 6, 1961, revocation of fast Mao Zi, springs, yingerbu, six channel, two channel, four Guanghua Micronesia, Jiang 7 people's communes. Reset: fast, mostly Mao Zi Ling, Jin Dou, big springs, rivers, democracy, Guanghua, Xinghua, yingerbu, Che Ling, Tomie back, three, three elms, shed at two density, East Lake, pine and stone, six ditch, duck Park, around 20 people's communes.
In June 9, 1962, the county under the jurisdiction of 20 people's communes: fast Mao Zi Ling, mostly commune commune, Jin Dou commune, large springs commune, Dachuan commune, commune, yingerbu democratic commune, three elms, three communes, Tomie commune commune, car shed Dian Zi Ling Bei Dao Gou six commune, commune, commune, East Pine commune, commune, two Stone Lake dense commune, Guanghua commune, Xinghua commune, Daan commune, hoist the commune, 123 brigade.
In January 18, 1963, the city, seven road ditch under the Madang County, the establishment of Madang town and seven Dao Gou zhen. At the same time as the seven towns, Madang ditch, Yifeng 3 brigade.
In November 13, 1964, revocation of pinyon commune, the area incorporated into the six groove commune.
In 1966, the commune party yingerbu group to draw Lishugou and small ridge group; three elms commune Lixin group to draw yoriki tree, biangan ditch brigade; Guanghua Changchun commune ditch brigade draw Evergreen Group; seven Dao Gou Zhen Yi Feng brigade to Dongming brigade; fast Mao Zi three renamed Fort commune brigade Lixin the brigade, brigade brigade was renamed Hongwei huanggou.
In March 19, 1968, the car back to commune with three Peng Dian Zi Ling and the merged corporation, was founded in four by two into the dense commune shed at zhengcha commune brigade.
In March 15, 1976, the big Mao Zi commune, Mao Zi Dongan, fast forward, Lixin group and red cypress pine brigade of the one or two production team draw, set up da Mao zhen.
In 1977, the big Mao Zhen is red cypress pine one or two production team draw back to the big red cypress pine Mao Zi commune brigade; by fast, fast Mao Mao Zhen is the Lixin two brigade set aside part of the establishment of the new Mau group.
In 1978, a large fountain of peace is divided into one or two communes brigade brigade; one or two brigade brigade into the wall Okawa commune; yingerbu yingerbu commune is divided into one or two, three brigade brigade; Fujiang banla hongshila group to draw back the commune brigade; six channel five channel group to draw the Bandung commune Brigade; two. Dalian Sichuan North dianzi group to draw the commune brigade; Da'an commune when the door brigade group to draw on siping.
In 1979, big springs commune patriotic group to draw Xianfeng directly under the team.
In 1980, most of the leading group under the ridge commune into Longquan, Longgang, Longsheng 3 brigade; democratic commune brigade West Xijiang group to draw fresh; three elm tree commune yoriki group to draw Yang Bao Gou brigade; two communes of the two group to draw the dense dense Miao Dong commune brigade; Xinghua Dahuanggou brigade into one or two 2 brigade; Da'an commune under the 2 brigade brigade into one or two siping.
In 1981, the big Mao sub group to draw the river estuary commune brigade.
In 1982 four, shed commune zhengcha group to draw Yingmencha brigade.
In August 3, 1983, the Commune will be renamed the team was renamed the Village Township. At the same time, the Democratic commune for Jiang Dian Zi Xiang; the six groove commune for Pine Township; Xinghua commune changed Xing Lin xiang. In September 26th, Kim Heung Jin Dou to Korean Manchu township. In December 9th, the adjustment of the original two part of the township, MI Xiang belongs to dawn village to Madang town; revocation of two two Mi Xiang Mi Zhen, Desheng, Micronesia, two: under the jurisdiction of 4 villages, Hengde Temple East; new Gangou village, under the jurisdiction of Dalian: mango, Sichuan, eight channel, North dianzi, west fork Yingmencha, zhengcha, 7 village.
In December 28, 1984, revocation of Pine Township. The town of pine The same area.
In November 13, 1985, revocation of fast Mao Zi rural system, which is incorporated into the village Fast Da Mao Zhen . At this point, the county jurisdiction 5 towns, 16 townships, 157 villages, 643 natural villages.
In 2000, the county's 12 towns, 9 townships (2 ethnic townships), a total of 160 administrative villages.
2005, to adjust and optimize the part of the township administrative division of Tonghua county. Tonghua County adjusted 5, by 21 to 16 villages and towns.

Tonghua County Zoning details

As of 2006, jurisdiction over 10 towns in Tonghua county: Fast Da Mao Zhen , Two Mi Zhen , The town of pine , Stone Town , Daan town , Guanghua town , Xinglin town , Yingerbu town , Three elm town , Jiang Dian Zhen 3, xiang: Fu Jiang Xiang , Four Peng Xiang , The East Village , 2 ethnic townships: Korean fountain Manchu Township , Jin Dou Korean Manchu Township A total of 160 administrative villages.

Tonghua County National Population

Tonghua County population

In 2010 fifth China census data: Tonghua county has a total population of 247225 people.

Tonghua County Nation

The fifth national census in 2000, Tonghua county has a total of 17 people. In the total population of 213054 Han people, accounting for 83.5% of the total population; 209 Mongolian people, accounting for 0.08% of the total population; 118 Hui people, accounting for 0.05% of the total population; 12 Hmong people, accounting for 0.005% of the total population; Korean 11982, accounting for 4.7% of the total population; 29739 Manchu, total population 11.65%; 12 Tujia people, accounting for 0.005% of the total population of 3 people; in addition, tibetan, Uygur ethnic group 4, Yi 8 people, 6 people of Dong Zhuang, 2 people, 2 people of Bai nationality, Hani 3 people, the She ethnic group 1 people, Siberia 4 people, Oroqen 1 people, foreigners joined Chinese membership of 3 people, a total of 37 people, accounting for 0.01% of the total population of the county.

Tonghua County geographical environment

Tonghua County Location condition

Tonghua county is located in the southeast of Jilin province, Changbai Mountain Southwest mountain, the middle reaches of the. The East and Baishan City At the junction of the West and Liaoning Province Xinbin County and Huanren County Adjacent to the South and Ji'an City Bordering the north and Liuhe County Connected throughout the surrounding Tonghua City, what the strengths of 96 kilometers, north-south width 83.3 km, covering an area of 3726.5 square kilometers (2009).

Tonghua County terrain

Tonghua county is located in the mountain. Changbai Mountain Southwest。 The East and Southeast, the highest in the East Fork and seventeen stone Township ditch between the East Mountain 1589 meters above sea level; laotu, West and southwest low, the lowest in the fountain of Xiang Jiang Kou Cun, 288 meters above sea level, the highest and lowest point of difference is 1301 meters. Is at an altitude of 300 meters to 1200 meters, accounting for 72% of the whole mountain area, are at an altitude of 600 meters to 1500 meters, valley plains accounted for 28%, with an altitude of 300 meters to 600 meters.

Tonghua County climate

Tonghua county belongs to the East Asian monsoon climate, temperate humid climate zone. The terrain of Changbai Mountain, continental climate is obvious. It is dry and windy in spring, hot and humid, summer temperatures rise faster; short precipitation concentration; gentle and cool, cool quickly in the fall; long cold winter, snow mountain. Dorsey summer southerly winter prevailing northwest wind. Frozen earth layer in 1.4 meters to 1.8 meters, three cold and four temperature alternation. In mid May the last frost in late September, the first frost, frost free period of 115 days to 145 days.

Tonghua County hydrology

Tonghua county belongs to surface water The Yalu River Hunjiang River waters, there are 626 rivers, the longest flow path of 80 km, the shortest flow path is only 1 kilometers. The main stream (a river) for Hun Two, 18 rivers (direct injection, three Hunjiang) 199 rivers (two rivers, four injection) level 123 rivers (into three rivers). The three or four most rivers flow path is short, rapid flow, enough water and large drop; few river leakage within the river, rain water flow is small, no rain gurgling trickle of water or a dry state.

Tonghua County natural resources

Tonghua County mineral resources

As of 2006, Tonghua county has proven reserves and calculated Metal deposit There are 5 kinds of 13. There are 4 small and medium-sized iron ore, small iron ore 4, medium-sized 1 medium-sized copper, copper nickel 1, 1 small mines, small rare earth ore 2. Tonghua county through non-metallic mineral geological exploration departments and calculate the proven reserves of 4 kinds 4, among them large: Gypsum mine 1, the small quartz ore 1, small oil shale Mine 1, small Graphite Mine 1.

Tonghua County water resource

In 2006, Tonghua county total 1 billion 423 million cubic meters of water, the groundwater reserves of 270 million cubic meters. In 2006, the county's water resources utilization has reached 78 million 513 thousand and 400 cubic meters. The agricultural water 65 million 558 thousand and 700 cubic meters, accounting for the use of 83.5%; 7 million 380 thousand and 300 cubic meters of industrial water use, accounted for 9.4%; the drinking water 5 million 574 thousand and 400 cubic meters, accounting for 7.1% of the amount of profit.

Tonghua County land resource

In 1982, the total land area of Tonghua county is 5589802 acres, 22.2 acres of land per capita. 787871 acres of arable land, 635639 acres of farmland, including: 80.68% of arable land; 86884 acres of paddy fields, the arable land area of 11.03% acres of vegetable; 6622, accounting for 0.84% of arable land; the other 58726 acres of arable land, 7.45%. Garden area of 26720 mu, accounting for 0.49% of the total land area. The total forest area of 4031233 mu, accounting for 72.12% of the total land area.

Tonghua County Economics

Tonghua County Overview

In 2013, the Tonghua county area to achieve GDP 12 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 10% over 2012; completed the full fiscal income of 1 billion 390 million 70 thousand yuan, an increase of 11% over 2012; the completion of the local fiscal revenue 1 billion 45 million 990 thousand yuan, an increase of 20% over 2012; the total retail sales of social consumer goods 3 billion 180 million yuan, an increase of 12.8% over 2012; per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 18686 yuan, an increase of 12% over 2012; per capita net income of farmers reached 9778 yuan, up 13%.

Tonghua County Primary industry

In 2013, the construction of Tonghua County 33 thousand acres of high standard basic farmland. Grain output reached 310 million tons, compared to 2012 increased by 3%. Create a national demonstration area of quality and safety of export of fresh corn. The above characteristics of municipal agricultural leading enterprises reached 35, the establishment of cooperative economic organizations of various types of 316; that of green food standardization of raw materials base 300 thousand acres, 70 thousand acres of the "three" base; the new development of edible fungus in Tonghua county 10 million 163 thousand and 500 bags of edible fungus, new cold storage 7; horticulture industry reached a total area of 80 thousand acres; gross output value more than ten billion yuan.

Tonghua County The secondary industry

At the end of 2013, Tonghua scale industrial enterprises above the completion of the total output value of 14 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 24% over 2012; taxes 530 million yuan, growth of 17% in 2012. Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size reached 94. In 2013 the new product trial production value of 1 billion 800 million yuan, Dongbao pharmaceutical and other 4 enterprises were identified as the first batch of innovative science and technology enterprises, provincial high-tech enterprises reached 5, brand-name products reached 11. In 2013 to invest 5 billion 900 million yuan to complete the transformation. Dongbao pharmaceutical, Chinese medicine, Zhenguo pharmaceutical and other 6 enterprises, 8 formulations through the new GMP certification. Sifangshan with an annual output of 700 thousand tons of iron ore powder project detailed report through the review, 70 million tons of proven reserves.

Tonghua County The service sector; the tertiary industry

In 2013, Tonghua county completed investment in fixed assets 13 billion 800 million yuan, growth of 18% in 2012. Tonghua County, 50 focus on promoting the project has started construction of 43, a total investment of 5 billion 800 million yuan; including over 1 billion yuan project 7, seven Park, a total investment of 2 billion 700 million yuan, the ginseng industry park has been assigned to 15 households, the actual funds 7 billion 800 million yuan, the actual use of foreign investment $59 million 800 thousand to 950 million for all types of funds; yuan.
2013, Bank of China Successfully settled in Tonghua County, ang city Company limited by guarantee put into operation. At the end of 2013 new loans 1 billion 360 million yuan; Tonghua sunDo Investment Limited 3 billion 440 million yuan of fixed assets have been injected, completion of the National Development Bank shantytowns project financing 150 million yuan, the private economy to achieve the main business income of 24 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 25.5% over 2012.

Tonghua County Transportation

Tonghua County Highway

Tonghua county has the provincial highway 2, county road 76.8 km; 127 km; 3, township road 19, 320 kilometers; special line 4, 49 km. 118 bridges, a total length of 3470.8 meters.

Tonghua County Railway

Meiji line Through the territory of Gangou, dense, and two stone pine Lake Township, 5 train station, 1 bus, 66 kilometers in length. The enterprise special railway line 12 km.

Tonghua County waterway

Tonghua County waterways have Hun , Kazakhstan River , Tomie , Crayfish River . Among them, as the main channel of Hunjiang from northeast to southwest, to Ji'an City, Cha mengou into the Yalu River, a total length of 433 km, flows through Tonghua County 76 kilometers. The channel is to Tonghua Anton A water transport artery.

Tonghua County social undertakings

Tonghua County education

In 2013, Tonghua county was identified as the national rural school art education experimental county, the province hosted the "northeast Teacher Education Collaborative Innovation Center" effective teaching spot. Tonghua County Experimental Primary School in Jilin province to participate in the "National Science and technology innovation competition and intellectual property publicity and education activities" in the finals, won the highest award contest groups and individuals. The new repair and renovation of buildings 113 thousand square meters, merging 43 rural primary and secondary schools, seventh middle school was built, the expansion of the comprehensive high schools, the total number of 33460 students.

Tonghua County Hygiene

In 2013, Tonghua county urban and rural residents of major diseases, medical aid system, the new rural cooperative medical insurance rate up 100%. Hosted in the county of Jilin Province intellectual property training, passed the "national torch plan Tonghua County traditional Chinese medicine industry base" review.

Tonghua County A literary style

In 2013, Tonghua County, Jilin province hosted the mass sports work will be awarded a national advanced county mass sports; "Bao Quan Chung distillery", "Jiang Yan tombs" and "Longgang site" and "red cypress Songgu city" and "the Great Wall" five sites approved for the seventh batch of national key cultural relics protection units. Smoothly through the 3A national marriage registration office evaluation and acceptance. Tonghua county social welfare service center put into use.

Tonghua County social security

In 2013, Tonghua county urban registered unemployment rate below 3.99%, to solve the zero employment families ratio 100%. The new urban and rural residents social pension insurance 76795 people, pensions 16 million 640 thousand yuan. The cumulative distribution of the social relief fund 56 million 500 thousand yuan. Transformation of urban barrier free road 3.9 kilometers, Mangdao 3120 square meters, 429 square meters of ramp.

Tonghua County Scenic spot

China Folk Culture Village
Northeast Folk Custom Village is located in the east of the Village deer circle in Happy Valley, a total investment of more than 200 yuan, folk village covers an area of 40 mu, building area of 1500 square meters, collecting folk exhibits more than 1500 pieces, there are 30 rooms, including Korean, Manchu style garden house. Eight sets of courtyard. A picking garden, green culture park, fishing garden and other attractions .
The leading mountain scenic spots
Longtou Hill Tonghua county is located in the town of Stone Lake Scenic Spot National Forest Park The highest peak in the east area, 1589 meters above sea level, old-fashioned roof, old-fashioned top elevation 1516 meters, is the second in Jilin Province, the three peak, because the mountain top Shaolin dew soil, so the soil top. Scenic area planning a total area of 283 square kilometers, among them, the leading mountain scenic area of 16.5 square kilometers, accounting for 5.8% scenic spots.
The white Jifeng Scenic Area
At the white Jifeng Scenic Area Changbai Mountain Southwest mountain (commonly known as boots ditch) the west slope of the northwest and Tonghua City, adjacent to the white Jifeng national Forest Park. The climate in the scenic spot belongs to the continental monsoon climate, four seasons, the temperature difference between. The scenic area is mainly to the natural landscape of forest ecological tourist attractions, the magic stone white chicken Zinan North fan-shaped distribution. Most scenic forest vegetation for coniferous forest. The main tree species are pine, spruce, oak, birch, and rare species of yew, Taxus, Kalopanax kalkora, etc.. Under the canopy of a wild ginseng under forest ginseng, Tianma, asarum, and other 160 kinds of plants. The western slope of Tonghua city white Jifeng Forest Park, East Happy Valley Jifeng Dongpo as white spots, a white chicken before and after white chicken, the altitude of 1318 meters and 1300 meters. The white Jifeng scenic forest coverage rate of 99%. The total area of 35 square kilometers. Huitong Park, deer breeding area by Sheng ecological park, cold water fish farming, and other characteristics of ornamental Pudu Temple attractions.

Tonghua County Local specialities

Tonghua County in the Republic of China on domestic deer, Tonghua County deer body is a treasure, "Kanto Sambo" one. Valuable pilose antler blood, deer, deer, deer tail, the heart is the pharmaceutical raw materials, can be edible DEERSKIN LEATHER, venison. Deer manure is a good fertilizer.

Tonghua County Famous characters

Tonghua County Ya-Dung Suen , Shao Shen Zhaoren, Can Other celebrities.