Deciduous trees

Deciduous trees, the annual winter season or dry season leaves all fall off The Tree Generally, temperate deciduous trees, such as hawthorn, Pear , Apple , Indus Etc..
Deciduous trees
Leaves of plants decreased Transpiration , an adaptation to survive the cold or dry season, the plant habit is formed during the long evolutionary process.
The leaves of the reason, is short sunshine The internal cause, auxin Reduce, abscisic acid Increase the separation results produced.

Deciduous trees basic content

The tree refers to the tree tall trees from the roots occurred independently of the trunk, the trunk and crown are distinct. Such as common poplar , Pagoda tree , Pine , Willow Tall trees.
Deciduous tree leaves are short, within one year of leaves will fall off entirely, all the old leaves fall off after entering a period of dormancy. Generally most of the deciduous trees in the temperate climate, lush summer, winter leaves, a few tree species can take leaves and winter. Representative varieties see below

Deciduous trees Basic introduction

Neem Melia: azedarach. meliaceae Melia deciduous trees. also called Chinaberry . In Henan, Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Gansu, Taiwan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Hainan province Chinese distribution. Soft wood, easy processing, for furniture, tools etc; flowers, leaves, seeds and root bark can be used as medicine; and trees and ornamental trees and afforestation in coastal areas. The tree up to 20 meters. Ye Husheng, 2 to 3 odd pinnate; leaflets opposite, ovate or lanceolate, serrate blunt old leaves glabrous. Flowers bisexual fragrant, pale purple, axillary panicles. Drupe ellipsoid or subglobose, yellow when ripe. Seeds black grain number. Light and warm climate, like fertilizer. Can grow in acidic soil, calcareous soil and salt content of saline soil were below 0.3%. Water resistance, resistance to dust, anti wind tide. Rapid growth, lateral roots and strong sprout. Seedling with drill. Usually in the spring with the annual seedling planting afforestation.
 Neem seed Neem seed
In China, from Hebei, Shanxi, southern Shaanxi and Southeast Gansu, East Taiwan, West Sichuan, Yunnan, south of Hainan province have a wild or cultivated. The vertical distribution range around the disparity, Henan southern slope of Funiu Mountain is about 700 meters above sea level, up to 1900 meters above sea level in Yunnan. Neem happy light and warm climate, and like fertilizer. Can grow in saline alkali soil, acidic soil and calcareous soil salt content was below 0.3%. Water wet, anti dust, anti wind tide. Rapid growth, lateral roots and strong sprout. Used for afforestation and coastal areas around. After the optional robust tree seed leaves, drupe soaked in water for several days, scrub remove pulp, remove dry sand or dry storage. With sowing seedling, sowing. About 50 days after sowing, seedling seedling germination unearthed, clustering time. General in the spring with annual seedling planting. In order to prevent low branching, promote the trunk upward growth in the spring will tip off the seedlings after germination, selecting a robust new breeding technology as the backbone, the removal of the rest of adorable branch. The following year to continue. The pest of Anoplophora chinensis and Meliaceae Melia longicorn larvae flash dry, psilgramma menephore larvae eat leaves. The wood is soft, fine structure, texture slightly straight, shiny, corrosion-resistant, easy processing, suitable for furniture, tools etc.. A name for medicinal bark cortex Meliae. Chinese herbal medicine for toosendanin chinaberry fruit (M.toosendan).

Deciduous trees Morphological character

A deciduous tree, high 25m. Inverted umbrella crown, branches to carry out. Bark brown, shallow crack. Branchlets with verticillate shape, gray brown, sparsely pubescent, lenticels conspicuous leaf scars and smooth after. Ye Husheng, two to three times Pinnate 20-40cm, long, rachis puberulent at the beginning, after the smooth; leaflets opposite, ovate, elliptic or lanceolate, 3-7cm long, 0.5-3cm wide, apex acuminate, base rounded or cuneate, usually oblique, margin serrate or shallow blunt teeth, thin entire; main veins raised significantly, with a special flavor; petiolules 0.1 - 1.Ocm. Panicles, length 15 20cra, subequaling leaves, petals 5, pale purple or white, obovate spatulate, 0.8-lcm long, outside puberulent, surface smooth; stamens 10, synthetic filament stamen tube, purple. Ovary subglobose, 5-6 room, long style and stigma capitate. Drupe Yellow, green or yellow, subglobose or ellipsoid, 1-3cm long, 1 seeds per locule; exocarp thinly leathery, fleshy mesocarp and endocarp woody seed oval, red brown. Florescence 4-5 month, fruit maturity 10-11 months.
Neem flower is not visible, but the flowering season is very long, some of the year to be able to stay open for more than a month. The flowers are small, white petals appearing in purple, in the process of decay, gradually white, four bending dispersion. Flower Purple flower shaped, head like a bell, around the purple heart is yellow, covered with pollen, the flower pistil gradually mature, hollow. Pistil after pollination, the day after President of neem beans. After the first green bean yellow chinaberry, grown with finger size, thin soft layer wrapped bean nucleus.

Deciduous trees Growth environment

The main production in southern Asia and australia. Southern China, central China, Southwest China and other provinces have distribution, native tree species also in Yanling. Applicable scope: neem containing toosendanin, have insecticidal effect. Medicinal roots, stems and leaves, used to control trichodiniasis, hidden whip

Deciduous trees Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

Beijing, Tianjin nearly two years of frequent large project, coupled with its own city greening requirement,
So in the two big city periphery nursery Have a certain reserve of deciduous trees. Beijing around 5 to 6 cm of deciduous trees kept garden quantity ranking, Ginkgo biloba Fraxinus, Sophora japonica, Ailanthus Desf The number, respectively, ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of thousands of lines. Compared with Beijing, wax and other varieties in Tianjin some salt deposit nursery and usage increased significantly. As the largest area of Tianjin nursery, Liuyuan Nursery 3 to 5 cm and 5 cm to 8 ash deposit garden quantity reached 50 thousand and 30 thousand strains. The specifications are mostly concentrated in the more than 5 cm.
However, due to the relative scarcity of agricultural land, the influence factors of higher rents, labor costs, Beijing, Tianjin and the surrounding nursery cannot satisfy the local greening engineering specifications, especially large size engineering engineering seedlings seedlings mainly rely on the transportation from Hebei, Shandong, Henan and other places. Hebei Province, near Beijing, Tianjin relying on the geographical advantages, the production capacity increased gradually. Since 2007, the rise of Dingzhou, Guan Baoding, Ba, and a number of new people.
Hua Yuanfa Beijing city is the most important seedlings wholesale market, Beijing seedling demand barometer . From 2006 the market demand, the demand of the 4 common varieties of Platanus orientalis, ginkgo tree, ash maximum specifications were concentrated in the 15 to 18 cm, 12 cm, 10 to 12, 12 to 15 cm to 15 cm. From 2006 the market circulation data, circulation of the total 250 thousand strains, 130 thousand of which were the height of 8 cm above the tung tree, ginkgo tree, ash, 1000 chun. In addition, Beijing engineering company has many specifications are not small "private goods", but generally do not use.
Dingzhou in Hebei province started earlier, the production area of the largest of the Miao village, Joe, shrub production ratio of about 7 to 13, of which more than 95% trees sold to north of the Yellow River. The 7 tree varieties in the survey in Buckeye no production, the other 6 varieties were not small deposit garden quantity, Platanus orientalis Tree, ash, Luan, Chun Shu has hundreds of thousands of North line, although less total ginkgo, also have hundreds of thousands of lines. But the overall size is small, these species in 3 to 5 cm in size reached more than 6. 8 cm above the existing nursery volume ranked the top three varieties respectively. Sophora japonica And, the Ailanthus Desf . The local nursery deposit volume reached hundreds of thousands of lines of deciduous trees of the species are Populus tomentosa And, Robinia pseudoacacia Poplar Because capital. Ecological forest The needs of the construction, the rising trend of poplar sales.

Deciduous trees A folk art form popular in Shandong

Shandong Province, 4 to 6 cm in size. Tree garden quantity almost accounted for the province's total tree nursery deposit amount of 7, is 7 to 8 cm size deposit amount of 3 to 4 times the nursery. Among them, 4 to 6 cm in size. Garden quantity were the top three wax, fatong, Sophora japonica 7 to 8 cm, and the specification of deposit volume of the top three of the garden were Sophora japonica, Platanus orientalis, Fraxinus dominated. Because of the dwindling number of twentieth Century from roads, housing reform, demolition and other ways of large size should be used when more trees, nursery products, due to industrial development time is not long, so 8 cm above the tree is tight.
From 2006 the sales situation, Fatong, ash sales is good, 10 cm above the basic stock, in
 Oriental plane Oriental plane
The winter freeze, 7 to 8 cm in size, the wax is also in short supply, then, may be a direct result of the two varieties of 6 cm product price rise. Acacia , Koelreuteria Paniculata , Weeping willow Is Shandong a large amount of deciduous tree species nursery. But the Acacia disease and physiological drought situation has a negative impact on sales.
The tree a long history of development of the Jining area, producer of planting structure is also quite reasonable. Platanus orientalis, Sophora japonica, white wax, baseball is a large amount of local memory nursery varieties. But the 4 varieties in 3 to 8 cm range, save garden quantity for each file are similar, respectively 160 thousand, 120 thousand, 50 thousand and 30 thousand. In addition, the number of local Mount Huangshan Luan Luan significantly more than the north.
In Jining, the best tree transplanting a pin, and presents the characteristics of price and high survival rate. Now this part of products accounted for almost 20% of the total deposit of local tree nursery, and is still increasing. Because the tree is when the landlord camp, so the seedling Duandang situation does not appear in the local.
Weifang area The survey figures show that the area of seedling nursery deposit amount is larger, both 3 to 5 cm, or 5 to 8 cm long, in 7 varieties in the survey, deposit amount of each species in the nursery of hundreds of thousands of lines above, the amount of ash deposit were more than million lines.
However, from 2006 the price point of view, it is the minimum amount of the deposit in the Buckeye champion, 3 cm of the price can be sold for 28 yuan, 8 cm can even sell 900 yuan per plant. The lowest price is ginkgo, basically no more than 1/20 of the price of the same size horsechestnut.
Shandong Huimin County The largest amount of ash is stored in memory, 3 to 5 cm were 8 cm and 5 to two specifications respectively in 600 thousand and 200 thousand strains. It is understood that the local has almost no seedling, 1 to 2 cm ash seedlings are hard to find, but this specification requires a lot of barren mountain afforestation seedlings, so the ash seedlings have formed a new market gap.
In addition, according to the practice of dense planting a few years ago, local producers have taken action to open up a new production area from the beginning to strictly control the planting density; for these areas, are carried out through the sale, extraction, deforestation and other means Sparsing . The county has 40% production area of this adjustment range.

Deciduous trees Jiangsu Province

Due to climate, geography, production of Jiangsu Province, northern common deciduous tree is far less than other provinces in this survey, this survey selected only Rugao And Changzhou Xia Xi The two seedlings center.
The river market ranked the best selling stock market top three. As the distribution center is much greater than the significance of its production. From 2006 sales data to infer its offer, here sales of deciduous trees, exotic seedlings accounted for a larger proportion. The total 2006 sales of the deciduous trees of nearly one million lines, only accounted for half of a ginkgo, such as Platanus orientalis, Sophora japonica, tree of heaven Probably the same, single species sales were more than 10 lines. 5 to 8 cm in size and were mainly pin, nearly 7 of total sales to.
The investigation of species, Rugao basically only mass production of baseball, Sophora japonica and ginkgo, Ginkgo biloba and save garden quantity top, only less than 400 thousand of the total strains. More than 10 cm and 3 cm to 4 of the two specifications of deciduous trees in the former best pin, needless to say, the latter is caused by the new rural network construction. In addition, the spring and summer color and taste of local varieties Pu Shu 2007 sold to Shandong and other places have become one of the best-selling varieties from local.

Deciduous trees Northwest area

Northwest area The natural conditions are special, such as Xinjiang, Ningxia, Gansu and other provinces are from Shaanxi
 Large leaves Large leaves
province Zhouzhi County Transportation need of seedling. But now these places has already begun to seedling production and basic self-sufficiency. Taking Ningxia as an example, according to Shen Xiaodong, the local use of green seedlings in the 5 to 6 cm in size, the basic price of not more than 15 yuan per plant. Yongning Pingluo, Taole , Helan Yinchuan, Inner Mongolia and other emerging Linhe Miao Town, every year for Ningxia's 5 to 6 cm in size ash, Ailanthus And Sophora japonica, Populus bolleana The number can respectively reach 30 thousand, 10 thousand, 20 thousand and 30 thousand strains, such as is not enough, it will be from Shaanxi, Henan and other places to transfer goods.
It must be said that in Xi'an city and its nearby Zhouzhi County, this area is the Northwest's largest seedling producing areas. The amount of plant ash and toon here is quite small, family tree here is Sophora japonica, ginkgo, Fatong, and Koelreuteria Paniculata Buckeye The amount of deposit, hundreds of thousands of lines of nursery each, of which the price is much higher than the same size any other trees. It is worth mentioning that since twentieth Century Zhouzhi The number of seedlings to 3 cm below the tree nursery deposit was significantly less than 3 to 5 cm in size. Especially one of the local varieties of trees once planted Weeping willow Deposit amount is less severe in 2, to 5 cm in size of basic merchandise.

Deciduous trees Henan Province

As the central province of Henan province seedlings, seedling planting started earlier and formed a lot of famous people. From the survey found that the amount of Henan Province in chestnut planting about 200000 plants, 3 to 5 cm in size specifications, priced at 20 to 100 yuan, the specifications of the high price, but do not yield. Planting Fatong and ginkgo scattered in Henan. The situation of Sophora japonica Is not optimistic 3, to 5 cm in size in large quantity, most growers take cuttings and grafting other varieties of ways. The amount of 5 to 8 cm of Sophora japonica is relatively large, the price of 15 yuan to 70 yuan. In addition, zhuangshuyuan decreased gradually in the planting amount of the province.
As the important province of Miao village, Huangchuan, Yanling The seedling planting area is large, exceed 200 thousand acres and 400 thousand acres. The deciduous tree puts garden and sales volume should not be underestimated, but the two are planting trees planting density is too large, resulting in some varieties of trees price lower than other areas with the specifications of the products.
But from the two data provided is not difficult to see, with the end of 2006 the number of nursery stock sales, and two products 6 to 8 cm size declined significantly, changes in product structure specifications larger, which is obviously two years before the blind expansion of the manufacturers" Sequela ".
Huangchuan chestnut and toon almost no mass production, save a large amount of varieties of nursery is mainly Fatong, ash, Sophora japonica, bischofia polycarpa Second, ginkgo. Here the main competitive advantage is that many local people do in engineering, with lots of nursery stock brokers to run outside, but the varieties and planting pattern of old local producers have to continuously reduce income.
Yanling is a large amount of varieties of nursery wax, Platanus orientalis, Sophora japonica, no.. and Huangchuan A similar situation also plagued Yanling seedling producers. But, thankfully, both in seedlings association to find countermeasures

Deciduous trees Common varieties

Deciduous trees Wang Huai Sen

Wang Huai Sen, Papilionaceae genus of deciduous trees, flowers, bark, leaves are widely used. It grows quickly, a straight trunk, narrow crown, stipules small puncture and soft thorns before 2 years, 3 years after the assassination of the basic off, deep green leaves and white color, pleasant fragrance, is a great market potential of the fast-growing tree species, the resilient material, corrosion resistance, can be used as pillar and construction high quality raw materials, but also the production of timber, furniture, wood flooring.
Wang Huai Sen rapid growth, wood hard, texture delicate, water wet, anti rotten, flammable, high calorific value, is an important fast-growing timber species and energy tree species. As the pillar and the building material, but also the production of high-quality raw materials for furniture, wooden floor.
Wang Huai Sen is an important fast-growing timber species, heavy and hard wear-resistant material, impact resistance, strong resistance to pressure, water resistance and decay, is excellent timber bridges and building houses, pillar, mechanical manufacturing and processing all kinds of travel tools etc..
Now the national afforestation single species, soil fertility decline seriously, and create Hongsen Huai mixed forest can greatly improve the soil, Rhizobia Nitrogen fixation, leaves can be loam. With the elm, poplar and willow forests, growth will be better. Wang Huai Sen developed root system, its root nodule can improve soil fertility, nitrogen fixation, the barren, drought resistance is better than that of Salicaceae species, in poor soil, can also be compared to the normal growth. Nitrogen fixation characteristics of Hongsen Huai, is a very good mixed forest tree species, can improve soil, improve soil fertility, promote the rapid growth of other mixed forest tree species.

Deciduous trees Ginkgo (Ginkgo)

Deciduous trees; pale gray bark, old vertical parted. Leaves on long branches scattered spiral,
 Ginkgo Ginkgo
Clustered on short branches. The top blade fan, with 2 lobed. Male plants dioecious; usually long branch oblique extension, long branch is female male plant development and pendulous; short branches dense, is dark gray; winter bud scars, brown, conical, blunt. Stamen filaments short; female flowers with long stems. Seed drupelike, obovate or oval, round, ripe fruit Orange Peculiar shape, beautiful, golden autumn, trees are magnificent and long life, excellent garden foliage trees. Two national protected rare species.
Ginkgo tree Also known as white fruit, slow growth, long life, natural conditions from planting to results to more than and 20 years, forty years to a large number of results, so the alias" Maidenhair tree "," public and sun to eat "meaning, is the oldest tree.

Deciduous trees Metasequoia

Deciduous tree; bark gray or light brown. Branchlets opposite, pinnate leaves decussate, 2 rows of soft flat bar. Beautiful tree, can be used as a "pass" or landscape trees. China endemic species and the world famous relic plant, living fossil . National protected rare species.
 Metasequoia Metasequoia

Deciduous trees Maple

Deciduous tree; bark dark gray, flaking. Leaves obovate triangular, triangular or oval shaped, usually 3 lobed, lobes triangular, close to large is forked, apical short acuminate, margin entire or slightly shallow tooth surface, deep green, glabrous, abaxially with white, with fine pilose, glabrescent. Corymbs terminal, with yellow green flowers, pilose; leaf after flowering; ovary densely pilose. Samara yellow brown, two winged sickle, the middle part of the wide, base narrow two wings spreading at an acute angle, nutlets veined processes. Autumn is golden yellow, excellent garden foliage trees.

Deciduous trees Red maple

Red maple Is an important landscape color leaf trees, but also many of the famous maple leaf. The maple tree elegant posture, Posuo, Xianxiu leaf, leaf color is gorgeous, very cute. In the garden along the Yangtze River Basin in China widely cultivated.

Deciduous trees Yu Lan (Magnolia)

Deciduous tree; winter buds densely gray yellow green hairy leaves alternate, obovate, rectangular, entire. The flower is big, white, precious Green trees.

Deciduous trees Zhu Shayulan (two Qiao Yulan)

Small deciduous trees; leaves obovate to ovate oblong. Flower is a bell shaped, white, purple and fragrant. Great beauty, is the unique spring flowers.

Deciduous trees Begonia flower

Deciduous tree; twigs pubescent, old branches purple brown, glabrous. Leaves elliptic to oblong, apex short acuminate or obtuse, base broadly cuneate to subrounded, margin serrulate, both sides were sparsely pubescent, glabrescent; petiole pubescent. Inflorescences subumbellate, flowers 4 - 6 flower; pedicel length 2 - 3 cm, pilose with. White flowers, flower with red, yellow, pome subglobose, is famous in the garden youth Tree species.

Deciduous trees Midget Crabapple

Small deciduous trees; tree state Qiao Li, young shoots with fine, oblong leaves, apex acuminate, margin serrulate, umbellate raceme, 4-7 having a flower, branchlets top, flowers pale red. Fruit globose, red flowers red, bright colors, is a species of flower in the garden.

Deciduous trees Weeping.

Small deciduous trees; the canopy opened, young branchlets purple. Leaves ovate to oblong eggs
The shape, petiole purplish red. Spend 4 to 7 clusters of fresh red branchlets top, pedicels slender, drooping sepals deep purple. Trees are dancing, dressed, bonuses like Yan Yi Xia, graceful, lovely, is the famous spring garden tree species.

Deciduous trees Prunus cerasifera

Small deciduous lumber Joe; branches glabrous, reddish brown. Leaves ovate to obovate, margin biserrate leaf, purple red. Flowers pink. The leaf color Hongyan, is an important ornamental plant in garden.

Deciduous trees Cherry blossoms

Deciduous tree; silver belt. Leaf blade elliptic ovate, oblong to obovate, margin with single or double serrate, sharp surface glabrous, abaxially pubescent along veins. Red brown leaves, flowers 3 to 6 flowers into corymbose raceme, peduncle short; flowers before the leaves open, when put at the beginning of light red, white flowers, beautiful, fragrant pink. The garden can be made or slope Clump planting .

Deciduous trees Plum

Small deciduous trees; branchlets slender, green hair, Yip Kwong Ovate to ovate, apex long acuminate, base broadly cuneate or subrounded, margin finely serrate, abaxially is pale. Flowers solitary or 2 clusters, the first leaves open, pink or white, fragrant. Is the famous garden in early spring flowers.

Deciduous trees Peach blossom

Small deciduous trees; leaf blade ovate lanceolate or elliptic lanceolate needle, sometimes obovate lanceolate, margin with single tooth. Flowers blooming before leaves, pink, calyx tube campanulate, pubescent outside; carpels hairy. The fruit is edible, early spring flowering plants in the famous garden.
 Peach blossom Peach blossom

Deciduous trees Flowering peach

Small deciduous trees. Branchlets red brown, glabrous; leaves elliptic lanceolate, apex acuminate. Flowers solitary in axils of leaves or two. In the garden with beautiful color, large tree, good ornamental effect, as an indispensable spring flowering tree. Suitable for the lakeside, streams, on both sides of the road and park layout, also suitable for small courtyard decorated and ornamental plants, is often used for cut flowers and bonsai.

Deciduous trees Fengyang

Deciduous trees; the old bark dark gray; branchlets with yellow lenticels; pith flakes; naked buds. Ye Husheng, even with little or odd pinnate, rachis with narrow wings, leaves oblong, serrulate. Leaflets oblong, surface of the tiny Pang bulges, stellate hair veins, abaxially rarely peltate glands. Flowers unisexual, monoecious; male catkin solitary in axils, pendulous; female catkin acrogenous, daochui. Fruit oblong, spherical fruit on both sides of a rectangular fin type, like gold, it is also called Pterocarya stenoptera .

Deciduous trees Platanaceae (British Indus)

Deciduous trees; branches, crown and a broad wide bell; stem bark gray to grayish white, irregular flake, peeling after a green powder, smooth. Young leaves, young branchlets densely brown stellate hairs. Leaves triangular, palmately cracking, spherical fruit, usually 2 strings, Dayin leaves thick, the bark is smooth and beautiful, tall tree, lush foliage, rapid growth, easy to survive, cut resistant, fewer pests. In two Liu oxidation, Chlorine There is a strong resistance and other toxic gases. In seventeenth Century the British with three ball from the United States and France sycamore Platanus occidentalis hybrid Platanaceae, called "London planetree".

Deciduous trees Pagoda tree

 Sophora japonica Sophora japonica
Deciduous tree; branchlets smooth green, yellowish brown lenticels, odd pinnate, alternate, entire. Inflorescence terminal; calyx campanulate, 5 teeth; corolla white. For deep roots like sun tree can be made, and for the excellent honey plants have strong resistance to sulfur dioxide, chlorine and other toxic gases. Landscape excellent tree species.

Deciduous trees The actual use

Deciduous trees High quality wood

China species, so the area of wood are different.
In the wood classification, belong to deciduous trees Broadleaf tree Material. With the widely cultivated hard material, texture straight, beautiful patterns of characteristics. Usually the wood size is large, suitable for plane printing and rotary cutting processing. Including the common Toothed oak , A Manchurian Ash , Camphor , Sassafras And all birch , Nanmu Poplar and etc..

Deciduous trees Landscaping

Application of plants in garden landscaping is basic materials and themes in the city landscape, the trees are An integral part of, it can be limited to the space between the buildings and giving some meaning, but also beautify the building itself, using different tree, take solitary plant, small scale vegetation or a large number of different ways of defining each strip planting space, natural scenic spots, can be hard to eliminate the adverse effects of buildings the line.
Deciduous trees in Landscaping Occupies an important position, is widely used, can be used as Roadside trees , Shade tree , leaf, flower, fruit trees and tree species such as industrial and mining enterprises. Because has the obvious seasonal features of deciduous trees. Therefore one can use tree shape, structure and color of the rich and varied plants for conscious allocation; on the other hand, the leaf color of deciduous trees often due to seasonal changes obviously, these changes in the Garden Landscaping Plays an important role.
The king use deciduous tree type plants, should pay attention to the problem:
(1) to change Evergreen tree For the Lord, dotted the autumn leaves the scenery, the autumn leaf trees planted in plots, resulting in "autumn infinite good" landscape, in the local area to the autumn leaf tone, with evergreen tree as the background, not only to meet the Hue Change, but also realize the contrast and harmony is lively and vivid;
(2) deciduous trees as trees, using changes in spring and autumn leaf color, softening the city streets and elevation effect;
(3) pay attention to harmony with the environment and the building at the time of planting, the use of color change, artificially caused certain artistic conception and poetic, induce people association.