Fusong County

Fusong county is Jilin Province Baishan City Under the jurisdiction of the county, Jilin province is located in the southeastern part of the Changbai Mountain The west side, a total area of 6153 square kilometers. As of 2011, Fusong County People's Government The town of Fusong , jurisdiction over 11 towns, 3 townships. The total population of 298 thousand (2013).
Fusong County
In 2013, Fusong county area GDP of 17 billion 500 million yuan, growth of 15.9% in 2012. Fusong county has changbaishan airport The train station. SongJiangHe Railway Station , Xian Ren Qiao Railway Station , LuShuiHe Railway Station Etc..
Fusong county is the key forestry county and famous ginseng origin, known as Chinese town.
Fusong county was listed as the second batch of national new urbanization integrated pilot area.

Fusong County History

Qing Xuantong first year (December 2, 1909 October 20th), imperial envoy Governor General Xi Liang and vice president title Fengtian Governor Cheng De zouqing, intends to Changbai Mountain post (now Fusong area) located in the county. Xuantong first year (December 6, 1909 October 24th) The military department Cash hand outs, in early December six, Xuantong first year (January 16, 1910) in Zhupi decree, the quasi legislative county. At the beginning of the construction of the county, the county seat is located in the "double Zi", so named shuangdian county. The common name "Shuang Dian Dian Zi Zi Jie, is now the town of Fusong, in the malugou year on two large Meadow The name. Here the homeless mixed, blocking traffic, perennial bandits disorder, and heavy, because the whole region in the upper reaches of the Songhua River, "the Yin Fan" and "dynamic representations of aids".
Xuantong two years (August 23, 1910 July 19th) was renamed "Fusong county", belonging to the Fengtian province.
At the end of Qing Dynasty, of Fengtian province White House .
In two years (1913), belongs to the Fengtian province
 Deng Xiaoping in Fusong Deng Xiaoping in Fusong
East Road, county administrative department for county government. Awarded "Fusong county a bronze seal".
In eighteen years (1929), Fusong County Government County Fengtian province. The same year in order to change the county government for the county government.
In twenty-three years (October 1, 1934), announced the "Manchukuo province official", Fusong County in December 1st is Andong .
In twenty-six years (1937 July) is Tonghua Province . 1945 "nine - three" after the victory of Anti Japanese War, the establishment of the people's democratic regime.
In thirty-four years (1945) in December 18th, the establishment of the Fusong County democratic government, Hebei Liaoning district heat Liaoji office fourth commission. In December 20, 1945, by Anton Province make well-connected The office of the commissioner.
In thirty-five years (1946) in January, to the Jilin area of Tonghua Province Administrative . In thirty-five years (1946) in July 21st, is the Liaoning area of Tonghua Province, the first commissioner.
In thirty-six years (1947) in January, by Liaoning Province, municipality directly under the central government. In thirty-six years (1947) in May 22nd, is the Liaoning area of Tonghua Province, the first commissioner.
Thirty-seven years of the Republic of China (1948 July 20th), Anton of Tonghua Province Office of the chief inspector .
In thirty-eight years (May 18th, 1949) is Liaodong Province Office of the chief inspector of Tonghua.
June 1952, from the east side of province, municipality directly under the central government. In July 23, 1954, under the Jilin Province, Tonghua area office. In April 30, 1955, the county was renamed the people's Committee of the county people's government. In 1966 the "Cultural Revolution" after the start, the county people's Committee was forced to stop the exercise of the powers, Chinese taken over by the people's Liberation Army Fusong County People's Armed Forces Department production headquarters. In March 1968, the establishment of the Fusong County revolutionary committee.
In September 1980, renamed the Fusong County People's government.
In February 4, 1985, revocation of Tonghua Commissioner, modified by the city tube county. Hunjiang City (now Baishan City) has jurisdiction.
 Fusong County Fusong County

Fusong County geographical position

Fusong County Location condition

Fusong county is located in the southeast of Jilin province Chinese. Songhua River Upstream, northwest of Changbai Mountain mountain, the east longitude 127 degrees 01 '-128' 06 degrees, 41 degrees north latitude 42 degrees 49 '-42'. North and Huadian city, Dunhua The city is bounded by two Songhua River road. South and Linjiang , Changbai Korean Autonomous County To be connected。 The East and Antu County Democratic People's Republic of Korea borders. With the West Jingyu County Across the river. and River Source Area Connected. North and South 125 km long, 87 km wide. genus Mount Bai City, a total area of 6153 square kilometers.
Fusong County

Fusong County topographic features

Jilin Lushuihe national Forest Park is located in the Changbai Mountain mountain area of Fusong County, the territory of the total terrain gradually tilted from the southeast to the northwest, the relative elevation 2383 meters. The highest point is Bai Yunfeng peak, 2691 meters above sea level. The lowest point is the Xingcan town of Sanjiang, 308 meters above sea level. Landforms in Changbai Mountain landform.

Fusong County climate

China mountain northeast of Fusong County Cold temperate zone The humid climate, can be roughly divided into 5 regions, namely, the cool mountain area along the gentle mountain region, cold region, mountain area, mountain very cold and freezing. The temperature with altitude increased progressively from west to East and the change trend was decreased from south to north. The annual average temperature of 4 DEG C, the highest annual average temperature of 5.1 degrees, the lowest temperature of -0.3. Four seasons, the winter is long and cold, deep snow. The summer is short, hot, concentrated rainfall. The two seasons and the cold air activities are very active, the changing climate, changes of cold and warm stage significantly, spring and Autumn "late spring coldness", "early spring". The annual average 2352.5 hours of sunshine, the sunshine percentage is 53%. The annual sunshine time is 2833 hours, at least for 2021.1 hours. Abundant precipitation, annual average 800 millimeters. The great differences in the length of frost free period, the longest for 150 days, the shortest 79 days.

Fusong County natural resources

Fusong County land resource

As of 2013, the total area of Fusong County, 615311.22 hectares of land, divided into 8 first class, 4
 Fusong County Fusong County
6 grade class two. According to the present situation of land use classification, 21750.84 hectares of arable land, accounting for 3.53% of the total area of land; 5796.53 hectares, accounting for 0.94% of the total area of forest land; 551102.95 hectares, accounting for 89.56% of the total area; grassland 5.40 hectares, accounting for 0.001% of the total area; residential and industrial land 8408.10 hectares, accounting for 1.37% of the total area of traffic; 3176.16 hectares, accounting for 0.51% of the total area; the waters of 8694.43 hectares, accounting for 1.41% of the total area of Fusong County; unused land 16376.81 hectares, accounting for 2.66% of the total area.
As of 2013, Fusong County for the development and utilization of the area of 15885.35 hectares, of which the flood land of 1425.65 hectares, mainly in The town of Fusong Pine, Jiao Xiang, pumping water, Yan Jiang Xiang Sandy land; 23.33 hectares, mainly in Pumping water , Songjiang Xiang , Booming Township ; grassland 14459.7 hectares, mainly in Wan Liang Zhen Pumping water, Bei Gang Zhen , Elm town , changbai mountain natural reserve After reclamation, increased 576.67 hectares of arable land.

Fusong County mineral resources

As of 2013, Fusong County found that the mineral resources are metals, non metals, energy, mineral water 4 categories of 35 kinds of minerals, and has proven the development and utilization of the main coal, lead, zinc and silica, diatomite , antimony Copper, iron, granite, marble, limestone, pumice, basalt Shale soil, gypsum and other 16 kinds of mineral resources. The mineral water, diatomite, geothermal, silica, pumice, lead, zinc, granite and other mineral minerals is the largest output of Fusong county.
Fusong County: mineral water mineral water with elevation of 560-840 meters, 10-20 meters high near the river, mineral water dynamic stability, little effect on the number of mineral water precipitation. Fusong county is the discovery of large mineral water 10, all by the Department of geological prospecting and exploration, submit the evaluation report, through the national and provincial approval, 4 have achieved national certification. There are two types of mineral water, a silicic acid, germanium; a strontium carbonate and compound mineral water. Mainly distributed in Fusong County town of dew, Songjiang town , Quan Yang Zhen And the river town, Fusong town. Daily flow of 270 thousand tons, accounting for more than 80% of the total amount of mineral water in Baishan City.
Fusong County: silica silica reserves are very considerable, mostly distributed in Dew town And the detailed work undertaken by the Jilin Bureau of Geological Exploration Institute of Jilin geological exploration funds invested 500 thousand yuan, the total amount of exploration engineering, 15000 cubic meters of trenching, measurement and control of 3.5 square kilometers, 2.5 square kilometers of geological mapping, obtain the silica reserves of 4 million tons. Pumice: pumice has the characteristics of porous, low density, light weight, mainly distributed in Songjiang Town, by the forest development company responsible for the operation, the reserves of about 80 thousand tons. Ore bodies buried in shallow, simple form, rules, monolayer thickness is large, easy mining.
diatomite Fusong county has been found in the distribution of diatomite. Dew town , The New Town Village , Elm town Among them, the town of dew Diatomite ore Exploration Institute of Jilin geological exploration project undertaken by the Ministry of chemical industry, a total investment of 1 million 350 thousand yuan, get diatomite reserves of 5 million tons or more; Yushu Beishan diatomite ore reserves of 501 thousand tons.
Lead and zinc: 892 Fusong County lead-zinc deposit is located in Fairy town Among them, ore reserves of 8033/1194 (tons / tons of lead ore, zinc ore reserves) 40324/1194 (tons / tons of zinc ore).
Fusong County town of immortal geothermal geothermal field, Fusong county is located in the fairy town 7 km southwest of the thermal anomaly of Chang 110 meters, 20-60 meters wide. The hot springs 11, the temperature of 45-57 DEG C, the total flow of spring water containing radioactive elements 96m3/d, 25.41-64.52 Heyman radon region has been built, 5 geothermal wells, the water temperature of 72 degrees, the total yield of 1141.2m3/d.
Iron ore are mainly: Fusong County, Fusong County Songshan Fusong County, iron ore, iron ore, generous million. The Songshan iron ore iron ore reserves of 1 million 119 thousand tons, has not yet developed. 000, and iron ore iron ore reserves of about 4 million 600 thousand tons, has been developed.
Mica mica mine is located in Fusong county and WAN Liang Zhen, the mica reserves of 52 tons, proven total reserves 61 tons, have not yet developed.
Fusong County Rural Township Pine gypsum gypsum mine, geological prospecting funds invested a total of 650 thousand yuan, respectively, of LAN Jia Ying ditch exploration on ice cold, gypsum thickness of 2 meters, gypsum reserves about 60 thousand tons.
Silver: silver deposit is located in Fusong County Xilinhe dew Town, the silver ore reserves (57/194 tons / tons of silver ore), total proven reserves of 57/194 (tons / tons of silver ore).
Limestone: Fusong limestone mine is located in Songjiang County fruit Songshan Town, the limestone reserves of 5 million 190 thousand tons, total proven reserves of 5 million 190 thousand tons.

Fusong County Water resources

Fusong county is located in the upper reaches of the Songhua River, the total water resources of 3 billion 507 million cubic meters, the surface water resources of 2 billion 630 million cubic meters, more than 10 kilometers, reserves of 500 kilowatts more than 66 rivers. Fusong County water resources reserves of 520 thousand kilowatts. There are 55 development power, resources can be developed up to 519 thousand kilowatts, accounting for Jilin province to develop the 24%. After 60s, Fusong county was built The Beijiang River The power station, Lushuihe station, Quan Yang Power station, power station, Po Chun He River Power plant, Tang River Power station, power station, power station Dongling Wan Liang and other small hydropower stations 8, provincial cascade hydropower stations 1 peak. In 1990, Fusong was listed as the first batch of Chinese electrification county. Fusong county has been developed which accounts for only 5.5% of the amount that can be developed. old Songjiang Fenglin, Jinjiang A dozen sites by the Design Institute, songliaowaterresourcescommission planning, survey and demonstration power plant construction conditions.

Fusong County Biological resources

Fusong County Wild animal and plant resources Rich, but not" Northeast Sambo "Hometown, also known as" stereo resources ". There are 3010 kinds of wild animal. These large mammals include Northeast Tiger , Leopard , Red deer , Sika deer The black bear, Brown bear The wild boar, etc.. Small and medium sized mammals are Roe deer , Musk Beaver, lynx, Otter , Sable The weasel, etc.. There are many birds, fish and amphibians in Changbai Mountain forest special rare animal Forest frog . 1243 kinds of wild plants, ginseng, Japan Phyllitis japonica, Gastrodia elata, North five flavor Sub, Boschniakia , Rhodiola , GANODERMA Etc.. Natural pollution-free wild vegetables Vetch Guangdong cuisine, Aralia elata Seem , Fern , Orthoceras Hericium Mushroom, etc.. Edible fungi have hohenbuehelia serotina , Pleurotus citrinopileatus , Hericium erinaceus Fungus, Hazel mushroom Etc.. Berries are Red pine nut , Kiwi Blue lake, blueberry fruit, etc..

Fusong County administrative division

As of 2011, Fusong County People's Government The town of Fusong , jurisdiction over 11 towns, 3 townships, the town of Fusong, Songjiang town , Quan Yang Zhen , Dew town , Fairy town , Wan Liang Zhen , The New Town Village , Donggang Town , The river town , Bei Gang Zhen , Shen Zhen Xing , Booming Township , Pumping water , Yan Jiang Xiang . A total of 127 villages.

Fusong County National Population

In 2013, 298 thousand of the total population of Fusong county. Fusong County of the Han nationality, Manchu, Korean, Mongolian, Hui, Zhuang, dong, Siberia The 13 ethnic minorities.

Fusong County Transportation and communication

Fusong County traffic developed, by the end of October 1, 2013 Changchun to Fusong (Yingchengzi to Songjianghe) highway has been opened to Jingyu County town garden. There are changbaishan airport .
In 2013, Fusong County
In the west slope of 30 km tourist highway opened to traffic, pumped to Xin'an 19 kilometers into the Transport Department of Jilin Province, to support key projects. By the end of 2002, Fusong county highway traffic mileage of 969 kilometers, the road reached 222 kilometers.
Fusong County, the main train station: SongJiangHe Railway Station , Xian Ren Qiao Railway Station , LuShuiHe Railway Station , La Zi He Railway Station , QuanYang Railway Station , The Ditch Station , Yingbi Hill Station .
In 2013, civilian car ownership of 6800 vehicles, an increase of 600 over 2012, of which 886 passenger vehicles, 2012 an increase of more than 105 vehicles, private car ownership was 3178, more than in 2012 368.
In 2013, Fusong County State owned transport enterprises completed 620 thousand passenger trips, 12.7% higher than in 2012, non state transportation passenger volume will exceed 800 thousand passengers, 14.2% higher than in 2012, Fusong county completed a total passenger turnover reached 65 million kilometers, 8.3% higher than in 2012.
In 2013, Fusong County Post and telecommunications business volume of 69 million 920 thousand yuan, down 10.6% compared to 2012. In 2013, Fusong county has a fixed telephone 61144, every one hundred people have fixed telephone 21, growth of 9.2% in 2012. In the mobile phone network to 51500 users.

Fusong County Economics

Fusong County Overview

In 2013, Fusong county area GDP of 17 billion 500 million yuan, more than
 Fusong city government Fusong city government
In 2012, an increase of 15.9%; complete the full fiscal revenue, local fiscal revenue of 1 billion 440 million yuan and 1 billion 205 million yuan, respectively, compared with 2012 growth of 10% and 18%; fiscal expenditure 3 billion yuan, an increase of 9.5% over 2012; total industrial output value, more than the size of the added value of 30 billion 200 million yuan and 9 billion yuan, respectively, compared with 2012 growth of 14.8% and 12.5%; the completion of the whole society investment in fixed assets 16 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 25.7% over 2012; urban residents per capita disposable income of farmers per capita net income reached 18771 yuan and 10920 yuan, respectively, compared with 2012 growth of 15% and 17%. Total retail sales of social consumer goods 4 billion 130 million yuan, up 18% compared to 2012. The proportion of three industries was adjusted to 13:52:35.

Fusong County Primary industry

In 2013, Fusong added 62 thousand acres of arable land, a total area of 96 thousand acres, three yuan of planting structure adjustment to the ratio of 33:18:49. Ginseng total output value and the market turnover exceeded 10 billion yuan. The new characteristics of animal husbandry demonstration base 6, the new regulation of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises 5, a total of 55 households. Stephen Yangquan drinks company was rated as a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization.
Fusong county animal husbandry output value of 122 million 830 thousand yuan, growth of 6.3% in 2012. Total meat production 11157 tons, an increase of 8.6% over 2012; among them: pigs, beef and mutton production reached 8932 tons, growth of 3.6% in 2012. The total power of agricultural machinery, irrigation area, rural consumption, consumption of chemical fertilizers, Agricultural plastic film Use, plastic film mulching area, the use of pesticides and other aspects have different degrees of increase or increase over 2012.

Fusong County The secondary industry

In 2013, Fusong County Industrial Investment 6 billion 350 million yuan, the new regulation of 5 enterprises for peace
 Fusong County Fusong County
With an annual output of 40 thousand sets of high-grade furniture furniture project in the construction of the most expensive land, an annual output of 60 thousand sets of carbonized wood solid wood composite door production line project completed and put into production, increase the value of energy consumption decreased by 4% yuan. Jinlong wood, a adorable ginseng industry and other 4 enterprises reached the provincial standard technology center.
Fusong scale industrial enterprises above the total value of 10 billion 30 million yuan, an increase of 42.3% over 2012; the added value of 3 billion 370 million yuan, an increase of 36.7% over 2012; on the contribution rate of GDP to 48.5%. Realization The main business income 9 billion 350 million yuan, an increase of 45.1% over 2012; a total profit of 210 million yuan, the same period as the power plant enjoy the national policy subsidy of 290 million yuan, the 2009 profit fell 48.4%. In 2009, the comprehensive energy consumption of Industrial Enterprises above the scale of Fusong county is 362 thousand tons of standard coal, compared to the same period in 2012 increased 29.5% yuan added value of energy consumption of 1.11 tons of standard coal, down 5.3% compared to the same period in 2012. Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size reached 74 households in Fusong county.

Fusong County The service sector; the tertiary industry

Fusong County Lushuihe national Forest Park For the national 4A level scenic spots, National Tourism Standardization Demonstration County through the acceptance of selected China best ecological leisure tourism county. The success of "tourism economy forum" county tourism, 3 important agreements signed the wisdom of Changbai Mountain chamber of commerce tourism strategy and the National Association of industry and commerce, the establishment of the province's first County Federation of tourism industry association. Changbai Mountain city tourism core construction of the "four seasons Tour" pattern, in 2013 a total of 1 million 100 thousand tourists trips, tourism revenue to achieve 1 billion 240 million yuan. The quality of small and medium-sized medicine Wan Liang Changbai Mountain ginseng market traceability system incorporated into the traceability system. "Changbai Mountain international ginseng net" and "Changbai Mountain famous brand products exhibition center" completed.

Fusong County social undertakings

Fusong County The cause of Science

Fusong County in 2009 the completion of a total of 3 research projects, 4 patents.

Fusong County Education

At the end of 2009, Fusong County, there are 78 types of schools, including kindergarten (class 19),
 Fusong County Fusong County
28 primary school, 30 middle schools (including 12 The nine year School) school, secondary occupation education 1. In the park, the number of 2387 people, there are 170 staff; primary school students a total of 18618 people, a total of 2164 staff, including 1691 full-time teachers. The total number of students at the school to reach 21386 people, a total of 2160 staff, including 1700 full-time teachers. The total number of Secondary Occupation Education School of 1858 students, 154 faculty members, including 124 full-time teachers.
In 2013, Fusong county invested 75 million 780 thousand yuan, 30 thousand square meters of new buildings, the completion of the county special education schools, kindergartens and other 12 Fusong town construction. County Experimental School is put into use. Taking Baishan City college entrance examination science before three, undergraduate admission rate of 76%.

Fusong County Cultural undertakings

At the end of 2009, Fusong county has 1 cultural centers, 14 cultural centers, 1 cultural centers. In 2009 June, University of the aged persons over the age of 50 for the first time in CCTV Avenue of Stars On the stage. In 2009, Fusong county television coverage rate reached more than 97%, the radio coverage rate of 87.1%.
In 2013, Fusong has held the "China dream dream Shen Xiang" large mass performances in 7 games, 80 games to send the play to the countryside. Shanlihong performing arts companies invited to play the "2013 Zhangjiajie international country music week", won the best style award. Complete the construction of Fusong New Town Garden District fitness. Ginseng museum was named the three national museum. The county library was named a national museum. The new rural Xishan site is listed as "national key cultural relics protection units". Fusong county was named as the "Chinese ornamental stone town" and "Chinese ginseng culture village". The river town of Jinjiang village was named "national minority village".

Fusong County Public health

At the end of 2009, Fusong county has 126 health institutions, 1938 hospital beds, hygienic personnel 1609 people. Fusong County Rural 103564 people took part in the new The rural cooperative medical system The participation rate reached 93.72%.
In 2013, Fusong county invested 2 million 300 thousand yuan to complete the 46 village clinics standardized construction.

Fusong County social security

In 2009, the average wage of workers in Fusong county may reach 1748 yuan, than in 2012.
 Fusong County Fusong County
11.6%; urban residents per capita disposable income reached 9703 yuan, growth of 8% in 2012. The per capita net income of rural residents reached 6039 yuan, growth of 8.1% in 2012. CPI rose 5.4 percentage points.
In 2009, Fusong County town of 14608 new jobs, including Laid-off workers The re employment of 5875 people, 1201 people employment employment difficulties older objects. The transfer of rural employment of 46325 people, including: rural local transfer employment of 19309 people, 27016 people in rural areas for employment, The registered urban unemployment rate 4%. The new release Small loans 12 million 600 thousand yuan. Urban workers The basic medical insurance in 74800, The basic old-age insurance 54056 employees, 37281 employees participated in the unemployment insurance. The basic medical insurance for urban residents The number of 109008 people, the number of work-related injury insurance maternity insurance number 40 thousand people, 38002 people. The new rural cooperative medical personnel reached 103564 people.
In 2013, Fusong County town of 13 thousand and 500 new jobs, free training of urban and rural workers 12 thousand and 400 people, the transfer of rural labor employment 38 thousand and 700 people. Urban residents per capita compensation amount increased from 243 yuan to 267 yuan, rural residents per capita compensation amount increased from 1303 yuan to 1403 yuan, rural five centralized and decentralized support living standard by 3100 yuan and 2350 yuan per person per year increased to 3800 yuan and 2450 yuan. 5 million 400 thousand yuan investment in the urban and rural residents a serious illness relief, basic pension, unemployment benefits 65 million 280 thousand yuan 648 million yuan. The NCMS participation rate of 99.85%, ranking first in Baishan City.

Fusong County History and culture

The site of Nangang Located in the town of Qingchuan village fairy Xiaonangou Nangang top back, site
 Fusong County Fusong County
North and south is 200 meters, 100 meters. In May 1965, the collected stone axes, stone bar knife and pottery, after the analysis finds that the site is a primitive society of cultural relics in the Neolithic epoch is about.
Nanshankou site At the top of the new Ping Gang Tun Zi Zhen Xin Tun Zi Cun Dong Nan Xiang Road, commonly known as "nanshankou". The site has been turned into farmland, in the East 100 meters, 40 meters north-south range, collected red brown and black brown pottery two relics, collected a stone knife. Preliminary analysis found that the site is a primitive society of cultural relics, it's about a late Neolithic age.
In the ruins of the gutter In the pumping water pumping village 1.5 kilometers southeast of the gutter in Beishan south, 70 meters east-west, 40 meters north-south, pieces of pottery sites scattered on the surface with very little. Also collected a stone axe, identified as the late Neolithic site by analysis.
The ruins of Gao Lishan Located in the east of the village song Jiao Xiang Long Branch at the high mountain. 1960, collected a large number of relics of the stone axe, stone hoe, according to the analysis of the site's relics, as the new stone age.
Safe site Xingcan located 4 kilometers southwest of the town, 600 meters east-west, 500 meters north-south. Since 1960, in the ruins of the collected stone arrowheads and other artifacts, relics from the site's analysis finds that the Neolithic age is late.
Xiaonangou site Located in the town of Qingchuan village fairy Xiaonangou north slope farmland, things 50 meters long, 70 meters wide north-south. The stone axe, stone adzes, stone ball and black brown clip coarse pottery and other artifacts collected, the analysis found the site for the upper limit of the late Neolithic period, lower limit Goguryeo Early period.
Center Street site Located in the northeast of the village of pine Rural Township Center Street 100 meters. In 1984, found that the more the stone, bone, pottery and other artifacts at the site is located, from the analysis of unearthed cultural relics, the ruins of the Bronze Age cultural relics.
Sheep hole site Is located in Donggang Town West Village 1 kilometers southwest of the river on the right bank of the two terrace, 100 meters east-west, 6 meters north-south, with many sites scattered on the surface of copper, iron, stone, pottery pieces of relics. From the relics analysis, the site is about in the Koguryo period.

Fusong County Local specialty

Ginseng Mink Antler horn