Christianity refers to different factions and divisions of Christianity in the presence of them in some of the teachings of the same, but they also have different, and the formation of different organization system. In general, Christianity can be divided into Catholicism , The Orthodox Church and Protestantism The three major sects, but various sects and branches.
Well, the Franciscan Catholic Dominicans, Benedictine, Augustine, Kruni will repair, anti orthodox Anglican faction, a Lutheran protestant, Calvinism , Anglican, Wesley, Zong Zong, Adventists, axiom of the true Jesus church, Universalists So, do not belong to these three sects of the Christian Church include the Coptic Church, Christian Science and the Unitarians etc.. The following are introduced one by one.
(Note: the powerful leader of the Rome Catholic Pope, orthodox patriarch of a symbolic leader, no Protestant leader, independently of each other.)

Christian Joint doctrine

The doctrine of Christianity, focusing on the various sects emphasis is different, but the basic beliefs or sects recognized. Christian doctrine can be summed up in two words: "love". stay He The eyes of love, is divided into two aspects: love God and love your neighbor as yourself. Jesus once said: "you have to try one's love for the LORD your God, which is the first commandment, and is the largest.
The second is like, is to love your neighbor as yourself. The two commandment is the law and the prophets. "( " Matthew twenty-second: 36-40 ) in Christian doctrine, the love of God refers to the religious life to wholeheartedly serve god. Christianity is a strict monotheism, only that God the Lord is the highest god, against polytheism and idolatry, as opposed to the religious life of the unnecessary and overelaborate formalities and curry favour by claptrap. "
Love your neighbor as yourself "is the basic criterion of Christians in daily life, it is required that people should be strict with oneself, self perfection, patience and forgiveness should be broad-minded toward others, and to love your enemies, and enemies from love and opposed to violence. Only do the above requirements, in order to achieve the highest realm of fraternity -- love.

Christian The Catholic Church

Franciscan Order (Order Frians Minor): Francis
 The Pope The Pope
Is a Catholic Mendicant orders One of a Francis faction, is Latin for little brothers of the meaning, because of its fellow Gray will wear, it is also called the grey friars. 1209 Italy Xicheng Fujiazidi Asif Francis (Franciso Javier 1506-1552) to Pope Innocent III approved the establishment of the Council, the Franciscans advocated a poor life, begging begging, hemp clothes barefoot, people will be inter called "little brother".
Their allegiance to the Pope, against heresy, the Middle Ages was the Pope for the sale of indulgences and travel everywhere. Francis will pay attention to academic research and cultural education. At the beginning, the industry will not, by begging for a living, after regulatory relaxation, establishment of hospital in the city, the accumulation of a large amount of money, so the internal disagreements, disputes, and split into legalism, in school, and had sent three tribes.
Dominican (Order of Preachers): one of the Catholic religious mendicant, a translation of Dominic, meaning the brotherhood preached. Because of the people will be wearing a black hood, so it is also called blackfriars. The rules close to the Augustinians and the Franciscans, also set a convent and secular followers "third", the main city in the upper middle class mission. In the spiritual aspect, it will have a known Dominican mother Maria Qinshou of "Rose", and promoted, this has become the most widely read Scripture Catholics around the world. This will also set up the university academic research award.
Benedict will (Order of St.Benedict): Benedictine Catholic The Priory One of a Benny Dick school, 529 years from the aristocratic Italian Benedict record. His hand would be regulations, provisions will be a scholar must be married, have no private property, all subject to long, known as the "three wish". Benedict will who must be on time by chanting together, singing "lessons", spare time engaged in all kinds of labor. Will not forget the rules of prayer, as idle as a sin. Then the rules become a model for Catholic religious system.
Augustinian Order (Augustinian Order): one of the Catholic and a bowl of repair, Augustin, refers to the original follow Augustin (Augustine 354-430) a code of Catholic monk. Augustin a code for the main content of the gospel according to the book said, abandoned the family property to follow Christ in the church collective live a poor life, from the secular affairs, in addition to the daily prayer, to engage in missionary activities, poor.
By 1925, the meeting, more than and 500 hospitals all over the world, the permanent headquarters in Rome. Ming Wanli three years (1575), the Spanish Augustinians repeatedly by the Philippines China into Fujian, not to dwell. Nineteen years of emperor Kangxi (1680) established mission stations in Guangzhou, after the establishment of the Diocese of Hunan was in Changde, Li Zhou and yuezhou. In 1930 the Spanish Augustinians reformed missionary, was the establishment of the diocese in Henan duguid.
Cluniac Order (Cluniac Order): the Catholic priory of the Benedictine branch, also known as the "reformed benedictine". The repair will be 910-919 years by Boernuo founded in central France, J Lui Ni Hugh of burgundy. Boernuo should rectify the convent discipline strictly, Benedict set rules, the Priory was in response to many. The 11-12 century convent reform wind throughout the Western church, known as the Kruni reform movement.
After the movement leader Hill Hildebrand becomes Pope, i.e. Gregory VII Officially, the Catholic clergy celibacy for Canon, and advocate the right first, political power and public intervention, for the monarch. (Note: all will be loyal to the Rome Catholic Pope.)

Christian The Orthodox Church

Old Believers (Old Believers): The Russian Orthodox Church One of the Anti Anglican faction , also known as the Old Believers sent. The reform of the faction opposed to Nikon and Peter Thi, member of the masses of the poor for the lower and lower. They opposed the government's propaganda extort excessive taxes and levies and anarchism, egalitarianism, the second half of seventeenth Century, the formation of the Anti China forces teach strong, was a harsh crackdown of the tsar.
Doukhobors (Doukhobors): an anti Anglican faction of the Russian Orthodox Church, formed in eighteenth Century. The school denied that the country and the authority of the church, the abolition of the priests and the sacraments, the only ritual prayer is to sing odes, "book of life" by oral praise songs and proverbs rich personal revelation.
The school believes that God and man cannot separate, that is three-in-one memory, intellect and will, the ideal of earthly paradise, worship God, etiquette only bowed respectfully and salute each other. Due to the anti country of the sect and teach tend to refuse military service in 1773, after repeated government persecution of believers after most moved to canada. In 1908, its leader Peter Vernikin had established a doukhobors commune in South Columbia.
Sikepuqipai A: the anti Anglican faction of the Russian Orthodox Church, founded in 1770, is separated from the Russian Orthodox Christian spirit of castration, also known as the founder of Jose Leo Van Andrianof school, is a farmer. He calls himself the God of gods, king of kings, said its mission is to build the Messianic kingdom in russia. The school held a religious ceremony when dressed in white, rotating dance fanatic, most members of the business, help each other. After gradually weaken the influence of the October revolution.
Mo Luoge nilles pie A: the anti Anglican faction of the Russian Orthodox Church, founded in eighteenth Century, people are farmers Simon ulin. He opposed the orthodox etiquette, against all the sacraments, that only the Bible is open source of implied hope, and that not only to understand the meaning of words from the bible. The school and the doukhobors are similar, and by Bob Miller sent, claims were poor, and poor, against the war. The school to comply with the law, obey the monarch, but in the reign of Tsar Nicola still persecuted, most of the members moved to Siberia and North america. The members of the sect for the rich peasants, the Soviet Union in 1929 to carry out agricultural collectivization movement, Mo Luoge nilles faction greatly weakened.
Eschatology faction John: eschatology faction faction, is an anti Anglican faction of the Russian Orthodox Church, separated from the Russian Orthodox church founded in 1880s, is offering John Lang Shitadesi cameroon. He propaganda eschatology, is considered the embodiment of Jesus Christ's followers, his followers often like to hang out at home to worship. This sect is mainly distributed in Ukraine, the north Caucasus and some outlying areas, there are still a few believers.
The British norkem provided the second group A: the anti Anglican faction of the Russian Orthodox Church in early twentieth Century by the priest Levizol Innoken Barr tower city founded B. He claimed to be the incarnation of the Holy Spirit, doomsday, finally claimed the upcoming trial, should abandon their property, family, religious fanaticism is keen on sports, mainly distributed in Ukraine and Moldavia, after the October revolution underground.

Christian Protestant denominations

Luther (Lutheran Church)
Lutheran Protestant sect of Protestant denominations is the earliest, to Martin Ruud (1483 1546 years) on the basis of religious thought. Because of its emphasis on "justification by faith" doctrine, also called Lutheran Lutheran, is a relatively large Protestant sects in the world.
Luther in teaching emphasis on righteousness by faith, that person will get God's salvation, not by the customs in the church, but that faith in God; not in the merit or good deeds, but in God give gifts. People of faith by God as righteous, believers can directly communicate with God through prayer. Therefore, the Lutheran all believers think can be for the priests, the clergy as intermediary levels.
At the same time, the Lutheran Bible is the fundamental belief that, who do not meet the biblical etiquette, and system theory, the Lutherans reject column. The seven sacraments of the Catholic Church, Lutheran baptism and communion only two weeks, more simplified form also, preaching and sing hymns, and allow the clergy. Lutheran thought church organization and individual salvation, bishop, Presbyterian and justice system can be adopted, the specific situation around by the church to decide.
Lutheran believers are mainly distributed in northern Germany and the Nordic countries, including Germany accounted for about half. In North America, the Lutheran forces are large, as the fourth American Christian sects, in Asia, Africa and Latin America have the believers. Luther in Chinese also has a wide scope of activities.
Calvinism (Reformed Churches)
Reformed Protestant sect of the Calvin The religious thought as the basis for the return of "reformed" after the reform and correct meaning, reformed cases produced in the sixteenth Century reformation. Be authentic is the most widely spread in the world, the biggest influence of the Protestant denominations.
At the beginning of sixteenth Century, the influence of the Renaissance and religious reform movement, the Swiss humanists and religious leaders to only according to the "New Testament" for belief and behavior, the reform of religious life. In 1553, Calvin reform in Geneva, the implementation of the proposed "in principle" in the theory of christianity. The book became a basic reader to authentic in the doctrine, the political and religious education. To emphasize the authentic essence is justified by faith, believe in believe and grace -- God Love forgiveness through christ. The spread of the gospel of the grace of God Church duties, the Bible is the witness of the gospel. Calvin believe that double extreme reservation said that people saved or rejected, all predetermined by God; single predetermined said that God intended only the salvation of men. Reformed in Holland Amin Niou, certainly free will, that the salvation of men or not also depends on the acceptance of salvation and actually deny the predetermined remove the evil and follow the good, say. The school later from the reformed. To emphasize the Bible authentic supreme authority, should be judged according to the all tradition; to authentic also do not think that anyone should be endowed with unlimited power, has certain influence on the view of the modern rule of law development. In the worship ceremony, to use authentic dialect, reject the altar, icons and ceremonies, does not recognize the existence of true body and blood of Jesus's, Jesus acknowledged that the body and blood of virtue. The pope also stressed the sermon, pay attention to education and the priest and believers of faith and social life of the relationship.
Church system, pay attention to authentic canons, and executed by the elders of supervision. In the Presbyterian Church, local elected elders, composed of a priest hall management. At the regional level, and by the priest on behalf of the hall of the elders area will be managed.
Anglican Communion (Anglican Commuion)
Anglicanism is one of the major Protestant denominations, China often referred to the Anglican church. The cases in England known as the state religion, the Church of england. The rest of the United Kingdom and other countries are non Anglican Church, the organization is not subordinate to the Church of england. In sixteenth Century the reformation period, England new aristocracy and bourgeoisie hopes to strengthen the monarchy and weaken the church, the Pope's out of control. In 1533, King Henry VIII of England to pay tribute to the banned church church. The following year, the Congress to pass "supreme act" provisions, no longer subject to the Church of England, and to the king as the supreme head of the Church of England, and the Church of England established as the state religion. Subsequently, the reform movement has been the support of Edward VI. Mary Thi had rebuilt the relationship between England and the Vatican, Elizabeth I returned to the independent Church of England. At that time by the Elizabeth act of reform in worship practices, doctrines and regulations still remain in the traditional Catholic church. The 17-18 century, Protestant and evangelical advocate further reform. In nineteenth Century the Oxford movement is once again stressed the Catholic principle, this period is also in the reform on the relationship between politics and religion. Because from the British spread to all over the world have established the independent Anglican Church, Anglican Communion is gradually formed.
Anglicanism has no unified organization of the world or centralized leadership, the church in cases not subordinate, customary statue of the Archbishop of Canterbury as the nominal leader. Anglicanism in the "Bible" as the doctrinal basis, at the same time keep the traditional doctrine advocated in specific interpretation compatible with the said, take the middle ground between the Catholic Church and other Protestant denominations. To retain episcopacy in the church management, and acknowledge the nature of the inheritance, but also let the laity in church management. Anglicanism in favor of religious reform, but advocated respect for the "Bible" and church tradition, that there should be a balance between the two. The use of "prayer book" in worship, but to allow a certain degree of flexibility, so there are various factions within the clan, such as the high church and low church, Evangelical Church wide culvert, etc.. Anglicanism claiming to be a Catholic Holy Apostles preached, "the Bible" and has since the ancient church fathers of the orthodox faith interpretation of inheritance, only recognize the pope as one of the world's bishops, respect the authority of the state but not the slave. The Anglican clergy demanded observance of "thirty-nine letter program", but not for the laity in the keep, other churches generally do not pay special attention to this nobutsuna. Anglican bishops, priesthood as president (equivalent to other denominations, three priests) officials, the basic unit is the parish church government, most areas by the composition of a country to teach, teach or teach a number with a number of provinces, the province with country and a country with a parish or in a number of countries such as the situation, job title and organization of different parts.
Wesley Zon (Methodist Church)
Wesley Zon is one of the Protestant church, also translated Methodist or Methodist, the founder of British theologian wesley The religious thought as the basis. John Wesley (1703 -1791) began a tour of open-air sermon in 1738, to promote their own religious ideas and experience, life buchuo. Later, his missionary activities gradually expanded to the whole country, said Wesley. Wesley expected in the Church of England to carry out missions within the scope of the bishop of London but was refused, the Wesley case from the state religion, the formation of a new independent sect. Wesley stressed that people must believe in God, to start a new life, only the pure faith with pious life, to be saved. He advocated that Christians must pursue holy and perfect life, emphasizing their introspection and the work of the Holy Spirit, adhere to the "Bible" of the authority. At the same time, he is concerned about social issues, advocated the abolition of slavery, advocate of public education, committed to the rule of law and prison reform. In early eighteenth Century, the University of Oxford student organization members of the organization to Holiness Church, often participate in communion, seriously study the "Bible", regular visits to prisons, that according to the opinion that it is the "Bible" lessons, too too observant of conventional standards. life. The school was dubbed the joke became too observant of conventional standards., the official name of the school, still in use. In 1795, the school completely out of the Church of England, became an independent sect.
Wesley Zon claimed allegiance to the "Bible", loyal to the traditional creed doctrine, and to think that belongs to the Reformed tradition, most accept Amin doctrine that salvation is by virtue of Ukraine, the grace of God, also depends on the individual freedom of choice. Everyone has the possibility of salvation, the Holy Spirit, one can in this lifetime to God, full of love for others, get the perfect Christian character. In theology, Wesley does not have the heavy speculation, not unanimity, that the Holy Spirit make people of faith and Christian life force transformation. Wesley Zon also believes that religion is the core of personal contact with God, attention to the lower society in view, advocated social reform.
Congregationalists (Congregationalists)
Axiom cases originated in England in sixteenth Century, when Britain has some self managed by the congregation of the church. In 1582, Blanc wrote the book publicity independent of the state and the state religion, have the right to manage their own affairs "to set the church", these theories are independent, accept and form a new faction, after Greenwood and Barro, Peng Rui et al to increase the number of.
The Pope and the Protestant faith congregational evangelical English speaking countries are similar, but more liberal. They adhere to the "Bible" of the authority, but the differences of personal understanding, take the attitude of mutual respect. Although you can teach a suzerain axiom: nobutsuna, but do not think religion is authoritative, they believe that whoever confesses that Jesus is Lord of this basic belief, you can participate in the church. The school emphasizes individual freedom of belief, and that the national response to the various beliefs have adopted the attitude of tolerance. That is the basis of axiom Zong sect of the word of God, so pay attention to sermons in the week. They think that Jesus made only two sacraments of baptism and the eucharist. The superior leadership in axioms do not support the establishment of a unified management of various churches, but allow the establishment of social institutions attended by the Free Church, church and parish system against the idea. They believe that the church is not an organization, but a kind of spiritual life of the community, is a response to calling a covenant with his disciples and the people; all believers exercise equal rights of church affairs in the Senate, appointed pastor decided by the Academic Council, elected by the congregation pastor deacon authority; not from its position and effect from preaching and sacraments of the church were donated from the capital.
Adventists (Adventists)
Adventist is one of the Protestant church, founded in the United States, because I believe in Christ's second coming from. The founder of modern Adventist movement is an American William Miller. Miller was a Baptist minister, in 1831, he engaged in biblical studies, said that according to "Daniel" some chapters of revelation and prophecy is calculated, Christ will come in March 21, 1843 or March 21, 1844 second. He won the support of many new propaganda England believers. The date of the past, Miller once again put forward the new date, because his predictions fall again, Adventist movement into a low ebb. But there are still people adhere to the belief that some Adventist believers believe that Adventist prophecy is not realized, because believers did not comply with the law of the old testament to the seventh day Sabbath. Therefore, they put forward must comply with the relevant provisions of the sabbath.
Adventists emphasize Eschatology (dispensational premillennialism), they believe that the end of the world is near base will soon return, the righteous dead will be resurrected and ascend together with the righteous living, enjoy the joy of the millennium, Satan (the devil) will rule the world. To one thousand years at the end of the saints, Christ came together with the torch, the destruction of evil, to create a new world in the center of Jerusalem. They stressed the need to keep the Sabbath from Friday to Saturday sunset sunset; must be baptized baptism ceremony held four times a year; the Eucharist; in the Lord's supper before the start, according to the Bible the teachings of Jesus, each other first feet, called humble gift. They believe that only through faith to get salvation. They also believe that the human body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, it must implement the life of abstinence, fasting in the Old Testament as unclean food, such as pork, shellfish, banning smoking and gambling, against the secular decoration and entertainment.
Universalists (Universalists)
Unitarian Universalist is one of the Protestant denominations, gradually formed in the United States in eighteenth Century. The school advocates the redemption of Christ is the popularity of mankind, so that the Unitarian universalist. Early church fathers such as clement, origen So put universalist view. As with the revival of theory, that everything has spiritual creatures, including all angels, demons and humans, to the end will be saved by grace. The hell is not in the end, plays a role in essence of purgatory. This is the first systematic universalist argument. The period of the reformation, the radical Protestant, such as Anabaptist etc. that Christ -- second founder Adam Adam to make all descendants of sin salvation.
The Unitarian Universalist doctrines in Baruch Formed under the influence of. Baruch is leader of the largest Unitarian Universalist, he opposed three-in-one, human depravity, the divinity of Christ, Christ salvation and eternal punishment and other traditional doctrines of hell. Because of his influence, the American Unitarian Universalist mostly accepted a theory (i.e. 31 theory) theory. In 1803, under the auspices of Baruch, Unitarian Universalist made "Winchester confessional article", is the main content: God is mankind's father; the son of God in Christ is the spiritual mentor; with God's revelation of the Bible; his sin will be righteous; all souls will eventually return to the embrace of god. After 1935, Unitarian Universalist claims to be the world of liberal Christianity, to explore together with the rest of the world all religious foundation. In 1942 the American Unitarian Universalist also proposed all kind of popular Christian or non Christian in their organization. In 1961, the American Unitarian Universalist and Unitarian (see below) with the establishment of the United States, a Unitarian Universalist Association theory. The church organization form most of the Congregational Church, all are autonomy.

Christian other denominations

Coptic Church (Coptic Church)
The Coptic Church is a Christian Church, one of the East, is one of the faction. Coppertone A word is called on the Egyptian residents of the mid seventh Century when the Arabs conquered Egypt, after that refers to Coptic Christian etiquette. 431 years Ecumenical Council of Ephesus After Constantinople archdiocese monk Youtikesi of Christ only divinity, a person has been merged in the theory of divinity, he represents the Christological thought by general support in egypt. One of these areas who oppose Karl Sidon creed and doctrine of the Orthodox Church of Christ on a second, gradually and the Eastern Orthodox Church from a church on the formation of the independent.
After a long period of development, the area of Egypt's Coptic Church has been formed with the national characteristics of the Coptic ritual, worship, most of the ancient Coptic . In Egypt, the Coptic Church remains the largest Christian factions in the church, patriarch of Alexandria in the cathedral. Belong to the Coptic Church of the autonomous church is the Church of Ethiopia, bishop Alexander Rya Zon respected chief position it, head of Aksum bishop, elected in his hermit lineage in Egypt, by Bishop John Alexander Rya Zon, the church called Abu (with Arabic Abuna, meaning "our father"), with assistance of Abu the management of the church in some metropolitan Ethiopia descent. The Church of Ethiopia and Egypt, the Coptic Church etiquette basic same, but more attention to fasting, was in the church in the imperial period.
Christian Science (Christian Scientists)
Christian Science is an American Aidi In 1879 a sect. The Group believes that the matter is illusory, disease can be treated only by adjusting the spirit, and is a Christian science. This is the hypnosis doctor Ai Di Kunming Bi The patients and students. In 1862, she announced that she is the biblical revelation and found the treatment principle of Christ, and from their rehabilitation and other cases have been confirmed. After she began to recruit students for medical treatment, and Christian Science organization. In 1875, she published "science and health", describing the spirit and principle of therapy. In 1879, she and the students in Boston to create the school's parent, and founded the Massachusetts metaphysical college, the school of physicians and teachers training. College graduates to set up clinics and churches everywhere, so that the school to spread all over the world.
Christian Science of material, suffering and sin are illusory and do not agree with the statement, "the Bible" doctrine of creation, fall and redemption. They believe that God is the sacred principle of infinite, thought, soul, spirit, life, strength, truth, goodness and love. As mortal Christ is not God, as the spirit of the principle of Christ is god. The "real" people reflect the essence of God, is the spirit of. In addition to the spirit, everything is not true. The body and die material idea is illusory, illness and suffering from false consciousness. To restore health, it is necessary to eliminate the illusion, correct the wrong thoughts, and that this "Christian Science" is the spirit of Jesus's disease. Christian Science believes that the spirit of therapy by the patient using, but also by physicians using, mainly resorting to prayer, rely on the "distinction between absolute reality" and "die" two concepts, understand the matter, sin, sickness, death is unreal, so people will get salvation. Evil looks very strong, but this is only because people believe that it is really very powerful. The school also believes that to obtain the health, wealth and success, take optimistic, cheerful and positive attitude to the world. Christian Science group activities is not much, but allows its members to freely participate in social, political and economic activities. The school advocates smoking prohibition, but not against entertainment, nor against dentists, eye medicine and vaccine.
Christian Science simple etiquette strictly, presided over by the reading teacher. Sunday reading the "Bible" and "science and health", the choir, daily treatment report. They commemorate Christmas and Easter, no baptism and the other sacraments. Christian Science in the parent will set up branch, Branch Li has Bible class and Sunday school. Groups of more than 16 people, including 4 members as long as the mother, a doctor, you can set up a branch. The parent members from the teacher, and give up the original occupation, can be approved as a physician. Doctors from more than 3 years later, after the Council's courses learning, can become a teacher. Branch leaders designated by teachers. Council tenure can be designated heir, but can be replaced.
The Unitarians (Unitarians)
The Unitarians deny the deity of Christ and three-in-one doctrine, the Protestant denominations that God single person. In the early 2-3 century, anti 31 theory has existed, such as psychic monarchianism, Arians Christ, adoptionist, they have argued that there is one God, Jesus has not fully divine, not three-in-one in second. During the Protestant Reformation, some religious reformers emphasized Scripture and reason is only by faith, heavy and unitarianism. They were opposed to the Catholic Church, Calvin, Luther, Zwingli and other religious reformers also do not agree with this view. At the time of a major theologians of Spain Servetus Poland, England than Socinus Chandler and Linxi, France Pu Terry ellis. In 1773, Linsay from the Church of England in London, founded the Unitarian Church, and modify the Anglican prayer book "". Terry Ellis Pu moved to the United States in 1794, founded the church in Pennsylvania.
With the increasing progress of science, reconcile science and religion liberalism has gradually developed a theory such as: deny wonders in the gospel of miracles, to affirm Christianity from the perspective of ethics, that other religions also contain acceptable truth. In 1900, the United States sent by a sponsor, set up in Holland, liberal Christianity and religious freedom international association. The common features of modern Unitarian tend to be rational, do not accept the letter by the provisions of the doctrine, seeking to establish no unified nobutsuna, freedom of religious groups. The Unitarian Church organization is still using the axiom system, but believers do not necessarily belong to a fixed Unitarian church. In 1961, a theory of American school and Unitarian Universalist merger, the establishment of the United States on a Unitarian Universalist association.

Christian Chinese Christian

True Jesus church is a Protestant sect appeared in early twentieth Century Chinese, formerly known as the international Protestant church Jesus. True Jesus church is an influential sect, in 1919 Chinese, the true Jesus church Ecstatics thousand people, 1922 increased to more than 10000. A total of 125000 people, at home and abroad in 1950, more than 1 thousand and 200 at the church.