Grand County

Dacheng County, Hebei city of Langfang Province under the jurisdiction of the county is located. North China Plain The southern tip of the Langfang guardian of the Beijing Tianjin corridor, 70 km from Tianjin, 160 kilometers from Beijing.
Grand County
The city called Xuzhou , located at the junction of Qi, Yan, Zhao three. The Warring States Yanzhao Wang Twenty-eight years (284 BC) of Xuzhou by Yan Qi, Qi is Yan, renamed Ping shu. Five of the Western Han Dynasty (202 BC) is located in Dongping Shu County, when the Northern Wei Dynasty to the "East" word for Ping Shu, later renamed to the five generation of big city.
The county has a long history, 2000 years of famous celebrities, famous patriotic Prime Minister The last The national hero. placed under house arrest Beard, general Sun Etc.. Chinese green insulation materials are China, classical furniture for Beijing township.

Grand County History

Big city (Dai Cheng) has a long history, rich heritage.
 Grand County Grand County
The Han Dynasty County To the people, and did, said before Ping Shu County , The five generation When changed to Big city . The city has a long history of West Han home county, five generation into the big city.
Jin When you fall into the, Emperor Shizong Xiande six years (959 years) to recover, renamed grand county. According to the test, designed to checkwei lie cities of justice, righteousness Wugong Chang, indicating strong city defense.

Grand County administrative division

In 2000, an area of 903.67 square kilometers, 8 under the jurisdiction of 2 towns: Ping Shu Zhen Wang, South Village, Zhao Fu Zhen, Shang Tun Zhen, Liugezhuang Town, town right, Ritan town and Guang'an town, Zang Tun Xiang And the Northern Wei xiang. 23 community neighborhood committees and 394 village committees. The county government in Ping Shu zhen.
Township Government resident The measure of area population Area
Ping Shu Zhen Dong Guan Cun 69.29 square kilometers 62 thousand and 700 Jurisdiction over 17 community neighborhood committees and 46 village committees. Dongguan, South Gate North, West, Bian Zhuang Wang Zhuang, Jia Zhuang Xing zhuang, Estate Tooth, Zhuang, pay Zhuang, oil room, eight square, five square, garden, orchard, Wen Cun Ren, field, West Wang Wang Xiang, Dong, Dai Peizhuang, Han Peizhuang, the second hospital, Wang Peizhuang, Zheng Peizhuang, Zhang Peizhuang, Liu Li, Sun Wei in the north, North in the north, north, north of Dali shop, Dou Zhuang, Dong Liang Cuizhuang Daxiang, even small, Xiang Lian, Xi Chen Zhuang, Dong Chen Zhuang, big boy, little boy, near the west, North East, north of Chuang-tzu, near the North Song Dynasty Li Wang Xiang, Wang, king, north.
Nan Zhao Fu Zhen Nan Zhao Fucun 104.83 square kilometers 43 thousand and 900 Jurisdiction over 1 community neighborhood committees and 38 village committees: Nan Zhao Fu, Zhao Fu, North Zhao Fu, Zhang Jiaohe, Guo Jiaohe, Jiaohe, Malaysia, Jiaohe paid large flow drift, small flow drift, Lake Bridge, West, East Lake, East Lake, Xinzhuang sub shop, Yao Madu, Zhang Zhuangzi, Yang Jia, Fu Zhuangzi leaf, Chuang-tzu, Xiaolizhuang The three chapter, five Taiwan, Shen Zhuang, Wu Wutai, Li Wutai, West City, small flow, large flow, Zhuang Zhuang, Shang Zhuang, Gai Yi Zhuang ainong, Mr Johnston Bo Zhuang, sun, river, Zhang Zhuang, Hao Zhuang, Fan Zhuang, di Bei, Zhu Village
Town right Wangquancun 64.24 square kilometers A population of 37 thousand and 400 Jurisdiction over 1 community neighborhood committees and 22 village committees: right village; village, Du Quancun, after the village of kingship, former village, Xiao Zhu Village, Dong Wang, Xiao Zhuang, Dong Mo door, house, house, Shen before and after Li Ge Zhuang Liu Ge Zhuang, Li Ge Zhuang bridge, high village, nine Village East, West, kiln kiln head, Bai Matang, Wang, Wu, Shi long sail Kushui dock, In the house .
Li Tan Zhen Two Street Village Li Tan 59.34 square kilometers 23 thousand and 800 Jurisdiction over 1 community neighborhood committees and 22 village committees: Litan; Litan, Litan, Litan street, two street, four street, Litan street, Li The wooden bridge, road bridge, Wang A small wooden bridge, along the village, along the village, Da Shao Cun Small village, old town, Shao Yue, Hangzhou, Liu Yuan zhuang, Wang Yuan1 Zhang Yuantou, Xing Yuantou, head, head to the far, empress Zhuang, Changlu tuan, Small wooden bridge Stone, Geda.
Large Shang Tun Zhen Hou Jie Cun 133.75 square kilometers 71 thousand and 300 Jurisdiction over 1 community neighborhood committees and 59 village committees: Da Shang Tun Cun Street, street, West Street; North and South Street, Paul, Miyamura, Fu Yin, Xiao Fu, fu, Han Zhuang Qi Geda, Deng Liangcun, Zhao Liang Village Sun Village, village, valley, Chenliangcun Fan Village, Daxiang, Shao Zhuang Fu zhuang, Yuan Zhuang The west, East, Yin Zi tou Yin Zi tou Dong Wei Ge Zhuang, Wei, Zhuang, king of Liang village, small village, Zhang Jie, Wang cover Feng Zhang Jie, Niu Zhang Jie, Zhang Zan, West Street Qingzhou Qingzhou, Qingzhou, South East, North Qingzhou, after looking, Yan Jiawu, Dong Jiawu, Qian Xing Lin, Huang Wu, Deng housework, Congress, Sun Huiluo, Wu Huiluo, Luo Feng Ge Zhuang, Zhao Gezhuang, Kang Ge Zhuang, Yingezhuang, North West, South Peach, peach peach, Nan Xi Fu, Fu Xi Bei Shao Xifu, Fan Zhuangzi, Tian Jia Zhuang Huo Xin zhuang.
Wang Village Flow standard village 149.41 square kilometers 40 thousand and 800 Jurisdiction over 1 community neighborhood committees and 45 village committees: Wang Cun; bids, Wang Village, ancestral temple, Guo Di, dragon, Ma Zhuang West Mengcun, East Mengcun, seven female, Choi, Henan, West Hebei, West teeth teeth small Cui Siyue, Da Cui, Liu Siyue, Si Yue Yue, Xing Siyue, four North Liang Siyue, Yin Siyue, Ma, Liu Lang east, West, Wang Wan light lamp Wang Tian, Wang Wen Shen, Wang Wen, Xue Wangwen, Wei Wangwen, Wu Wangwen, Li Sihe, Wang Sihe, Zhang Sihe, Cui Zhuang, Dong Xi Zang Marne, Zang Zhuang, South dike, North Building embankment, before, after the filial piety, filial piety color color three axis north, Wang Zhou north, Zhang Jinghe, Oyabu Zhang River, Cihua, big flower, Li Cihua.
Liu Ge Zhuang Town East Liugezhuang Village 78.56 square kilometers 41 thousand and 300 Jurisdiction over 1 community neighborhood committees and 39 village committees: Liugezhuang Liugezhuang; East and West Liugezhuang, five Zhang ji1 The village, in front of, behind the village, Wang Ge Zhuang, big, small, the ninth house, neighbors, Zhang ji1 Tun song, Wang Zhangji, Cui Zhangji, Zhang Caijian, Wang Caijian, Liu Caijian, Cai, Longhua bridge, the former North, north, East and West after Cao Cao, Cao Cao, who dare, West East who dare, Fu Zhuang, Dong Gao Zhuang, Wang Zhucun, Liu Zhucun, Wali, Wen incense, north head, white tiger, Ding Zhuang And the city, wang, Xucun And the bird house, West, South Tower, Cao Cao pu.
The town of Guang'an The large village of Guang'an 68.55 square kilometers 35 thousand and 800
Jurisdiction 37 village committees: Guang'an, Guang'an small, small Meng Qiao Meng, bridge, Hao Jiatun, Xia Tun, Guan Jia Tun, Zhang Jiatun, Yuan Jiatun, Chuang-tzu, Li Zhuangzi, Tong River, West River, East River, Liu mu zhuang, Dujiazhuang Deng Lingju, Xiao Lingju, Zhang Lingju, Li Lingju, Wang Xiangtun, Zhao, housework, mulberry, Dong Xi sang sheng, Wang Li Only, Bao Guo Wang Bao, West Village, just east of Macun, West Village, East Village, cattle cattle cattle Wang Village, West Village, Chen Cun, Chen Dong, Yang Zhi Ji Cun, GE li, Fan .
Northern Wei Xiang The Northern Wei Village 72.87 square kilometers 42 thousand and 700 Jurisdiction 32 village committees: the Northern Wei Cun, Nan Wei cun, Zhangdoucun , Wang Wei village, village, Gaojiacun, Zheng Village, Liu village, after Zhang village, before Zhang village, Chang Zhang village, Qiu village North Cai village, South Village, South Village, Cai Fu Wei Han Cun, hu, Cattle Village And after the village, Qiantun village, Xu Village And two village, village, village, North Han Liugezhuang village, the village, East Village, Liu Yuanzhuang Du Cun, Jiao Yuan Zhuang Cun, Feng Yuan Zhuang village, door, Yuan Zhuang Cun Gao Jia Zhuang Cun Lu Jia Zhuang Cun, Xi du.
Zang Tun country Zang Tun Cun 102.86 square kilometers 46 thousand and 700 Jurisdiction 54 village committees: Zang tun, Su Zhuang Wild, Gu Xian, Gao Li Zhuang, ten, Wang Tong Guo zhuang, Wong Ka Liang Jiacun, Zhang Jiacun, Baijiacun, village, Zhao Jia village, Lijiacun Song Jia village, Luo Jia village, mulberry Hangzhou, ten Bay, nine village, Liu Matse Tian Ma, strategy, policy, Li Mace, Bao Mace, Dumas, Chuang-tzu, Liu Jizhuang, Guan Zang family and Song Jizhuang, Wang Jizhuang, Yang Ji Zhuang, after crossing, former village, The village in eight Zhang Yan, ma, Liu play Ma, Ma, Zhu Yanma, Wang Yanma, Bi Yan, Mao Yan Ma, nine rooms, Yang Di, high embankment, embankment, Lu Guxian, Zhao Guxian Xian, Liu Guxian, Xi Mi Di, Dong mi di, Xiao Wang Zhuang Xing, Chuang-tzu, Huang Son, Dou Zhuang, South Cui Zhuang, farming village, Ren Chuang-tzu , Anqing Tun.
Big City Industrial Park Dong Fu Cun   8 square kilometers Under the jurisdiction of Dong Fu Village, Fu Cao village, Fu Zhuang village, Huang Wu Cun
Total   904 square kilometers A population of 480 thousand Under the jurisdiction of Ping Shu Zhen, Wang Village, Shang Tun Zhen, Nan Zhao Fu Zhen, Liugezhuang Town, village, town, right Ritan Guang'an Township, North Township, Zang and Xiang Wei Big City Industrial Park , Dacheng County modern manufacturing Industrial Park .

Jurisdiction 37 village committees: Guang'an, Guang'an small, small Meng Qiao Meng, bridge, Hao Jiatun, Xia Tun, Guan Jia Tun, Zhang Jiatun, Yuan Jiatun, Chuang-tzu, Li Zhuangzi, Tong River, West River, East River, Liu mu zhuang, Dujiazhuang Deng Lingju, Xiao Lingju, Zhang Lingju, Li Lingju, Wang Xiangtun, Zhao, housework, mulberry, Dong Xi sang sheng, Wang Li Only, Bao Guo Wang Bao, West Village, just east of Macun, West Village, East Village, cattle cattle cattle Wang Village, West Village, Chen Cun, Chen Dong, Yang Zhi Ji Cun, GE li, Fan .
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Grand County geographical environment

Grand County geographical position

The county is located in East Central Hebei Province, Langfang City, the southern tip of the Ziya River downstream. Tianjin city to the northeast, Southeast and West and Cangzhou City Connect。 70 kilometers away from Tianjin, from Langfang 90 km, 160 km away from Beijing.

Grand County Terrain topography

Dacheng county is located in East Central Hebei Province, Langfang City, the southernmost. The Haihe River Valley, near the Gulf of Bohai. Located in Jizhong plain hinterland, throughout the flat, gradually decreased from the southwest to the northeast, the altitude of 3~10 meters.

Grand County The temperature

The county is located in mid latitude areas, a warm temperate continental monsoon climate, four seasons. Hot and rainy in summer, cold and dry winter, spring arid autumn wind, an invigorating autumn climate, suitable for hot and cold.

Grand County natural resources

Grand County coal resource

Dacheng county is rich in natural resources. Domestic coal reserves of 190.1 tons, coal quality, is the lack of" Gas coal "One of the mineral resources, Dacheng coalfield is a large scale integrated coalfield in eastern Chinese, initially found 2000 meters in shallow coal reserves of 190.1 tons, coal seam gas reserves of 205 billion 190 million cubic meters.
"The land use overall planning outline dachengxian (2010-2020)" has been approved by the Hebei Provincial Department of land and resources, the county all available to the park, to provide a strong guarantee for the project landing.
From the beginning of 1983, Huabei Oilfield and Coalfield Geology Bureau of Hebei province conducted a number of exploration for the city of coal bearing area. The provincial government and the Langfang municipal Party committee, municipal government of Dacheng coalfield development attaches great importance to the Provincial Coal Geology Bureau has Dacheng coalfield as a key resource exploration project. Dacheng county actively promote the coal development process, vigorously the introduction of strategic investors, with the coal group, Kailuan Group to carry out strategic cooperation talks and reached a preliminary intention. "12th Five-Year" period, the essence of development of coal and CBM resources has become a reality, is expected to produce 5 million tons of Hebei in coal mine No. 1 wells can be completed and put into operation.
Coal resources in the county of good quality, high quality gas (national scarce resource market prospects). With the development of coal, electricity, building materials, will effectively promote the chemical industry, machinery, transportation and coal production and industrial extension related industry development.

Grand County Geothermal resources

Grand County Geothermal anomaly area An area of 526.162 square kilometers,
With double heat storage. The upper third line pore reservoir, the lower Cambrian Ordovician Karst bedrock fissure reservoir heat. On the third heat reservoir region has pore distribution, according to the single well water inflow of 47 cubic meters per hour can be calculated well spacing in 30 eyes, 4.73 square kilometers, depth of 600 - 1000 meters, will be 32 - 45 degrees Celsius hot water. Because the water temperature is, the bottom water can only be used for planting and breeding. The county economy is to fall back, such as the development and utilization of this water for planting and breeding also need a lot of financial support. The lower Cambrian Ordovician karst reservoir, according to the analysis of the 3000 meters in shallow delineated area of 155.16 square kilometers according to the single well water inflow of 33 cubic meters per hour can be calculated well in 8 eyes, well spacing of 4.97 square kilometers, 2000 - 2800 meters deep wells was 60 - 75 degrees Celsius hot water data. The county has developed a large city Geothermal well (gallery 178 wells) the water salinity is 7.612GJL, can be used for heating and bathing. The city of geothermal anomaly area effective utilization of geothermal resources or energy 388.152MW. Recoverable Geothermal fluid The effective thermal energy resources equivalent to 19.143MW, and the geothermal field.

Grand County National Population

By the end of 2012, according to the fifth census data, the total population of 446577 people, of which the township population (person): Ping Shu Zhen 61359, Wang Village 42082, 70031, Shang Tun Zhen Nan Zhao Fu Zhen Liu Ge Zhuang Zhen 43046, 41149, 37450, 23430 Li Tan Zhen town right, Northern Wei Xiang 42478, Guang'an Tun Xiang Township 38797, 46755 zang.

Grand County Transportation

The location of the county has obvious advantages, convenient transportation.
 The city that totem The city that totem
distance The Beijing Shanghai Railway And the Beijing Shanghai expressway is 8 kilometers, 15 kilometers from the Beijing Kowloon railway.
Since the founding of the county's transportation industry rapid development, according to the highway development plan, built in Tianjin highway, gallery Park Road, the main skeleton, connected the county highway network, and in 2006, to achieve the "every village circuit". As of the end of 2006, the county highway traffic mileage reached 778.67 kilometers, including highway 76.6 kilometers, 702.07 kilometers of rural roads, road network density of 85.6 km / 100 square kilometers, the traffic environment is further improved. To break the bottleneck restricting traffic on economic development, promoting better and faster development of the county economy, and at the beginning of 2007, the county government to determine the traffic priority development strategy, and defined the link along the coast, Tianjin, smooth docking logistics,
 Grand County Grand County
"Big traffic transportation development goals. "11th Five-Year", a Langcang expressway will start construction of the route, The Beijing Shanghai Expressway Connecting line city, Jin Lai line, Langcang Expressway long street connecting wire, cable and other important cities and the county highway. Then, I will be formed in the county Langcang Expressway , Lang Bo Road , Jin Lai line , Jin Bao Lu , The Beijing Shanghai Expressway Connecting line city, Langcang Expressway long street connecting line as the backbone of the "three vertical and three horizontal" road network, will further boost the development of local economy.
From the beginning of 2008, the city of the county, the county government to build a "five vertical and five horizontal" traffic road network framework (five horizontal: Langcang high-speed long street connecting line, Tianjin south line, stone line, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed connection line city, Tianjin Shijiazhuang expressway, five vertical: high-speed Wiratchant Gallery, gallery Park line, Jin Lai line, Mining line , Our on line ), fully integrated into the national traffic artery. The Beijing Shanghai high-speed connection line city has completed; Langcang highway runs through the city from north to south, was built in July 2011, after the opening is connected with the Beijing rings, arrived at Beijing airport and only 1 hours; Langcang high-speed long street connecting line is under construction, Jin Shi speed has been planning to start, built after the opening, will make the big city to the city of Tianjin time is shortened to half an hour.

Grand County Economic overview

Grand County Overview of development

2010 has more than 1.2 types of industrial and commercial enterprises, employing 150 thousand people, annual revenues of about 17000000000 yuan, for many years into the private economy 30. "12th Five-Year" period, the city will implement the "two wheel drive", namely the upgrading of insulation materials, chemical and other traditional industries and the introduction of internal external key strategic industries, accelerate the development of coal gas, coal, coal chemical industry, coal machinery industry to attract, optimizing industrial structure, upgrade the industry level.
Dacheng County non-public economic development, highlighting the characteristics of. Has been formed Insulation materials , non-ferrous metal, chemical, motorcycle, food, Classical furniture Other characteristics of the industry. The insulation materials industry scale ranks highest in the country, is the torch high technology industry development center named" National torch plan city insulation materials industry base " And was awarded the national high-tech building materials industry committee " China green insulation materials are " And Hebei province science and Technology Department was named " Hebei province insulation materials industry base " As the non-ferrous metal industry; " Hebei province of circular economy pilot demonstration base " China; motorcycle industry is known as the Automobile Sales Corporation " The country's largest motorcycle accessories professional market " .
In 2010, the economic and social development situation of the county, to accelerate the pace of. The steady and rapid growth of major economic indicators, the total fiscal revenue reached 530 million yuan, an increase of 20%, more than doubled in 2005. The construction of the park: off-site expansion area by the provincial government approved the investment center, built and put into use, construction funds invested 500 million yuan, the completion of the main road network, water, electricity, telecommunications, gas and other "eight in one" to achieve the basic objectives.
The implementation of a total of more than 10 million yuan in 247 projects, investment 8 billion 980 million yuan, completed an investment of 5 billion 60 million yuan. Among them, billion yuan project 44, a total investment of 5 billion 460 million yuan, completed an investment of 2 billion 660 million yuan.

Grand County industrial economy

The city environment is superior, solid economic. The city of the county, the county government to strengthen the construction of hardware and software environment. To enhance the appearance of a city, for two consecutive years of city level among the top 30 in Hebei Province, has been named the "Hebei provincial civilized county" and "county health"; the full realization of program-controlled telephone dial and home and around the world; to protect the city water supply a good production and living needs; rural village three highways, all village street all the realization of "every village oil" and "village bus"; the substation transformer capacity of 680 thousand kilowatts, to meet all the demand for electricity enterprises; bank realized Beijing Tianjin Hebei Cross regional automatic cheque clearing system and network The amount payment system The national network, convenient financial transactions. Open and transparent operation of administrative power, a comprehensive reform of the administrative examination and approval system, tracking service, one-stop service to promote investment in the county, and lead business, security business, rich atmosphere of unprecedented strong economic strength, the unceasing enhancement, people's living standards increase year by year. The GDP of 2 billion 690 million yuan in 2000, increased to 4 billion 630 million yuan in 2005, an increase of 72.2%; total revenue from 110 million yuan in 2000, increased to 264 million yuan in 2005, growth of 140.1%; Total investment in fixed assets From 2000 to 790 million yuan, increased to 1 billion 890 million yuan in 2005, an increase of 139.2%; the total retail sales of consumer goods by 797 million yuan in 2000, increased to 1 billion 520 million yuan in 2005, growth of 90.3%.
To Dacheng coalfield exploration area is southwest northeast, southwest to Hejian City beam, Nanzhao To the northeast, Jinghai Dongziya, Wang Kou, mainly distributed in Liugezhuang Town, Guang'an Township, Shu Ping Town, Wang Village four villages and towns, geographic coordinates of latitude 38 degrees 28 '00' - 51 '30 ", 38 degrees east longitude 116 degrees 18' 00" - 116 degrees 47 '00 ".
According to the 10 coal seam has been obtained, 13 coal core sample test data, preliminary determination of the coalfield coal for coal - coal for coking coal part. Coal ash 10.81 to 25.25%, average 16.62%, coal sulfur content of 0.75 - 2.93%, with an average of 1.21%, a low sulfur coal ash, coal coke is good.
Coalfield base carbonate rocks For the strong aquifer, the water quality of type Na2SO4 type water. The lower part of the Cenozoic gravel also found strong aquifer. Stone carbon two weak aquifer strata of triassic. main Coal seam The upper and lower aquifer between layers are thick aquifuge apart, that Hydrogeological conditions May be more complex.
In the overlying strata is the third strata in the Cenozoic, the compressive strength is not high, poor solid, for the future of mine construction is unfavorable; coal bearing strata and coal seam roof and floor rock lithology are solid; geothermal gradient of coal bearing strata, about 6 degrees /100 meters, temperature greater than 44 degrees, which belongs to the two level of thermal damage area. The coalfield is one of the North China Plain geothermal field. According to the 13 sample determination Coal seam gas content 4.92 - 14.85m3/t, average 10.79 m3/t, is a high gas coal mine.
2000 meters in shallow coal, coal bearing area of 1108 square kilometers, of which the "vertical depth of 1000 meters, coal bearing area of 12 square kilometers, The amount of coal resources 5 tons; 1000 - 1200 meters deep coal bearing area of 142.5 square kilometers, coal reserves of 17.5 tons; 1200 - 1500 meters deep coal bearing area of 203.5 square kilometers, coal reserves of 25.7 tons; 1500 - 2000 meters deep coal bearing area of 750 square kilometers, coal reserves of 142.5 tons.

Grand County agricultural economy

The unused land (other land) nearly 90 thousand acres, abundant labor resources, land and labor can meet demands of all kinds of construction projects. The county infrastructure is perfect, perfect functions. The county continue to strengthen the service measures of animal husbandry, standardized livestock area management, accelerate the standardization of animal husbandry, improve the prevention system, the prevention and control of major animal epidemic. The county animal husbandry has sustained rapid and healthy development.
1, strong momentum of development of animal husbandry. To the beginning of the June 2007 the number of cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry rearing volume reached 6.7 (including 11 thousand and 200 cows), 71 thousand, 191 thousand, 5 million 300 thousand head, meat, eggs and milk production reached 11 thousand and 38 tons, 7 thousand and 600 tons, 13 thousand tons .
2, animal husbandry scale to further improve the county development of standardized dairy farming community of 3, a total of 72 households in the District, having 3000 cows, Nissan 25.5 tons of fresh milk. Which flows into the area of dairy farming district has 23 households, having 920 cows; Zusi dairy farming district into the district has 25 households, having 1100 cows; xiaomuqiao dairy farming district into the district has 24 households, population 980 cows, which flows and ancestral temple 2 dairy farming district through the pollution-free product certification of origin. Animal husbandry district will be the original breeding, rearing into intensive farming, livestock product quality is greatly improved.
3, continue to strengthen the ability of major animal disease prevention and control. Dacheng County adhere to grasp the basic immunization, to strengthen the five measures: strengthen the propaganda, strengthen supervision, strengthen the disinfection, strengthening monitoring, strengthening epidemic reporting and disposal. Focus on major animal disease prevention and control, animal immunization rate of 100%. Focus on promoting the reform of animal epidemic prevention system at the grassroots level, improve the epidemic monitoring network has been established in County, township and village (Group) three-in-one epidemic animal disease monitoring system and traceability system, focusing on the implementation of animal immunization identification system, surveillance system and emergency reserve regular exercise system.
Silkworm breeding
Dacheng County in 2005 the successful introduction of the project construction of one hundred thousand acres of forage mulberry base of Hebei Sangrui Biological Technology Co. Ltd., and Langfang in the year 5? 18 formally signed "Northeast Asia and Bohai international business festival. Plans to invest 260 million yuan of planting 100 thousand acres of high-quality forage mulberry, including the construction of comprehensive research and development center, five large area orchard, propagation area, production area and feed processing plant, a total area of 100 thousand acres.
1, comprehensive research and Development Center (2006 preparation), covers an area of 50 acres, for office management and sales system base, technology research and to assume new products and new technology.
2, spikegarden (built in 2005), covers an area of 5000 acres, for mulberry, mulberry and mulberry trees feed new varieties collected and large-scale breeding of mulberry seedlings.
3, propagation zone (2005 - 2006), covers an area of 1000 mu, and the mulberry mulberry feed for factory seedling.
4, the field production area (2006, built in 2008), covers an area of 95 thousand acres, for large-scale production of forage mulberry.
5, feed processing plant (2006 built in 2007), covers an area of 450 acres, with an annual output of 200 thousand tons of highly effective feed additive. Built in 100 thousand acres of mulberry feed area, will become the world's largest forage mulberry production base, with an annual output of 185 thousand tons of feed additives, products exported to Korea, Japan and other countries imported feed, while the supply of domestic feed market, the annual output value of 400 million yuan, profits and taxes paid 50 million yuan. The base will not only become the county agricultural industrialization construction, it is a Huimin engineering, can absorb 80 thousand labor force, which can be placed 1400 people long-term employment, the relevant people year income 7000 yuan, not only will further promote the city to speed up the development of forestry, improve the ecological environment, and to promote agriculture and forestry animal husbandry structure adjustment process, accelerate the pace of agricultural industrialization, so as to realize the ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits of three harvests. Progress of the project, completed planting 32 thousand acres, has become the largest international feed mulberry production base.

Grand County social undertakings

Municipal Construction
Approved by the Hebei provincial government, the city industrial park expansion area remote success, city of modern manufacturing Industrial Park upgrade as a provincial industrial park. The park is located in Lang Bo Road West, Langcang East high-speed, long street connecting line to the south, 381 north of the line, planning a total area of 100 square kilometers, an area of 12 square kilometers started planning and construction. According to the "high standards of planning, construction of a high starting point, high performance management" principle, adopt a "government led, market operation, enterprise management", to build the northern region with considerable scale and strength of the industrial city.
power supply
Power has been completed one or two, three rural reconstruction project, which can meet the industrial and residential electricity demand. Have a 220 thousand volt substation 1, 110 thousand volt substation 5, 35 thousand volt substation 11;
mobile communication
Communication has developed, fixed telephone and mobile phone has reached 100 thousand and 152 thousand;
Urban construction
The operation of the market capital of 4 billion 740 million yuan, the implementation of the Baimahe transformation, gas pipeline and household, primary and secondary roads, Yingbin Avenue building renovation upgrade, sports center and other "ten big projects", the residents living environment improved significantly.
City environment and health level increased year by year, for many years been rated as "civilized county" and "county health"; investment services to optimize the environment, set up the administrative service center, one-stop service for all kinds of projects, "one-stop" approval; to set up service centers in the enterprise, providing a full range of the high quality service for the enterprise, set up the whole procedure of agent mechanism.
education Medical care
The county has a total of 639 medical institutions at various levels, health and technical personnel more than 1 thousand and 500 people.
All kinds of schools at all levels of the county a total of 118 students, nearly 76 thousand people, 6886 people of the county teachers. The county in the provincial demonstrative high school, college entrance examination scores for many years among the best in the city key middle school.
The new rural construction
Investment of nearly 40 million yuan, in-depth implementation of comprehensive management of land, rainfed agriculture demonstration base, waterworks construction project, to further improve the level of agricultural infrastructure. Investment of 170 million yuan, to start 24 villages in the new residential construction, built 23 multi-storey residential buildings, 19 villas, and continuously improve the living environment of farmers .

Grand County Local specialty

The city of pear
Big city Pear The western region, pear county rich pear, pear, very well-known throughout the country, products have been exported to Canada, Russia and other countries. The county has a total results Pear tree 40 thousand mu, annual output of 100 million kilograms. Pear is a kind of fruit quality, polysaccharide, high juice powder. It is characterized by high quality, a large, bright color, storage, the largest fruit up to 1500 grams, average fruit weight 500-600 grams. A single pear weighs 300-400 grams, the color is bright, juicy and refreshing, with tonifying kidney thirst diuretic refreshing effect, is the best gift.
Ziziphus jujuba
Jinsixiaozao has a long history of cultivation, with the adjustment of agricultural structure, jujube planting area expanded rapidly. The county jujube planting area has reached 137 thousand and 400 mu, in the full fruit period of 32 thousand acres of jujube, jujube production reached 8 million kg, are sold throughout the country and Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, Dacheng County Jinsixiaozao produced in 1997 by the National Green Food Inspection Center identified as no poison, pollution-free green food, Hebei the first session of the provincial agricultural fair determine brandname.

Grand County History and culture

The territory of ancient cultural relics of ancient the Great Wall, son of Qin Shihuang Yan Zhao tomb, Gucheng ruins, The Dragon mound tomb Han Qi, Geda, Jiangtaigong Fished The modern and ancestral temple ecological tourism park, Qingzhou Shennong orchard, plain forest park in city countryside. .

Grand County Famous scenery

Dacheng County Zusi ecological agriculture sightseeing park
Zusi village is located in the northern city of the county, adjacent to the Wen'an depression, the village has 580 households, 11000 acres of arable land. In 2008 the total output value of the industry reached 160 million yuan, per capita net income of 6407 yuan village. Zusi village for many years by the provincial, city and county named "well-off village", "civilized village", "ten village street" and "village of advanced agricultural restructuring".
In order to improve the overall efficiency of agriculture, increase farmer income, up in the ancestral temple village, rich industrial group, adhere to the principle of "Subsidizing Agriculture, industrialization". Has invested about 6000000 yuan, the construction of water conservancy vigorously, greatly improved the agricultural production condition, realize zh zhzh, forest net, road connected, the canal connected, drought can be poured, waterlogging drainage, the past thin saline into high yield field. In accordance with the land use planning and acres of ecological forest construction plan, the implementation of returning farmland to forest, forest and grass intercropping, take jujube grain intercropping, jujube fields into farming, intensive farming, the road of industrialization. The village of new muskmelon 2000 acres, 4000 acres of cotton, jujube fields into 2000 acres, 500 acres of sterile trees, poplar 3000 acres, 120 thousand plants, 2000 acres of alfalfa; 200 cattle, 800 sheep, 1500 pigs, chickens, ducks, geese 20 thousand, 400 acres of aquaculture, fish, stocking white shrimp and crab. Zusi fishing park opened, attracting more and more fishing enthusiasts.
Zusi village hired experts in all aspects of construction, agriculture and tourism, through feasibility studies and planning and design, 108 million 500 thousand yuan investment in the construction of ecological agriculture tourism project: six thousand mu of fast-growing and high-yield forest planting, breeding base construction project, the village green landscaping, pond renovation project, North and South of the village garden project. The iron bar farm construction engineering, engineering and humanities grand art museum catering, accommodation, entertainment, the ancestral temple built for the accommodation, travel, shopping and entertainment, "the six elements of the comprehensive industrial system, form the sightseeing tourism, holiday tourism, entertainment and leisure as one of the characteristics of tourism scenic spots.
Shennong County orchard sightseeing agricultural garden
Shennong County orchard located ten kilometres west of West Qingzhou county north of the village, the land was flat, fertile soil, convenient transportation. The orchard covers an area of 2000 acres, a total investment of 22 million yuan.
In the mode of planting, high-quality pears, grapes and other fruit, fruit grass (alfalfa) implementation of intercropping, combination of planting and breeding, scientific management, scientific research units for farmers to provide services, security services. The technical characteristics, rely on cooperation with scientific research units and colleges, the introduction of advanced planting technology, the main high-grade pear cultivation, planting pollution-free fruit ecological promotion and control of management technology, fast and efficient risk free pear production technology, so as to ensure product quality and yield of fruit.
We have planted orchards of golden pear, pear and other fruit quality of 1000 acres, 800 acres of alfalfa; feeding high-quality chicken 8000, stocking hare 500; breeding high quality fruit seedlings of 13 varieties, 140 thousand strains; Yu Du Begonia seedlings, 2 million seedlings.
The face of China's accession to WTO the impact of agriculture is becoming more and more obvious, in the face of the part first rich mass entertainment leisure Psychology continues to grow, we decided to go out a relying on local resources, speed up the adjustment of agricultural structure, the development of agricultural tourism, to achieve the common prosperity of the enterprise and mass characteristics of the road. General idea: according to the opinions on speeding up the adjustment of agricultural structure, the efficiency of enterprises, increase the farmers "income, with acres of orchards as the carrier, to play the advantages of local resources, based on the appropriate principles, the use of three years, focusing on the implementation of six projects, completed a comprehensive modernization of agricultural enterprises in leisure, tourism and holiday in one of the parks and tourism.
Overall planning: Based on the existing 2000 acres of orchards, focusing on the planning and construction of two districts, four parks, two projects. The planning of planting area and tourist area; the implementation of hunting Park, picking garden, fishing garden, ornamental garden four projects; construction of wild animal Hotel and leisure bath center two projects.
Nan Zhao Fu Zhen classical furniture garden
Nan Zhao Fu Zhen furniture manufacturing industry in Yuan and Ming Dynasties is quite developed, a large number of folk carpenter engaged in furniture production in the palace, is the birthplace of one of the production of mahogany furniture of Ming and Qing dynasties. Since the reform and opening up, South Zhao Fu Zhen Party committee and government always adhere to economic construction as the center, the implementation of the strategy of "prospering the town, Xing Zhen" open, give full play to the advantage of location adjacent to Beijing and tianjin. We formed a Feng Village as the center, radiation in the town 30 village street, business stalls 600, employing 25 thousand people, the annual output value of 1 billion yuan of the first leading industry.
Nan Zhao Fu Zhen production of classical furniture products imported raw materials used in Vietnam, Kampuchea, India, Madagascar and other places of red sandalwood, rosewood and other valuable timber, authentic Ming and Qing Imperial techniques using production process, from aniseed to summary, from raw materials to finished products, paint, putty is not used, is the real green products. Inheriting the traditional furniture ingenious, accurate and tenon structure and exquisite carving and polishing techniques, a piece of furniture is not a nail, but very strong; no preservatives, but a hundred years immortal; no paint, but bright eye-catching, with high artistic value and collection value. Products are chairs, tables, beds, cabinets, and other miscellaneous 5 categories of more than 40, sold to Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other big city of China and Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regions, and exported to the United States, Germany, Singapore, Australia and other countries.
In order to regulate the development of classical furniture industry, the town established the classical furniture association in 2001, the association in good self-discipline and technical exchanges at the same time, the extensive contact with the China Furniture Association, National Academy of forestry, Hebei Province Furniture Association, is mahogany mahogany furniture standards and development direction are discussed, and actively participate in the formulation of standards and norms of the industry, Hebei Province Furniture Association furniture Specialized Committee listing office in the town.

Grand County Famous characters

Prime Minister Zhang Shaoceng of the Republic of China
The taboo Shaozeng word Jingyu, Zhang Shi, Tianjin sea Big city County.
 The last The last
Ceng Zude wide, Zu sik, father of Ru seal, all your company feudal general wei. The public was born in September 5th and has been in the show, young Qi Yi Ying, abnormal children. Guangxu fourteen years, due to a poor father Yu jin. Father Wang Zhai Museum, Museum of the old public school. To seventeen years old to have stereotyped writing Yingxian County Try to be the forefront. For twenty-four years, and selected students studying abroad to japan. Admission of ten, and Gong yan. Twenty-nine years, five of his gun up army officer.
The eunuch Li Lianying
Eunuch In light of twenty-eight years, Harana Etae, on October 17th (November 2, 1848), was born in the city of the county an ordinary peasant family and a small hand.
Eunuch The childhood family has moved, he basically is in a well-off family spent childhood.
Eunuch In the palace for decades to make their attempts at flattery, resourcefulness, clever Li Ling, won the favor of Empress Dowager Ci Xi, granted two goods dingdai Hualing, high positions, rights in a few years, a party, racketeering, wealthy, all have a monograph and syria.
Zhang (1875-1928), the word Yu Ting, born in Fengtian Haicheng (this is in Liaoning province), the ancestral home of Dacheng County Feng zhuang. The head of the Northern Warlords feng. In 1910, Ren Fengtian warlord, Manchuria XunYue Shi and other staff, long entrenched in the northeast, dominate the party. The 1924 defeat of warlord, control of the Northern Warlords Government, 1926, Ren Anguo Commander in chief of the Republic of China in June 1927, the military government army and Navy marshal.
placed under house arrest
placed under house arrest (1901 - 2001), the word Han Qing,
 Zhang Zhang
The ancestral home of Dacheng County Feng zhuang. In 1919 admitted to the military academy study, immediately began a military life, served as the battalion commander, Colonel, brigadier general, commander, commander, army chief of staff, in command of many major battles, in The Northeast Army There is a very high prestige, launched The Xi'an incident . In October 15, 2001, general Zhang Xueliang died in Hawaii. The general secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President Jiang Zemin Sent a message of condolence, praised him as a great patriot and hero of the Chinese nation through the ages .
Sun One 93 In a year ningdu Uprising。 In 1933 to join the Communist Party Chinese.
During the land revolution, as China Red Army Fifth Corps fourteen military intelligence chief, forty-first division chief of staff, Army school teacher, operations chief, chief, chief of staff of the Red Army Education corps. In the long march.
1955 was awarded the rank of lieutenant general. Chinese is a member of the Standing Committee of the fifth CPPCC National Committee, China delegates of the seventh CPC National Congress .
Chun Yan Li
 placed under house arrest placed under house arrest
Male, born in 1938 in Hebei County in 1962, graduated from Hebei Medical College (now Hebei Medical University) Department of medicine, the Second Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University in the same year to participate in the work so far. Over the past decade, Li Chunyan has published more than 200 papers, at or above the provincial level 5 scientific research, cultivation of doctoral and master 20 Name.
Wanghouxiang Jishan, 1963, was born in County of Hebei province. My father was a start from elementary books. Gaohongyuan , Chen Peng , For , Et al , Hu against the United States , Zhengxiaohua , , Gentlemen. Longer than that. Now China Calligraphers Association, vice president of Beijing painting and Calligraphy Institute, vice president of Hebei Painting Research Association, vice chairman of Hebei pen Calligraphers Association, Langfang Calligraphers Association vice chairman, chairman of Langfang Youth Artists Association, graduated from Renmin University of China sponsored Calligraphers Association and the first outstanding young Chinese graduate student class calligrapher China, National Academy of painting and calligraphy of Shen Peng elite class, Muhong press members.