1/2 of the land area of Maryland the Atlantic coastal plain, the south is north of sandy land, fertile land. The state of the Chesapeake Bay across the Atlantic, Coastline 3200 miles. Chesapeake Bay is a wide and long Liman, stretching inland from south to north, Maryland is divided into two parts. Chesapeake Bay, 320 kilometers long from north to south, east-west width of 6 to 60 kilometers, the depth of up to 105 meters. West River James River And the Potomac river. Bay head north, there are Susquehanna River Injection. And there is a 30 km long canal, through Delaware To the North Delaware River Downstream.

Maryland History

Maryland is the king charles i The wife of Queen Maria's name. Here early for the Algonquin and Iroquois tribe Indian Place of residence.
In 1634 the first batch of British immigrants in Saint Marys settled.
In 1774, a ship loaded with the British tea ship "Peggy Stewart" by the Annapolis residents burned.
April 28, 1788 admitted to the Federal Constitution, and joined the Federation of seventh states.

Maryland Geography

 The United States of Maryland farm The United States of Maryland farm
West The Appalachian Mountains Including a series of forest covered mountains, close to The state of West Virginia The Backhouse MT is an altitude of 3360 feet. Statewide The peak。
The landscape from east to west can be divided into 6 areas:
(1) the eastern coastal plain, from the basement sedimentary rock A. Chesapeake Bay East at an altitude of 30 meters; the west at an altitude of 60 meters. There are many low sandbar islands and marshes along the coast of the Atlantic. The head of the Bay West Coastal Plain, West straight to the waterfall line. Fertile soil, suitable for agricultural.
(2) the west line is a waterfall Piedmont The hills, undulating, rock igneous rock and metamorphic rock The outcrop, but 400 meters above ground level, suitable for the development of agriculture.
 state emblem state emblem
(3) the Blue Ridge Forest Area, 500 meters high above sea level. The hillside natural forest is very dense.
(4) wide valley region. The Blue Ridge west of a large north-south Valley, is very wide, wide valley plain is called.
(5) parallel collar Valley area.
(6) the west, is the Appalachian mountains. State's highest point 1024 meters above sea level, across the more difficult. There are many rivers flow down from the mountain slope East, including one into the Chesapeake Bay head. This is Chesapeake Bay Texas Kuihe River Hanna The downstream channel, as early as 10000 years ago because of the disappearance of glaciers, sea level rise, sea water intrusion, the formation of large bay.

Maryland Resources

Rich in natural resources, a large number of timber. Forest and woodland area of 40% Zhanzhou. With hardwood, suitable for making furniture. Mainly oak and hickory trees. Coastal plain pine forest. Coal is the main mineral reserves of 4 tons.

Maryland population

In 2000, Maryland had a population of 5 million 296 thousand people. The 2010 census, there are 5 million 773 thousand people in Maryland. Most of the residents living in the middle of it
 Maryland population distribution map Maryland population distribution map
Is Badi Moore to Washington Metropolitan area. The east coast of Maryland Resident population Less, mostly farmers live, with the same situation in southern Maryland. As for the three counties in Western Lanzhou, ray Allegheny County en:Allegany, en:Garrett, and Grethel Washington County En:Washington, is a mountainous terrain, sparsely populated, until close to the West virginia It is a boundary Big city . Ontario composition is as follows: 62.1% is the Maryland race White (non Hispanic), 27.9% African Americans, 4.3% Latin America American, 4% Asian Americans, 2% mixed race, 0.3% native americans.
According to the census, residents in Maryland ancestors, African American (27.9%) the most, followed by A German (15.7%), Irish (11.7%), Britisher (9%) and American (5.8%).

Maryland Economics

Economic indicators: 2011 Maryland GDP $301 billion 100 million, fifteenth of 50 states in the United States, the United States accounted for the proportion of GDP 2.01%. GDP51661 dollars per capita.
The trade situation: 2011 Maryland export trade amounted to $10 billion 850 million, accounting for 0.72% of total exports to the United States, the ten largest export market in Canada, Chinese, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Mexico, Holland, Egypt, Japan, Britain and germany.
In 2011, Maryland's exports of $666 million, imports of $2 billion 570 million, transportation is Maryland's traditional export projects, mainly concentrated in trucks, buses, railway equipment, aircraft parts, aircraft control system, industrial equipment and computer exports in recent years is growing fast.
Foreign investment: Maryland good investment environment has attracted more than and 500 foreign investment enterprises settled in foreign enterprises, is one of the nation's highest density region. The Sino US science and Technology Park Maryland is established by University of Maryland and the Ministry of science and technology Chinese cooperation, one of the Chinese torch center six international projects, and only in the United States cooperation projects, to attract and support in the United States Chinese health care, environmental protection, agriculture, energy source and technology company fire protection industry research and development entities. The project area is located in the nearby University of Maryland and Dahua mansion, relying on University of Maryland R & D resources and talent advantages, can introduce capital, business consulting, training and other services in a timely manner, but also the use of University of Maryland Incubation Center (TAP) and the Maryland industrial partnership project (MIPS) resources. 2010 has been Top Orchids, Inc., glodon software Limited by Share Ltd, the father of Medicine Research & Development Co Ltd settled in the park.
The area is also one of the important areas of the United States Wine. The state of the Wine producing varieties:
Grape varieties
Chardonnay (Chardonnay), Apino (Pinot Gris), Hepino (Pinot Noir), Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc (Cabernet Sauvignon) (Cabernet Franc), and Bella (Barbera), San Jon Vessey (Sangiovese), Vioni (Viognier), white Cheval (Seyval Blanc), Xiang Baoxin (Chambourcin)

Grape varieties
Chardonnay (Chardonnay), Apino (Pinot Gris), Hepino (Pinot Noir), Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc (Cabernet Sauvignon) (Cabernet Franc), and Bella (Barbera), San Jon Vessey (Sangiovese), Vioni (Viognier), white Cheval (Seyval Blanc), Xiang Baoxin (Chambourcin)

Maryland Politics

Maryland mechanism

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
 Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland
The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
The food and Drug Administration (FDA)
In the tax department (IRS)
The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA), Goddard Space Flight Center
National Geographic Information Agency (NGA)
The National Institute of standards and Technology (NIST)
The National Health Agency (NIH)
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)
The National Security Agency (NSA)
Smithsonian Environment Research Center (SERC)
The Social Security Administration (SSA)
Drug abuse and mental health services administration

Maryland Religion

Maryland during the colonial period, the beginning is for the Catholic Church of England can escape the strict policy of repression, to settle "religious tolerance" area. However, this "religious tolerance" of the ring was not fully realized, the Catholic Church in Maryland today is still not the mainstream religion. Religion, following Maryland's population percentage of belief.
 Baltimore Baltimore
58% Protestants Protestant
25% Rome Catholic Roman Catholic
2% other Christian The Other of Christian.
4% other religions Other Religions
8% non believers Non-Religious
In the state of the Protestant, three factions as before: Baptist Baptist:17%, the Methodist Methodist:14%, Lutheran Lutheran:6%.
In addition to digital proportion of religion, Maryland still has a very Catholic color, such as Baltimore in 1789, was elected the first American Catholic archbishop. Imis Berg Emmitsburg's sister Isabella's home and cemetery where she was the first Catholic saints was invested with American St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Maryland traffic

An airport
The Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI)
An important highway
An important railway system

Maryland education

Higher education institutions in Maryland can provide training and research required for commercial and industrial. There are more than 337000 students are educated in the state more than and 60 two-year colleges and four year college. Maryland excellent education resources include 11 campuses of University of Maryland system, and is famous for the discipline of information technology and life sciences. Johns Hopkins University . These colleges have established more than and 250 research center and the Institute of science and technology, including the University of Maryland Biotechnology Research Institute, Maryland Technology Research Institute, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory .
State university
University of Maryland The system (University System of Maryland)
University of Maryland at Baltimore
University of Maryland kangton Brownsville, (Catonsville)
University of Maryland College Park (College Park)
Princess Ann City, University of Maryland (Princess Anne)
morgan State versity)
Coppin State College (Coppin State College)
Bowie State College (Bowie State College)
Frostburg State University (Frostburg State University)
St. Mary's College of Maryland (St. Mary s College of Maryland)
Salisbury State University (Salisbury State University)
United States Naval Academy (US Naval Academy)
Private University
John johns hopkins university (Johns Hopkins University) is one of the most famous private university in the state, in a US NEWS in the latest ranking thirteenth.
Saint John College (St. John s College)
Loyola College (Loyola College)
university of baltimore (University of Baltimore)
Western Maryland College (Western Maryland College)
Hood College (Hood College)
Washington College (Washington College)
Villa Julie College (Villa Julie College)

Maryland City

Maryland consists of 23 counties (county) and an independent city.
The Allegheny County Allegany
Established in 1789, from Washington County A part of the.
The seat of county government: Cumberland Cumberland.
The name comes from the Indian word meaning "beautiful river."
Anne Arundel County
Established in 1650, from undeveloped land.
The seat of county government: Annapolis Annapolis.
The name comes from Baltimore II's wife's maiden name baron.
Baltimore County Baltimore
Established in 1659, from undeveloped land.
The county government is located in Towson Towson.
The name comes from the title of Baron Baltimore.
Calvert County Calvert
Established in 1654, from undeveloped land.
The seat of county government: Prince Frederick The village of Prince Frederick.
The name comes from Baltimore Baron family name, Calvert.
Caroline County Caroline
Established in 1773, from a portion of Dorchester county and Queen County Anne's.
The county seat of Denton Denton. The name comes from the name of the daughter of Baron V Baltimore.
Carol County Carroll: established in 1837, from a portion of Baltimore county and Frederick county.
The seat of county government: Westminster.
The name signed from Maryland The declaration of independence Representative Charles Carroll.
Cecil County Cecil
Established in 1672, from a portion of the Baltimore county and Kent county.
The county government is located in Elkton Elkton.
The name comes from Baltimore C&aelig cilius Calvert Baron II; name.
Charles County Charles
Established in 1658, from undeveloped land.
The seat of county government: Platt La Plat.
The name comes from Baltimore Baron III name, Charles Calvert.
Other county
many Chester County Dorchester: established in 1668, from undeveloped land.
The seat of county government: Cambridge.
The variant name from the Calvert family friend of the Earl of Dorset title.
Frederic County Frederick: established in 1748, from Prince George's county.
The seat of county government: Frederic Frederick.
The name comes from Baltimore Baron VI's name, Frederick Calvert.
Garrett County Garrett: established in 1872, from Allegany county.
The seat of county government: Auckland Oakland.
Name from Baltimore - Ohio railway company president John Work Garrett's name.
Harford County Harford: established in 1773, from Baltimore county.
The seat of county government: Beller Bel Air.
The name comes from Baltimore Baron VI's illegitimate child Henry Harford.
Howard County Howard: established in 1851, from a portion of the Arundel county and Baltimore County Anne.
The county government is located in Ellicott city Ellicott City.
The name comes from The American War of independence Hero, Maryland Governor John Eager Howard's name.
Kent County Kent: established in 1642, from undeveloped land.
The seat of county government: Chesterton Chestertown.
The name comes from the British Kent county.
Montgomerie County: Montgomery was established in 1776, from Frederick county.
The seat of county government: Luo G At Rockville.
The name comes from the American War of independence was the first general Richard Montgomery name.
Prince George County Prince George's: established in 1695, from a portion of Calvert county and Charles county.
The seat of county government: Mar Bohle Upper Marlboro.
The name comes from Great Britain Queen Ann's husband Denmark Prince George's name.
Queen Anne's: Kunming Anne county was established in 1706, from Talbot county.
The seat of county government: Sen Tver Centerville.
The name of the queen from Great Britain's name.
St. Mary's County St. Mary's, established in 1637, from undeveloped land.
The seat of county government: Leonard The town of Leonardtown.
From the name of Saint mary.
Somerset County Somerset: established in 1666, from undeveloped land.
The seat of county government: Princess Anne.
The name comes from Baltimore Baron II sister-in-law maiden name.
Child care Bert County Talbot: established in 1662, from Kent county.
The seat of county government: Easton Easton.
The name comes from Baltimore Baron II's sister (sister) name.
Washington County: Washington was established in 1776, from Frederick county.
The county government is located in Hagerstown Hagerstown.
The name comes from the name of washington.
Wicomico County: established in 1867, from a portion of the Somerset county and Worcester county.
The seat of county government: cable tewsbury son Salisbury.
The name comes from the Indian word meaning "place for a house."
Wooster County Worcester:1742, from Somerset county.
The seat of county government: Snow Hill Snow Hill,
The name comes from the name of the Earl of Worcester.
An independent city
Baltimore City, established in 1729. From 1851 Baltimore County .
Including the important town:
Baltimore (Baltimore)
Annapolis (Annapolis)
Silver Spring (Silver Springs)
Rockville (Rockville)
The Potomac (Potomac)
Gaithersburg (Gaithersburg)
Cory period Parke (University Park) (College Park)
Wheaton (Wheaton)
Jean Mar Bo Lo Upper Marlboro
Frederic (Frederick)
Higgs Don (Hagerstown)
Cumberland (Cumberland)
Camp David (Camp David), USA president Resort.

Maryland Sociology

Maryland Sports organizations

University of Maryland (Terrapins)
 baltimore ravens baltimore ravens
American football)
Baltimore team crow (Baltimore Ravens)
Washington Redskins (Washington Redskin) the actual home court in Maryland
University of Maryland (Terrapins)
Major league
The Baltimore orioles (Baltimore Orioles)
Little League
Bagwell socks (Bowie Bay Sox, bay level 2A east alliance team: Baltimore Orioles)
Fred delike keys (Frederick Keys, high order 1A Carolina League, the home team: Baltimore Orioles)
Day Marwah Bindo (Delmarva ShoreBirds, 1A of southern the Atlantic alliance, female team: Baltimore Orioles)
Hangzhou town of Gus (Hangestown Suns, sun 1A south of the Atlantic alliance, the parent team: The New York Mets )
Yabaiding ironbird (Alberdeen IronBirds, 1A New York Penn League short, female team: Baltimore Orioles)

Maryland scientific research

Maryland is the National Institutes of Health (NIH), The United States Department of Agriculture (U
 The National Naval Medical Center The National Naval Medical Center
SDA) agricultural research center, the State Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the National Institute of standards and Technology (NIST) is obtained, the federal government allocates funds of research and development in America Column second. "Biological capital" reputation of the Maryland has more than 300 Biotech Corp and Federal Research Institute, Maryland for innovation in the field of biotechnology, technology transfer and exchange provides a platform. In June 2000 the Maryland national human genome project group and CELERA company jointly announced the process of gene sequencing of the human genome project research. This is a milepost significance project shows the Maryland in the field of life science research strength.
The biotechnology industry group Maryland category is complete, they will be the application of biotechnology in medicine, health, nutrition and health, agricultural production, environmental protection, and will introduce a new production process of medicine, agriculture, chemical, energy and other traditional industries, driven by economic development in Maryland.

Maryland information

Maryland has always been the center of information technology application and maintenance. Many important federal agencies, information technology and business education and research departments, such as the Federal Communications commission, National Security Bureau (NSA), the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has settled here, attracted a large number of scientists and engineers to work here. Defense electronics manufacturing employment ranked third in the country, computer system design, ranked sixth, ranked eighth in the field of employment service project.
The development of the state government to set up a series of projects to support the development of information technology in Maryland, including The risk investment fund , business incubator, to university based research institutions. Maryland has gathered more and more software services company, electronic communications enterprises. Major information-technology industry The company has: Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Hughes Network Systems.

Maryland Tourism

Baltimore Museum of Art Art Museum in Baltimore
B&O B&O Railroad Museum Railway Museum
Calvert Marine Museum Calvert Maritime Museum
Druid Hill Park Druid Hill Park
Changqing house Evergreen House
Fort Mike Henry National Memorial Chorten and the historic shrine Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine
Hammond Ha f. Hammond-Harwood House
The Maryland historical society Maryland Historical Society
National Aquarium in Baltimore Baltimore National Aquarium
State State Capitol House
The Naval Academy U.S. Naval Academy
The Walters art gallery, Walters Art Gallery
William Parker Manor

Maryland character

The state of a celebrity: anti slavery campaigner Frederick Douglas (Frederick Douglass), the first African American judge Thurgood Marshall (Thurgood Marshall), occupation baseball player Babe Ruth (Babe Ruth), writer Apton Sinclair (Upton Sinclair), poet Jadern Rich (Adrienne Rich), novelist John Bass (John Barth), Jazz And the blues singer Billy Hale (Billie Holiday), small occupation baseball players cal ripken (Cal Ripken Jr.) and former NBA rockets Steve Francis .