Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott, the famous British historical novelist and poet. He was born Scotland The city of Edinburgh, was suffering from polio, the law department of University of Edinburgh after graduation, he served as deputy sheriff, with Scotland as the background of the poem is very famous, but Byron After he realized that beyond, to start writing historical novels, and finally become the history of English literature generation originator. After his death, the romantic age also coming to an end.
Walter Scott

Walter Scott Life

Walter Scott The disabled boy

 Walter Scott Walter Scott
Walter Scott. Was born in August 15, 1771 Edinburgh, The Scotland The old family, father is a lawyer. Mother Anne Rutherford was a daughter of a doctor, well educated. She brought Scott a lot of inspiration to him later on the road to the deep influence of literary creation. Scott 18 months suffering from polio, cause lifelong leg disability, a lot of inconvenience to his life. But perhaps it is because of this reason, he put most of their energy into the literary reading and writing. Have a great influence on his literary creation on road and his uncle, Dr. Lasse Forde, Walter met a lot of people through his be a brilliant man of wide learning.
Scott was listening to the love of ancient legends and historical stories as well as a variety of religious persecution stories of Scotland folklore known to every family for having heard it many times, lifelong interest has not diminished; he describes the ordinary people of the traditional popular literature is a favorite to. In addition, due to childhood illnesses, in his long Scotland Mountain culture. All this to his later engaged in the creation of historical novels, inspire his imagination had decisive influence. Scott's formal education began in 1775 to 1776, when he was British bath accept polio treatment. In 1779, he entered the Edinburgh, A high school. His academic mediocrity, but memory, showing a strong desire for knowledge; he has extraordinary narrative skills, often give students some narrative story. From this time, his special fascination with medieval knight legend and history. After leaving school in 1783, he entered Cherso A grammar school. In March 1786, he followed his father into the legal profession. In 1789, he entered the University of Edinburgh to study law, when he was only 22 years old, listening to the many legal aspects of the lecture. So he to Scotland from feudal society to modern social history have a more thorough understanding of this, his novels have a certain role. He and other students, participated in many literary and philosophical society, society, history, literature, discussion of political philosophy and other issues of common concern. In 1792, he finally did not live up to his father's expectations, as a lawyer, however, he is not interested in. He later said to be not physically disabled, he will go to the army.

Walter Scott Civil life

He spent a lot of time travel Scotland All over the country, especially in Scotland and England The junction and the Scottish Highlands, a broad understanding of Scotland's past, present and local customs and practices, collecting a large number of folk songs. Like many young people, Scott of popular culture and avant-garde culture is also very interested in. He had seen friends of Germany Sturm und Drang literature movement. The translation of famous German folk "Lai Noel". This literary genre followers against French Enlightenment literature, of their folklore interest. At that time the German writer of German literature by French Deeply disturbed by the influence of literature, and many young people in Scotland have similar anxiety, because of their impact on literature is also influenced by foreign literature. The difference is that this effect is not from French literature, but from the literature of England. In addition, the German "hurricane movement writers think of Scotland literature also has certain influence on their. For Scott, he is interested in culture and politics may not be "hurricane Movement Literature -- a temptation", but this one in the works of originality, nationality and avant-garde.
At the beginning of 1790s, Scott experienced an emotional crisis. He was deeply in love with a girl named Wilhelmina Bell ceke. But the girl's parents think he is not worthy of their daughter, the result she married someone else. Scott was disappointed, sad heart, left a scar healing for years, after many years, whenever I think of this girl, he still could not calm down. In December 24, 1797, he married a French woman -- Charlotte Carpenter. This marriage was stable, but no more deep feelings between husband and wife. They had five children.
except Scotland The Enlightenment of the young Scott is probably the most influential events of the French Revolution Great Britain And the influence of Scotland. Scott on 1790s political and social crisis made a strong response, firmly opposed to jacobinism. At the time of Scotland, Jacobinism is very popular, people are particularly brutal crackdown on it. In 1797, Scott helped set up a team of volunteer cavalry. At the time of Great Britain with the rest of the army, the volunteer team is composed of the middle class, on the one hand to resist the invasion of France, on the other hand is used to deter those who support France, workers often have. Scott in the team showed a courageous spirit, however, this is not his career after all.

Walter Scott The poet laureate

Was appointed in 1799 Searl buckle grams County Deputy sheriff. 1802 to 1803, he collected 3 volumes " Scotland The Ballads "published, attracted wide attention. 1806 was appointed to the Edinburgh high court civil. In 1805, the first full-length narrative poem "the last minstrel song" come out, brought credit to the author. This poem by the two Scotland family dispute, the sixteenth Century Scotland feudal aristocratic life. In 1808, the long poem "Mamine" published. It is in 1513 England And Scotland. Battle of Flodden As the background, about a British aristocrat Mamine framed use means to seize the aristocrat Ralph's fiancee, Mamine in the last plot exposed, floden died. This work is considered to be the best of Scott's poem. His famous poem " The lady of the lake "(1810) the king of Scotland and Medieval Knight adventure stories, depicts the natural beauty of Scotland. After he created the "wedding", "Ming's" Lord of the island and a series of poems. His last poem is "fearless" harold. A long narrative poem by Scott's historical events or folk tales as a theme, with rich imagination and high artistic skills, but also with the feudal dynasty and the ideal knight sympathy.

Walter Scott Master of novel

Scott's poetry is full of romantic adventure stories, readers. However, with the great masters of romantic poetry Byron The emergence of other poets become position
Crumbling, Scott deeply felt in poetry creation to surpass Byron, and second, to British historical novels, provides more than and 30 historical novels for English literature masterpiece. However, when people on the novel did not give sufficient status, thinks that the novel is vulgar to see the crowd. Perhaps for this reason, Scott from the beginning are not identified by name signed novels until 1827. Scott is worried about doing so, he engaged in novel creation will endanger the reputation as a poet. In 1814, Scott published anonymously a historical novel "Waverley", about 1745 jacobitism An uprising of historical events. He praised the love of freedom Scotland Mountain people's struggle, and indicates that Scotland is lagging behind the clan society in the capitalist system under the impact of the inevitable decline of the fate. This novel is well received by readers, Scott has written many historical novel "Waverley" pseudonym, until 1827 publicly acknowledged that he was the author of novels.
Scott has a lot of historical novels based on the history of Scotland, one of the most excellent except "Waverley", and "Puritan" (1816), "Rob Roy" (1817) and "Meade Lo Sean's prison" (1818) etc.. " Puritan "Description of 1679 Scotland The Puritan persecution against the British authorities and the outbreak of the uprising in the event, the author praises the masses self sacrifice, to expose the ruling class of brutal repression, but also said the uprising leader is losing a religious fanatic reason. Marx praised this work. "Rob Roy" description of 1715 jacobitism People in Scotland on the eve of the first uprising against the British political mountain people. Rob Roy "Robinhood of Scotland", this is the integrity of the mountain clan leader, rush into danger under feudal oppression, a revolt against the ruling class, ShaFuJiPin heroes of the greenwood. "A riot of Meade Lo Sean's prison" in 1736 the people of Edinburgh against British oppression as the background, the description of Scotland rural girl Jenny Dins went to London to see the queen to trek, innocent sister rescued was sentenced to death. The author expressed his sympathy and praise for the people of Scotland.
From 1819 onwards, Scott created based on British and European history novels, of which the most famous is "Ivanhoe" (1819) and "Quentin Durward" (1823). "Ivanhoe" vividly show the British in twelfth Century" Lionheart "During the reign of Richard complex class conflicts and ethnic conflicts, reveals the Norman noble arrogant cruelty and suffering of the people of Saxon labor. The author of the "Lion King" Richard heart is written to ease the ethnic contradiction of the wise monarch. "Quentin Durward" written in fifteenth Century the king of France against the feudal rule, the establishment of a centralized struggle. Scott believes Louis eleven The establishment of the feudal national unity action is of great importance, but he does not hide in the elimination of the feudal lords of the cunning and cruel. Eleven Louis is described by Scott as one of the most vivid image.
In 1813, he was awarded the "poet laureate" title, but he refused; however, in 1820 the king george iv Awarded him the "baronet" title, he is honored to accept the. In 1825, Scott's press partner Scott to go bankrupt, heroism assumed all debts of 114000 pounds. He stepped up to writing novels, historical novels appear sloppy so late. His health has been damaged. September 21, 1832 died in abbotsford.

Walter Scott Social evaluation

 Ivanhoe. Ivanhoe.
Scott's works have 7 long narrative poems, 27 historical novels, some in novels and historical works and biographies, such as novelist "biography" (1821 ~ 1824), "Napoleon" (1827). Scott is the greatest contribution in his historical novels, they are like a huge picture scroll of history, from the medieval to the bourgeois revolution England and Scotland The social life of exhaustive. The different style of the times and social customs, religion, nationality, class struggle in the various historical periods, have been vividly described. He is also good at the performance of the ordinary people in the history of the movement of the role and the trend of historical development. He wrote many memorable images of the working people. But he has carved figures often become the embodiment of the knight reason Pale and tool to the idea of compromise, he wrote the lower people's image but vivid and full. He holds a conservative view of the historical process, advocating harmonious society contradiction with compromise. In exposing Scotland The people suffered oppression, but also beautify the Scotland ancient patriarchal society.
Scott's historical novel of great momentum, magnificent, well reflects the England The conflict in Scotland and Europe, major turning point of history. In his works, historical events without boring, organic always twists the story and characters of grief at separation and joy in union together.
Scott's creation of European history novel initiated, the founder is regarded as a historical novel (such as Russian commentator Billingsky Scott was regarded as "the father of history novel). British Dickens , Robert Louis Stevenson France. Hugo , Balzac , Alexandre Dumas Russia. Puskin Italy. Manzoni In the United States. Cooper The profound influence of famous writers such as Scott have been. Cooper is one of America's "American Scott" said.

Walter Scott Introduction

Walter Scott "Ivanhoe"

 "Ivanhoe" "Ivanhoe"
"Ivanhoe" is one of the representatives of the historical novels of Scott. The novel "Lionheart" Richard Crusade went missing, his brother John to take the position of regent. Saxon nobleman Sateri grams intend to join this tribe to restore the dynasty. At the same time, Richard secret home, he got some Norman and Sateri son of Dick Ivanhoe and Robinhood Saxon heroes of the Greenwood's help, finally defeated John, the throne, eliminate the rebellion. Sateri g et al also recognize the situation, decided and Norman rulers cooperation. The work reflects the twelfth Century British "Lionheart" Richard era Anglo Saxon and Norman conquest of the ethnic conflicts and the ruling class and the working people of the class contradictions, depicts the aristocratic pride and the suffering of the people. The romantic atmosphere of the novel is rich, rich era atmosphere and local color, language quaint figure.
" ivanhoe "In the language of characters bookish is very heavy, no oral phenomenon too much, easy to translate into other languages. Perhaps because of this, this novel is very popular in Europe and other areas. " ivanhoe "Not only has been translated into many languages widely distributed, but also by many writers to imitate, but some countries take it adapted into opera and drama.

Walter Scott "Scared" marriage

"Marriage" is representative of surprise as one of Scott's historical novels. In fifteenth Century the king of France Louis eleven Forces in the struggle against the feudal rule as the historical background. The protagonist is one of the early French court to the king's bodyguard Scotland Young Quentin durward. Adventurous young readers will be Quentin in France in all the thrilling encounter attracted. The main plot of the story is: Quentin fell in love with a French court to take refuge for runaway young noble, protect the king and the girl The Duke of Burgundy To wrest control of the property of all the girls struggled in Quentin; this struggle, but he eventually rely on their own courage and wisdom to avoid a king set pitfalls, rescued the girl, and her love.

Walter Scott "Red Chief Robert"

 Book cover Book cover
This book is one of Scott's most outstanding historical novels, it reflects the 1715 Scotland uprising of the heroic deeds, written at the time of the ethnic, religious and social aspects of the perplexing contradiction, and the psychological state of each character class. The book's release, was highly praised by Marx, the description of the characters in the story are known as "Robinhood of Scotland" tribal hero. In order to rob couples as the representative of the Red Chief Scotland The people's armed forces military conflict with king George's army, almost suffered unforeseen disaster. Hildebrand described the story in addition to Lai Healy, all died. francis It inherits the uncle's estate. Because he put Diana and his father hiding in the home, and they were arrested by healy. Robert to try to rescue the rogue, the D and Diana escorted abroad. Finally, Francis to father wishes to do business, William also allowed his son to break the religious barriers, from the French monastery. He married Diana, a pair of lovers.

Walter Scott "Ken" in Fort Worth

Based on the characters of British history with a great reputation Elizabeth The queen and Rice. count In Leicester, the countess Amy's death, was quite remarkable palace secrets, had passed a detonation. I died in 1560, the cause of death is unknown, rumors outside the victim to Leicester. The death of Scott I postponed for 15 years, in the book the climax - Ken NAR banquet Fort Worth (1575), and the two closely intertwined, a very tortuous, vivid story. Is a very interesting and very able to reflect the Scotland people's daily life works.

Walter Scott Anecdote

Walter Scott An event

 Edinburgh Scott memorial tower Edinburgh Scott memorial tower
Scott is an honest and trustworthy person, although he is very poor, but people all respect him very much. Scott was one of his friends saw his life difficult for him to do a printing and publishing company, but he is not good at business, soon after the closure of the bankruptcy. This makes a poor writer and back to back up $sixty thousand in debt burden.
Scott's friends to discuss, to scrape together enough money to help him out. Scott refused, said: "no, my hands that I could get out of debt. I can lose anything, but can not lose credit."
In order to pay off his debts, he worked hard like the old cattle cart, his friends all admire his courage, all say that he is a real man, is a man of noble integrity.
Many newspapers have reported that his business news, some articles are full of sympathy and regret. He put these articles out of the fire, his heart said to myself: "Walter Scott does not need pity and sympathy, he has valuable credit and the courage to overcome the life."
He work harder in the future, learn a lot before will not work, often run several units a day, transform different jobs, people tired and thin black.

Walter Scott Event two

Once, one of his creditors to read a novel written by Scott, who came to him: "Mr. Scott, I know that you are trustworthy, but you are a very talented writer, you should spend more time writing, so I decided to waive your debt Wu, a part of the money you owe me not."
Scott said: "thank you very much, but I can't help you, I can not do without credit people."
After this event, he wrote in his diary: "I have never been so sleep so at ease and stability. My creditors said to me, I think he is an honest man, he said I can dispense with the debt, but I can not accept. Although in front of me is a hard and dark road, but I feel honored, in order to preserve my reputation, I may die but I was suffering, died a glorious death."
Because of the heavy work, Scott had been ill. In the disease, he often said to myself: "I owe the debt is not repaid, I must be good, so I made money, a debt, and then the glorious and die peacefully."