The Gulf of California

The Gulf of California (Spanish Golfo De, also known as California) Sea of Cortez (Sea of Cortes Mar de Cortes, Spanish).
The Gulf of California
California Bay is located in the northwest of Mexico and Baja California Peninsula Between a Northwest - southeast direction, narrow North South horn shape. About 1200 km long, the width of 90 to 210 kilometers, an area of about 160 thousand square kilometers.
Mexico northwest of the narrow bay, the Pacific deep narrow marginal sea of the North American continent, the Gulf by angel de la Guarda island and Tiburon Island The two largest island in the isthmus is divided into two parts, shallow northern and southern water depth of 2500 meters, the maximum depth of 3218 meters. There is lots of tide of roaring waves, Become Sal Heap Elder J sinister, is not conducive to sailing. The Gulf of California Submarine Valley Extending north to the land, forming the Salton Sea basin, Lake 75 meters below sea level. A volcano in the sea. So there is a floating red algae Crimson Sea Called. There are coral reefs in the western coast of California.

The Gulf of California Archipelago

 The Gulf of California The Gulf of California
Mexico is located in the northeast of the California islands consists of 244 islands, islets and Coast Area. CORTEZ sea and its islands have been called a natural laboratory for the investigation of speciation. Moreover, provides the important places for almost all of the field of marine marine scientists. Natural beauty is composed of cliffs and sandy beach impressive Environmental Science With the green water and, in stark contrast to the desert.

The Gulf of California species

This is the 695 species of animal and plant origin, and it more than any Marine World Heritage List Island There are more products. The same excellence comes from a number of fish species: 891, of which 90 species are endemic. Not only that, it also contains 39% of the total number of world marine mammals of the world and the whale species 1/3.

The Gulf of California Natural sunlight

The greatness of nature is the most primitive way to let the human feel simple happiness.
 The Gulf of California The Gulf of California
The waiting time is too long. Finally at the weekend with friends embark on a planned trip. San Carlos Bay on the Pacific coast, is located in the east coast of the continent, and Under the state of California Across the sea. As in the California Within the Bay, Renjiedeling, never to have strong wind and big waves. At the same time as Sonora in semi arid climate, always calm beach 360 days a year to enjoy the bright sunshine. Driving in the desert on the continent of Mexico, around the land from time to time a uplift of the hills, scorching the earth covered with a layer of sparse vegetation, occasionally a few low shrubs, try to stretch At the same time the plant leaves, a fairy tree in the sunset was lonely lonely.
When the night has reached San Carlos over the entire city. After the arrival of the hotel to rest, enjoy a night in the coastal city. Because the city is very small, the population density is very low. In addition to the center of the city streets at night are almost not see what people.
Stop driving to a Tacaria street, sitting in the humid air, full-bodied barbecue fragrance makes you feel a strong stomach that it exists. Put on a cold Corona, sitting on the roadside watching under the dim light of food, with salsa and Mexicana Guacamole Roasted, semi coke pepper put on barbecue, only through the memories can let a person feel hunger strikes...
At 11 o'clock the night slowly began to sit on the beach, rustic house, bamboo grass reached the ceiling structure completely unable to conceal the bar noise, people trickle up, accompanied by passionate Latin music, hot latin beauty will pick up the glass to tell you, "if you don't Look into my eyes Drink this cup, you seven years without sexual life." When this kind of enticement threat from a show in the charming eyes, people really can not refuse...... As the night, on the way to the hotel the excitement fades, with a thin blanket roll pillow, with wine shake rub to the sea on the couch, pour in the moonlight, listening to the sound of deep, all consciousness gradually blurred. Just remember waking up at night time, vaguely see the sky opposite the place round the crimson moon and gradually flow out into the sea, hazy in the know, the quiet night is so slowly across...
In the daytime, the beach and the City show great contrast, on the White Sands quiet with a row of chairs, ten nine empty. Nearly a kilometer long beach dotted with sparse visitors, occasionally with sliding and sailing on the sea, there will be a single a canoe, distant sea occasionally silver flash, the number of fish leaping out of the sea, and has long been hovering in the air and then diving seabirds. Take the incubator itself in this peace, after a full day of reference beer with ice filled, two people carrying it to the top of the sand rock, picked up a chair and moved to the wet and soft sand, sea breeze blows with each person's body and mind. After over three years of wine, into the water, already light body in the waves drift, this moment seems to want to have one of their own fishing boats, immersed in the tranquility of life, Facing the sea with spring flowers blossoming ......
Remember in The Shawshank Redemption In the end, Andy went to a quiet beach in Mexico called Zihuatanejo, there's a blue ocean, quietly repair their boats......