Linjiang County

At the beginning of Han Dynasty the Linjiang County, located in the Yangtze River, and the river is named (I). Is Yizhou Berkshire Hathaway .
Linjiang County
(1) "Chen Jian" Linjiang county "when? Of Linjiang admitted: "today": Linjiang County town of Chungju, located in the Yangtze River, and is adjacent to the river. O, Lin is close, near the meaning, so are interchangeable;"
(2) the new "Zhongxian history records"

Linjiang County The Han Dynasty

When Wang Mang called Jian Jiang {2}, still belongs to berkshire.
The Eastern Han Dynasty Xingping two years (195) tautonomy Linjiang county. Yongning county.
Beam Datong six years (540 years) Linjiang County Linjiang County Cure.
The Wei emperor two years (553 years) set up temporary state jurisdiction two County, three county, Riverside County, Riverside County near the capital;
Tang Zhenguan eight years (634 years) the Zhongzhou, intended to have the name of the faithful. Linjiang County for Zhongzhou treatment.
The early years of Tang Tianbao (742 years) to Nan bin county. Tang Qianyuan early (758 years) for the rehabilitation of Zhongzhou, mountain road, the county government to Linjiang county;
At the beginning of Song Dynasty Kuizhou road Zhongzhou Linjiang county.
The first year of the Southern Song Dynasty (1265) safehome rose to Xian Chun Fu, a government in Iowa (now the Emperor Shun Xi Xiang Huang Hua Cun Xian Shu Linjiang).
Yuan Yuan twenty-one years (1284) Linjiang county to Chongqing road Zhongzhou. And, for Zhongzhou zhisuo.
The early years of Hongwu (1368) Linjiang County in Zhongzhou, Chongqing prefecture.
Twelve years of emperor Yong Zheng (1734) l Zhongzhou for Zhili, 1913 changed to Zhongzhou Zhongxian . In 1914 Zhongxian belonged to Sichuan province Dongchuan road.
In March 14, 1997, the five meeting of the eight National People's Congress approved the Chongqing restoration for municipalities directly under the central government, Zhongxian still belongs to Chongqing city.

Linjiang County The Western Jin Dynasty

The first year of emperor Jin Taikang (280), the establishment of Linjiang segmentation Mo Ling County, Danyang county. Two years to Jiangning County, where this rule in Jiangsu province Nanjing city Jiangning street.

Linjiang County The Eastern Jin Dynasty

Emperor an of Jin Yixi Seven years (411 years), the Linjiang county (now Jiangsu Rugao Shi Zhuang Genus) Hailing County . The first year of Zhou Xuanzheng (578 years), Linjiang County into Ninghai county.

Linjiang County Linjiang County

In 1902 the Qing government in general of Shengjing zengqi, In the Tianfu Yin Please draw the jade constant, Eastern Tonghua County Local Rule This mountain The county home, Linjiang ( Linjiang City, Jilin Province ), Jilin Deputy jurisdiction Xing Jing hall;
In 1907, the waste will implement the system of military system, the northeast, Linjiang of Fengtian province Xing Jing department.
1913 (Republic of China two years) of Fengtian province located east and West, South and North, five road, Linjiang Road East Road, belonging to the Fengtian province.
1934 (northeastduring the fall) change is a pseudo Anton province. 1937 was false Tonghua Province . Tonghua province in 1945 was placed under the jurisdiction of Anton agency. Under the Liaoning province in 1946.
Under the Liaodong province in 1949. August 1954 was placed under the jurisdiction of Jilin province. Revocation of Linjiang County, set up Hunjiang City .
In February 4, 1985, the city will be upgraded to a prefecture level city, and Tonghua area of Fusong, Jingyu and 2 counties Changbai Korean Autonomous County Under the jurisdiction of the city of hun.
In September 8, 1986, the establishment of Linjiang area Hunjiang city,.
In September 1, 1992, revocation of Linjiang area Hunjiang City, the establishment of Linjiang county. In November 28, 1993, revocation of Linjiang County, the establishment of Linjiang city.
In April 1994, the city officially changed its name to Baishan City. Linjiang City jurisdiction of Baishan City now.