Shenyang Road

Shenyang road is located in Shenyang in Shenyang City, south of the Imperial Palace, known as the "street in Qing dynasty". Shenyang Road East on the west of Huaiyuan near the door, the door. Formerly known as the "New Street", built in the 31 years of the Qing Dynasty, the Japanese invaders in 1939 was renamed "on the street" (Siping Street to "First Street" to take "meaning wholeheartedly and faithfully") in 1946, called "Shenyang Street", said in 1957, "Shenyang Road" in 1966 to "Dongfeng Street" in 1989 to restore the name "Shenyang road" so far.
Shenyang Road

Shenyang Road Shenyang Gucheng

During the Western Han Dynasty of Shenyang has the city skyline, called "Hou city".
The Tang Dynasty was renamed the "Shen zhou".
In 1296, Yuan Shen Shenyang Road, owned by Liaoyang provincial jurisdiction.
In 1386, the Ming Dynasty down Shenyang road for the Shenyang defender.
In 1625, the Qing Dynasty Nur Ha Che moved the capital from Liaoyang to Shenyang, in 1643, the Qing Emperor Huang Taiji was renamed Shenyang as "shengjing". In 1644 the Qing Dynasty moved the capital to Beijing, Shenyang as the alternate capital.
In 1657, the Qing Dynasty "in Shenyang to follow the Providence" Tianfu, also known as "Shenyang fengtian"
In 1911, after the revolution, Shenyang became the capital in the warlord rule.
In 1923, the establishment of Mukden municipal hall, Shenyang for the first time in the city's construction. Zhang Xueliang in the "northeast authorities", instead of Fengtian City Shenyang City .
Today, under the jurisdiction of Shenyang City, Shenhe, Huanggu, East peace, Tiexi, Sujiatun, Hunnan, Shen Beixin, Yu 9 city and Xinmin, Liaoning, Faku, Kangping 4 counties (city).

Shenyang Road Shenyang road name

It is said that due to Shenyang Road near the Qing state ya, general litigation, report people rest Hou letter, therefore, this street is full of restaurants, hotels and restaurants. Today, this street is still dominated by the catering industry, the whole street there are many shops, restaurants, snack business restaurant business. Street north exit, as well as the original secondary school administration, Sichuan famous calligrapher Bao Rukai wrote the antithetical couplet on both sides of the street poles, vaguely visible when the street prosperity.
Walk in Huaiyuan under the door, looking up the memory of the history of the magnificent building, really like being in the ancient city of Qing dynasty. Into this ancient street, the first thing is the road on both sides of antique buildings, a building eaves and cornices, eaves of each layer are building paint painting with the picture of exquisite patterns, colorful; in front of the black gold plaque, at dusk, the lively and vigorous flourishes in calligraphy; and every roof the floor on the roof lights to each floor is outlined more splendid.