Tang rain, Rankean The international education group president and artistic director, Dean, Rankean School of art, the International Orchid International model art school China g fashion expert judges, the Rankean international cosmetics conference planner. He was the first person in the first professional technical education, and engaged in teaching work in foreign countries.

Tangyu The main achievement

 Tangyu Tangyu
The rain is the founder of China Tang art image design at home and abroad, entertainment, fashion, very personal influence, known as the "China dress" project engineer, as reviewed beauty, beauty, Penang chief angel beautiful shape, and for 10 consecutive years as the Dalian International Fashion Festival teacher performance Image designer . Founded in 2004 Chinese the most fashionable Rankean School of International Art - University of the Arts.
Tang rain, Dean Chinese fashion expert judges, Rankean International Art Institute
Starred in the Oriental TV: "come on! A good man "contest judges, Sprite show contest judges, Asian elite model contest judges, Pepsi Star contest judges, CCTV TV model contest judges, China occupation model contest judges, Chinese Southern Asian airline stewardess contest judges, International Miss Tourism competition, Asian supermodel contest judges, Miss World contest judges, The Voice of China, China sound of dream, China's Got Talent, China dream show and other large events are the judges
He was known as "Chinese dress" project engineer, review of beauty, beauty, be shaping the American International Exchange chief envoy. He created the Rankean International Art Institute, as Chinese art image design talent Whampoa  military academy".

Tangyu Personal experience

This Oriental TV "! Good man" contest judges
 Makeup artist Tang Yu Makeup artist Tang Yu
Sprite myshow contest judges
I Miss World Tourism contest judges
* Pepsi Star contest judges
CCTV TV model contest judges.
* Chinese occupation model contest judges
* Chinese Southern Asian airline stewardess contest judges
 Tangyu Tangyu
Dalian International Beach Culture Festival - miss Dalian contest judges
I miss tourism international contest judges
Asian elite model contest judges.
* Chinese occupation model contest judges
You create your own fashion school Rankean International Art Institute

Tangyu The main story

Rankean held international 2014 "LAKE - SECRET" color photography Conference  
Rankean International Art Institute Dean Tang Yu said in an interview: "the conference will bring a completely different concept of fashion show. A press conference for the first time above several elements with exquisite fusion, the most unique and stylish way full of modern women, carefree, tranquil and beautiful way of life." Let the audience taste Rankean cosmetics international standard at the same time, found the blue dress design connotation and soul G. Create a new, advanced concept, constant dedication. Rankean international let the color and form of the collision, the United States set off the beauty of the height, build 2014 experience most visual feast.