In 1998, appointed a visiting researcher at the center for science and social studies of Peking University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Chinese and other university professor, adjunct professor.
Won the "Chinese the first ten young talented people", "the first national anti pseudoscience special contribution award", "national science advanced worker" and "30 years of reform and opening up outstanding social character" nomination. In 1999, the United States " Asia week "" Chinese contemporary one of the 50 most influential people.
Sima Nan is behind the mind Shoubushijuan, personality and humorous frivolous. Cui Yongyuan laughed at him "language violence tendency", Hofuna Ko said "no doubt his sincerity". He was running cross swagger, for many years active in the media. At the end of the last century due to expose the art master and famous, is recognized as the "anti fake fighter"; the new century turned "political conservatives", "China books defend political system culture", criticized the western "universal value", caused great controversy.

Simana Chronological resume

In 1974, graduated from high school in rural labor, Shenyang military region, Heilongjiang Construction Corps of three independent regiment work team.
In 1977, admitted to the Department of economics at the Harbin University of Commerce, joined the Communist Party of Chinese.
In 1982, the National Education Department of the Ministry of Commerce of civil servants.
In 1983, the deputy chief of the Zhejiang Gongshang University Chinese teachers and teaching department.
In 1985, "Chinese daily" news department deputy director.
In 1991, the national commercial information center, audio-visual center for the promotion of senior economist.
In 1995, "China business" magazine (semimonthly) writer, producer.
In 1998, a visiting fellow at the Peking University Research Center for science and society.
In 2000, news commentator and host.
In 2003, as an independent candidate, was elected to the Beijing City People's congress.

Simana Famous speech

Famous speech
1, in a speech at Beijing Broadcasting Institute (2000)
2, in a speech at Yunnan University (2006)
3, the Reuters and the reform of the political system Chinese dialogue (section four) (2008)
4, the value of a universal BBC reporter (2008)
5, Henan is Chinese smear smear (2009)
In 6, the Peking University Annual Symposium on speech (2009)
12 questions 7, Chinese during the period of social transformation of family education (2010)
In 8, the National Youth Leadership Forum speech (2011)
9, China political reform to guard against political huckster (2010)
In 10, the 775 anniversary ceremony of the prime minister (2011).
In 11, the Zhejiang humanities lecture auditorium (2011)

Simana Anti false achievement

In pseudo Qigong, the specific function of fraud rampant twentieth Century last 20 years, simana Quixote irreplaceable hero. Through his performances, speeches and writing books, dedicated to expose so few was framed, swindler, retaliation, detained and wounded
 The friendship between old and young people anti pseudoscience "four big villain". The friendship between old and young people anti pseudoscience "four big villain".
. He has ten years of pseudo science go hither and thither to call for the disadvantages, calling for scientific civilization, caused widespread social influence. The impact he imitated the specific function of the vivid performance and anti pseudo science report with vision and thoughts. Zhang Hongbao, Hu Wanlin, Yan xin, Shenchang Li Hongzhi, and many other famous art master have defeated in his horse.
Sima Nan after more than and 10 years of practicing self flagellation, master including swallowing fire and shaking pills, spoon, sensing, thinking mind bending head spin, geshandaniu, car body, Jianghu secret "special features" stunt. His pet phrase: I was a fake, who is true? Art master is prohibitive.
Anti pseudoscience memorabilia
1, August 10, 1990, held in Beijing science hall "to promote the scientific Qigong and oppose superstition meeting, play Qigong master , false play singing, his first shock at home and abroad; then published "qigong" and deception, "magic" insider published works. He began to expose the magic trick from Peking University, the national speaking tour lasted more than ten years.
2, Ying Da and Song Dandan Yang Lixin, in "I love my home" to play down the master Funiu Mountain in sitcoms, first appeared in the film and television works magic liar Chinese image. " South Weekend "The book" began serialization of pseudo Qigong again ".
3, 1995, CCTV "To the twenty-first Century" science party, the main audience as academicians, and when he was deputy director of the State Science and Technology Commission, Ms. Deng Nan jointly performing "special features" on the spot to be exposed; presided over the CCTV Youth Day special program, one prick magic reproduction. The same year published "magic insider" (5).
 Sima Nan's works cover Sima Nan's works cover
4, 1996, in Beijing, wutasi and publicity for the specific function of the writer Ke Yunlu Every encounter, the specific function of the authenticity, caused a huge controversy. When invited to the United States in the world skeptics congress.
5, 1997, as the "worker's Daily" litigation agent, and art master Shenchang The lawsuit, litigation difficult two years culminated, Shen Chang master plead guilty. The same year the publication of "magic" discrimination.
6, 1998, to expose the doctor Huwanlin In Shaanxi, Zhongnan Mountain Hu, was hit and unidentified patients by illegal detention. At the beginning of 1999 in Henan, Shangqiu suffered another hit Hu gang. Hu Wanlin later served as the illegal practice of death homicide to families of victims of the litigation agent.
In 1998 7,,, Chinese Hall of science and technology Announced that the specific function of reward, reward one million yuan. The same year, Li Liyan published "shady" Taiyi palace.
8, 1998, Guangdong broken body head case, Guangxi re arrested Huwanlin Doctor Li Zhihuan in the Shandong type, killing Buffy, "psychic Cao master", "God's eye" woman ", save the little hedgehog fine".
9, 1999, to open up the anti pseudoscience website "Chinese man net", and the Science Research Council James Randi To reward of 10 million yuan, plus $1 million 100 thousand, the specific function of people looking for scientifically validated. Attend along with James Randy the world skeptics Congress (Sydney) and delivered a speech.
In 2000 10, the 57 session of the United Nations Conference on human rights, and Fu Tieshan, etc. Chinese release Shenghui religious leaders in Paris, Geneva, etc.
 "I am simana" "I am simana"
To participate in the international hearing, and the condition of human rights Chinese denigrate the protagonist of intense debate. The same year published four evil series "I am simana".
11, the China International Television Corp launched the "honest" special program - "secret" (Episode 20), CO hosted with Cui Yongyuan. At this point, announced the wash (no longer by performing specific functions of rivers and lakes to expose the way against the pseudo science).
12, anti pseudoscience activities - the aftermath
In 2005 of the Nu River Valley, denounced pseudo environmental organizations framed China hydropower.
In 2006 Hebei CCTV expose Ma blindfolded identify objects of performing specific functions.
In 2007, Phoenix TV revealed name under the banner of the "Peking University professor Ding Xiaoping brainwasher".
To make a keynote speech in 2008 held in Ukraine Kiev's "extreme religious International Symposium on.
In 2010 through Jinyun Mountain in Chongqing Li a long scam.

Simana Honors

The first of the ten young innovators Chinese. 1998 (New weekly, Hunan satellite TV The media such as joint top)
 CCTV special CD cover the truth CCTV special CD cover the truth
The first China anti pseudoscience special contribution award. (named Chinese joint 1999 natural dialectics Institute and other research institutions)
China science advanced workers. (the Central Propaganda Department, the Central Committee jointly issued 2000)
50 Chinese twenty-first Century the most influential. (1999 U.S.A " Asia week ")
Ten role of city life "China". (2003 1000th " South Weekend ")
30 years of reform and opening up celebrity list. (2009 " Global people "Magazine)
China 30 years of reform and opening up the outstanding figures of Society Award (2009, "China reform" magazine)
The book covers the CCTV readings, special program CD cover the truth.

Simana Host program

Hunan satellite TV "today talk" (commentary, broadcast)
The "events" (large Hubei TV talk show, Zhou Bo)
Hubei TV "(" Faith moves mountains emotional reality show, Zhou Bo)
Anhui TV "family" (emotional talk show, Zhou Bo)
Shaanxi satellite TV Click on the "China list" (commentary, broadcast)
Liaoning TV "challenge life" (big talk show, Zhou Bo)
Tianjin satellite TV "I am a party" (the scene of talk shows, Zhou Bo)
Guizhou satellite TV "Migrant workers" (Chinese large talk show, Zhou Bo)
Guizhou satellite TV "Sword" (social survey program, Zhou Bo)
Guizhou TV "show your cards" (anti gambling public program, broadcast weekly broadcast season)
Liaoning TV, "if we say that there is" (debate, Zhou Bo)
Dalian TV "talk show" (be not of the common sort, Zhou bo, Bi Fujian AB angle)
QiLu TV "Warlords" (Olympic special program broadcast)
Beijing TV station A "romantic" (emotional talk show, Zhou Bo)
CCTV "Secret" (the truth special program, Episode 20)
CCTV "walk with you" column (to commemorate the National Science Conference held a special program)
"Skynet" column (2008 CCTV Spring Festival Special)
Chongqing Broadcasting Group "Land of the West club employees (public welfare programs, broadcast)
Henan TV "dialogue" (the "rise of central China Forum" special program)
 An interview with Guo Degang An interview with Guo Degang
The forum Changsha TV "China village" (China village construction TV special)
Shaanxi, Jiangsu and other more than 3.15 television specials
Shaanxi satellite TV, "Huashan mountain" (and Jin Yong The peak of Huashan Road)
Liaoning satellite TV "across the new century" (48 hours of uninterrupted large live)
The Central People's Broadcasting Station "Celebrity agreed Friday"
Beijing people's Broadcasting Station Oprah said "the world"
Shandong satellite TV " The Master "(a large variety, Zhou Bo)
Yunnan satellite TV "Password" (environmental protection program, Zhou Bo)
The Sohu "the God 5 launches" video broadcast
 To Fang Zhouzi To Fang Zhouzi
Sina video "new interpretation" " U.S.A The abuse scandal "etc.
Tencent live video "NPC and CPPCC hearing" special program "
Tencent "live video" Chang'e flying "special program" live video "wise after the event" column
The first video live television ("Sima" vernacular (120 minutes of news commentary broadcast)
The April youth video "Sima room" (Shi Zheng, theory of interview)
The first network Spring Festival Carnival

Simana Evaluation of parties

Simana tencent

Senior media person known to the public, the scholar host, man style expression, accustomed to the sharp eloquence, humorous type, at present known, and lack of the host.
Readings in Hunan satellite TV Anhui, Liaoning, Hubei, Tianjin, etc. household electrical appliances Television featuring presided, since 2006 Shaanxi satellite TV Host a day outside the hot issue of domestic improvisation on the talk show, widely praised in the industry, invited for live is director of Tencent.
Sima Nan, a university teacher, as a civil servant, magazine product, for many years as a newspaper writer, television commentator, network columnist, active in the extensive social field. History because he debunked scammers for attention at home and abroad, known as "pseudoscience", so it was some jealousy. This is the glory lies.
Sima Nan claimed that the "free speech" and "interest amateur thinker" and "mediocre culture". Cui Yongyuan will summarize its characteristic as "liar talent is not willing to become a liar language violence". The world often "beak", "Mingzui" reputation, friends nicknamed "heroes". Sima Nan always seems to be in bold straightforward attitude and enthusiasm of the bright flame holding rod contagious in the way that various conversation field lit, this point and his age usually should be reserved to form a stable dramatic contrast, which is the Tencent programs required, welcome the friends of friends.

Simana Phoenix

Sima Nan, born in 1956, Independent scholar Senior economist.
In 1982, graduated from Heilongjiang College of Commerce, office of the State Council organs of civil servants, university teachers, newspaper reporter, magazine product. In 1998, a visiting fellow at the center for science and social research at the Peking University, adjunct professor of China University of Political Science and Law and other ten university in succession. The beginning of 2000 to household electrical appliances Television news commentator and host. The study of writing career ten years as a unit in 1980s focused on news and business review; 90s focused on new religious and mystical culture; in twenty-first Century 10 years focused on political philosophy and social thought research.
Sima Nan's "democracy" is the crystallization of this alley, he more than twenty years of reading and thinking. This book is a very rich historical and cultural academic knowledge content, create new styles to start with a Beijing alley narrative discussion language vivid, democratic political issues will be complicated and sensitive, a lot of ambiguity for the write and draw freely as one wishes the communication with the public, the boring theories into vivid scene consciousness, do take professional amateur tastes.

Simana Readme

An inflow of literati ear. Hi arty, good show, often something new to display slight skill before an expert. No leadership, superior, organized without discipline. Confuse right and wrong, Yan slept late, the root of Guhangyiyi, recklessly, Wang Guo old melon green paint, lack of expertise, music aesthetic. The mood is not stable enough, the position will not waver. So far, curiosity is not reduced, a mouth more friend than the enemy. Hate cannot read good books in the world, hate not common death traitor enemy chieftain.
 The study to write Chinese characters The study to write Chinese characters
 Ding Fang sketch Ding Fang sketch
 Hanzhoung comics Hanzhoung comics
 The first figure hosted the first "copycat show" The first figure hosted the first "copycat show"

Simana Famous social commentary

 In the hall, the size of the le In the hall, the size of the le
Sima Nan was the hero of the reportage, 6 book titles were "Sima Nan", "seize hissharp Sima Nan", "Sima Nan", "man alive", "Sima Nan jokes", "anti" day owls are: Li Liyan, author Zhang Zhiqiang, Lu Yunting etc.

Simana In the film

"I love my home" in 1992
The TV sitcom, as master Sima (director Ying Da, starring Song Dandan Yang Lixin Liang Tian)
"Dad" in 1995
The movie, as Ke Yunlu prototype Qigong master (directed by Wang Shuo, starring Feng Xiaogang)
"Laodou bar" in 1997
As simana himself, situation comedy (starring Dou Wentao, Dingdang etc.)
"Winner" in 1999
TV, as general manager of the advertising company (Hunan TV channel, chief Liu Elizabeth etc.)
"College entrance examination yiguqin" in 2007
Sitcom, Academy of Social Sciences researcher at the Institute of historical play
"The dream in your side" in 2009
The movie, as migrant workers Luo (director starring Jiang Xiaoyu Fang Qingzhuo)
"Police Story" 2009
 Simana Simana
 Seeing happiness Seeing happiness
TV series, as the company deputy general Yuchi rinpu (directed by Jiantao Hong, starring Jiang Chao Ashler etc.)
"Xu Beihong" in 2009
TV, as the Bank of Japan (President Ishita Jiro, director for king Li Chensheng, starring Liu Xiaoqing Wu Gang Ge Cunzhuang)
"Investment" in 2009
The movie, as single wealthy South Hu Mr. Teng, (director Sheng Shitou, starring Sima Nan, Li Qi)
"Seeing happiness" in 2011
TV drama starring Guoli Zhang Yue Hong, Mai Hongmei Jiantao Hong Guoli Zhang, director Li Sanlin. Sima Nan's department director Sun editor.