Mormon (English: Mormon) and a word at the beginning of the eighteenth Century Joseph Smith Jr. (American Stoudemire Joseph Smith) in the United States The state of New York Carry out late saint The movement is closely related to the movement caused by the now dominant Mormonism The The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly known as the Mormon Church So, the Mormon faith sect).

Mormon Origin

Stoudemire: conspiracy in 1830 published "the book of Mormon". "Mormon" is an important place of "Mormon" in one. Prophet In the name from the name "Mormon", "the book of Mormon" name is the name by the prophet Mormon and, in addition, "the book of Mormon" in a book called "the book of mormon". English Mormon is also used to refer to the Mormon faith group of believers believe.

Mormon Difference

The early Mormons practiced polygamy, after the system was abolished.
Mormon, headquartered in The American state of Utah Salt Lake City, the Mormons called Latter-Day Saint.