The British (English people), now generally refers to have England descent England People, rather than other British people (Britons) and Northern Ireland (people of Northern Ireland). Another meaning refers to have British nationality or ethnic origin with British parents.
63 million 700 thousand, England 53 million 500 thousand, Scotland 5 million 300 thousand, Welsh 3 million 100 thousand, Northern Ireland (2012 1 million 800 thousand). English is the official language, North Welsh also used the Welsh language, part of the Scotland highlands to the northwest and Northern Ireland still use Gail. . Residents are Protestant, the main church of England (also known as the Anglican Church, the members of the Yue Zhanying adult 60%) and Scotland (also known as the Presbyterian Church, there are 590 thousand adult Catholics). The Catholic Church and Islam, hinduism, Sikhism , Judaism Buddhism and the larger religious community.

Britisher Basic situation

The British (British) is white, sometimes called the west. They look different and oriental. The color of their skin white, tall high, big eyes, eye colour, facial stereoscopic, thin lips. Busty Female, male was higher, facial features look more handsome. Their language is english.
No matter from the race and history, Scotland and England are not the same thing. Scots and Irish Is the same Celts That is, from the ancient Celtic language civilization, this language so far in Scotland is the official language. In 843 ad, a king in Scotland completed the reunification of the various tribes of Scotland, established in the true sense The kingdom of Scotland . At that time, Angles A. Saxon People are still British Island Southern Region . [1]
Most of the English is anglo-saxon People, "England" (England) the word "homophonic, meaning ang grand" Anglos (Angel) land (Land), English (English) is the angles of linguistic meaning. [2]
Angles , Saxon Is the ancient Germanic people The branch of indigenous tribes, Nordic Jutland , Denmark The islands and the coastal area of Northwest germany.
Fifth Century - sixth Century, Angles , Saxon Two people have crossed the Beihai river migration The island of Great Britain And in the next three hundred or four hundred years, only two Tribal Fusion Angles A. Saxon .
Through conquest and assimilation, Angles A. Saxon and The island of Great Britain The "indigenous people" ( Celts ), plus the immigrants "Dan", "Norman" after a long period of fusion, before the formation of the modern sense The English People (including Scotsman ).

Britisher The traditional characteristics

British people pay attention to clothing, dress changing. They often go, you must pay attention to the appearance of attitude. British people pay attention to wear, as long as a house, have to In smart clothes . People in the upper, due to a
A comfortable life, therefore, has developed a tradition of "gentleman" and "Ladies". But they are generally conservative, keen on Stick in the mud Solemn, reserved. The general family favorite old furniture, old furniture, old clock handed down from previous generations and show off by. London is the capital of many" A hundred years old ", and the famous shops, to the original style or decorate keep more complete. The car engine while the change of the new type, but to try to keep the past models of the old. Two of London's post office, 365 days a year open day and night, never rest, which is said to follow the ancient British tradition preserved.
A British eccentric, life stereotypes, work conscientiously, no interest to the outside world, things are quiet, cautious about new things, with unique calm humor. They are conservative, emotional indifference, light is not exposed, even if there is a very sad thing, they often do not show. They rarely lost his temper, patience, and others are not willing to make a pointless argument. The British people are very patient, any circumstances, they will not face anxious color.
The British people Refined and courteous And very polite speech, "thank you", "please" from the mouth. The British people have to kind of speech, whether they are attendant or driver, with due respect to, please do be tactful when he spoke, don't make people feel a tone of command, otherwise, may make you suffer. The husband and his wife are to participate in various social activities, and habitually will introduce to recognize wife vip. According to the British business etiquette, at any time wear three piece suits, a traditional conservative style necktie But, do not play a striped tie, because the British people think that is the old "Legion" or old school uniforms tie. The British people with a strong sense of time, or to discuss business, visit in advance before dating, it is important to be punctual, arrive a few minutes ahead of the best as well. They get along is punctual, keep the promise.

Britisher National History

The National English still follow the tradition of the old are advised to avoid the use of "English" to represent the word "Britain". When the two is a businessman. Scotsman Or Welsh, you say he is "English", then he will correct you say he is "Scottish" or "Welsh", with the word "British".
Business must be cautious attitude conservative. The first meeting or special occasions, or agree with you, just shake hands with each other. In the UK, not popular breakfast invite other business. Generally speaking, their lunch is relatively simple, more attention to dinner, for dinner.
Therefore, great entertainment, everyone on the dinner time. Go to the British home, the best little lower the value of the gift, because there will be no bribe to spend more. Gift: Senior chocolate, wine, flowers, especially China with national characteristics of the folk arts and crafts, they particularly appreciate. The guests are not interested in the company logo souvenirs. In the UK, clothing items such as soap, it is related to personal privacy, it is generally not to give. Chrysanthemum in any European countries are only used for Halloween or funeral, generally not give. White lily is a symbol of death in the UK, it is not give. Other flowers can give. Potted plant is generally after the party sent to. If you need to pay attention to the home, and if it is a social occasion, not a business, early is not polite, the hostess to prepare for you, you go early, she is not ready to make her. The best is 10 minutes late. Accept gifts in hand, the British and China habits are very different. They are often in front of the guests to open gifts, gifts no matter how value, or whether it is useful, thank the owner will give enthusiastic praise. Scotland Whisky Is the popular gifts, not Bourbon.

Britisher Culture and art

British businessmen generally do not love we invited to the home party, most of the hotel, hotel. The British banquets, in a sense, is a priority. They hate to waste people. For example, tea to treat, if a visitor in three, only three copies of the burning water. The British tea is very exquisite, all classes of people love tea, especially women addicted to tea mania. The British have the habit of drinking tea, in the afternoon at 3--4, put down the work, drink a cup of Black tea Sometimes, a snack, take a minute, known as "tea". Master often invite you together to drink tea, encounter this kind of situation, need not refuse. In a formal banquet, generally no smoking. The meal is considered impolite smoking.
In Britain, invitation to lunch and dinner, Bar Or watch the drama, ballet, etc., can be regarded as a gift equivalent. The host provides drinks, guests Drinkage With no more than 3 cup is appropriate, if you feel enough, can be The empty cup Quickly turned it, and then give it to the owner, said it had enough, thank you. The tavern door time is generally 11 in the morning to 3 pm, 11 pm to 5:30 in the afternoon. The pub drink one more peak, then the guests do not have seats, buy zero just stood drinking wine.
British businessman reacted positively to constructive suggestions. Well-dressed, good speaking style, to attend the dinner or a party, used to wear Black dress Underwear, must be pressed. Pay attention to their visit to Britain some taboo: don't talk about personal affairs, Family matter And weddings, age, occupation, income, religion. For religious reasons, they are taboo "13" figure, think this is an unlucky number. In daily life, try to avoid the number 13, when eating, not 13 people at the same table, if the 13 day is Friday, is that this is a double unlucky. Don't hand out, fingers said "two", the "V" sign, is a hostile approach others with contempt. Walk on the streets, must pay attention to traffic safety, all vehicles are left running.

Britisher Customs movement

honeymoon The word honeymoon originated in England in ancient times Teutonic The" They took "Husband, wife in order to avoid being robbed back, soon after marriage with his wife to travel life. In the journey of life, three meals a day to drink the wine produced by honey, people call this period of time.
Table tennis: the origin at the end of the nineteenth Century, when the table tennis is the extension of tennis on the table, called "table tennis".
Badminton: badminton is English English badminton, this is the source of its birthplace - England Glasgow His brother, Bud Minton.
Modern football Ancient football was born in Chinese, modern football originated in the United Kingdom, in 1863, the British developed the first set of unified competition rules.
Water Polo Polo: originated in England in the middle of nineteenth Century, was originally a recreational activity in the water throwing people swimming.

Britisher British celebrity

The British and British descent in almost every field, have a great influence on the character of modern society, a lot of inventions and human progress related to create such as electricity, telephone is a British invention or discovery.
Scientist: Newton , James Clerk Maxwell , Paul Dirac , William Gilbert , Hawking , Faraday , Baer , Dalton , Darwin , Watt
Singer / band: Robbie Williams , Beatles , The Rolling Stones , Elton John , One Direction , Spice Girls , Queen , Westlife , Cold Play
Literature: Shakespeare , Bacon
Sports: Beckham , Gerrard , Irving , Rooney , Charlton