Steamed Rice

Steamed Rice That is Chinese people One of the protagonists in the daily diet, China South staple food . Steamed Rice can be deployed with five flavor, almost can supply nutrients needed by the body. Rice natured and sweet; have Buzhong, Jianpi Yangwei, Yi Jing Qiang Chi, and the five internal organs, blood, ear Mingmu, irritability, thirst, anti diarrhea effect. Have the necessary embryo and aleurone layer Steamed Rice body contains 90% large Nutrient elements , and the various nutrients are balanced, so it is the best food. Steamed Rice available, can be traced back to Porridge . The cook porridge water water control requirements than Steamed Rice low, ancient Chinese people slowly master cooking effect of different content, it Development Is full of Steamed Rice.
Steamed Rice

Steamed Rice The origin of history

Steamed Rice is China
 Steamed Rice Steamed Rice
A staple food, and East Asian and Southeast Asian people's favorite, is the use of rice and the amount of water vapor or braised in a food.
Rice , also known as rice , or rice.
Is a kind of the Rice and water Cooked food. Steamed Rice is the main grain Chinese, such as Japan and South Korea in East asia. Preparation method of Steamed Rice for a cup of rice one half to a cup of water, boiled rice appropriate expansion, which fully cooked, remove water is formed.
In Hongkong Restaurant and Tea Restaurant Also known as plain white rice. handsome young man The source, has not test.
Steamed Rice available, can be traced back to Porridge . The cook porridge water water control requirements than Steamed Rice low, ancient Chinese people later slowly master cooking effect of different content, on the development of a fuller Steamed Rice. Because of modern grinding grain The technology more advanced than the ancient, so people eat Steamed Rice also gradually from brown rice change to the use of sth. Rice Even without washing rice, rice net, but lost in the surface of various nutrients of brown rice bran, and almost only starch and sugar, it also caused one of the reasons of modern people with diabetes cases rise.

Steamed Rice Cooking methods

Steamed Rice General practice

Whether it is new or old rice meters, can be steamed out fragrance benefits to the people, Jingying
 Steamed Rice Steamed Rice
Steamed Rice, there are four cheats oh! As long as you remember these four cheats, must also be steamed sweet and delicious Steamed Rice.
Wash the rice
Wash the rice Must not be more than 3 times, if more than 3 times, Miri will be great loss of nutrients, such as steamed Steamed Rice fragrance will also reduce. Remember to wash rice not more than 3 times.
Bubble meter
First the rice soak in cold water for 1 hours. This allows rice to absorb sufficient moisture. This steamed Steamed Rice will plump.
The proportion of rice and water
Steamed Steamed Rice, rice and water ratio should be 1:1.2. There is a very simple method to measure the amount of water, with the index finger into the water meters, as long as the water beyond the first joint of the index finger can have M.
If your home is already meters Stale rice Never mind, that old rice can also be steamed out of the flavor of new rice. Is after the first three steps, we add a small amount of salt or peanut oil in the pan, must remember peanut oil cooked, and is cooled. Just add a little in the pot to boil. You can plug power, steaming. Steamed, capsules crystal clear full, overflowing fragrance.

Steamed Rice The other approach

Pumpkin rice: Pumpkin nutritional value is very high, especially the carotene content in melon in the crown, the pectin Steamed Rice can improve the viscosity of the carbohydrate absorption is slow, therefore, suitable for diabetics to eat pumpkin rice. In addition, mannitol in pumpkin has a laxative effect, can reduce the harm to human excrement toxins, prevent colon cancer.
Black fungus meal: first rice boiled, then add black fungus boiled rice or porridge. Black fungus is a high nutritional value of gelatinous edible and medicinal fungi, rich in iron, lysine and leucine content is particularly high. In recent years, it can reduce blood viscosity, have significant preventive effects on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Taro meal: in rice with taro, steamed rice. Taro texture soft, easy to digest, suffering from tuberculosis for gastrointestinal diseases, and old people and children to eat. Constipation or summer body swelling, eat taro rice especially can play a laxative, detoxification. However, taro starch containing more, eat easy to eat flatulence, should pay attention to the amount of.
Yam medicine meal: in the rice add yam, boiled rice or porridge can. Yam is rich in nutrition, and is regarded as a tonic for the high quality and inexpensive. Because of its fat and mucin containing can prevent the cardiovascular system, fat deposition, protect arteries, which can prevent arteriosclerosis, which reduced subcutaneous fat, avoid obesity.
Seafood rice: Seafood rice Is actually a "exotic", originated in Spain, is Spain's national dish. Authentic seafood meal, due to the use of saffron rice, golden yellow, with shrimp, oysters, squid and other materials. To use paella's ingredients are very rich, in addition to the above mentioned shrimp, oysters, squid, and green pepper, red pepper, and other shellfish. In addition, olive oil, saffron is absolutely indispensable. Production, first with olive oil to fish, shellfish, fried vegetables, then add salt and saffron, color, spices, and rice cooked together.
Stone pot bibimbap: many of the ingredients, from meat to vegetarian, from cold to hot everything, including eggs, salad greens, tender bean sprouts and fried bracken, carrots, and fried pork etc.. In the production, the need to pay attention to is the egg fried on one side the other side to maintain the integrity of steamed egg yolk; Steamed Rice in the pot before, should be coated with a layer of sesame oil at the bottom and edge Ishinabe, to ensure that the Steamed Rice nonstick skillet, and add the oil. Since the heat conduction speed stone pot is very fast, Steamed Rice, vegetables, egg and minced meat pot after heating will soon, "Zi Zi".
Pineapple Rice: A unique feature of the mainland Yunnan Dai delicacies, pineapple Rice with pineapple and glutinous rice as raw material. Among them, pineapple should be neither too familiar, too, look to 2/3 yellow, 1/3 green is the best; glutinous rice is more than purple glutinous rice is the best. Produced when the first glutinous rice steamed into the Glutinous rice reserve, and then along the nail and do pineapple cover, dug up the pineapple meat reserve, leaving about 0.5 cm thick shell, cage steam about 15 minutes. Then will dig out the pineapple meat (more broken is better), mixing and steaming Glutinous rice, sprinkle a little sugar, mix well into the pineapple, cover, and steam for 15 minutes.
Yangzhou fried rice: Yangzhou fried rice should be accurately called "assorted Fried rice with egg". According to the standard issued in 2002, its main ingredient, including Steamed Rice, Chai River shrimp egg; ingredients are chicken meat, fresh sea cucumber, mushroom, bamboo shoots Ding Ding ding, Dried mushrooms Ding, Jinhua ham, and water after Dried scallop And green beans. In practice, we should pay attention to "Yangzhou fried rice oil, reducing salt reduction". For example, 500 grams of Steamed Rice with 4 egg, plus some ingredients were only about 1000 grams, 60 grams of oil, add salt to taste a little pale is better than usual.
Tomato and egg fried rice can be used: tomato scrambled eggs and rice, is very delicious and easy to do, just a few minutes, easy to learn, very suitable for office workers.

Steamed Rice Production guidance

1, when cooking, add a small amount of salt, a little lard, rice will be soft and loose; a few drops of vinegar, cook the Steamed Rice will be more white, fragrant;
2, the heating time is too long, the loss of vitamin B1 will be more than 30% meters, if you skim the soup, vitamin loss of more than 40%;
3, do Steamed Rice cooked, pour rice wine, cook for a while can improve;
4, steamed leftovers, can put some salt into the water, taste when eating like a new meal;
5, Steamed Rice do best with "steam", "fishing" more rice than the rice storage protein 5%, vitamin B1 18%, rice is also conducive to the preservation of nutrition.

Steamed Rice Matters needing attention

Steamed Rice Let m light"

 Black rice Black rice
The amount of oil in the Steamed Rice don't join them, in order to avoid additional energy, but also to avoid elevated blood lipids more after the meal. Therefore, it is best to eat fried rice. Perfuming intestinal cooking, or with dishes containing grease Bibimbap We should also try to avoid. In addition, try not to add salt, soy sauce and monosodium glutamate in Steamed Rice, avoid adding extra salt, or not conducive to the control of blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Steamed Rice Let m "color"

White Steamed Rice vitamin content is very low.

Steamed Rice Let m thick"

The crude, is to reduce the white Steamed Rice. It can make people eat slowly, Food intake Some small, is conducive to weight control. In fact, most patients are exceed the standard types of fat, weight control diet is the first priority adjustment measures. May wish to use some coarse grain and rice in cooperation when cooking.

Steamed Rice Let m chaos"

In cooking Steamed Rice,
 Unhusked rice Unhusked rice
Rice, more importantly, it can effectively reduce blood glucose, blood lipid control increased. The beans and meters the most ideal, because the beans are rich in dietary fiber, starch digestion rate which is very slow, the most effective for the prevention of chronic diseases
rice Is the process of cleaning, rice hulling and milling, etc. after finishing product made of finished products. The cleaning process is the use of appropriate equipment, through proper process and proper operation method, will be mixed with all kinds of impurities in the paddy rice is removed, in order to improve the quality of the finished product, and the use of magnets to remove the nails, iron rice, to ensure safety in production. Hulling process is using a rubber roller hulling machine or emery hulling machine of rice glume will take off, and so glume and brown rice Separation. The rice milling process of milling machine milling, the friction of brown rice to separate cortex and endosperm, then brush rice chaff, go to pieces, dry rice processing, so we can get the required level of rice. In addition according to the classification method of rice paddy is divided into indica rice, late indica rice and early Polished round-grained rice Rice, late indica rice and japonica rice; six, leave the skin can also be in accordance with the degree of rice grain and back channel, namely the processing precision of classification of rice, in order to reduce the difference caused by the precision of rice, endosperm nutrient rich (embryo, aleurone and subaleurone) qualitative change in human consumption when washing the waste caused by the new national standard, GB1354-2009 has improved in accuracy, which is divided into standard level meters, the standard two meters and three meters standard grade four.
Standard level meters A: the dorsal cutaneous ditch, embryo and grain leather layer
 Rice and rice Rice and rice
Go to the net for more than 90%;
The standard two meters : groove back skin, embryo and grain surface layer to the net accounted for more than 85%;
The standard three meters Skin: back channel, full grain The layer is not more than 1/5 accounted for more than 80%.
The standard four meters : groove back skin, grain leather layer is not more than 1/3 accounted for more than 75%.
Low grade rice, just out in processing on the surface is very nutritious, but if not the sterilization of anti oxidase solution deteriorated quickly to consumption, not easy to take care of, but also repeatedly washing edible nutrition layer removed qualitative change, causing great food resources and water resources and waste. The pollution of the environment, so the new standard in 2009 greatly increased in milling precision. The future of rice by sterilization, antibacterial, bionic sleep preservation technology, either the traditional taste of the disposable meters, or is more nutritious than rice (preservation of embryos and aleurone layer).
The above four kinds of different processing precision of rice, except the back channel and the particle surface leave the skin in different degree, the nutritional composition and quality characteristics are different.
Pl: basically the meters in addition to the net brown rice The cortex, aleurone layer and embryo, so the starch content in several types of rice in the highest, crude cellulose, ash content The content is the lowest, vitamin B1, and B2 Niacin And calcium, phosphorus and iron content of less than China tentative nutrition supply standard, especially vitamin B2 and calcium. But the expansion of top grade rice is good, rice died, good mouthfeel, digestion and absorption rate was highest.
A standard meter: processing precision to pl meters, edible quality, rice yield rate and absorption rate is slightly lower than that of top grade rice. But the vitamins and minerals, fat and protein content were higher than that of top grade rice. Contain vitamin B2 and calcium, iron and other standard meters
 Cook rice Cook rice
The amount is still small, niacin was slightly lower than that of standard nutrition.
Two meters for standard daily supply of rice grain. This kind of rice starch content is the principal and although a standard meter meter for low rice yield rate and absorption rate is low, but high ash content, crude fiber, vitamin B and niacin content can meet the needs of the human body, only the content of vitamin B2 and calcium nutrition is not up to the standard.
The standard three meters for retaining a lot of the cortex and the aleurone layer, so the vitamin and mineral content of the highest, but because it contains more crude fiber and ash, the rice yield rate And food With quality is less than the three level of rice. So the standard three meters generally not processing.

Steamed Rice Nutritive value

Steamed Rice The main ingredients

The main ingredient is Steamed Rice Steamed Rice in carbohydrate, protein is m protamine, Amino acid Comparison of the composition of the human body completely, easy digestion and absorption. Brown Steamed Rice In Mineral , dietary fiber , Vitamin B (especially vitamin B1) content is Rice The Steamed Rice must be high, but the content of lysine in low Steamed Rice.

Steamed Rice The content of nutrition

Steamed Rice (steam) (mean): 100 grams per 100 grams of edible parts
Calories (kcal): 116 B1
Thiamine (mg):.02
CA calcium (mg): 7
Protein (g): 2.6
B2 riboflavin (mg):.03
MG magnesium (mg): 15
Fat (g):.3
B5 niacin (mg): 1.9
FE iron (mg): 1.3
Carbohydrate (g): 25.6
VC vitamin C (mg): 0
MA Mn (mg):.58
Dietary fiber (g):.3
VE Vitamin E (mg): 0
ZN zinc (mg):.92
Vitamin (MCG): 0
Cholesterol (mg): 0
CU copper (mg):.06
Carotene (MCG):.3
K (mg): 30
P P (mg): 62
Retinol equivalent (g): 70.9
Sodium (2.5 mg):
SE se (MCG): 4
Calories: 115 calories (100 grams)
Unit of measure
Heat (edible part heat)
The 1 bowl (Music bowl) Steamed Rice (100 grams)
116 calories
The 1 bowl (bowl) Steamed Rice (150 grams)
174 calories
1 boxes (fast food boxes) Steamed Rice (250 grams)
290 calories
Standard (100 grams)
116 calories

Unit of measure
Heat (edible part heat)
The 1 bowl (Music bowl) Steamed Rice (100 grams)
116 calories
The 1 bowl (bowl) Steamed Rice (150 grams)
174 calories
1 boxes (fast food boxes) Steamed Rice (250 grams)
290 calories
Standard (100 grams)
116 calories

Steamed Rice The effect of different

1, is the most nourishing Polished round-grained rice
Daily use
 brown rice brown rice
To do Steamed Rice ordinary rice and rice or Rice Translucent, ovoid or oblong, a meter high, small grain expansion, but the viscosity. As a daily consumption of rice, rice containing essential starch, protein, fat, vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin C and calcium, iron and other nutrients, can provide nutrition, calories needed by the body. Gu Wanli said, with the Polished round-grained rice Porridge to prolong health, in China has a history of 2000, porridge made from nonglutinous rice The top layer Porridge oil To rehydration kidneyreplenishing essence, yin and kidney be of great advantage to nourish the body, the most suitable patients, women and the elderly. Rice has the spleen and stomach, invigorating qi and nourishing Yin, Chufan thirst, Guchang Zhixie function, can be used for the spleen and stomach, polydipsia, malnutrition and illness in frail health conditions such as diabetes, but should pay attention to not eat.
2, the digestion is brown rice
What is the shell of brown rice, rice bran shell removal during milling and keep the germ and endothelial "light yellow". In brown rice egg White matter, fat, vitamin content more than white rice. Rice bran layer of crude fiber molecules contribute to the gastrointestinal peristalsis, constipation, hemorrhoids, effective for stomach and other digestive tract diseases. Brown rice is more nutritious than white rice, can reduce cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. For ordinary people to eat rice, but the rice taste is thick, close texture, it is also more time-consuming to cook, valley before cooking it can be recommended. After washing with cold water soak overnight, then soakwater connected into the pressure cooker and cook for half an hour or more.
3, the kidney is Black rice
Black rice is rich in nutrition, contain protein, fat, vitamin B, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances, nutritional value is higher than the general
 Black rice Black rice
Pass rice. It can obviously improve the human hemoglobin and hemoglobin content, is beneficial to the cardiovascular system health, is conducive to children's bone and brain development, and promote the maternal, after Tixu disease patients' rehabilitation, so it is an ideal nutritional health food products.
Gu pointed out, Black rice With Ziyin kidney, Yiqiqiangshen, spleen appetizer, Liver eyesight, reinforcing effect of Yangjing astringent, anti-aging, disease prevention and physical beauty is the tonic. Often edible black rice, for chronic patients, rehabilitation of patients and children have better nourishing effect. Because rice is not easy Zhulan, should first soak overnight cooked. Therefore, kidney deficiency should eat black Steamed Rice. Weak digestive function of young children and the elderly patients should not eat.
4, the detoxification is glutinous rice
Glutinous rice is also called Glutinous rice Because of its sweet waxy, slimy, often used to flavor snack made popular. Contains protein, fat, carbohydrate, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, amount of starch and other nutrients in rice. The adolescent should eat Glutinous rice .
5, the beauty is barley
Barley is also called the seed of Job's tears , Barley . High nutritional value of barley, known as the "king of the world in grasses". Yirenmi rich nutritioncontain intentionally s-tears oil, coix seed fat, cholesterol, Amino acid Arginine, a variety of amino acids and vitamin B1, carbohydrates and other nutrients, has the efficacy of dampness, detoxification, diarrhea. Gu Wanli said, Chinese medicine, barley, sweet, pale, slightly cold, spleen, stomach, lung, treatment and prevention of spleen deficiency diarrhea, muscle weight, joint pain and other symptoms of acid. So Ms. Amy and weakness of the spleen and stomach should be added when the cook Steamed Rice barley.
6, the stomach is millet
Millet also said that Liang m, Corn And millet. his
 millet millet
Rich in protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients. Because millet is very susceptible to human digestion and absorption, so it is called "health rice nutrition experts". Millet with the spleen and kidney, clear heat, diuresis, thirst, treatment effect, treatment of spleen and stomach, asthenia, blood deficiency, loss of appetite, impaired postpartum nutritional rehabilitation products. Therefore gastropathy patients should eat small Steamed Rice. Gu Wanli pointed out that due to the millet slightly cool, stagnation and the physique cold pee Qing elder should not eat too much.

Steamed Rice Healthy eating

Steamed Rice Whole grains and beans

Steamed Rice, especially now the white Steamed Rice, due to good digestion, postprandial blood glucose response to fast. blood sugar A negative control. Rich in dietary fiber Black rice , purple rice , brown rice Is a good choice to delay digestion rate. Therefore, the ideal method of controlling blood glucose and digestion rate is less Steamed Rice white. Don't always use the usual cooking rice, brown rice, whole grains and beans might change point etc.. It is not, Steamed Rice can add some boiled white when coarse grains such as beans, white Steamed Rice Riga Mung bean , Red bean , peas And the lotus, can make Steamed Rice and rice gruel satiety increased significantly, slow digestion.

Steamed Rice Not soft rotten

Many people love to do a soft spot Steamed Rice. Steamed rice before you put the rice soak for several hours, then simmer for a couple of minutes or Pressure cooker Cooking, let Steamed Rice more soft, rotten. This taste is more delicious, but the digestion rate and the Steamed Rice after meal blood glucose response also significantly increased. Research shows that increasing water immersion, and longer cooking time, will accelerate the digestion rate of Steamed Rice. So, usually recommend cooking or not cooked too soft, too bad.

Steamed Rice The day do day to eat

Cooking time is not too much, because Steamed Rice repeatedly heated, tend to become more rotten, more soft, easy to digest, postprandial glycemic response is also higher. If conditions permit, the best day to do the day after the meal; if there are leftovers, it is best not to repeated heating.
The gastric motility is not good, poor digestive function, eat white Steamed Rice to pursue good digestion, steaming Steamed Rice when need to make efforts to reduce the content of resistant starch, white rice is easy to digest play the advantages of Steamed Rice do not put too cold to eat.
Need to be reminded that, for those who want to lose weight, or to control the total energy intake, or if Steamed Rice, big bowl eating snacks, I will only increase weight.

Steamed Rice Vinegar steaming method

Cooked Steamed Rice not long, especially in summer, Steamed Rice is easy to become rancid. If the steamed Steamed Rice, according to 1.5 kilograms of Omega 2 ~ 3 ml ratio of vinegar and put some vinegar, can make the Steamed Rice easy storage and anti rancid, and steamed Steamed Rice is sour, on the contrary thicker fragrant rice.
 Cooking tea Cooking tea


Steamed Rice Gas steam method

Steamed rice Steamed Rice as new rice delicious, but as long as the change in method of steam Steamed Rice, it will make the rice like new rice like delicious.
It is placed into water soak two hours, remove and drain, then put in the pot, add appropriate amount of hot water, a tablespoon lard Or vegetable oil, boil and simmer gently for half an hour to stir. If you use a pressure cooker, stew cooked 8 minutes.

Steamed Rice Salt steaming method

This method is limited to the use of leftover rice steaming heavy appetite. Eat the rest of the time to eat Steamed Rice steamed, steamed to Steamed Rice one smell, as new delicious steamed. If the steam leftovers, put a small amount of Salt water That is, to remove the smell of Steamed Rice.

Steamed Rice Plus tea steaming method

Steamed Rice steamed with tea, can make Steamed Rice color, aroma, nutrition and taste, and greasy, clean mouth, food and provide the benefits of vitamins.
According to the number of meters is: from 0.5 to 1 grams of tea, with 500 to 1000 ml of boiling water soak for 5 minutes, then filtered tea leaves, tea will be filtered into the washed rice, according to the conventional steam can be.

Steamed Rice Steamed Rice cooking skills

1) do Steamed Rice, plus a small amount of salt in the rice, a little lard, make rice soft and loose.
2) to the water a few drops of vinegar, cook the Steamed Rice will be more white, fragrant.
3) Steamed Rice do cooked, can pour rice wine to the pot and cook for a while to.
4) re cooked leftovers can be put into the pot of water salt, taste when eating like a new meal.
5) to Steamed Rice in oil, so when cooking water will not spill out.

Steamed Rice M not Amoy long bubble

Some water soluble vitamin and inorganic salt containing rice, and a large part of the outer layer in rice, Amoy scrub, or more excessive stirring will make the surface of rice Nutrient With a lot of water lost. At the same time, rice was not long bubble. If washing before long soak in the grain, inorganic salt and soluble vitamins will be part of dissolved in water, after washing, greater loss.
stay Wash rice In the process of thiamine loss rate can reach 40%-60%, riboflavin and niacin loss rate of 23%-25%, protein, fat and sugar will also have different degrees of loss. In addition, Mijiu bubble will crush. Therefore, the rice should pay attention to the following:
1, use cold water washing, do not use water or hot water washing.
2, water, washing times to minimize, to remove the sediment of.
3, do not scrub and excessive agitation.
4, both before and after the rice should not soak rice, if have been soaked, and water meters should be soaked with the pot to cook rice.

Steamed Rice How fast stewing

600 grams of rice, rinse with hot water of about 60 degrees after two times, into the pot add 60 degrees hot water 750 grams, pan stir to boil, boil rice and water Qi, full pot of foaming, the pot from the fire in the stove Yan; wok lit, can fry some easy fried dish, the dish after frying pan side away from the crater; pot on the stove, atmosphere, pot center away from the mouth, turn the pot roast, bake until the crackling, gas with incense, Steamed Rice cooked. Even cooking a total of about half an hour. This method is time-saving, cooking fire, but also to maintain vitamin.

Steamed Rice Use a pressure cooker to cook Steamed Rice than ordinary pot good

The pressure cooker is also called the pressure cooker, the boiling temperature can reach 120 degrees around it. So the cook in a pressure cooker pot than ordinary Steamed Rice fuel Steamed Rice save time, and make the Steamed Rice is fragrant and delicious, very popular.
Grain structure of the surface is mainly composed of cellulose and protein. Cook Steamed Rice use a pressure cooker, pressure cooker, water vapor will be even more effectively penetrated into the rice, the rice quickly decompose variability, more easily absorbed by the body. The use of common cooking pot, the pot is not due to pressure and uneven grain decomposition degeneration is not complete, can not easily be absorbed in human nutrition. In view of this, use a pressure cooker to cook Steamed Rice are higher than normal Steamed Rice nutrition, is delicious.

Steamed Rice Cook Steamed Rice Chen Qiao

Meters long storage time, prone to Chen Wei. Chen Mizhu came out of the rice is not only lack of the waxy, aroma weakened, but also not so good. Such as water before cooking rice Amoy several times, although the rice color looks white, but is affected by nutrition. How to cook rice with color, aroma and taste? Specific methods are as follows:
1, rice water washing two times, can cover, static 1-2 hours, let m an expansion and expansion.
2, on the stove when cooking, add a little vegetable oil into the pan.
3, according to the usual method of cooking, until rice is boiled, a little stir with chopsticks. When oil and water are absorbed by rice, quick drying, and then a small fire stew bake for a while, let the smell of rice with oil and gas evaporate and disappear.
Cooked by the above method not only has the sense of Chen Steamed Rice, shiny, aroma, and taste when eating rice is also greatly improved.
How to remove the smell Steamed Rice paste? The following methods can be used to remove Steamed Rice burnt paste:
1, the meal gets burnt, available small charcoal Red, in a bowl, into the pot, cover with lid, more than and 10 minutes after opened the lid, the carbon bowl out, burnt smell disappears.
2, when the rice on the smoke, as long as the one about 6.6 centimeters long into the onion pot, then cover and, later on, the smoke will be eliminated.
3, have a meal smell, do not stir it, the pot in the wet, after 10 minutes, there is no smell of smoke.

Steamed Rice Intended for

Most of the people, Diabetes Patients should not eat.

Steamed Rice Edible effect

Steamed Rice weight control

The rice will help to lose weight, the scientific community has been debated. In September 22, 2014, Australian scientists said there is evidence that the rice could help control weight, especially dark rice obviously, and they encourage Australians do not give up eating Steamed Rice, but should try to eat brown or dark rice.
Adelaide University (University of Adelaide) Dr. Shi Zumin medical school (Zumin Shi, transliteration) pointed out that under the influence of the Australian people on the low carbohydrate and high protein diet Steamed Rice is no longer popular pursuit. But he said, in fact, Steamed Rice for regulating body weight is very helpful.
Dr. Shi said, is generally considered Steamed Rice and other starchy foods may lead to weight gain, but in fact, the quality difference between carbohydrates will make the difference. There is evidence that the use of whole grain food is good for weight control. At the same time, a large number of studies have shown that eating Steamed Rice not only helps control weight, also can prevent hypertension and dyslipidemia. However, he also warned that this view is still to be compared with other considerations such as research, Steamed Rice may cause hyperglycemia or diabetes, study says.
Dr Smith also said that Steamed Rice usually use water to cook, so the heat density is lower than the pasta, and dark brown or black rice is more nutritious. There is evidence that Steamed Rice replaced with pasta is good for health, especially the unprocessed brown or brown rice than white rice processing is more beneficial to health.

Steamed Rice Weight value

In fact, as long as the full use of the three necessary nutrients: carbohydrate, protein, fat, can have a convex body. The three major nutrients in carbohydrates, with white Steamed Rice as an example, the white Steamed Rice digestion after the decomposition of carbohydrates, the body can be converted into energy, and protein and fat digestion, must also produce fuel and other organs interact after.

Steamed Rice Prevent chronic diseases

A large majority of Chinese Steamed Rice is the staple food to eat every day, if the master health principle, eat the Steamed Rice imperceptibly can play days and months multiplying, anti senility effect of chronic patients is extremely useful.