Freshwater lake

Freshwater lake (Freshwater Lake) refers to the form of fresh water deposited on the surface of the lake , divided into closed and open two: closed freshwater lake located mostly in the mountains or inland region, no obvious River inflow and outflow; open freshwater lake area can be quite large, Lake in the island, and a number of river inflow and outflow. The freshwater lake is generally outflow Lake; because water can update, freshwater lake water salinity is very low.
Freshwater lake
Is the largest freshwater lake in the world Lake Superior That is the largest volume of fresh water Lake Baikal . Chinese is the largest freshwater lake Poyang Lake (3914km -), followed by Taihu , Dongting Lake (Dongting Lake over the years with the lake cuts back the third great lakes, Lake area - 2625km), Hongze Lake (2069km -) , Hulun Lake (2043km -) , Chaohu Lake (769.5km -), Gaoyou Lake (760.67km -).

Freshwater lake On the basis of definition

Press The degree of mineralization According to the classification of the content of the size, can be divided into freshwater lake, a brackish lake, Salt water lake And the salt lake 4.
The freshwater lake salinity less than 1 g / L; brackish lake salinity between 1 - 24 g / L; Salt Lake salinity between 24 - 35 g / L; Salt Lake salinity is greater than 35 g / l.. exorheic lake Mostly freshwater lake, inland lake is more salt lake, salt lake.

Freshwater lake Chinese freshwater lake

Chinese famous freshwater lake Poyang Lake, Dongting Lake , Taihu , Gaoyou Lake, Hongze lake, Weishan Lake, Chaohu, Dianchi Lake , Honghu That is mainly distributed in the The plain in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River The lower reaches of Huaihe, and southern Shandong, this region The lake area Accounting for about 1/3 of the total area of the lake.
Asia's largest artificial freshwater lake, is Danjiangkou reservoir Also, China South-to-North Water Diversion The Middle Route Project The water.

Freshwater lake Poyang Lake

Poyang Lake The ancient said, Pengze . Located in the northern part of Jiangxi province, The Yangtze River In the south, is Chinese largest freshwater lake .
In the flood water level is 21.69 meters, the lake is 170 km long, the average width of 17.3 kilometers, an area of 3914km - during the rainy season, the maximum depth of 29.19 meters, with an average depth of 5.1 meters, storage capacity of 149.6 x 108 cubic meters.
Poyang Lake lake is the main rely on The surface runoff and precipitation recharge the lake, the main river into the lake have The Ganjiang River , Nadekawa , Xinjiang , Raohe , Xiushui So, by the Jiangxi Province Jiujiang city Hukou County into The Yangtze River .
It is on the order of Jiangxi, Fu, Rao, repair Wujiang water through the Yangtze River, the South North wide narrow, like a large gourd in the Yangtze River the waist, it flows into the Yangtze River water each year more than the Yellow River, Huaihe and the Haihe River Sanhe The total flow is the Yangtze River flow regulator.
Poyang Lake The lake has a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, lush aquatic plants, a large number of roaming in the Yangtze River Basin precious fish, every year there are many rare birds here, making Poyang Lake more pleasant scenery.
Not only that, since ancient times Poyang Lake is the convergence of many men of literature and writing, poets are left in this immortal poem, such as Wang "Yuzhouchangwan, sound poor Peng calabash coast", Su Dongpo's "green mountains, water, the aunt sister Jiang central", are depicted in Poyang Lake scenic spot.
The famous scenic spots in Poyang Lake Shizhongshan , Dagushan Fall, Nanshan, lake and so on.

Freshwater lake Dongting Lake

Dongting Lake Located in the north of Hunan Province, the south of the Yangtze River
 Freshwater lake Freshwater lake
Is the second largest freshwater lake, Chinese.
It covers an area of about 3100km - in the dry season, the flood period is more than 3 thousand and 900 square kilometers, the total area of the lake - up to 18000km.
The volume of Yierbaiyi cubic meters. The main river into the lake Xiangjiang River Capital, water, Yuanshui River and lishui.
Hunan two Hubei Province, it is north of Yangtze River, south of Hunan, the capital, four yuan, Feng water, known as" In the eight hundred Lake".
Dongting Lake is the fairy caves, the charming scenery. Its biggest feature is a lake, Lake in the mountains.
The lake is extremely beautiful scenery and many scenic spots are national scenic spots, such as: Yueyang Tower Junshan, The tomb of Fu , Confucious'Temple , Longzhou The college and other places of historic interest and scenic beauty.
The Dongting Lake is famous A region, where the cultivation of rice and the breeding of fish flourish The products are extremely rich.
The specialty Mussel , Ricefield eel Fish, crabs and other precious dongting. Dongting Lake Lake Lake "" Lianhu Rich in famous lotus.
Hunan lotus seeds Plump, tender meat, the lotus is regarded as treasures.

Freshwater lake Taihu

Taihu The ancient name evangel , also known as "Li Ze", is a relic of the ancient coastal lake is the third largest freshwater lake, Chinese. Located at the junction of Jiangsu and Zhejiang two provinces, Yangtze River Delta The south. About 1 million years ago, Taihu is a large bay, and then gradually isolated from the sea, into the lake water down the process, become the Inland lakes.
Taihu area - 2425km, Shore line Up to 400 kilometers, is the third largest freshwater lake in china.
Taihu is a plain area in large shallow lake, the lake has 48 islands, known as the 72 peak, the glorified, a landscape of lakes and mountains, natural beauty without carving, "Taihu tianxiaxiu" said.
Wuxi landscape, Suzhou Gardens , Wuxian Dongting Dongshan And Xishan, Yixing cave world is a famous tourist destination in Taihu area.
Taihu is located in the center of South of the Yangtze River, river flood storage capacity, water level is relatively stable, conducive to irrigation and shipping. Taihu River Basin The total area of 36500km L, population 34 million, to less than 0.4% of the country's land area creating accounted for about 1/8 of GDP, city level ranks first in the country, developed rural industry, food production accounted for 3% of the country's freshwater fish production also occupy a higher proportion. Taihu plain Mild and humid climate, fertile soil, dense water network, is an important commodity grain base in China and three Silkworm One of the bases for the "land of plenty" is famous.
Taihu is the largest lake in the eastern coastal region of China, is China's third largest freshwater lake.
Taihu is a beautiful and splendid cultural landscape, a landscape of lakes and mountains, famous, is a famous scenic spot in China, every year attracts a large number of foreign tourists to the sightseeing.
Taihu is located in the fertile Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou triangle center, is The Yangtze River and Qiantang River Downstream has silted up from the Gulf of ancient lakes.
Stars are holding around on the general distribution of Dianmao Lake group, Yangcheng Lake Group, Tao Gehu Lake group. Crossing river, river, ditch, Taihu and around the size of the lake together, forming a distinctive South of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River .
Taihu is known as the "thirty-six thousand years, around eight hundred, but its actual area by sedimentation and artificial Weihuzaotian Other factors, after many changes. Today in Taihu, north of Wuxi, south of Huzhou, west of Yixing, east of Suzhou, the water area of about 2250 square kilometers.
Although less than the Taihu basin area of Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake, but here a mild climate, rich products, since ancient times is well-known, far and near land of plenty. Taihu is rich in aquatic products, abounds in fish, known as "Taihu eight hundred, do not catch fish".

Freshwater lake Hongze Lake

Hongze Lake Located in Jiangsu Province Hongze County In the west of Huaihe
 Hongze Lake Hongze Lake
The middle reaches of the river alluvial plain, is the fourth largest freshwater lake Chinese.
Hongze lake is a shallow lake, the depth of 4 meters, the maximum depth of 5.5 meters.
The total area of the lake is 1576.9km -. The source of the lake, with the exception of precipitation, mainly by the river.
Into the Hongze lake, Huaihe River, near the river and the Sui River Ontario Etc.. Is the area of plain reservoir in China one of the largest lakes.

Freshwater lake Chaohu Lake

Chaohu, called Nan chao. Chinese is the fifth largest freshwater lake. Located in Anhui city of Hefei Province, with Jin Hu Jiang, Anhui Golden Triangle hinterland, known as "Oriental Geneva" reputation.
Area - 769.5km. Yes Hangbu River , Fengle River , Send the river , nanfei river , Zhegao River Such as the injection. Yuxi River enter The Yangtze River . Water, irrigation, and production Whitebait Famous.
Chaohu 800 miles, is a famous tourist attraction in anhui. It is like a little white sail, a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, a bowl is sandwiched between the Yangtze River and Huaihe. The center of the lake are GUSHAN , Laoshan There are two islands around the lake, Bantang, Xiangquan, pools, three springs and Taihu mountain, Jilongshan, yefushan, Tianjingshan four national Forest Park, and the fairy, crape myrtle, Wang Qiao, Huayang, Boshan five karst. These natural wonders, dotted along the coast of Chaohu, like the "Star", composed of a wonderful three-dimensional landscape painting.
Chaohu is a unique location. In the territory of the Republic, there is no city can like her, Jin Jiang and lake. Rivers and lakes in here, Jiangnan Jiangbei culture gathering here. The nature of the extraordinary as if done by the spirits make her for Jiangbei "land of plenty", the smoke of history gave her rich places of historic interest and scenic beauty, The Yangtze River Chaohu water feeding generation and a generation of celebrities in the history, left a precious natural and historical heritage for Chaohu today.
Chaohu rich lake crab, fish, small shrimp, pearl is the famous "water four". In history, many interesting stories happened here, "Tang Jie put in Chaohu", "five over Shaoguan", "Wujiang commites suicide" is known to every family. Famous patriotic general feng yu-hsiang , Zhang Zhizhong , Li "Three," was born here. Many places of historic interest and scenic beauty and beautiful a landscape of lakes and mountains add radiance to each other, Chaohu formed a unique scenery line.

Freshwater lake Dianchi Lake

Yunnan province is located in the southwest corner of Kunming city. Dianchi water into the Pudu River from Haikou. Into the Jinsha River. Yangtze River Valley, the valley area of 2855 km, average
 Lake Dian of Kunming Lake Dian of Kunming
Water depth of 5 meters, the depths of 8 meters, is a bright pearl of the plateau. Dianchi East Mashan gold, west of emerald chicken mountain, north of Snake Mountain, South Heshan. These mountains rolling, forming a natural barrier of the Kunming basin. The lake fertile land, mild climate, abundant water, for irrigation and navigation. The average temperature is 14.5-17.8 degrees Celsius, rainfall of 1070 mm. Kunming basin abounds in rice, wheat, beans, corn, oilseeds and other crops, Yunnan is the famous "land of fish and rice".

Freshwater lake Honghu

English name Hung Lake. Also Hong Hu. The first great lakes in Hubei province. Is located in the south of the Yangtze River and Dong Jinghe The depression. The lake elevation of 25 meters, the area of 413km -. Things on both sides is connected with the Changjiang River, is a good place to fish breeding. South Bay Lake area to Luoshan blackfish every winter ducks clustered, abundant waterfowl resources. Made of wild duck feathers Feather fan by Honghu The traditional handicrafts.
 Honghu Honghu

Freshwater lake Weishan Lake

Weishan Lake It is also called. Nansi Lake Located in Shandong, Jiangsu, Chinese at the junction of Weishan County, Weishan Lake, Zhaoyang Lake , Nanyang Lake Dushan lake, four connected lakes.
Weishan Lake and a total length of 230 km, 6.8 km wide and 27.6 km, 451 km circumference, a total area of 1266 square kilometers, controlled storage capacity of 1 billion 730 million cubic meters, the maximum storage capacity of 4 billion 731 million cubic meters. The average depth of 1.7 meters, 3 meters deep into the flood season. The valley area of 31700 square kilometers, Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale The lake runs through the north and south, is the largest freshwater lake in northern china! The narrow sense refers to the Weishan Lake in 1960 and built a dam in the lower Lake stopped Lake Weishan Lake lake, Zhaoyang lake, Dushan waist, with a generalized Weishan Lake and lake Nanyang.
For the convenience of the establishment of Lake Management in 1953 Weishan County In the lake, Weishan Island Scenic area and The ancient town of Nanyang Scenic Spot。 Weishan Weishan island is the biggest island in the lake, an area of about 9 square kilometers. The main attractions: the tomb of the tomb, they head razed, Zhang tomb The tomb of Liang Zhumu, Chi Gong, and other cultural relics. During the Anti Japanese War, the Weishan Lake based "micro Lake brigade", "detachment of the canal" and "railway guerrillas" revolutionary armed forces, created many heroic song capable of evoking praises and tears. " Play my favorite lute "On both sides of the Changjiang River sing. The first Asian wetland Weishan Lake National Wetland Park Located here, Weishan Lake As the national AAAA level scenic spots, national ecological demonstration zone, National Nature reserve.

Freshwater lake Gaoyou Lake

Gaoyou Lake Also known as Pearl Lake, jade tile lake, located in Jiangsu Province Gaoyou City That is the third largest freshwater lake in Jiangsu province. The total water area is 760.67km L, water level 5.55 meters, the beautiful scenery of Gaoyou lake is shallow lake, there are a variety of wild birds, wild duck egret. National key protected birds, Red Crowned Crane, Oriental White Wren in the winter breeding egrets.
Gaoyou lake because of the water level higher than the canal called hanging lake, the larger the number of small lakes, Pearl Lake, lake, Lake flat, the age of agency, 36 lakes, and lake through the total area of 760.67km - 648km - (where the water area, reed beach and dam area - 112.67km, Gaoyou Lake in Gaoyou city in water domain area 431.5km - the total of Gaoyou lake water area 60%). For the Huaihe river. The water is wide, beautiful environment, rich in natural resources. Gaoyou lake crab is one of the most famous varieties of fish and shrimp production is also great. One of the few tourist attractions in Jiangsu twenty urban and rural planning in the fishing water park will give Gaoyou Lake added charm.
Gaoyou Lake wetland has abundant biological resources. Currently known 153 plant species, including 53 families and 131 species of aquatic plants, 122 species of wild animal, which was above the provincial level protected wild animal 13 species, 63 species of fish and plankton in 7 categories of 35 phytoplankton, planktonic animal four categories of 45 families and 159 genera.

Freshwater lake The world famous freshwater lake

Lake Superior Is the world's first largest freshwater lake and the second Great Lakes, surface Area of 82414 square kilometers. At the same time North America The largest lake and The five Great Lakes A part of the.
Lake Baikal - the deepest lake, 1741 meters deep, the largest freshwater lake in the world is the water volume.
Lake Titicaca South America's largest freshwater lake. Area of 8330 square kilometers. At an altitude of 3823 meters. Is the world's highest navigable lake.
"Kuhu" Lake Manasarovar - the highest freshwater lake, 4588 meters above sea level.
The sea of Galilee - the lowest altitude freshwater lake in the world, located in israel. At an altitude of -210 meters.
Lake Ladoga Europe's largest freshwater lake, is located in russia.
Vitoria Lake - the largest freshwater lake in Africa, the world's second largest freshwater lake.
"Everywhere" Wuhu Taihu, Chaohu Lake , Hongze Lake , Dongting Lake , Poyang Lake Are located in the Yangtze River Basin, the southern plain, created China A region, where the cultivation of rice and the breeding of fish flourish .
The Tonle Sap Lake - Cambodia The mother lake, Southeast of the great lakes. Kampuchea's population is concentrated in the lake.
Tanganyika Lake The second Great Lakes - africa.
Lake Malawi The third great lakes - africa.
Big Bear Lake Canada is the largest freshwater lake.

Freshwater lake Secret

Freshwater lake The Arctic ocean freshwater lake formation

20 million years ago, arctic ocean Only is a large freshwater lake, the lake is a narrow path through the inflow of the Atlantic. Then 18 million 200 thousand years ago, due to plate motion, the narrow channels gradually become wide the Atlantic Strait, the sea started flowing into the arctic circle Slowly, the formation of today's Arctic ocean. Scientists analyzed the Arctic seabed sediment collected from 2004 after the conclusion. In the new period " natural "Magazine, Sweden Stockholms universitet Martin Jackson et al reported that they are near the north pole Lomonosov ridge from the central Arctic ocean sediment collected 428 meters thick, which is especially important for a period of 5.6 meters thick. Jackson said, the precipitate formed 18 million 200 thousand years ago to 17 million 500 thousand years ago, is divided into three sections of different colors, the lower is the black precipitate containing no organic matter decomposition, indicating that the Arctic ocean floor doesn't get enough oxygen to degradation.
Jackson said, from 18 million 200 thousand years ago, connected to the Arctic Ocean and the Atlantic Strait (in ferme Greenland and Svalbard Between) begins to widen, "we think (then) fresh water from the Arctic water outflow, while the heavier water inflow from below, these anoxic seawater leads to the formation of a black precipitate.
With the expansion of ferme Strait, the sea started from the water into the Arctic Ocean, they absorb oxygen to sink to the bottom, so the bottom began to oxygen and marine organisms, the corresponding sediment is grey. Finally, the Arctic ocean freshwater all replaced with seawater, began to appear at the bottom of the sea Ferric oxide , Manganese oxide And Marine Biology Fossil .
Swedish scientists say they are not sure of the exact time of the formation of the Arctic Ocean, but this process may have experienced about 750 thousand years.

Freshwater lake Lake Baikal freshwater lake

Lake Baikal has many mysteries. For example, a little salty water, that is to say it is not communicated with the ocean, but live out of marine organisms. Seals , Conch , Fish and lobster . And as the Lake Baikal long tropical creatures, like Lake Baikal moss of animal insect, its close relatives live in India lake, Leech Lake Baikal See Chinese in freshwater lake to the south of Lake Baikal. Clam There are only. The Balkans The Aokelide Lake .
And the most interest to scientists, and is very much puzzled a lot of real life, Baikal sea creatures, such as seals, Shark Conch, etc., which is unusual in Lake Baikal. The world's only freshwater lake, Lake Baikal Lake bushy jungle, sponge, sponge is also a strange lobster.
However, people still do not understand, Lake Baikal The lake is not a bit salty, why is life so many "marine life"? In this regard, the scientists made speculations.
Initially, some scientists believe that the geological history of Lake Baikal and is connected to the sea, marine organisms are from the ancient ocean into Lake Baikal. The former Soviet scientist Ville Natsu Kim believes that this is the result of changes in the earth's crust. He according to the biological and geological aspects of the material that the Mesozoic Jurassic Period The east of Lake Baikal, there had been a vast Baikal The sea. Later, due to crustal movement, leaving the Inland Lake - Lake Baikal. With the rain, the water adding salt to fresh, but now the "marine" was Regression When left to the.
Sea creatures come from
The last century the beginning of the 50s, people in the vicinity of Lake Baikal to dig deep Well drilling . But from taking up core samples, people did not find any thing about the mesozoic. There is some evidence that there are no deposits of Mesozoic Cenozoic sedimentary rocks, only. The Lake Baikal area has been long time since land. Lake Baikal is in the Crustal fracture Activities in the form of Fault Lake The lake, thus negating the marine organisms are regressive left view.
Scientists have been exploring the Lake Baikal before, that is "North Sea", after the occurrence of crustal movement It is surrounded by high mountains, uplift, the relative decline of the lake was formed. Later, around many of the rivers flowing into the lake, gradually dilute the lake, making it as a freshwater lake, over the sea of history. Most of the original life in marine organisms in the sea, in the transformation of Lake Baikal into a freshwater lake in the process of extinction. However, some strong animal survival ability, slowly adapted to the freshwater environment, become the world's unique freshwater animal, such as baikal seal Etc..
Some scholars think that, Lake Baikal Marine animal in freshwater, originally living in the ocean, after is not satisfied with the marine life, enter The Yenisei River , and continuously to the upper reaches of the river, finally arrived at the Lake Baikal, gradually accustomed to living in fresh water, reproduce, they formed a "marine animal in freshwater lakes".
Then, the "marine" where does it come from? How do they enter the lake? Two versions of the scientific community although not conclusive, but which one do you think is more reasonable? In any case, we always believe that with the development of science and technology and people's understanding of nature deeply, the mystery will be brought to a satisfactory answer.

Freshwater lake The most in the world

Freshwater lake The largest lakes in the world.

Lake Superior (LakeSuperior) is the largest freshwater lake in the world, found in a 1622 French explorers, the lake were taken from the French, means "on the lake". The lake is shared by the United States and Canada, is surrounded by the Canadian province of Ontario and the United States of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan. The lake 616 kilometers from east to west, North and South 257 km wide at the maximum, the average altitude of 180 meters, water area of 82414 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 405 meters. 12 thousand cubic kilometers of water, accounting for more than half of the five Great Lakes water, with water quantity calculation, the lake is the fourth largest lake in the world, the world's third largest freshwater lake. 3000 kilometers long shoreline, coastal forest, the north shore of Lake Bay and many twists and turns. There are nearly 200 rivers into the lake, and the Saint Louis river is the largest in nipigon.
The lake is relatively pure. The lake is the largest island of Royall Island, has been designated a national park in the United states. The north shore of lake shoreline twists and turns, steep cliff Bay, backed by rock; South low beach. Accept about 200 small tributaries, a large Nipigon River and the Saint Louis River, from the north and West into the basin area (not including the lake area of 127 thousand and 700 square kilometers). The St. Marys River into Lake Huron, Lake gap of about 6 meters, fast flowing. Built in Sault canal to bypass the rapids, smooth shipping between Hubei and hunan. Lake forest. Rich in mineral resources, mainly in the Mesabi iron and nickel silver, Sang Debei and north of the lake south of the copper etc.. Duluth United States and Canada, Thunder Bay Lake is the main port.
The climate characteristics of Lake Superior
The lake in winter and cool summer climate, fog, wind strength, the multi wave. The water season ranged from 40 to 60 cm, in the lower level, higher in summer. The water temperature is low, the central water temperature in summer is generally not more than 4 DEG C. Winter lakeshore ice year-round navigable period is generally about 6 to 7 months, the main island lake in the island of Royall (one of the national parks in the United States), the Apostel islands, Mickey Pico Island and San Teng Palau Nias. The lake is the largest island of Royall Island, has been designated a national park in the United states. Canada and the United States takenite Thunder Bay port. Navigation for a period of 8 months.
The surrounding environment of Lake Superior
There are 2 pairs of ports in the larger city around Lake Superior: Tulus, and 2 are called Su San Marie City: located in Michigan, Michigan, "Su Su at St. Marie and is located in the Ontario province of Ontario province Su Mary" sault.
More woodland lake, beautiful scenery, sparsely populated. Lake Superior water clear lake, Lake waves, in winter and cool in summer.
The history of Lake Superior
First came to the Lake Superior region of human is about 10000 years ago, at the end of the ice age glaciers disappear after. They use the stone to kill Mao Minong lake on the northwest edge of caribou, known as Brannon (Plano).
The next batch of human can textual research is "Shield Archaic", about life in the first 5000 meters to 500 meters between the front, at present in the West and east of Lake Superior to end Canada found the evidence of culture. They use bowls, arrows, canoes to hunting and fishing, in order to make weapons and tools in copper mining, and the establishment of trade network. They are also considered to be a direct ancestor of Ojibwa and Cooley family.
Another culture is late woodland Indians (900 -1650 years), they are an Algonquian people, by hunting and fishing and gathering food for students. They use snowshoes, birch bark canoes with conical or domed houses. The 9 layer was found in the camp Miqipiketan estuary. Most of the Pukaskwa pits (Pukaskwa Pits) seems to have appeared in this period.
Aneesh Nabi (Anishinaabe, also known as the Ojibwa) has been in the Lake Superior region lived for more than 5000 years, as early as the Lakota people of Maynor Mini and (Menominee), Fuchs, Gross Venter (Gros Ventres) and Nipigon people. These Native Americans called the Lake Superior to "Anishnaabe Chi Gaming" or "Ojibwa sea". The Europeans arrived after the Ojibwa people play an intermediary French fur traders and other native characters. They soon become master of the aboriginal area, and the expulsion of the Sioux and Fuchs group, and won against the Iroquois League war in 1662 by Yu Susheng Marie. Ojibwa occupies around Lake Superior in the middle of 1700.
The area with the fur trade monopoly of the Hudson Bay Company in essence, began to flourish in 1700s. However, in 1783, the newly established North West Co and Hudson Bay Company to compete with each other. North West Co in Grand portage (Grand Portage), Nipigon, Peake, Su River and river Miqipiketan Mary to set up offices. But in 1821, because the competition resulted in a huge loss, so the North West Co was incorporated into Hudson Bay Company.
Many towns around the lake is Subilve mining area, processing area or shipping point. Lakeshore and lake Subilve rugged wilderness to attract tourists and adventurers, so tourism is an important industry in Subilve lake near the sparsely populated town.

Freshwater lake The world's deepest freshwater lake

Lake Baikal is the world's largest capacity, the deepest freshwater lake. Be located Buryat Republic (Buryatiya) and irkutskaya oblast (Irkutsk) within the territory of china. Type strip is bent, like the crescent moon, and so" The Moon Lake "Said. It is 636 kilometers long, the average width of 48 km, the width of 79.4 kilometers, an area of 31 thousand and 500 square kilometers, with an average depth of 744 meters, the deepest point of 1680 meters, Lake 456 meters above sea level. Lake Baikal lake clear Qinglie, stable and transparent (opacity to 40.8m), the world's second. The total storage capacity of 23600 cubic kilometers. Lake Baikal is the secret of the tremendous volume depth of the lake with an average depth of 730 meters, 1620 meters deep, both sides have 1000~2000 meters surrounded by precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs. The lake is 456 meters above sea level. Around the Lake Baikal, a total size of 336 rivers into the lake, is the largest Selenga However, the outflow from the lake is only The Angara River That is only an annual flow of 1870 cubic meters / sec. The Angara River place, a width of 1000 meters above the whitecaps.

Freshwater lake The largest group of freshwater lakes

The world's freshwater lakes - Incomparable The five Great Lakes In general, is located in the northeast of the United States and Canada border area of five connected lakes. They are from upstream to downstream. Lake Superior , lake michigan , Huron , Lake Erie And the Ontario lake, a total area of 245 thousand and 200 square kilometers, the endless, and thus has a wide expanse of mist-covered waters, "Continental Mediterranean" title. In addition to Lake Erie, lake are below sea level, the lake Ontario Lake in the 150 meters below sea level. The lake's average depth is 99 meters, more than The North Sea (94 meters); the total water storage capacity of 24458 cubic kilometers, accounting for the world's freshwater 1/5, about the equivalent of North America's largest rivers The Mississippi River 40 times the annual runoff, the United States accounted for about freshwater lakes and reservoirs to supply about 90% of the total. The lake is reduced to the east by west, and finally by the Ontario Lake sinks by The St. Lawrence River The Atlantic is located in the upper reaches of the injection. Lake Superior As the world's largest freshwater lake, covering an area of 82 thousand and 400 square kilometers, storage capacity of more than half of the five Great Lakes.

Freshwater lake The largest freshwater lake in the world

One Lake Superior Five of North America's great northwest and the largest one, is one of the world's largest freshwater lake, is the world's only Caspian Sea The second great lakes. East Lake North of Canada, the southwest United states. The lake 616 kilometers from east to west, North and South 257 km wide at the maximum, the average altitude of 180 meters, water area of 82103 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 405 meters. 12 thousand cubic kilometers of water. There are nearly 200 rivers into the lake, and in Nipigon St. Louis River is the largest. The main island lake Royall Island (one of the national parks in the United States), Apostle Islands National Lakeshore Mickey, Staten Island and San Pico Palau Nias . More woodland lake, beautiful scenery, sparsely populated. Lake Superior water clear lake, Lake waves, in winter and cool in summer. Seasonal hunting and fishing and tourism major projects for the local entertainment industry. There are many mineral deposits. There are a lot of natural and artificial harbor port. The main port of Canada Thunder Bay And the United States takenite. Navigation for a period of 8 months. The lake in 1622 the French explorer found that lake were taken from the French, meaning" Upper Lake ".
2, Lake Baikal Is the largest freshwater lake in Eurasia, which is also the world's deepest and largest storage capacity of the lake. The depths of 1620 meters. The total storage capacity is 23600km&sup3, equivalent; North America The five Great Lakes water storage capacity of the sum of total global freshwater lake a total storage capacity of 1/5. In Chinese ancient books, here called "Beihai", is the main activity in ancient North China minority areas in the Han Dynasty Su Wu Tending Flocks The story happened here.