Fruit scales

Fruit scales are part of coniferous cones, with bracts is combination of inside and outside, generally in the above or within the party. The ovuliferous scale development, also called a scale.
Fruit scales

Fruit scales Essential information

Fruit scales Seed scales

Cone bearing seed scales. Also called fruit scales.

Fruit scales Bracts

The female cone bearing bead scales or bracts on cone scales.

Fruit scales Cone scales

Matsusugi Kaya, the female flowers on the trees ovule scales, equivalent to megastrobilus.

Fruit scales content validity

A seminiferous scale is also called the Japanese scale real tablets (fruit scales of Italy, Sada Fumihide is a German word according to the "Schuppen" development and creation, namely "Sch uppen" and "real" sound similar, and are consistent with the actual).
Fir (Abies), pine (Pin-us), Cryptomeria fortunei (Cryptomeria) in the cone axis around the scales and Bracts (bracts) a combination of inside and outside, spirally arranged, which scales usually located above and within the party, on the adaxial side base of two to several (slightly more occasionally).
Vascular direction and bracts instead in adaxial phloem. This is a genus and family all characteristics, when the fruit is ripe can clearly see. For example, the two is Pinus Abies is the separation of healing and development, development, Sakhalin fir (Abies sac halinesis) the bract scale can be highly developed, the cone firs are prominent, slightly prominent, Nikko fir (Abies homolepis) dysplasia, only a squamous margin.
Podocarpus Nagi (Podocarpus Nagi), Podocarpus (Posocarpus macrophyllus) like bracts not development, scales do not become scaly, so as drupelike seeds.
There are a variety of morphology explain R.Florin, (1940) the theory that the formation of bracts axillary shoots of most female spores (ovules), was decussate, only in the side of the near degenerate adaxial residue number, followed with each other as compound fruit (cone scale com plex scale), this explanation is attention. This theory is composed of Cordaites (Cordaites) inflorescence derived.