Strobile, refers to the gymnosperms sporophylls. Strobiliform, or spike structure formed in the stem end or axillary students according to a certain sequence, the equivalent of gymnosperm cones "".
The term comes from ferns.
Fern sporangium in small leaf ferns in adaxial leaf axils solitary in spore leaf or leaf base, usually set in sporophyll branch top, forming a spherical or spikes, said Ye Qiu spores (strobilus) or Ye Sui (sporophyll spike).
Cycads and conifers and other gymnosperms most spores, according to a certain order The column shaped cones or spikes structure formed in the end of the stem or leaf axils. Which is formed by the megasporophyll aggregated to megastrobilus, also called Female flowers By, for the formation of aggregated Microstrobilus microstrobil, also called Male flowers . The mature conifers megastrobilus Xi said cone . Mature cones, Cone scales (megasporophyll) development Seed scales .
Emphasize, people often say "tieshukaihua" in the flower, and not Angiosperm Like the flowers, "flower", so just Sago Cycas Flowering is wrong