Psychotronics (parapsychology) main Used to refer to take scientific methods to study the abnormal psychological phenomenon or religious psychology.
Super psychology is the scientific study of certain aspects of the paranormal phenomena. The main research contents of the organism. The research carried out in the laboratory or in daily life, psychology and super (Psychical Research) the two word is roughly equal, that is the soul of some past research topics, such as hypnosis, in parapsychology the word has become orthodox psychology, and parapsychology include only those topics based on knowledge today has extraordinary composition.
1930s Rhine (.B. Rhine) due to the use of laboratory methods for ultra psychology research is famous because of his promotion, super word psychology in the English world and popularization. He had made positive achievements have a great impact on the scientific community, then others find it difficult to repeat his results, then interest has waned. Now the paranormal actually exists is still controversial, increasingly sophisticated experimental methods may improve the reproducibility of results between different laboratories. At the same time, also gradually by the respect for parapsychology scientific research.

Psychotronics Research background

Psychotronics Question

Extrasensory perception or commonly known as Can, as a science to study? There will be even a dangerous idea. Some so-called super normal phenomenon advocates fanatical, ridiculous and irresponsible, through non medicine can cure the disease of the dead and the dialogue even have. The media are keen to have often been distorted by strange and eccentric stories to tell the gullible public so-called super normal experience, these people are constantly pursuing the wrong hope to use their own money. The whole process is the use of super and ultra psychology to meet the people can understand the desire to use their ignorance, so that they do not indulge in danger to the scientific way of thinking a deceptive, trust, such as spiritual treatment rather than scientific treatment.
However, mental phenomena can accept experimental design, statistical test and self replication of the scientific method? This controversial area called parapsychology, if you can penetrate into the brain, to see the future or feel unusual, we are willing to meet with you -- and super psychologists do the test for you.
Critics - they call themselves skeptics -- that all super and super psychology is in fact Pseudo science No, the real value, but for the irresponsible media and gullible public by A. Psychotronics, according to the skeptics, should be exposed. Parapsychology, according to supporters of the views of scientific research on the paranormal, commonly known as super normal phenomenon. It is a careful investigation of events such as: Telepathy Or other special performance does not seem to use The law of nature perhaps scientific knowledge To illustrate.

Psychotronics The voice of the parties

 Extrasensory perception Extrasensory perception
That parapsychology is a real science so that some people are encouraged and annoy others. Parapsychology is a new science or ancient Deception ? Here, we invite some famous super psychologists and skeptics. We must make them each one sticks to his argument, his own judgment.
Barry Berstein: members of the laboratory of Simon Fraser University professor of psychology and behavior of the brain, British Columbia Province The president of the atheist Association, the famous American anti pseudoscience "organization for scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal Committee (CSICOP) members and members of the executive committee. As the "editorial on the Committee for scientific investigation of claims of the paranormal magazine" skeptics ".
Dean Redding: the experimental psychologist, the best-selling book "consciousness of the world" is the author of a book. I believe super sense of "scientific research can explain the phenomenon of spirit".
Marilyn Schlitz: Institute of Noetic Sciences for research and education and deputy director California Pacific Medical Center Research Institute senior scientist.
Charles Tate: the core faculty of Transpersonal Psychology Institute, on the nature of consciousness (especially consciousness forms) psychology study has a great international reputation. As one of the founders of transpersonal psychology, Dr. Charles Tate to the scientific research in parapsychology is famous. Two of his outstanding works, "consciousness" variant (1969) and "transpersonal psychology" (1975) is widely used as a textbook, also makes these studies was formally incorporated into a part of modern psychology. "Scientists or supernatural experience record" magazine editor.
James Trefel: Professor of physics at the University of George Manson, because of its prolific writing scientific papers and his non scientific circles for science education interest is famous.
Robert Kuhn: Dean, why do you think the scientific method can be applied to the study of mental phenomena in? Sceptical critics claim super sense is more full of hope than serious scientific thought.
Dean Redding: science is composed of two parts: one is the measure of behavior, this is a scientific empiricism, on the other hand is the mechanism of development, this is a scientific theory. When people ask "Psychotronics is scientific", they always consider the theoretical side. Indeed, we are not well explained by the theory about the causes of mental phenomenon.
Robert Kuhn: do you mean to say that even those who believe that the reality of mental phenomenon, scientists are unable to construct a convincing basis of theories to explain the mechanism of the potential.
Dean Redding: yes. But in the measurement, it is obvious that the scientific method can be used to explain these phenomena.

Psychotronics The development of all countries

Psychotronics Germany

In mid nineteenth Century, the German max (F. A. Mesmer) grinding doctor in Medicine annual meeting, the government is not afraid to mop up witchcraft, performance Hypnosis And, in the demo, also showed an extraordinary ability of skills perspective, aroused everyone's interest and curiosity. To find a doctor wheat demonstration, a certain degree of magnetic body and the establishment of "animal magnetism" (Animal Magnetism) theory, academic attention.
In fact, there were many world class scientists are involved in this work, in the best of spirits beyond physics research, including scientist Sir Coruk (William Crookes), physicist Faraday (Michael Faraday), chemist Hal (Robert Hare), in addition to a Darwin The same claim evolutionary scholars Wallace and many other experts and scientists.

Psychotronics U.S.A

 Spirituality Spirituality
In 1885, the United States established the "soul" of Du, English name as "American Society for Psychical Research" (ASPR). In 1928, Dr Ryan of the Duke University (B. Rhine), the establishment of the Institute of parapsychology. occult phenomenon . Dr. Ryan is in fact a chance, listen to a famous doctor in London Arthur Conan Doyle In the spirit of " Paranormal After the lecture, many scientific research in the implementation of University, began to have interest in.
Dr. Ryan in 1920s Plant physiology PhD, because plants found itself not only has the vitality, but also have feelings, that everything in the universe, especially human beings have more potential at high levels, thus increasing his faith. Published in 1934 on the theme of "extrasensory perception" paper, referred to as ESP, as an academic, known as "Psychotronics" Parapsychology.
Dr. Ryan's research prompted the British scholar Sol (S. G. Soal) and Terrel (G. N. M. Tyrrel) and other hobbies two people in the main experiment of scholars, which also include Oxford, Cambridge The Department of physics, Department of philosophy, famous scholars such as professor. They are under a consensus and belief spirit, further study and produce "experimental parapsychology".
In 1957, Dr Ryan founded the first academic super group psychology, then known as Psychotronics Association (Parapsychology Society), is the first academic community in the United states. Dr. Ryan to make the association into the scientific and academic community, puts forward some relevant experimental evidence ability and statistics to the most authoritative scientific community " The American Association for the advancement of Science "(referred to as AAAS), aiming to make" Psychotronics Association became a member of AAAS, but is due to the lack of experimental evidence to.
After two and a half years of experiment, collecting statistics and experimental results enough, finally in 1969 was accepted as a formal member of AAAS. Psychotronics is thus advanced countries of the world will be a new subject, of course, also officially recognized academic status.
In the United States, the United States in 1978 City University of New York New York City College (City College of the CityUniversity of New York), especially in the fall semester start study in the psychology department of Parapsychology, courses are taught over the famous psychologist, college graduates can participate in this class. The school and parapsychology agency organization, which is the most active master class of liberal arts students, medical students and other graduate students.
Jose Shiva ( super psychologist)
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Jose Silva (August 11, 1914 - February 7th -1999) American self-taught psychologist and "super Silva Method" and "Silva Silva UltraMind ESP system" founder. The course is designed to help people improve IQ, and with the development of ESP super power science unknown strength, self healing and remote healing ability.
1 early life
2 World War II Service
3 The heart
L ESP experience
4 Silva Method
5 Other links
Early life
Jose Shiva was born in Texas city of Laredo Tx. He, my sister and brother are brought up by my grandma. Silva grew by selling newspapers, and doing odd jobs to support the family shoeshine. He never went to school, but by looking at my sister and brother do homework to learn to read and write.
Siva and the town barber agreement, learning radio repair correspondence course. The agreement stated on the barber course to rent to obtain the certificate for Siva Siva, the barber's name.
At the age of 15, Silva began to repair the radio business, after 25 years of operation was very successful, only interrupted in military service when.
World War II military service
During World War II, Silva enlisted as a signal corps. The army, for examination by the military psychiatrist Paul Shiva. There is no relation between the two siwah. Silva to the psychiatrist odd questions curious, inspired, began studying psychology.
While serving in the Army Signal Corps, Silva learning advanced electronics and become a teacher.
Silva after the war, resumed his radio repair business, and to find a part-time job in the teaching of College in Laredo Tx, he supervised the other 3 teachers, and is responsible for creating electronic laboratory school.
5 years later, with the spread of television, his repair Business Flourishes, Silva ended his teaching career.
The heart:
The heart Shiva based on electronics background and psychology research. He read about alpha wave And the human brain electrical activity, and to improve the efficiency of reasoning, we must reduce the brain Resistance .
Silva believe that brain is not active, much more energetic. But the brain at a lower frequency, receiving and storing more information. The key problem is Siva, and in these daydreams and sleep and frequency not practice related, alert.
Silva through hypnotic experiments, but let the heart receive more hypnosis. He felt that to enhance the function of the brain, it is necessary to carry out more personal control. Then he let the brain through training the mind quiet, but the ratio of hypnosis can remain independent alert. He reasoned that this can improve the understanding and related memory, thus obtain a higher IQ scores.
The skills training is called Siva relaxed focus and vivid mind visualize and enter into a low level way. He believes in these learning level than in the fully conscious learning more effective beta waves. Silva proved to be in three years with him development skills and children's learning achievement, greatly improve the children.
ESP experience
The first report of ESP Silva (often representing extrasensory perception, but more love Silva called the effective sensory projection) experience, in 1953 one night. When his daughter at the level of Alfa. Siva in his daughter's homework and answer. She answered the question, Silva before asking a question, first in the heart under the sketch. Silva reported that he gives his daughter started before asking him questions in the heart outline.
During this period, ESP is becoming a scientific research topic, mainly through Duke University J.B. Dr. Lane book. Silva wrote to the Ryan report he trained his daughter ESP practice. Ryan replied that may have psychic abilities -- daughter before training, need more rigorous proof. So, Silva trying to replicate his results. In the following 10 years, he trained 39 children in Laredo Tx, continue to improve his process. Silva believes he has developed a method that can teach anyone to use ESP. .
Silva Method
ESP training method needs 40-48 hours to complete the original siwah. The current method of promotion, after the obvious refining techniques has been reduced to 18-20 hours. The present report for the ability of practitioners, can be reduced to 12-14 hours.
Silva wrote a book, you are the healers "is about how to use the Silva Mind control method for healing yourself and others. He also founded the universal society of protection against practitioners of unlicensed medical charges.
New York Times There was an article in April 16, 1972 ("one can control the mind?") Reported that the Trinity University study showed that received heart control training students can achieve the Alfa level to high. It also pointed out that the C W. Post. Nixisi worthy of college and university will provide the Silva Method course.
On February 1999, Silva died peacefully at the age of 84. Silva Silva UltraMind ESP system is his last creation, he completed shortly before his death.

Psychotronics Soviet Russia

In fact, according to the story, the Soviet Union countries, although the Communist materialistic nation, but in the perception of super feeling, earlier than the United States more than 15 years, but was the iron curtain regime, isolated from the outside world, so democracy can not contact, do not know the actual situation of their research.
A Russian physiologist Bakht Lev in 1916 (Buchterev), which already in the field of ESP, were studied. In 1940, a Poland born Super ability Bohr mays root, accept Soviet leader Stalin Many experiments. In the difficult test last time the most dangerous, to him within the time agreed to Stalin's house to meet him. Stalin villa heavily-guarded, there are many surrounded by police protection, if not pass people kill with lawful authority.
This is a super ability of breakthrough heavy guard system, at the risk of his life, and finally at the appointed time, standing in front of Stalin. After the fact, the Russian National People with extraordinary ability for human things, no doubt the heart.
In 1963, a physicist called Wei Xi (Leonid Vassiliev), Leif made a number of long distance telepathy With the hypnotic experiment, popular and academic support. In the Soviet Union in this country, and if the finance are very conservative, of course, finance is not rich, but difficult to strengthen the national defense military forces and support Treasury is very generous.
One can also be very willing to spend is to develop the research in parapsychology and is used for defense, it is not considered can allocate huge funds.
Now Russia, engaged in parapsychology research there are 32 universities, research institutions or other specialized design team have more than and 10, spent a year funded by the national defense budget expenditure. Russia is a democracy now more open, universities and research institutions believe that the creation of the special department, will appear one after another.

Psychotronics Britain

The British about the research of psychology, has nearly 150 years of history. The Crown Prince Charles has encouraged the British universities to open super psychology courses, itself also served as honorary chairman of the British "Spiritual Science Association", leading research work. In June 7, 1986 the "Malaysia daily", also published a British Crown Prince Charles, please
Medical association study for treatment of soul, and find out the scientific basis. He shows Heart Study enthusiasm.
The British national psychological research about super size of 400 different folk academic groups. In the British study parapsychology authoritative scholars, there are Oxford Professor Preiss (H. H. Price logic), University of Cambridge Ethics professor Bro (C., D., Broad) in addition to the more famous Nobel prize winner Sir Raleigh (Lord Ray Leigh), he is a professor of experimental physics at the University of Cambridge.
There is a professor of psychology at the University of Cambridge, Sue O Reis (R. H. Thouless), and several distinguished professors, such as Staton, a professor of physics at University of Cambridge (F. J. sun M. Tratton), Professor Lu's visual physiology at the University of Cambridge School of Medicine (Rushton), University of Edinburgh Psychology professor John Bbe Luff (John Beloff).
In the UK over the history of the development of psychological research, there are two Nobel laureates, a senior member of at least 11 members of the Royal Society, one of the prime minister. In order to promote British parapsychology research atmosphere in London, set up a " London Institute of parapsychology "(The College of Psychic Studies), which was founded in 1884 as the British research institutions. One of the most seniority old, learn from the spirit for the restructuring of school spirit.
The school library has 55000 department, for students and the members of the students, for reference. A total of five categories of membership, individual membership is divided into three kinds, and enjoy different rights to pay dues or membership in the other couples together, slightly lower fees than the individual members.

Psychotronics Luxembourg

stay Luxembourg The Mann (Manternach) through the International College has a mixed psychology and parapsychology department, the first two years of their study is the original psychology, when two years learning until after the students want to study if interested in parapsychology, then turn over the Department of psychology to study, graduation, degree is granted Psychotronics the degree. The school authorities recognize the scope of this science look far ahead from a high plane, super psychological very broad, including ultra super physics, physiology and all mind, so they Recruit 78 experts in this field in the auspices of the academic progress.

Psychotronics Sweden

Sweden In 1960s at the University, set parapsychology Institute, by the Parke Dr. (Dr. Adrian Parker) presided over the composition, and both teaching and research. Because the traditional psychology for potential human instinct to explore, so the super psychological phenomena widely, thoroughly studied in theory and experiment and the principle of.

Psychotronics India

As for India, in 1978 the national endara (Andhra University) and the University of North Carolina Rowling Study on the psychology of the super (Institute for Parapsychology) link set a doctorate of philosophy, who has a master's degree in psychology and the psychology department of the master who, under the director of the Institute of parapsychology Dr. law supervision, does not need to go to the field to India University, you can read a doctor of philosophy degree at the University. Please contact the director of the research work, to the university or department of parapsychology and psychology. In addition to the school, there are many universities with research, arrange several hours to students, graduate students in the classroom, study and training of appropriate space.

Psychotronics Mexico

In 1986 in Mexico set up a clairvoyant learning school, composed of a name Alta The middle-aged couple offered rice nobel. The school campus, dedicated to learning and test EEG with meditation training to develop the potential.

Psychotronics Japan

 Psychological perception Psychological perception
The mention of Asia, Japan is the first country to promote ultra psychology research, pioneer is a professor at the University of Tokyo Dr. fukurai. The Dr. fukurai in Tokyo 80 years ago by a successful completion of "read" perturbation experiment, and the experimental results to the public. At that time, Dr. fukurai is associate professor of psychology at Tokyo Imperial University, was conducted and published was considered near the superstition "read" and "photo perspective" test for reasons of the faculty were forced to leave.
For a true scholar, this is how painful shame. 80 years later, the conclusion was announced, one was confirmed. Dr. fukurai on the spiritual world of great contribution to the disgraceful 80 years to receive a fair evaluation of the Japanese National People's restoration of reputation, cause the highest respect.
Study on the origin of the Japanese spirit, should be traced back to 1150, Shinshu Tantra Kobo Daishi The prototype. Study of psychology, count up from Dr. fukurai 80 years before the experiment, there are 80 years of history, is also in 1904 began promoting parapsychology research.
Any research groups in Japan is very free, without any government restrictions, so learn to set up is very popular. The metapsychological non-governmental academic organization, currently has 452 Institute of statistics. In psychology research, professors and scholars, the more famous are Dr. Hashimoto Ken, Dr. Uchida Hidecai.
There is a Ootani Soji Professor, he is the president of Japan Institute of Parapsychology, also Japanese Defense University Professor, Department of psychology. "Defense" university president Toda Kokubo served as the director of police (the equivalent of China's chief of police) era, was a robbery two hundred million yuan of financial institutions, such as limited to his crimes, regardless of the media criticism, from Holland invited the ability Keluowa Richter to assist him to solve the case, said there is a known scholar the super.
Japanese universities for research in parapsychology, some set of elective credits, not just credit some lectures, some schools will set up a research. Recently UFO and Qigong are also included in the metapsychological Of course The range, such as Japan university took a motor as a special course of qigong. In order to promote the national Japanese research upsurge, often on TV channels broadcast special programs.

Psychotronics Study on China

Psychotronics Research overview

Chinese mainland. "The human body in Beijing held in February 4, 1981 Specific function Symposium "after April 1982, again in Chongqing held the second National Symposium on" specific function ". By Professor Tsien Hsueshen, the Institute named "life science" Psychotronics, has set up a "group of specific function of the human body in the mainland universities, Peking University Also offering a formal elective course.

Psychotronics developing process

Leader Tsien Hsueshen Professor in the human brain function, not scientists can fully understand, there are a lot of potential did not play out. In recent years, the Chinese Academy of Sciences did, has established the upper echelons in the universities. In mainland China has a wide population of the public, there are super intelligent children, once focused on training, there will be a harvest. In Hongkong, due to the provisions of the Hongkong government, civil society should be "limited" in the name, can only apply for the establishment of the Hongkong side in the name, "super Psychological Association Limited" to promote the research work. Hongkong super psychology is part of professor in the data collection phase of the study, Hongkong Psychological Association chairman is Kim Yong Jun Sir。 In the area of Taiwan, in 1976, by many scholars, including normal university Wangshaolun Professor Li Shenglun, Professor, ZTE University School of Political Warfare Huangdashou Professor, plus Japan Industrial Management University Professor Mr. Zang Guangen experts including Xu Dingming, Zhao Ji, such as advanced in Japan launched, organized the "Republic of China" will become super psychology, Southeast Asia's first ultra psychology Academic groups. At that time, to the competent government agencies to apply for registration, after communication difficult and persuasion, fee Tremendous effort The amount of initial licensing authorities, and finally in 1977 formally established the society.

Psychotronics Prominent figures

 Si-Chen Lee Si-Chen Lee
In the process of development, in order to strengthen the study effect, mainly in Taiwan county has also set up a branch, even in some overseas countries set up branch. In this regard, Taiwan because of the perceived social people is not enough, most of them still love mystery, only to spin in a sense of self or that their aura or effective level, and their subjective consciousness is strong, and there is no objective scientific ideas, not to experience science experimental parapsychology of positivism.
But in recent years, due to Shi Zhaolin and the vice chairman of the research committee chair, with his own born with superpowers, plus he is a school teacher will do academic and experimental arrangement, often associated with numerous academic groups of the advanced countries, traveled all over the world, in order to study professional the acceptance of American and Japanese universities and academic groups, guest lectures, in the Southeast Asian region in Malaysia to do research in this area to give lectures. And there are many thesis reports and writings, often appeared on television and news media, in 1982 in the United States Las J Vegas, to force super ability, the slot machine failure, get a lot of money and the media reported at home and abroad, to create a great sensation is a legend.
National Taiwan University Professor Li Sicen, Department of electrical engineering, in the Southeast Asian countries, the first to serving as faculty as a scholar to study the mysteries of Chinese qigong. Si-Chen Lee The professor is not only the qigong state high level, and is of great importance to the study on the science and technology of a modern scholar. Under the fund of the National Science Committee support, after three years of research results, it is found that qigong can play with the original human potential, and Shi Zhaolin also agree without prior without previous consultation, two under a common belief and spirit of scientific experiments, in the spring of 1991, with the "human potential absorption Master special course name the research, doctoral students, are preparing to open elective courses, on February 1992 officially commenced. The Southeast Asian region, first of all the cutting-edge curriculum school.

Psychotronics Other

South China Institute of Management Science Research Institute and established in 1997, is the first study of the life and death of the institutions of higher learning China, due to the parapsychology Research Association Lvyingzhong The professor is one of the school and the school of scholars, so the research in school life and death in the teaching of "life and death" and "Psychotronics human science topics" curriculum, become the research center of parapsychology.

Psychotronics Discipline construction

According to the statistics of American Heart Study, "put forward in 1987, a total of 35 universities in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Holland, Chinese and Japan and other countries in the world, in the undergraduate, Graduate doctoral class, opened a super psychology course, with credit courses, elective some credits two credits, three credits ranging from some.
The additional credit courses at the University Department of psychology, sociology, philosophy, and some on the religious or theological courses, but part of the German university in Japan, opened in the Department of physics, and also set up in the Department of electrical engineering. In addition to the 35 universities with the credit system, there are 20 universities or research institutes do not open credit courses, to provide young people to read.
 Discipline construction scale Discipline construction scale
The countries of Eastern Europe are also affected by the research atmosphere of Britain and the United States and the Soviet Union, also set the Department in the University, and actively contributed to encourage research in parapsychology by the government, but they put Psychotronics called Psychotronics, Chinese called "core theory" or "Psychotronics".
According to the records in the United States "science" magazine reported that in the United States Psychotronics specialized research scholars, among the more famous scholars, a total of 15 people, the number is 1974 when the number of. But from 1974 to 1989, has increased to 37, they are all the time and energy to contribute to the research and teaching experiment. In addition there are about 200 more than Psychotronics, every day in a fixed period of time, research in parapsychology. These scholars have served as other courses in the University, only after class to do research work or write papers.
The advanced countries set the "super" psychology department of the University, in order to enrich the teaching, so that students in the experimental process, the true clinical sense, in addition to do hypothesis and reasoning of various physical basis, at the university funds, recruit has the ability, or have teaching experience. As a teacher, Professor, guide students to enable students to see is to believe, increase confidence. In the education of the school authorities, also allows to education professionals, special courses for teaching and training to work.