Telepathy is extraordinary function of human body The body, beyond the five senses, unbelievable ability. A person with some of these abilities are born, some is to appear after qigong practice after the profound, but some are seriously ill or escape from death in a great catastrophe, such as after the accident. Basically it is a kind of human potential, the formal name should be designated as "human potential".

telepathy The meaning of a word

Pinyin: X ndian g million nying
Explanation: some people think that old people, after the death of heart and consciousness, and the living spirit, mood interaction.

telepathy brief introduction

Telepathy the word concept first in nineteenth Century by the British "psychic Research Association" is proposed. The human body as biological electronic products, including brain cells, myocardial cells of neurons to certain power, the frequency of electromagnetic wave is sensitive. But because the body is far greater than the external induction induction, so non intentional perception is not noticeable. The strongest feeling from their nerves, eyes, ears, nose touch. Eye color, shape design on amplitude frequency and distance of ear sound system. So the brain to accept or launch is often complex, one by one analysis is that very few people can do. Telepathy Most people think that there is a kind of ability. This ability can be some of the messages through the way beyond the ordinary senses to another person's heart. The information in the report is often described as the same and common sense receiving messages.

telepathy Nature

In nature, the specific function can be divided into two types: one is beyond the perceptive abilities of "extrasensory perception", is also the foreign Psychotronics The so-called ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), including telepathy, clairvoyance, and back the ability to predict the future. Is this person become very sensitive, others thought, he can feel (telepathy); he can "see" the distance to happen, or to see what's inside the barrier penetrating (clairvoyance), he can predict the next few hours or days will happen ( precognition ); can also go to a personal touch in the article or himself, and tell the people past experiences (in retrospect). Another type of specific function is the ability of the human body energy release control of external things, including ideas to make objects move, the seed germination of Nianli; the objects from the closed vessel wall and the "space transfer ability".

telepathy Color sensing method

Red, black, yellow cards made into poker size, but from the opposite to see is what color. Secondly, the three cards over the right hand over about 10 cm away from the card. Focus your biological force into that palm. So, still hand over them in about 5 to 10 minutes, the palm will appear the following reaction:
The red card - "thermal reaction; - yellow card -" warm - Cold - black reaction; reaction.
Hand on different cards, with biological force, perception of its response, you can determine your training success. Done once, put the card ordering up, and then try again.

telepathy Suspended thinking method

Although many can send telepathic radiation strong ideation, but can not correct the receiver, for receiving strength increased telepathic, stop thinking method is considered to be the effective training methods. Sitting in a chair in a relaxed position, make the body full muscle relaxation, let the heart empty, within five minutes of what they do not want to. At first it is difficult to do, it is said that after the habit, can change in an instant mood, the heart becomes a blank.

telepathy Recording method

Free of muscular tension, with more than sufficient mood, all thoughts of heart, regardless of size, all written on paper, so do 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Do whatever it can to write articles, what what. With this practice, the heart inside finishing, sleeping in The subconscious In the receiving antenna, it gradually exposed on the surface of antenna. We can clearly identify the source object in their thoughts or telepathic transmission.

telepathy The water looking

Look at the pond or lake water, and then to the concept of water and I had been together. It is said that it can expand the range of consciousness, can accept from the water to the subtle unbelievable indescribable comfort, fluctuation.

telepathy Remote method

wheat Kell Has done this experiment. The sender to write short commands in the paper: "stand up", "walk", "one leg standing" etc.. Also the recipient of a room, the signal will follow the observer, try to record on paper. Wait until smooth Mickael do the experiment, you can feel to see with the naked eye, with five senses to each other's status - when you want it. Even if they aren't there, you also feel that he is happy or sad, is walking or running.

telepathy Remote persuasion

Telepathy and can be applied to want to get rid of other people's misunderstanding or hate, or want to change each other's feelings. At this time, can be directly to each other's heart talk and persuasion, not to each other is the best you focus, rest time, just before sleep, sleep in a passive state when compared to other secondary effect.

telepathy The bright idea of the concept

Sitting in the darkroom, eyes closed, abdominal breathing, breath. Imagine there is light, will see it. Do this exercise two or three After a week You can see a little light, in the closed eyes, the light state of one yuan coin It differs from man to man., up to two or three times as big as. Or, from the beginning of the front range into white light, when you see the light, you have to meditate on the light is more and more big, so, later, the vision will become white. This state, physical illness, thing in the box, or remote figure scenery, without missing and white light appeared in the scene, also can distinguish things in the night. That is to say, you have the ability of perspective.

telepathy Daily observation method

First draw a black circle on the paper, then sitting, watching it for two or three minutes, when you close your eyes will emerge after image - white circle, and soon disappeared, then opened his eyes a black circle. Repeat this exercise until White circle No longer disappear and leave to continue, this white circle will shine.

telepathy The spirit of travel law

First of all, to spiritual unity, to concentrate themselves in the past was strongly stimulated by the impression, or comfort, and engraved in mind the scene. This is to let the spirit once revisit travelled, activate the memory of the time. As long as it travelled, any Temple Buddha, hot springs and other places of historic interest and scenic beauty, can.
Such as travel for hot springs, then you have to wear away, recalled, hot spring scenery, hotel construction, room decoration, the waitress and the shopkeeper's appearance, expression, and various bath. With the accumulation of this exercise, you will see not experienced things, and it is far beyond the current space. It is said that further to see the reality of the future time.

telepathy Western Studies

The scientific study of human abilities, began in 110 years ago. A "psychic Research Association" the professors of the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom in February 20, 1882 organized the establishment of the public 31 College Professor Sidswick has academic reputation as president, for extra sensory perception, power, smart reincarnation phenomenon launched a scientific investigation and research.
They set up the purpose of the association is very simple, there are many mediums exist at the time of the British and European countries, and the dead relatives claimed to be the soul of communication, and show a lot of real traces, seems to be true, cause social sensation. This mysterious phenomenon in human society since ancient times, the spread of reproduction, and let the public rumor spreading, exaggerate these mysterious phenomena, rather than put them into the field of science to do research, in order to get the effect of.
"The first step Power Institute, is the collection and investigation for Paranormal cases and published academic works, in order to establish strict procedures, the provisions of the association must have a witness or evidence in order to accept the investigation. For example, a person claiming he has the ability to predict, then he predicted future events, there is no prior record as written in the diary (evidence), or told anyone (witness), if there is a requirement set up, new cases can be sent back to investigate, and recording, analysis and the establishment of archives and published. In three, the association was founded forty years ago, the main research work is in the collection of cases, including telepathy, clairvoyance, Nianli, predict the future, smart and reincarnation etc..
By the early twentieth Century, late 1920s, some changes, some European and American universities such as The United States Duke University In the school, the University of Edinburgh formally established the Department to engage in teaching and research ability, the Department called the Department of parapsychology (Department of Parapsychology) ", is also in Psychology (Psychology) a para front and a. And the paranormal research called game (PSI) phenomenon, the only game for the Greek alphabet pronunciation, on behalf of unknown meaning, has similar meaning with the popular TV series "X file" X.
At the same time the research method also appears on the big break, when the United States Duke University psychology department Rhine Doctor, he is learning to statistics, from the experimental point to confirm the existence of the phenomenon, so in 1934 created a set of five cards called ESP cards, each with a simple pattern: the circle, square, cross, water, star.
In doing such as telepathy experiment, using the random number to draw a card drawn by the experimenter card, asked subjects to correct induction pattern, so repeated dozens or hundreds of times and then according to the probability and statistics theory, to determine the induction of subjects the correct number belongs to probability the category or far more than the probability and statistically significant. This super psychology will get rid of the traditional case collection, and entered the realm of Parapsychology, and Dr. Rhine is also known as the father of modern experimental parapsychology.
After 60 years of experimental research, the existence of the basic part of game phenomenon, also developed many theories to explain these phenomena, but it is a pity that there is no consensus. There are more than ten kinds of research papers published in academic journals on "race" phenomenon in the world at the moment. A super Department of psychology, University is spreading to Asia such as Japan's Defense University and the University of New England in Australia. China can only find a relevant academic journals, is in the central library, the university library was not so, although there are domestic paranormal history and traditional long, but the enthusiasm of academic circles is far behind the West and japan.

telepathy Study on China

Scientific research is with Qigong scientific research together to open the beginning of the China, launched on the specific function of human body. The Communist Party of China in 1976 down The gang of four After that, the political atmosphere gradually relaxed. Due to the 10 years of the Cultural Revolution by the all system of scientific research including a thousand things wait to be done, but also to re start. The main thing was the father of the rocket Tsien Hsueshen Dr. selected Qigong and human science as a one of the research focus, and is a major project to revive the Chinese status of Science in the world.

telepathy Starting Point

Since 1978 started the comprehensive promotion of Qigong and the specific function of human body is deeply into the research institutions, each province and local universities and defense units. In 18 years, their scientific achievements in the human body, has been far more than the western Psychotronics nearly a hundred years of achievements. We give several famous examples:
Yunnan University Laboratory of human science discovered in 1980, after proper training, can be in a year, dozens of children, by a person trained to a specific function of the master, with finger reading, ideas dial clock, specific transport, shift and other functions, and these functions appear, the palm can test the signal.
Beijing Institute of aerospace medicine engineering of the specific function of people Zhangbaosheng Do 50 times the breakthrough the barriers of space experiments, all packaged into a transparent glass bottle of tablets or glass specimens are unique mark, and then sintering bottle. The Zhang Baosheng 25 can successfully will be part of the sample from the bottle to remove the bottle, and the bottle is not broken. With the high speed camera shooting speed of 400 frames per second, can take continuous wall break tablets. That object can be mutually staggered over, which may be related to the macroscopic quantum wave form object.
China University of Geosciences The research of human body science on the specific function of people Sunchulin Do 9 years of research, she has found that nearly 60 kinds of different functions, including power actuation, dial clock, coins, broken needle, curved heart shaped popcorn, burning clothes and coins; can also punch in the specified coins and other objects; with the idea of directing the peas, wheat seeds in a few minutes within a few hours of germination of several centimeters, showing a strong power of thought.
Fudan University Department of electronic engineering and Life Sciences found in specific functional role, there will be a "screen effect" function in the human brain is like a TV screen is the same scene, with the idea of manipulating objects, the image will appear on the screen. A deeper understanding of the "screen effect" is a key factor in dynamic function caused by crack in specific function.
China body of scientific research in April 1982 to the mainland several universities and Research Institute issued an invitation, authenticity has organized a joint test to verify the specific function of the human body. Results a total of more than and 20 units, more than 40 researchers participated in this work. The experimental conditions are very strict, the results can be repeated. The results show that the human specific vision, specific operation and specific writing, break through barriers of space human kinesis function is objective existence.
The specific capacity of each item is put forward severe challenge to modern science, the study confirmed the existence of specific functions, also put forward many theories to explain, but so far no one theory can guide us, without the participation of the people, and with instruments to repeat these abilities.

telepathy Record

July 1984 Chinese times After 3 days of the 3 series of feature articles, introduces a critique of "China, rise from the year of pseudo qigong" and "false specific function" trend, which is the most famous academician of the Academy of Sciences from the mainland Chinese He As published in June 2nd in the Beijing daily a critical first edition of the attack, the specific function of China most famous --- Zhang Baosheng. This paper points out that in 1988 years, he led several academicians magician himself tested tablets through bottle "Zhang Baosheng" and "vision envelope text", the results within two hours of the experiment did not wear pills bottle of success; "clairvoyance" Experiment Spot expose Zhang Baosheng cheating. This article made a conclusion: Zhang Baosheng all specific functions are false.
This article has caused widespread influence in the mainland, Taiwan and overseas, have been on the human specific features of the people who believe this, all of a sudden all confidence began to shake, and it is not a letter or half believe and half doubt who is What one says is plausible : told you is false.
Seems to be overnight, 15 years more than 50 research institutions, hundreds of scientists made hundreds of thousands of experiments are false. Is this really the case? Of course not. An experiment is not successful, can not deny the phenomenon does not exist.

telepathy Experiment

"Sleep" is that everyone will, however, take you as many strangers, in contrast to performance under the watchful eyes of the people to sleep, but sleep now in a certain period of time, perhaps not many successful examples. If at first you don't succeed because of sleep, judge you will not sleep, or a conclusion that humans did not sleep this function, this is not too arbitrary?
But these people are specific function occasionally to cheat? How to ensure that he did not cheat on the success of the experiment? This specific function of the mentality of the people. The specific function of most people's knowledge is not high, such as the Zhang Baosheng primary school has not graduated, he can enjoy the name is regarded as a national treasure, he is relying on this special ability, so he always thought that mentality of each experiment to succeed, to keep his national reputation, and cannot understand science as long as successful time is a great event, and it will cheat once discredited. In fact influenced by personal physiological and psychological, the specific function of experiment can not always successful, so Zhang Baosheng will try to cheat.
In order to prevent this from happening, the specific function of all experiments must be designed to adopt strict criteria, such as testing samples must be unique, to sign or signal, the world only this one sample can be swapped, sometimes with Hufu and various monitoring equipment. The sample also can not be destructive, any action or open the bottle opening envelope will leave traces. All the experiments to maintain a double blind, I do not know the content and goal of human subjects. Site monitoring and reliable, will not be allowed to sample from the spot. The experimental results have significant statistical. Under these heavy restrictions, the success ratio function is quite high.
Because of this unbelievable, within the State Department has a 11 human science working group devoted to the study of this aspect of supervision, the annual appropriation of about one million yuan, to study the science of human whole continent. The members of the group include the National Sports Commission Director, deputy director of the Standing Committee, Minister of health, security minister, Vice Minister of the Central Propaganda Department, Deputy Minister of finance, Vice Minister of public security, the Central Military Commission General Political department liaison minister, deputy commander of the armed ministry deputy ministers, held a report every year, understand and grasp the progress of human science, which shows the central importance of this field.

telepathy Personal research

From April 1980 onwards, the research of human specific features began, and in February 81 officially in the Department of electrical engineering has opened a "human potential topic" course, hoping to find the potential from a class of students, measuring their physiological parameters such as brain alpha wave, and then practice to high level master each other compared to find out the similarities on their physiology. The physiological parameters to seek a breakthrough, to thoroughly understand the function of the specific reason.

telepathy The research process

After nearly 6 years of research, we have three kinds of specific functions: "telepathy" will turn the compass "and" finger reading "to do a preliminary study, and has obtained some achievements. In telepathy, we divide students into two groups. One group to ESP card to send messages, another group of subjects sitting outside the three meter back to the sender receives the message, up to a minute, and then write down the answers. Weekly classes, 22 turns ten times each receiving and sending, a term in a total of 100 times for the target, and then use statistical methods to analyze the significant telepathic abilities test students.
After 4 years of study, nearly 120 students were tested, we found 5 significant telepathic ability of the students, never practice qigong. 4 of them in normal eyes telepathy condition, brain alpha wave peak amplitude is very small, about 4 microvolts under very like to practise meditation, vent to the high level of the appearance of "mental state", which is the ancients said "the wise". Fourth students brain alpha wave of large amplitude, completely different from the previous three, the first to test 100 times, showed strong telepathic abilities, but the next time they did two times (100 times each) failed to reach significant standard, meaning it is unclear why. As for why to enter "trance state" is prone to telepathy? I guess this is because in the "trance state" in decline, physiological activities of the brain to reduce the noise, the outside there is very weak information, have the opportunity to enter the brain is not masked by noise, and in charge of Consciousness Perceived part of the brain, which is similar with the general principle of low noise radio receiver.

telepathy Turn the power

In the experiment, we asked subjects to change clothes, put on underwear just opened and clean pants, wearing slippers, after Gaussian Check to make sure the meter had no magnetic objects, began to force a sealed rotating compass, at the same time with the Gauss meter size near the head within 1 cm vertical face field. It was found that the resulting magnetic fields up to 115 Gauss subjects in the right cheek near the display power part of the power is generated by the magnetic field, but this is the amount of a specific function of people's results. On the other to force mobile phenomenon of insulator or bend the spoon, it is obviously not the magnetic force can explain, must do more in-depth research.

telepathy Finger reading

We found several 11, 12 year old child with fingers and ears listening to the words of the literacy ability. Is to use color pen on a piece of paper to write on Chinese or English or painted patterns, then the paper folded into a small ball to the kids in the ear or in the hand, the fast as long as tens of seconds, as long as a few minutes slow can "see" written on the paper or word painting pattern.
After three years of rigorous experiments, we can determine the finger reading is a specific fact as sure as a gun. This is a non visual component with the process can reach and discharge the palm, palm temperature must be below 34 degrees Celsius. The other features of the subjects wearing goggles will reduce the identification rate of color; process of hand signal transmission seems to be in the order of the inside and outside scan paper and so on, these are the important basis for future understanding of the finger reading principle.
From this a few years personally engaged in the specific function of human body "and published experimental results, see, the relevant literature and experimental videos, confirm the specific function can be very sure is the concrete existence, there is no denying the fact. As for the principle of it? Whether can be explained by the physical and physiological knowledge of modern known, it needs more scientists to participate in the study, gradually opened its mysterious veil.
I believe in time, through continuous efforts, the science of human high level problem, since ancient times human mysterious phenomenon confused, always get to the bottom of the day.

telepathy Legends

In Europe the ancient records, Jesus has across space powers, he has super ability of medicine. In different places will be dying to show Jesus the minister's son heal - space beyond healing power.
This ability is it true or false, let us look at the historical records " Bian Que Biographies "recorded by Bian Que with" ability as five color ", he is clairvoyant, can see through the human body, combined with his medical knowledge, the achievements of his eternal fame.
The history of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom records the king best-known leader of the Taiping Rebellion The specific function, he is in the second finished back to hometown after more than and 40 days of illness appear scholar, his illness including paralysis and deafness, "the letter that can heal". This ability and the Bible records Jesus's ability to be roughly the same, which is probably Hong Xiuquan founded" Worship God "That God has two sons, you are Jesus, we is the root cause of Hong Xiuquan.
Mr. Chen Taoqiu, from China's historical documents including official and local chronicles and notes the historical data collected by thousands of history cases, two hundred and eighteen cases selected a book "an eternal record", which has Super smart ESP, telekinesis, and predict the future events, such as the spring and Autumn period when Gongsun overseas, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties and participated in Xu Xiake The mother had just super senses, and modern psychology experiment report is Xiangyingchengqu, paranormal phenomena is accompanied by the emergence of the phenomenon of human society?