cell division

"Splinter Cell" (Splinter Cell) by Ubisoft A launch Xbox The game can be run in PC.
cell division
Filing system improved and unique and effective "mouse + keyboard control program, let" segmentation "version of PC is better than the console versions in some aspects.

cell division Game background

Originally The U.S. National Security Agency The top intelligence officer Sam Fisher, in the future to solve the crisis of the previous 3, suddenly encounter unexpected calamity. His only daughter as a driver drunk driving in a car accident killed, Sam was grieved in violence with violence, punish the driver killed her daughter, but also because their own assault and a prison sentence. But he heard a shocking news in prison, his daughter was not due to drunk driving and accidental death, but terrorists attempted murder. In order to find out the truth, Sam chose to escape, after killed her daughter behind. In this picture released, game player can see the iconic Chinese economy Shanghai Oriental pearl. According to the official said, this time to the city of Shanghai will describe series is in place, Shanghai in the international big game player can experience their city, do not have a feeling.
The game is introduced:
"Splinter Cell 1" believe that the first contact with the class into the category of friends in the game a bit does not adapt, but slowly to play, we will understand Sam Fisher to bring us pleasure. There are numerous types of game play, can be shot the enemy, the assassination of enemy, also can take away the enemies. Game game player can use a variety of weapons, such as silencing pistol, submachine guns, grenades, disposable lock, etc. various kinds of fiber probe you can spy weapons. .

cell division The role of cell division

Sam. Fisher is a split core molecular identity information is highly confidential commandos, responsible for some extremely secret missions. The game's title "Tom?" Krans splinter cell is to reveal the extraordinary identity of the protagonist, he is a hell of a trained experienced soldiers, military organization as a secret - third - echelon service, mainly responsible for the eradication of the worldwide high IQ terrorists. If he accidentally captured by the enemy, the US government will not admit that he and his task with its.
What is worse, even if it is a small mistake action, are likely to trigger the third world war. So, Fischer's pressure is the ordinary people are hard to imagine, but he still looks like before the calm. Although he accepted many combat skills training, but in this game, the secret action is the only viable option. When he began to launch a series of very dangerous secret operations, the free world will be worried about the palm of the hand.
Cell division 1 game keys
The training mission at the beginning, not moving, not playing attention. The beginning is to let you see the red light on the left and right, then you can (red light) on their mobile.
With key tips: the mouse wheel is to adjust the walking speed, shift jump, Ctrl selected items
W - forward S - back
A - turn left
D - right
C - squat
The mouse - mobile vision
The mouse wheel moving speed (roll = acceleration, roll = deceleration, five), use the rifle into the sniper mode
The left mouse button - shot, close or no bullets for the elbow, inventory when opened for use or equipment items
The right mouse button - rifle auxiliary weapons, sniper mode for breath hold
The decision to use Space - (when the right above the action instructions, such as Open, door Object, Use computer, can be opened, or pick up the items used)
Shift - jump
Ctrl (hold) - open item
Q - close to the wall
E - gun
R - change the magazine (drew mode)
2 - black and white night vision.
3 - > > > blue green yellow red imager (Mission 2 is available, please note!)
X - view back to the center
Z - mode can be adjusted in gun rifle shooting mode (single shot)
F5 - qsave
F8 - Fast Reading

cell division Cell division game features

The game has 9 levels, each level are relatively long, attractive. It is disappointing that at the beginning of the game reveals all levels behind the place -- like people in the appreciation of a ministry had never seen the video, can choose to play, only the first fragment of training in the use of the menu titles did not appear. It takes 10~15 hours to play the game. Because of its levels are in accordance with the script to write, so the replay value is relatively low. In addition, the difficulty of the game is set in another option: "difficult". If you choose it, secret operations will become more difficult, those under the default settings to complete the game game player can choose to play it again.

cell division Game configuration

Minimum configuration requirements:
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III 1G
28Mb RAM
3D ATI8500, 64Mb memory card, Geforce3 or above
Support DirectX8 card
8 speed CD-ROM
2G hard disk space

cell division Release versions

Cell division in PC released a total of 6, respectively.
Cell division 1
Splinter Cell 2: Pandora.
Cell division 3 Chaos Theory
Splinter Cell: double agent 4
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 5: Conviction
Splinter cell 6: black list
Among them, cell division and cell division: Pandora tomorrow are using Unreal Engine 2, chaos theory, double agent and black list using Unreal Engine 2.5
Note that due to the generation of the Pandora engine and tomorrow too old, will lead to a lot of new graphics image generation is bug, if you can find the SplinterCell notepad file in the system folder, and the numerical inside EmulateGF2Mode to 1.
Splinter cell 6: black list in August 20, 2013, landing Xbox360, PS3, Wii, U, PC platform. The PC version will also support the DX9 and DX11 effects, especially contains many advanced effects.

cell division The game features

This Division Cell "Splinter Cell" It can be divided into categories, the whole picture by simple box graphics, gives fresh simple first impressions, and the play is different with the first impression
The difficulty of the game is divided into four stages, from the entry level of the most simple, to the class and grade to graduation, finally retired, each play are only a clearance method, is to make the irregular points in the whole area of the polygon into the box, Game The first is to use the dot, enlarge individual polygons, then the impact of other irregular polygon, produce a chain reaction, such as the size of the area to form a plurality of blocks.