Shenyang Railway Bureau

Shenyang Railway Bureau
Shenyang Railway Bureau That is China Railway Company One of the 18 Railway Bureau Management of large-scale railway transport enterprises, referred to as the "Shenyang bureau". The road is located in the northeast of South Central, South and north of the Beijing Railway Bureau, Harbin Railway Bureau and the adjacent. Under the jurisdiction of the line and cross Liaoning Jilin Province, all southeast of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, south of the province of Heilongjiang, Hebei Province, the northeast part of the region, a total of 1 radiation 4 provinces and autonomous regions, 3 sub provincial city, 32 prefecture level cities, union and autonomous prefectures, 188 counties, county-level city, district and county flag. The total population of more than 7900.
Shenyang Railway Bureau is a large state-owned enterprises in the main business of railway passenger and freight transport. Since 2005, in Chinese eighteen Railway Bureau, the annual turnover has always maintained a top three (Shenyang Railway Bureau, Shanghai Railway Bureau, Beijing Railway Bureau).
In 2015, the global 3 billion 236 million 660 thousand tons of freight; the goods arrive at the amount of 3 billion 901 million 370 thousand tons; freight turnover completed 24528 tons kilometers. The global average daily loading of 14965 vehicles, 17906 vehicles daily truck. The annual passenger volume 185 million 500 thousand, passenger volume of 70 billion 260 million person, transportation revenue 23 billion yuan, transportation spending 38 billion 700 million yuan.

Shenyang Railway Bureau brief introduction

Shanhaiguan Seven Coastal city. The main station: Shenyang Railway Station , shenyang north railway station , Shenyang South Railway Station , Changchun Railway Station , Changchun station , Dalian Station , Dalian North Railway Station , ShanHaiGuan Railway Station , Siping station , AnShan Railway Station , Benxi Railway Station , JinZhou Railway Station , DanDong Railway Station , Tongliao Railway Station , Jilin Railway Station , SuJiaTun Railway Station , Shenyang West Railway Station , Jinzhou Railway Station , PanJin Railway Station , HuLuDao Railway Station Etc..
Shenyang Railway Bureau
As of September 2009, global mileage 9469 km, accounting for the national railway operating mileage of 14.8%. There are dry feeder 124, line line length of 12323 kilometers, the double mileage of 2809 kilometers, accounting for 29.7% of the global total mileage of electrified railway; 1961 kilometers in length, the electrification rate of 20.7%. Electrification rate 20.7%. Bureau of demarcation between port 10, port station 3.
The global total of more than and 120 units, of which 74 non transportation stations, transport unit 52, which directly under the station 14, Train depot 15, The passenger section 5; Locomotive depot 8, The power supply section 6; Depot 6; Public Works section 15, engineering mechanical section 1 paragraph 5. March 2010, Overall situation Share Station 734, the Special Class Station 5, A station 24, Two station 46, Three station 120, Four station 459, Five station 62, other 18; Marshalling station 9, Section station 35, Border station 3; passenger transport Business station 407, Freight transport Business station 433. Overall situation A total of 208 pairs of passenger trains, the train 13 pairs, 68 pairs of straight tube, 140.
As of December 2015, global mileage 9321 km, accounting for the national railway operating mileage of 14.8%. There are dry feeder 124, line line length of 12323 kilometers, the double mileage of 2809 kilometers, bureau of demarcation between port 10 and port station 3.

Shenyang Railway Bureau Jurisdiction

Shenyang Railway Bureau : the jurisdiction of Shenyang hub as the center, south of the Dalian Railway Station line up starting point,
 Shenyang Railway Bureau under the jurisdiction of figure Shenyang Railway Bureau under the jurisdiction of figure
To the north of Kazakhstan long Caijiagou - blue edges between the 167 km line, clofarabine Wuchang - Du between 120.9 km and tongrang line - the sun rises to between 335 kilometers, flat line Street base - Tailai between 450 km and the boundary of Harbin railway bureau;
East long lines Tumen River The international railway bridge 529.4 km, 250.8 km Mei hub end point,
West to the Beijing line between Heluo Longhua camp 244.6 kilometers, on YangShuling - 335 kilometers between Pingquan and Beijing Bureau of demarcation;
Since the Southeast Dandong the Yalu River Shenyang Dandong line bridge 254.9 kilometers to connect with Democratic People's Republic of Korea office,
Northwest to the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region white-a line 354.7 kilometers, Doyle advised Huo Tong 416.6 km line end point;
Since the Northeast Mutu line Deer - 146.3 kilometers between Dou Gou zi,
Southwest to Jingshan line ShanHaiGuan Railway Station 432.696 kilometers outside the boundaries and Beijing bureau.
The south of Harbin Dalian passenger railway station in Shuangcheng (excluding Harbin) and the border bureau.
Shenyang Railway Bureau under the jurisdiction of the line thing long 1216 kilometers, 920 kilometers long from north to south, mileage 9320.9 km. Among them, 2593.7 km double track railway, electric railway mileage of 1481.1 km, railway mileage of 7840.8 kilometers; distribution in Liaoning Province, 3933.9 kilometers, 3474.6 kilometers in Jilin Province, located in the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region territory of 1628.9 km, located in Hebei Province, the territory of 171 kilometers, 112.5 kilometers in Heilongjiang province.

Shenyang Railway Bureau Agency

Shenyang Railway Bureau Shen, referred to as "the bureau". The tube under the jurisdiction of the Shenyang railway office, the office of Jinzhou railway, Dalian railway office, Changchun railway office, the office of Jilin railway, Tonghua railway office, the office of Tongliao railway, a total of 7 railway office. The railway office is one of the products China railway reform, the Railway Bureau directly under the former railway adapted to become railway office. The railway office did not directly under the leadership of the power of each station, as the only agency of Railway Bureau stationed around the railway area. The relationship between the supervision and coordination of the railway units stationed around.
Shenyang Railway Bureau The tube has 86 basic railway transportation stations, including independent station 15, 15 cars, 5 passenger depot, 8, public works section 15, paragraph 6, the power supply section 5, section 7 vehicles, engineering mechanical section 1, Section 1, section EMU real estate 10. The global total number of employees 289000 people, including 256374 workers, 32626 workers in the post -. There are 246067 workers, a total of 30718 cadres. (December 2011, Shenyang Railway Bureau will be adjusted for each station)

Shenyang Railway Bureau Set station

Under the station 14:
Special Class Station 5: Shenyang Railway Station Shenyang West Railway Station, Changchun Railway Station, SuJiaTun Railway Station, ShanHaiGuan Railway Station ;
A station 9: Shenyang North Railway Station, Dalian Railway Station, DanDong Railway Station, Tongliao Railway Station, JinZhou Railway Station, Benxi Railway Station, Siping Railway Station, North Station, Changchun Jinzhou Railway Station.
Train depot 15: Shenyang train depot, Dalian service depot, Changchun train depot, Jinzhou section, Baicheng section, Anshan section, Benxi section, Fuxin section, huxu white section, Chifeng section, Tongliao section, Jilin section, Yanji section, Meihekou section, Tonghua section
The passenger section 5: Shenyang passenger section, Dalian passenger segment, Changchun passenger, the passenger section of Jilin, Jinzhou passenger section,.
Locomotive depot 8: Shenyang depot, Dalian depot, Jilin depot, Tongliao depot, Jinzhou depot, Sujiatun depot, Meihekou depot, Baicheng depot.
The power supply section 6: Shenyang power supply section, power supply section of Dalian, Changchun power supply section, power supply section of Jilin, Tongliao, the Jinzhou power supply section,.
Public Works section 15: Shenyang railway section, Dalian railway section, Changchun railway section, Shanhaiguan railway section, Dandong railway section, Tongliao railway section, Siping railway section, Jinzhou railway section, Baicheng railway section, Liaoyang railway section, Fuxin railway section, Chifeng railway section, Jilin railway section, chemical service section, Tumen public works section.
Engineering mechanical section 1: Shenyang railway engineering.
Depot 6: Shenyang depot, Changchun depot, Jinzhou depot, Sujiatun depot, Jilin depot, Tongliao depot.
Paragraph 6: Shenyang, Dalian paragraph, paragraph Changchun paragraph, Jilin paragraph, Tongliao paragraph, Jinzhou paragraph.
Depot 1: Shenyang Depot
Real estate construction life period of 10: Shenyang real estate construction period, Dalian real estate building life life, life Changchun real estate construction section, Tongliao real estate building life section, Jinzhou real estate building life section, Baicheng real estate building life section, Fuxin real estate building life section, Jilin real estate building life section, Tonghua real estate building life section, Dandong real estate the construction period of life.

Shenyang Railway Bureau Institutional reform

In March 18, 2005, the Ministry issued a "cancel the country's brightest Bureau under the branch decision, 7 Railway Branch under the Shenyang Railway Bureau, Shenyang Railway Bureau, Dalian Railway Bureau, Changchun Railway Bureau, Jinzhou Railway Bureau, Jilin Railway Bureau, Tonghua Railway Bureau, Tongliao Railway Bureau revoked,
Respectively: Office of Shenyang railway, Dalian railway office, Changchun railway office, the office of Jinzhou railway, Jilin railway office, the office of Tonghua railway, Tongliao railway office.

Shenyang Railway Bureau Facility management

The total line of Shenyang Railway Bureau to extend the length of 18161.56 km, of which: line line 12033.711 kilometers, 4816.835 kilometers, 714.874 kilometers of pipelines, branch line of 533.911 km, 62.229 km line for special use. Line laying 60 kg / M and 50 kg / m rail line length is 7645.357 km and 3298.119 km; seamless line to extend the length of 7804.222 km, of which: the region between the seamless line 1832.404 kilometers, oversection seamless line 1371.157 kilometers; turnout of 19924 groups, including: the line switch group 5765; crossing 3254, including: who guards the crossing 358; bridge 5600 305419 meters; 243 tunnels 132158 meters; 12307 seat 247621 meters drainage culvert.
Shenyang Railway Bureau dry feeder 56, large railway hub 8 (Shenyang, Dalian, Tongliao, Jinzhou, Changchun, Benxi, Jilin, Mudanjiang). Global attachment 1528 locomotives, the diesel locomotive 1317, 211 sets of electric locomotive. The bus with 4116 vehicles, EMU 17. 9399.8 kilometers of signaling equipment, conversion switch group number 124134 group, 825 stations. The electric interlocking station, 669, and 147 in computer interlocking station. The interlock switch group 18452, automatically blocking 2088 kilometers, 7269 kilometers in semi automatic block. Marshalling yard 39, 2372 sets of cab signal equipment, guarded official crossing signal 336, crossing 552 monitoring. By the end of 2008, the global total of 737 stations, 434 stations for freight, for passenger service station and take down a total of 811. The global principal for passenger service station 4, a station 18, two station 35, three station 118, four station 220, five station 6, undetermined level Qinshen line station 6, Huo Tong Line 1 station is undetermined level; take down 403 a, for passenger service station and take down a total of 811. For freight business, directly under the station 5, station 7, a section of the tube station 13, two station 43, three station 135, four station 231. At the end of 2008, Shenyang Railway Bureau, the original value of fixed assets 93 billion 363 million yuan, net fixed assets of 58 billion 312 million yuan.

Shenyang Railway Bureau Service advantage

To facilitate passenger travel, Shenyang Railway Bureau, according to the class of station equipped with convenience table, warm cushion, automatic query machine, focus on passenger service room, free ticket window, vending machines and mobile phone ATM machine, gas station and other service facilities. In the above Changchun, Changchun West, north of Shenyang, Shenyang and other major railway station and the average daily traffic volume 5000 of the railway station, Easy Access open authentication, security, and convenient service bus ticket. In Changchun, Changchun West, North Shenyang, Shenyang high-speed rail hub station, to provide for a paper ticket interline passengers transfer service station. Set the barrier free ticket window in the main railway station, at the pit mouth, verify the extraoral security, set up the channel of love and specialized services for the mobility of the elderly, patients, pregnant women, disabled passengers (post); maternal and child nursing, sick and pregnant passengers waiting to set the city level and above the main station room (area), a focus on passenger waiting seat near the wicket stand in high iron. In the medical service is Changchun, Changchun West, north of Shenyang, Shenyang Railway Station and other major stations, equipped with "love medicine box" in each passenger train, to provide emergency medical assistance service for passengers. And make full use of the 12306 sites, radio station car, display, brochures, newspapers, radio and television, network, micro-blog, WeChat and other media, the timely release of train ticket pre-sale, the train being late, travel notes, travel Raiders and other travel ticket information, realize the information released immediately.