The idea, namely consciousness (including the conscious, subconscious beliefs and mental state). Is the subject of meditation after the accumulation of mild self-control initiative for the God of the original natural sub polar thinking state. It abandoned all the intermediate links, with" Penetration ". Known as soul .

Idea The basic meaning

The idea is not know God thinking process The potential function of mild brain activity. God is a shallow knowledge function of the human brain. The original God (God) is the deep brain power Can. The original God Is a natural function of the human brain inherent, is the inevitable result of human evolution from the brain structure. That is to say, only God can be a direct relationship with the "gas". The inherent gas machine and material encoding and things constitute shear metaphysical The "gas", in the program, and information encoding machine have in common, so they can communicate with mutual induction. Know this layer is very important. "To gas", "intended to bring gas", the "meaning" is a gas machine system of life and the life information field of fluid. It is through the human inherent Information encoding Communication of material process and the "five line" variable attributes, direct directional guidance and processing. So the amount of information can be given by the idea of gas movement of material, produce gasification time.
In the "simple":" Dehua Love, love Italy Hengdong business." In general, "meaning Hengdong, choose to read, motivation Carry out.". The meaning is: the evolution of de performance, can give birth to love Italy, will not stop operation that consciousness, consciousness has stimulated great sense of consciousness, there is little stimulation significance consciousness in consciousness, consciously or unconsciously, will choose the significance of consciousness into the consciousness of other ideas, abandon. This idea will be transformed into motivation, can control the body to put into action.

Idea The concept of words

Basic explanation:
[idea; thought] consciousness belief; concept; creative idea and belief in the spiritual state.
Citation interpretation:
The consciousness of belief.
Chinese Mei Cheng "The king of Wu" remonstrance petition: "I would take effect and Fuxin phi subserviency, but less than his Cedazhixin King ideas by words." The "Liang Jiangyan" Poems of mourning room eight: "every good idea lost, only see four deficit." bright Wang shou-ren1 "University" asked: "the heart of the body cover is all positive, since its launch has not positive thoughts, and then." clear Pu " Strange Tales from Liaozhai - "fear of friends:" Jiajun amiably confused thoughts, so thank ears." Liang Bin "Fire" broadcast five: "Chunlan never can't sleep, seemed to have an idea what touched her."