Located in Chicago (Chicago) U.S.A The Midwest Illinois The East, magnificent The five Great Lakes One of lake michigan Is a famous international. Financial Center One of Is one of the nation's third largest city, population (after New York and Losangeles).
Chicago is located in the center of the North American continent, is U.S.A Second the central business district, the largest US futures market, the new urban district the number of enterprises has been ranked first in the United States, was named the most balanced development of economy in the United states. In addition, Chicago has the highest ten skyscrapers in 4 and was the tallest building in the world Sears Tower (keep the tallest building in the world record in 1974 -1998), known as "the hometown of skyscrapers".
At the same time, Chicago is also one of the American Railway, aviation hub and the world's most important cultural center for science and education: the world's top universities University of Chicago (The University of Chicago), Northwestern University (Northwestern University) and world-renowned Chicago school As of 2016, more than 100. The Nobel prize (in Chicago) winner in work and study ( University of Chicago 92 , Northwestern University 11) .
Chicago common aliases include:" The City of Wind "," Chicago ", is the world famous tourist resort, in 2014 received a total of more than 50 million tourists all over the world. Chicago on behalf of the U.S. central time location is UTC/GMT-6 (West six districts), and UTC/GMT+8 (in the East District eight) Beijing time A difference of 14 hours (13 hours in Chicago during the summer time difference).

Chicago History

The first settlers (1779)
In eighteenth Century, the Chicago area is Berta Wa Tommy (Potawatomi) Indian tribal territory. In 1779, one from Haiti Black businessman - Du Sabl (Jean Baptiste Point DuSable) settled in Chicago, he married Beth Srivastava Tommy man for his wife, and opened the first store in North Chicago.
City Building (1837)
In 1803, the U.S. Army built Fort Dearborn, in 1812 after the massacre Dearborn fortress was destroyed. In 1816, Beth Srivastava Tommy and other nearby tribes of Indian signed the Saint Louis agreement with the U.S. government, out of the land. In August 12, 1833, the establishment of the town of Chicago, had 350 residents. With the increase of the population settled here in March 4, 1837, to become the city of Chicago, while the population of only 4170 people.
Strong development (nineteenth Century)
In its first hundred years of history, Chicago is one of the world's fastest-growing city, from the starting point at the beginning of the nineteenth Century blank growth in 1900 has been more than 1 million. It was the world's population of more than 1 million of the city only does not exist in a century ago the city.
Chicago in nineteenth Century become the Midwest city and major agricultural products distribution center. In 1848, communication lake michigan and The Mississippi River Built in Illinois - the Michigan canal, the communication between the two major shipping waterway. The same year, the first railway in Chicago began to build. Since then, Chicago has become an important transportation hub connecting the United States Department of. Convenient land and water transport has greatly stimulated the development of industry and commerce. The prosperity of the city attracts many foreign settlers, including a large number of rural population and new immigrants. 1870-1900 years, Chicago's population soared from 299 thousand to 1 million 700 thousand. Local manufacturing and retail industry to become the dominant force of the Midwest economy, and the impact of the U.S. economy to a great extent.
Chicago fire (1871)
From October 8, 1871 to 10, Chicago city fire, about 6.5 of our knowledge - land in the city (including commercial buildings) almost all was burned, about 300 people were killed and 90 thousand people homeless, property loss of $200 million. This is the history of the famous the Great Chicago Fire .
After the fire reconstruction (after 1871)
After the Chicago fire of 1871, Chicago rapid reconstruction and quickly restored the growth. During the reconstruction, it produced the world's first building a steel frame skyscraper, which started the Chicago city building innovative reputation in the world. In 1893, Chicago hosted the World Expo, Columbo, was a great success, attracting 27 million 500 thousand visitors. In the previous three years, University of Chicago This creates.
Social unrest (1886)
Plagued by labor conflicts and confusion during this period of Chicago are frequent, including the famous 1886 Haymarket Riot . The living conditions and various social problems caused by some bad lower residents like Holzer hall Jane Adams (Hull House) to establish the social reform experimental class. Chicago city in the city planning and construction of a large city park. Since 1855, Chicago began construction of the first comprehensive sewerage system city in the United states. These measures to some extent improve the look of the city and ordinary people's living conditions.
The origin of the International Workers'Day (1886)
May 1, 1886 Chicago hundreds of thousands of workers went on strike for the eight hour working day, and achieved great victories. International Workers'Day That is the origin of this.
Pollution control (1900)
Due to the rapid population growth and the development of industry and commerce, as the main source of the city lake michigan During this edge has been seriously polluted. In order to solve the water pollution problems, city construction in Lake Michigan is two miles of the tap water plant water inlet and water into the city water supply system by underwater pipeline. But such efforts proved to be of limited effect, because of the rain may be the Chicago river water near the inlet. In 1900, this problem was finally solved thoroughly. People through the construction of water facilities and upgrade the gate, the original Lake Michigan into the Chicago river flows back to turn the south into the Illinois river. Since then, the city no longer sewage into Lake michigan.
During Prohibition (1920s)
1920s Prohibition order of alcoholic beverage During the period, the Chicago underworld gangs, produced a Al Capon such notorious The underworld boss. During this period, also began to have a lot of living in southern blacks moved to Chicago and other northern city. In December 1942, the world's first controlled nuclear reaction test in University of Chicago has successfully completed. Manhattan Project A key ring.
The prosperity of the city (1950s)
In 1955, later served as mayor of Chicago for 21 years Richard J Daley He was first elected mayor. In 1950s, the residents began to gradually move to the outskirts of the city, city center lot and the decline of the poor. During this period, Chicago has hosted the 1968 Democratic National Convention, built a landmark Sears Tower Mccormick, exhibition center and O'Hare airport.
The current mayor Richard M Daley, is the original old mayor Richard J Daley's son, the policy focus on improving the quality of the environment in Chicago, the implementation of a number of Renaissance fading blocks, improve the infrastructure of the city and the river lake city landscape project. Chicago has won the bid for the 2016 Olympic Games, but the vote on October 2, 2009, was eliminated in the first round.

Chicago geographical environment

Chicago Location condition

Chicago city is located in the United States Illinois The Cook County The United States, The five Great Lakes One of the lake michigan West coast. The habit is divided into North, West and south, North and South 40.23 km long, 24.14 km wide. According to the survey data of Chicago City Department, a total area of 606.1 - 588.3 of our knowledge, our knowledge - land, water - 17.8 of our knowledge. The water area accounts for about 2.94% of the total area.
 The Windy City, Chicago The Windy City, Chicago

Chicago topographic features

Located in Chicago (Calumet River) through the City Southern Industrial zone. The two rivers that are flowing into lake michigan At the beginning of twentieth Century, for the Chicago river city sewage to pollution in Michigan lake, Chicago river flow direction is reversed, the Mississippi River system through the canal into the south.
The terrain of the area near Chicago is quite flat, with an average altitude of 176 meters. The lowest elevation is the shore 176 meters, the highest elevation for the southern suburbs landfill is 224 meters (41 degrees 39 '18 "N, 87 degrees 34' 44" W).

Chicago Climatic characteristics

The climate in Chicago four seasons. The year of July, the average maximum temperature of 29 DEG C, the average minimum temperature of 17 DEG C; while the coldest in January, the average maximum temperature of 2 DEG C, the average minimum temperature of -11 DEG C. The history of the highest temperature record is 40 ~ C (July 24, 1934), the lowest temperature of -32 DEG C (January 20, 1985).
Due to lake michigan The influence of Chicago winter wind. Chicago appropriate temperature, the average temperature in January is 6 C, 9 C in April July October, 22.8 C, 11.4 C.
Chicago abundant rainfall, the average annual rainfall of 965 mm. Summer precipitation for most of the season, rainfall is usually in the form of showers or thunderstorms, sustained little precipitation. Winter is the least rainfall, usually in the form of snow. The maximum daily rainfall of 164 mm recorded in August 14, 1987.
 The magnificent mile" The magnificent mile"
"Windy city"
Tourists come to Chicago, you'd better take some clothes, in order to adapt to the climate here. If January is in the mouth with Michigan Lake gust of wind, you can feel the weight of this nickname. The wind is not only the climate characteristics of Chicago, it is famous for the large temperature difference, winter temperatures below minus 30 degrees Celsius, the summer temperature is higher than 40 degrees Celsius, is a record. If you come to Chicago in winter coincided with the warm weather, can not think of Chicago winter warm as in spring, the weather here is constantly changing, often see the report card electric street, above the display time, temperature display below, a minute for a time, and perhaps the weather change constantly.

Chicago The symbol of the city

Chicago Nickname

Hog butcher for the world (Hog Butcher for the World), the city of the big shoulders (City of the Big Shoulders (The), the city of labor City That Works).

Chicago City flag

Chicago City flag The three white is two blue and separated in the middle.
 City of Chicago City of Chicago
Four red stars on the white. Two blue symbol Chicago River And two branches. The white in the west part of the city, but outside the narrow, two white said the north and south. The white on the four red six pointed star (from the flagpole outward to the fortress of Dearborn respectively) (1939, October 1871 8 added) - 10, the Chicago fire, a 1893 World Exhibition in the United States "and 1933's" century of Progress Exhibition "(1933). The original red flag designed by Wallace Rice and was adopted in 1917.

Chicago emblem of a city

 Chicago City Emblem Chicago City Emblem
Chicago emblem of a city The front is 2.375 inches in diameter on the screen depicts a piece of red shield (beauty), silver white and blue shield, in the center point of a bundle of golden wheat, in the shield the right color (as shape right half support shield) is a ship was in full sail boat, the top is a silver white shell, with a character of the baby the badge, shield on the left (as left side support of the ancient weapon, humanoid) is an Indian chief color handheld bows standing on the green cliff, the shield is arranged in the lower part of the red Piaobi lace, with gold inscription "Urbs in Horto" (Garden City). Golden inscription "Chicago city green circle around the city emblem edge: incorporated in March 4, 1837".

Chicago motto

Urbs in Horto (Latin: City in one Garden, garden city );
Make No Small Plans, "I Will" (English: great plan, "I will").

Chicago administrative division

Chicago city is very big, can be roughly divided into, in the north, West and South four large (East Lake). There are two major commercial areas in the city centre, a call the loop One is Michigan Avenue. North is the senior residential rich white class, accounting for 40% of the population is mainly distributed in the West and South African film. The center is called Lu Pu (Loop), intended for the Ring Road area, due to the elevated railway (MTR on the ground part) within the rectangular ring road surrounded by the name of its range, about one kilometer, across seven blocks; the width of less than one kilometer across five blocks. Although it is a tiny area, Chicago is known as "the world's richest regions", "the world's busiest area".
Nearly all the area: Evans Don (Evanston) skoki (Skokie) Cicero (Cicelo) Maywood (Maywood) Calumet Point Park (KalumetPark) Luo Xian (Midlothian)
 A panorama of Chicago City
A panorama of Chicago City

Chicago National Population

Chicago population

The urban population of 2897841 people (2010 according to the latest census, the city of third, second only to New York, Losangeles). The population density of 4816 people / L of our knowledge. City population of 8973280 people, the Chicago metropolitan area population of 10027364 people, is the third largest metropolitan area of the United States, after New York and Losangeles.

Chicago Nation

Chicago is a multi-ethnic city, early immigrants Irish , The Swede Polish, Italian , A German And Chinese etc.. Among them, blacks accounted for 38.6%, accounted for 37.9% of whites, Hispanics accounted for 19.6%, accounted for 3.5% of asians. The greater Chicago area about 60 thousand of the total number of Chinese people.

Chicago Economics

Chicago city is in the iron and steel industry, machinery manufacturing industry, agricultural technology, trade, cultural and educational aspects ranks the leading position of the area. Chicago City, industrial steel, metal, electronics, food processing, oil processing, printing machinery and transportation equipment industry. The iron and steel industry accounted for the first United States famous , 37signals , Groupon and Feedburner .
In late nineteenth Century, Chicago was an important part of the bicycle fashion, such as Western Wheel Company by stamping manufacturing process and a decrease in consumption. In early twentieth Century, Chicago automobile production revolution part, such as the production of Brass Era car Bugmobile company was founded in 1907. The Schwinn company headquarters is located in Chicago.
Chicago is hosting a major global exhibition. The city's main convention center is McCormick Place, which consists of four connected buildings, is the largest and the world's third largest exhibition center. The number of exhibition held annually in Chicago, ranked third in the United States. Las Vegas and Rolando After.

Chicago Culture

 One of the fountain of Buckingham fountain, the world's largest and most ancient One of the fountain of Buckingham fountain, the world's largest and most ancient
Chicago is known as the most American characteristics of the city, it will be the world cultural legacy and Western landscape integration and delicacy.
The famous American writer norman mailer He wrote: "Chicago is a great city, it may be a great city in the United States There remained but a single one.". Chicago is also known as the world's ten richest city, rich index after Tokyo, New York, Los Angeles Ranked fourth in the world. The Chicago skyline is one of the world's ten largest skyline. Chicago city is to reconstruct after conflagration in 1871, in the city Skyscraper Many, after New York, is American skyscraper section more than and 2 of the city, by the end of October 2010, the number of skyscrapers in Chicago for more than 100 meters to reach 1204, second only to Hongkong, New York. Today 5 of the world's tallest skyscraper has 3 seats in Chicago City Sears Tower Is the tallest building in the United States, 443 meters high.
At the beginning of twentieth Century, the Midwest is the largest grain and meat and dairy producing areas, the development of coal and iron resources such as the five Great Lakes region, the Chicago city traffic, and quickly became the largest industrial center in the Midwest, commercial and financial industry has become more and more prosperous. Chicago has a glorious history in the international labour movement, international" 51 "Labor Day (1886) and" 38 "women's Day (1909) birthplace.
Complete the industrial sector in Chicago, heavy industry advantage, light industry is also developed. Is the country's largest steel and meat processing industry base, agricultural machinery, transport machinery, chemical, petrochemical, electrical, aircraft engines, printing has a leading position in the country, and wood processing, papermaking, electronics, textile, clothing, flour and other industrial sectors. The industry is mainly distributed in Chicago and Henan North Canal on both sides of the city center, near Lupu industrial area of the plant density is large, as an important light industrial area; south of the Calumet Industrial Zone, many large enterprises, is the important industrial area dominated by steel, in the satellite city Gary The United States has the largest iron and steel enterprises. Business and financial industry to thrive. The city has enormous grain and livestock market. The company has more than one thousand wholesale trade, retail sales among the best in the country, and is the world's major mail center, tourism industry is also developed.
The length of the Chicago City railway line (1.24 kilometer) and the volume of special purchases for the Spring Festival (5.12 tons) ranks first in the world each big city. Highway traffic developed, 12 highways through the interstate highway system, is the center of. In addition, it is The five Great Lakes An important area of lake port, vessels may be Erie Canal A Hudson River or the sea, the city has 3 major airports, including the northwest city O'Hare International Airport The United States is the largest airport, the busiest passenger, passenger flow reached 3000-4000 million.
Chicago city center Lupu area is located in the Chicago River estuary area, the most prosperous commercial area. The area accounts for only 1% of the city, but the city's focus about 1/6 employees. Chicago City, a street grid mesh distribution, different styles of modern intensive high-rise buildings. 443 meters high, 110 storey Sears Building for the tallest building, second is 346 meters high, 80 storey Standard Oil Building and 343.5 meters high, 100 storey hillcock center building, Binhu "green" as the main place for public recreation, there are large tracts of forest protection in Chicago.
Chicago is one of the major American culture and education center. The big city has 95 colleges, built in 1890 University of Chicago International reputation, the school of Oriental Research Institute and Museum of Oriental art treasures are known; University of Illinois , Illinois Institute of Technology , Northwestern University Other famous universities. The old tower stands in the center of the city, surviving in Chicago city in 1871 after the fire of historical relics.

Chicago Transportation

 Sears 1973-1998: building the world's tallest building Sears 1973-1998: building the world's tallest building
Chicago transportation industry developed, convenient transportation, known as the "American artery", is the largest cargo center in the United States and a railway hub, is the world's largest inland port. In 1848, connecting the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River system of the Illinois Department of the Michigan canal and the East-West railway was completed, Chicago had become the hub of communications. There are three airports in the outskirts O'Hare International Airport (O'Hare International Airport) and Chicago Midway International Airport (Midway International Airport) of the two international airport. The O'Hare International Airport is one of the world's busiest airport, the aircraft flow, the number of passengers, cargo tonnage are located in the United States and the world, the annual reception of 69 million passengers. Have 37 railway lines, daily about 35 thousand trucks and 200 trucks and four freight stations, ports, 8 suburban railway and 1013.8 km long highway to the downtown, convenient transportation. Chicago port is one of the largest ports in the United States, can be via the Saint Lawrence Seaway to Europe, but also through the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico to provide barge transport.
Chicago O'Hare International Airport (O'Hare International Airport). One of the biggest passenger, the busiest airport in the area of the United States, 2014 passenger throughput of 70 million 80 thousand passengers.
Chicago Midway International Airport (Midway International Airport)
Maggs Airport (Meigs Field, disabled)
Chicago is the largest railway hub in north central United States, the more than and 30 railway lines of the rally point, city railway line length of more than 1.24 kilometers, ranking 5.12 tons of special purchases for the Spring Festival volume, each big city in the world. Highway traffic developed, 12 highways through the interstate highway system, is the center of.
Ocean Shipping
Chicago is an important port of the five Great Lakes Lake area, by ship Erie Canal One The Hudson River or The St. Lawrence River Go to sea。

Chicago Culture and art

Chicago has 46 museums, more than and 200 theatres. Downtown The Chicago Museum of Art Museum of science and industry field The Museum of natural history Schaede, Aquarium Adler and the botanical garden is world class. Chicago art museum is one of the four great American Art Museum, with a collection of $250 million worth of art. There are 97 hospitals, 25819 beds, 124 thousand full-time medical staff. The world's largest public library, a collection of about 2000000 books. In Chicago, many scientific research institutions, Fermilab and Argonne is the first U.S. nuclear research where the first atomic reactor is successfully developed in here.
Chicago news media, high sensitivity, rapid propagation. It has more than and 110 newspapers, many newspapers, such as " Chicago Tribune "The sun," Chicago times "and" Chicago Daily News "the headquarters are located in Chicago, the two big news mainly is the" Chicago Tribune "(circulation of 668 thousand copies) and the" Chicago Sun Times "(circulation of 501 thousand copies). In addition, Chicago city is also home to 15 television stations and 100 radio stations, more than and 100 cable television. The Journalism Department of University of Chicago is famous. Art, It's Chicago Symphony Orchestra. Founded in 1891, is one of the world famous symphony orchestra, Chicago was the cradle of the birthplace of jazz music and film industry.
" Chicago Tribune "The music Greg Roth said, came to the Fengcheng tourists in Chicago lucky, because he believes that now is the best time of exploration of Chicago music and nightlife. He said: "since I work here, haven't seen as so many bands together playing in Chicago. Chicago is a hotbed of cultivating talented musicians, there are hundreds of clubs, is also a creation and appreciation of various types of music and ideal place."

Chicago Sports

The Chicago bulls, was founded in 1966 and joined NBA Now, from NBA The eastern Alliance The central division.
In 1984, the bulls in the draft to select third sign Michael Jordan And he led the bulls to two times three times in 1991-1993 years and 1996-1998 years, become the exception Boston Celtic , The Losangeles Lakers Outside the most winning team NBA. In addition, 72 wins 82 games bulls in the 1995-96 season, NBA is the history of the second best regular season record.
In twenty-first Century, 2008, the bulls in the draft pick to select Derrick Rose , in its lead back to the title and again reached the Eastern Conference finals in 2011. In 2011 and 2012, the bulls NBA regular season championship for two consecutive years.
Art Institute of Chicago
The Art Institute of Chicago (Art Institute of Chicago) is one of the leading American art education institutions, museums and schools consists of two parts, founded in 1866. The museum with a large collection of Impressionist and American art known as Monet, Seurat, Van Gogh, Edward, Hope and other works. The school aims to cultivate the talent of visual art, studied with Walter Disney, Georgia Georgia O'Keeffe , Olsen Wells Wen Yiduo, etc..
- in Nanlu expression Baty Gero (Buddy Guy s Legends, 754 S. Wabash Ave.) is to listen Bruce The best place, here is a forum for musicians, if you in January, you will meet Battie cover himself in his club singing - but this year the festival! Like Eric Clapton singer will show."
Located near the North - Klobar (1543 N. Kingsbury St.) regularly invited the world's most outstanding music DJ, if you want to find a place to dance until midnight, it is."
- Green Dolphin (Green Dolphin Street 2200 N. Ashland Ave.) is a formal admission of the Noble Club, also provide dinner. The program is generally R&B divas and jazz and dance. This is the place for dating."
In the hiding place (The Hideout, 1354 W.Wabansia Ave.) is a leader in the same type of club, located in the old city west of the workers party seems to be from a vast wilderness suddenly, feel some 40s style (even wall hanging Marlin solid model). The band is great, the style of music from punk rock to country music are offbeat."
- Sir Chen Liechuang (Jazz Showkase, 59 W. Grand Ave.) for serious jazz lovers is the city's premier club. The boss is Chicago's most hardened and respected Jazz mad Jo Sigas. Never tolerate or not pure free jazz here. Advance ticket show more traditional Bipop jazz and swing era (in 30s) the classic jazz.
- Metro Club (The Metro, 3730 N. Klark St.) in Wrigley Field two blocks north, "is a jewel in the Chicago music scene in. (cubs) in the baseball season, this bustling street, the subway was completely into a club Improvisation Place. For a musician, if the subway signed for the club, on behalf of your success. To perform the music here in the famous figures such as Bob Dylon, Iggy Pope and James Brown ".
- Schubas Tavern (3159 N. Southport Ave.) there is a comfortable, home like atmosphere, the layout of the room, I love the very private, and some forest. Any band here will play very well, if you want to listen to music in front of the famous Chicago talent show, may wish to come here."
"Candy" and "the first in the world"
Chicago is the world's candy, here is the largest food and beverage company (McDonald's) and the largest food processing company (Kaf). Chicago gave birth to many of the world's first, as of 1884 1892, roller skates, overhead railway in 1893 1896, popcorn zipper In 1902, the window envelope, 1955 McDonald's.
"International Labor Day" and "International Women's day"
In May 1, 1886, hundreds of thousands of workers in Chicago for eight hour strike and demonstrations, "51" and "the international labor day" International Women's Day That is the origin of the labor movement has the glorious tradition of the city.
In addition, the construction industry is also very developed. Trade Centre Founded in 1930, is building the world's largest area of about 370 thousand square meters. In Chicago, foreign consulate general of more than and 60.
Delicious food
 Chicago River Chicago River
The status of delicacy in Chicago is increasing steadily. In terms of food, Chicago is famous for its full weight and strong factional disputes. A "beef" (Mr. Beef; 666 N. Orleans St., designed to do a Italian restaurant Roast Beef sandwich) supporters said: "my Jesus Christ, you should see people sought after degree for this place!" But this does not mean that Chicago lacks a delicate and beautiful restaurant. Think of Japonais (600 W. Chicago Ave.) of the table, in the Montgomary Ward (as was founded in Chicago, the world's first commodity catalogue business) warehouse restaurant, well-dressed patrons sip from eating sushi. Chicago River The breeze blows up the thin screens.
Chicago will hold an annual 8 day long Festival "Taste Of Chikago in delicacy street". The delicacy Festival, you can eat more than and 80 Chicago restaurant delicacy. Every day there are about 375000 people to attend the delicacy festival. In addition to delicacy, you can also enjoy the beautiful music. Delicacy Festival is all day long!

Chicago Sightseeing

Chicago architecture is unique, has a strong European architectural style, such as: Sears Building, The soldiers, Cloud Gate, stadium, six flags America Theme park, Puliceke, open-air music hall, the Oriental Institute Museum and so on.
Willis building (Willis Tower) Formerly: Sears Tower (Sears Tower)
The Willis building is an office building in Chicago, designed by SOM architects, built in 1974, the total height: 442.3 meters, ground 108, underground 3 floors, a total of 110 layers, building area of 416000 square meters, is one of the world's tallest building, is the twelfth high skyscraper.
Original owner Sears - Roebuck company moved out in 1992, and later has been building was established in 2004 with the real estate investment group. In 2009, officially renamed the Willis building.
Chicago is the city of skyscrapers, Wall Street said, has served the three tallest buildings in the world: 110 layers Sears Tower 443 meters high, 100 layers; John Hancock Center The 80 layer, 342 meters high; Indiana Standard Oil Corporation building, 345 meters high. Each year to the Chicago tourism and business activities of the staff of 25 million people.
Sears Building is located in Chicago city of the United States of Michigan lake, is the highest in the United States Skyscraper . On top of two giant antenna into the blue sky, the dark brown aluminum wall and bronze glass windows in the sun bright flashes. Building on the ground 110, underground layer 3, covers an area of 119 million 840 thousand square meters. By Skidmore, Owings and Meryl architectural design companies, the 9 square tube, each square cylinder is 22.86 meters square steel with rectangular and mechanism. By 1600 workers built in 4 years, opened in 1974.
The whole building with 76 thousand tons of steel, 55 thousand and 700 cubic meters of concrete, since the weight of 222 thousand and 500 tons. The building is equipped with internal combustion engine system, security system and other preventive equipment and sophisticated communications equipment. Equipped with a 103 lift, 16 thousand steel windows, equipped with 6 fully automatic washing machine, simple shapes, and simple processing. The owner is a retailer, the largest U.S. Sears Company. The company's headquarters is located here, 7000 staff members of its occupation of the building below 50 floors above is 50 multi-storey condominium rented to other companies.
Has an observation deck on the 103rd floor, take the express elevator to less than a minute to arrive. There are three glass making the observation point, standing inside as volley. On the lookout overlooking the panoramic view of the city of Chicago, the vast Michigan lake to watch the beautiful scene scenery; rippling, yacht watersparkled, such as weaving, Tianshui color, really "overlooking the universal sense of one pillar to prop up the sky.". The building has department stores, supermarkets, shops, restaurants and other service facilities. An average of 1 million 200 thousand tourists each year.
Navy Pier (Navy Pier)
Navy Pier Built in 1916, was the largest terminal in the world, has also been a Chicago landmark. During the first World War, here as a temporary military territory. During the Second World War served as a navy training and assembly square, was also the first temporary School of University of Illinois. The following decades, the terminal is in a quiet state. The government of Chicago in 1989 to invest $1 billion 500 million to rebuild the pier reopened to visitors in 1994. Chicago has become the most famous of the most popular places of amusement. Summer often have many free activities and concerts, especially in the exhibition hall, perennial activities.
 Navy Pier night Navy Pier night
Navy Pier on the north side of the Chicago River in the distance, the anchor a mast towering antique pirate ship, estimated in the summer will be heading for the lake, for visitors to enjoy the lake, also can have the charm from the lake, but just quietly at anchor in the harbour.
Along the river all the way to the end of the artificial island, at the confluence of the Chicago River and Michigan lake, the square stands a large anchor, it is the Chicago cruiser to the navy pier as a souvenir. Stood to the lake up to two breakwater far reaching the lake, surrounded by a harbor, two lighthouse Vicenza, to ship out of Hong Kong's guidance range. Harbour in a recumbent stone embankment, the harbor is divided into two regions inside and outside, parked on the stone embankment Seagull That became a small bird. Around the square is the Navy Pier on the south side of the shore, many luxury yachts moored, and a fire boat. The other side of pier Avenue is a long row of well-proportioned building, classical style, modern glass wall, and the dome of the canvas, there is a large platform, green, sculpture, also built a Ferris wheel and carousel and other recreational facilities, outside edge of the road and continuously distributed Alfresco bar Cafe, although it was winter no seat, but to see the warmer weather here bustling.
If you are interested in sightseeing tickets can be purchased to enjoy Lake Michigan and fireworks in the boat, but look at the fireworks because of the weather in the boat, not year-round oh! Navy Pier is very suitable for a walk, but there are a lot of people! There are a lot of homemade food and entertainment facilities, there is a very interesting magnet store indoors inside the mall, but too many people around! The children will love the atmosphere there, here is a prosperous place and not a place of leisure.
Lincoln Park Zoo (Linkoln Park Zoo)
Lincoln Park Zoo is the country's oldest free public zoo, is also one of the last free zoo. The traditional places you can visit the newly renovated Kovler sea lion pool - generations of zoo visitors to the port seals and California Sea Lions . In the "weird stuff!" Retail stores of strange goods and enjoy the "big cats animal small restaurant" fun, this is a home overlooking Kovler Lion Studio outdoor lion and tiger habitat of the roof of the restaurant. A children's petting zoo, a reproduction of the American Midwest farm, plus protection station "- an interactive learning center (environment protection type). One of the zoo is located in Chicago the most popular park in the lakefront bike path. The Lincoln Park Conservatory next door and is free of charge. Lincoln Park Zoo and the greenhouse by the support of the Chicago Park District, the number of tourists 3 million passengers.
Cloud Gate (Cloud Gate)
The company is located in Millennium Park The huge sculpture show open to the public, has become a new landmark in Chicago city. The main form of this sculpture is similar to an ellipse, 33 feet high, 66 feet long, 42 feet wide and weighs about 110 tons. People who give it the nickname "beans (The Bean)", because this description seems to be more image. It looked much like a drop of silver, it was made of polished stainless steel exterior, so without any modification of the pattern can be the scenery around the thing which, at different times by different angles to see the "beans" are different. This unique design makes an original monotonous appearance with a very rich content. Designer Anish Kapoor called the "gateway to Chicago, to map out a poetic city."
Grant Park
Located in the Michigan lake, pleasant scenery, there are many famous sculptures in the garden, Chicago is one of the most people likes to stroll around the park. The park has the world's largest lighting fountain - Buckingham fountain, the fountain spring covers an area of 600 square feet, about 20 minutes to the high altitude of a jet, water up to 15 meters, especially at night in the mapping of thousands of lights under the very magnificent and spectacular. Every summer in the park also often hold large-scale concerts.

Chicago cityscape

In 1891, British writer (Millennium Park) in the feelings of the architect Frank Gary designed the shell shaped open-air music hall, it is full of stainless steel metal elegance; or use your toes to feel the warmth of Michigan Lake beach. These are just a meal "appetizer", and insisted through the understanding of Chicago's people - friendly people of Chicago. Local reviewer Danny Bostle said: "in the California That people want to embrace you; in Chicago, people want to talk to you." It is not surprising that precious heritage of the third big city in the United States but no way ahead, "city" and. Just to cite a few cases: Chicago Museum of Art (Art Institute, a collection of Grant Wood The famous " American Gothic "(Navy Pier), the navy yard, from here you can get on a ferry or go sightseeing is located here in the Chicago Shakespeare opera performances, and enjoy a) Hyde Park (Hyde Park, here is Frank Lloyd Wright's representative building "Robbie's house").
"The meeting of the city"
Chicago is not only convenient location, convenient transportation, and hotel buildings, has a good meeting facilities, known as "the world's major meeting of the city", it is often the Democratic Party or Republican Party Selected as the nominating convention held places. The United States has more than a dozen presidential nominee here, such as Lincoln , two Franklin Delano Roosevelt , Eisenhower and Clinton . The south is located in the world's largest conference center - McCormick Place (McKormick Place). Here's Marx Weil Hall (Don Maxwell Hall) can hold forty thousand people's Congress, affiliated 8 dining rooms, can accommodate twenty thousand guests dining at the same time. There are 28 small meeting rooms, can accommodate 50 to 4000 people, and 100 thousand square meters of exhibition area, with the convening of the meeting. Chicago also held two World's Fair . Is a 1893 Columbo Expo held in Jackson Park, once in 1933 to progress in 1934 held in Bonn Han Park Century expo.
Once the "America's high-rise" -- Sears (building Willis Tower )
 Chicago's Millennium Park shell open music hall scenery Chicago's Millennium Park shell open music hall scenery
The mention of skyscrapers, people will think of New York. In fact, until the end of 2014, the tallest building in the United States is not in New York, and in Chicago. This building is called the Sears Building (Willis Tower), is located in the Central West, the top two giant antenna piercing the sky, dark brown aluminum bronze wall and glass curtain wall in the sun shine bright. The building is 443 meters high, 110 floors on the ground, underground and 3 floors, including two line tower is 520 meters high. One of the largest building by American architects (Skydeck) open to visitors, overlooking Chicago Zhaohui and sunset, majestic and grand scenery. Sometimes may also encounter the roof the sun was shining, clouds fall downstairs rainclouds wonders.
"The hometown of skyscrapers"
The history of architecture from the start in 1871, at that time although the city is still very poor, mostly huts, but it is still in a period of vigorous development and prosperity of the. It is said that August Disaster comes from the sky., Mrs. Oliri the cow a cow kicked over a kerosene lamp, so the fire, the fire spread rapidly, destroyed 17 thousand homes and one hundred thousand residents living on the street. After the disaster, engineers and architects to adopt new technology, built many new reinforced concrete building in burned ground, accumulated a lot of experience. The first 1885 High rise building Came into being, a man named Jenny The architects built a ten storey office building housing insurance company with iron and steel bearing frame. This is a landmark in the coming time. Soon, Chicago will take on a new look tall buildings appeared in front of the world. This bold and innovative architects also formed an emphasis on "form follows function" building the new school - Chicago school And have a wide influence in the world. Today, in Chicago, more than 40 layers of floor, there are about 50 seats, ten layer eight layer is everywhere, shoulder back, you hook me even, Chicago anoverflowing. Visit Chicago, like visiting the building art fair, and like reading a vivid history of modern architecture, you can enjoy the master of Architecture Louis Sullivan Burnham, Beirut , Wright and Mies Van de Lo Who left work, enjoy the many distinctive skyscrapers. From the lake not far from the apartment, flashing silver, like a huge white jade hairpin. It is one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in Chicago, called the Amoco building (Amoko Build, formerly known as the standard oil building) a total of 82 floors, 346 meters high, as the world's tallest marble veneer floor. The owner is a wealthy oil company. This is a lake, called the Hancock building (Hankock Center) a total of 100 floors, 343 meters, is a section of rectangular pyramid, two antennas out of the roof, Reaching for the Sky . On the roof can tour the city. These two buildings in the United States building list, take fourth, fifth place. There is a lake, called Lake pinnacles (Lake Point Tower), plain, but it is the world's tallest apartment building, 70 floor is full of homes. Look back along the Chicago River, the twin towers that Corn Cob like, 60 storeys high, the shops, restaurants, banks, garage, theater, ice rink and above the apartment office. The tenants or buildings, clothing, food and shelter, and Ledu can be resolved, no wonder the name of this and even the floor of buildings Marley Pamplona (Marina City), it is a city within a city. Not far away in the East stands, Wrigley building (Wligley Build) 35. The company is headquartered in Wrigley. The company has hundreds of years of history, is the world's largest world famous gum" Arrow "Producers. All products are popular, some people even put it with gum Coca Cola The hamburger, side by side, as a symbol of the American way of life. The building also features, opalescent floor, the other side, it's reminiscent of Chewing gum .
The appearance of
La Salle is on the west of Chicago" Wall Street "Bank gathered, Midwest stock exchange is located here. Not far to the north of the city center square, stands Picasso the giant steel sculptures, about 5 storeys high, the master creative work, but the peculiar shape, it is difficult to understand. East State Street (State Street) area, the most prosperous. Here the city night, cinemas, restaurants are open all night. Several large department stores are world class. One of the most famous Marshall Field, it's an American flag, every holiday celebration hanging in the store, from the seven floor down bottom, a star of a width of 1.2 meters, is the world's largest flag "".
Chicago's most lively area is the most beautiful city Lupu, but the area is Michigan Avenue (Michigan Avenue), it is spacious, luxurious no less than Paris Champs Elysees , known as the "Magnificent Mile" (Magnificent Mile) as the name suggests, this is a lot of the city's most advanced and luxurious hotels, fashionable shops, splendid buildings are here together. The car ran from The stream never stops flowing. Avenue. In the evening, skyscrapers, lights, a building figure, delineates the majestic skyline in the sky, there are a few tall pointed roof, from the searchlight, flashing light, like a giant in the eyes, Michigan lake, sailing yacht motorboat with tail rolled up waves, leisurely. This is a dynamic and static intertwined urban landscape map, is really interesting. Michigan Avenue North of the antique stands Chicago Water Tower (Water Tower). In skyscrapers, a 42 meter tall tower is small, but it is the symbol of the history of Chicago, it was built in 1869, the tower of yellow stones. There is a water tower building opposite the tower (Watet Tower Place). In fact, it has nothing to do with the water tower just near water tower by name. The 8 storey building, is one of the most luxurious high-rise shopping center, 200 thousand square meters of pavement, including two large department stores, 125 stores, 11 restaurants and 7 cinemas. This shopping center is the biggest feature in the vertical design of its outstanding interior, planting flowers and trees, clean and comfortable, the combination of color, light and green, customers will be attracted to the can't help shopping mall, some along the elevator in parallel with the man-made waterfall on the transparent glass elevator, some by means of steel the.
Chicago green broad, numerous parks. The greatest number of North Lake Linkin Park (Linkoln Park), seven or eight km long lake, covers an area of nearly 500 hectares, more than New York Central Park . From the recent downtown is Grant Park (Grant Paek), it is the Great Chicago Fire After clearing the rubble piled along the lake. Buckingham fountain in the garden (Buckingham Fountain) is the world's largest lighting fountain, France Palace of Versailles fountain for twice. It is the base for the pink marble pool built, 85 meters in diameter. Surrounded by hundreds of water at the central, a forty or fifty meters high central jets of water. At night, the color light from the spring up under the irradiation of light, color, such as high altitude fireworks, coral, colorful, spectacular.
Visit Chicago visitors, and ultimately to the South Chinatown (Chinatown) a walk. Chinatown The main street called the living Street (Wentworth Avenue). To the entrance, I saw a big building, out of writing ", wrote in the whole world as one community" in the "integrity" shops on the street or in the restaurant, followed by the gift shop, Nanhuo shop. Close to the big building, is also called Anliang hall, chamber of Commerce, as a Chinese city is about building. Chicago sightseeing car, is a Chinese city tourism program, in addition to eat a meal China, alion guild building is to be desired. Here the hall also very impressive. In 1990, Chinatown also added a library area of more than 1 thousand square meters, a collection of many English books, only there are 200 kinds of magazines, even the CD type reference tool (CD-ROM) also has several kinds of display in the museum.
Lu Pu District (The Loop)
The day before, the first new restaurant in Lupu West Wishbone (Wishbone, 1001 W. Washington St.) to eat breakfast. Here is not only the southern stronghold (all kinds of cheese flavor food Ding is the most popular food here), or a good place to enjoy the passing crowd. Then, to the majestic Art Institute of Chicago (Art Institute of Chikago S. Michigan Ave., 111), and special exhibitions to visit the permanent collection of the master masterpiece, can not miss the goods rich Crafts Museum Store (in the right side of the door). Through the Michigan Avenue (Michigan Avenue), there are two special shops. Hiking enthusiasts should go roaming "sophisticated traveler shop" (Savvy Traveller, 310 S. Michigan Ave.), specializing in various tourist guides and maps; and Chicago construction fund (Chikago Architecture Foundation Shop store, 224 S. Michigan Ave.) a variety of exquisite handicrafts are filled with great buildings off Chicago.
 chicago board of trade building chicago board of trade building
Speaking of great buildings, then to the Marshall Field department store (Marshall Field s N. State St. ', 111) of the walnut Hall (Walnut Room) to eat lunch. The interior of the building decoration design Louis Conford Tiffany The brightness dazzles the eyes. 557 square meters, large glass dome and other design is a reminder of the old age elegant. Then, hiking Sears Tower (Sears Tower, 233 S. Wacker Dr.), from which a country's highest buildings overlooking the whole city. Back to the ground, in both atmosphere and menu are full of German flavor of shangbohou restaurant (Berghoff, 17 W. Adams St.) to drink a cup of cocktail, or go to is located in the famous Hilton Hotel (Palmer House Hilton) Trader Vic s (underground "17 E. Monloe St.) Bamboo Tiki comeback to taste the flavor. The dinner, if you are ready to go to Chicago Symphony Center (Chikago Symphony Orchestra S. Michigan Ave., 220), then try the next Symphony Center and elegant restaurants and bars of Rhapsody (65 E. Adams St.). Another option is to cafe Atwood (One W. Washington St.; 3681900) is located in Buckingham Hotel in the taste of American dishes.

Chicago science education

Chicago Survey

Chicago education, culture, science and technology, news and entertainment industry developed, is the Central American higher education center. In Chicago there are 680 public schools, 394 private schools, 83 colleges and 88 libraries. There are 559 junior and senior high schools (including 147 private junior high school, high school, College of the 29 Church) 7 two-year 19 four year colleges and universities, colleges and universities, discipline is complete, from the foundation to the higher occupation training of science, technology, trade, cultural and professional foundation, everything. Among them, University of Chicago and Northwestern University The most famous. In addition, the western suburbs of Chicago Research Institute, Argonne National Laboratory, Baer Fermi laboratory scientific research achievements in the United States and the world are remarkable, there are quite a number of Chinese scholars, engineers and technicians in the Academy for room.
Chicago has University of Illinois Other famous universities. Other important cultural facilities, Art Institute of Art Museum, the Museum of science and industry, shedd aquarium , Adler Planetarium History association. The old tower stands in the center of the city is surviving in Chicago city in 1871 after the fire of historical relics.

Chicago University of Chicago

 University of Chicago University of Chicago
"Chicago, Pile-1) Since entering the human. atomic energy Age.
Chicago in 2015 US NEWS University in the United States ranked fourth, ranked ninth in the world; 2016 US NEWS University in the United States ranked fourth, ranked tenth in the world.

Chicago Northwestern University

Northwestern University (Northwestern University), founded in 1851, is a famous university in america. In 2015, the Northwestern University in the United States university authority ranking (US News) ranked thirteenth, in the global university rankings (Times Higher Education) ranked twenty-first. A total of 11 Nobel prize winners and 38 The Pulitzer prize The winner (in) from the Northwestern University, studying .
In October 2, 2014, President Barack Obama at the Kellogg school at Northwestern University, published on economic reform and new energy speech.

Chicago Athletic sports

horse racing
Maywood Park racetrack (Maywood Park Race Track)
The athletes Park Racecourse (Sportsmans Park Race Track)
The Chicago football team fire - TOYOTA (MLS)
American football
Chicago Bears - Warrior Stadium (NFL)
The Chicago bulls - united center (NBA)
Chicago Cubs - Wrigley baseball field (MLB)
Chicago WHITE SOX - the White Sox baseball field (MLB)
ice hockey
Chicago Blackhawks - united center (NHL)
CM Punk

Chicago Foreign exchange

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