Malt dust

Malt sugar is a carbohydrate containing. amylase The effect of starch prepared in malt. Used as a nutritional agent, also used in the preparation of culture medium Use. Is a kind of traditional China nostalgic snacks.
Malt dust
English alias: D (+) -Maltose monohydrate, Malt sugar, Maltobiose -D-Glucopyranosyl-D-glucose, 4-O- alpha, 4- (alpha -D-Glucosido) -D-glucose

Malt dust Material information

Density: 1.76g/cm3
The melting point of 110 DEG C:
Boiling point: 667.9 C at 760 mmHg
Flash point: 357.8 ~ C
Steam pressure: 1.08E-20mmHg at 25 C
Properties: colorless crystal. Sweet, sugar sweetness is about 1/3. At room temperature vacuum Sulfuric acid or Phosphorus pentoxide Do not lose the dryer Crystal water . Reduction of Fehling solution. Can be many yeast fermentation. Maltase can be hydrolysis Two alpha -D- glucose molecules. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, almost insoluble in Ether . The relative density is 1.54. The melting point of 102 to 103 DEG C. Specific rotation [alpha]20D+111.7 DEG to +130.4 DEG (c=4 water).
Use: biological medium. many vulcanization Stabilizer. Analysis of chemical colorimetric determination of brown standard.

Malt dust introduce

Malt dust
From the chemical point of view, said: maltose ( Maltose OrMaltSugar), is a chemical is a noun, Disaccharide (two class sugar). It is a white needle.
 Malt dust Malt dust
Crystal. The common crystalline maltose is not, but in cooking by adding sucrose, maltose to white is also turn yellow, increase the chemical flavor maltose it is: C12H22O11
By two D- glucose The molecular configuration by alpha 1, connect the 4 keys of the disaccharide, reducibility. From its aqueous solution or dilute precipitated in alcohol solution as a beta type crystal hydrate containing a water molecule.
Maltose is starch, Glycogen Dextrin, macromolecule Polysaccharide The main substances in beta amylase catalyzed hydrolysis The product, after Maltase The catalytic is hydrolyzed to two D- glucose molecules. Inorganic acid Such as hydrochloric acid can also hydrolyse maltose. Free form of maltose does not exist in cells.
Maltose is edible Maltose The main component of production with starch as raw material in the malt enzyme under the product containing maltose.

Malt dust Physical property

White crystal, soluble in water, sweet (less than sucrose (sucrose) Isomerism ).

Malt dust Chemical property

(1) a Reduction That can happen Silver mirror reaction That is Reducing sugar .
(2) Hydrolysis reaction Product: 2 glucose molecules.
 Malt dust Malt dust
The molecular structure of maltose in Aldehyde That is a reduction of a reducing sugar . And so you can Silver ammonia solution The silver mirror reaction can also occur, and the new system of alkaline hydrogen Copper oxide The reaction of brick red precipitate. Can be hydrolyzed under certain conditions, to produce two molecules of glucose.
(3) a colorless or white crystal, with thick crude syrup Like. A water molecule of crystallization maltose 102 to 103 DEG C melting and decomposition. Soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol. Reduction Two sugar Aldehyde, reaction, silver mirror reaction can occur and also can use (Benedict reagent. Copper sulphate , sodium carbonate or Caustic soda , Sodium citrate Such solution total heat generation brick red) Cuprous oxide Precipitation. Can make the water fade, is oxidized into maltose acid. In the dilute acid or heating Alpha glucosidase Hydrolyzed into 2 glucose molecules. As a food and nutrition agent. from Hydrolysis of starch For general use in malt and enzyme Starch paste Mixed at appropriate temperature and fermentation.
Maltose is made of crystal, as Sweeteners But, sugar sweet reached only 1/3. Maltose is a cheap, nutritious food, easy digestion and absorption by the body.

Malt dust Related food

It is made of glutinous rice and wheat, sweet and delicious, nutrient rich, with Jianweixiaoshi and other effects, is the ages of food.
 Maltose production period Maltose production period
Prebiotics and probiotics in food industry in recent years, is actually a maltose Isomaltooligosaccharides With this, a lot of food nutrients such as vitamin V9, Yake candy Mengniu milk, probiotic, Yeyuanfang Plus, excellent malt sub yuan children nutrition probiotic tablets and so on, and take the concept was not a small success in the market.

Malt dust Production method

The production of maltose is divided into the following steps: firstly, wheat germination after soaking allowed up to three or four cm long, the bud chopped. Wash the glutinous rice and then poured into the pot and cook with chopped malt stir and let it ferment for 3~4 hours, until the conversion of the sap. Then filter out the juice into a paste with the fire suffering, after cooling into amber Like candy. Edible when it is heated, and then two sticks to stir up, such as Hand-Pulled Noodle Like the candy you can pull to the silver white.
A, maltose in the domestic workshop can be produced, main manufacturing method:
1 materials. Choose dry, clean, free of impurities (wheat or barley), corn (or rice), and non rotten sweet potato as raw material deterioration. Ratio of wheat and other raw materials for 1:10, namely 1 kg of wheat (or barley), with 10 kilograms of corn (or rice) and sweet potato etc.. The corn to be crushed into the size of millet, sweet potato dregs to be crushed into shape, but not crushed into powder.
2 bud. The wheat wheat or barley grain washed into the barrel or Wagang, soaked in water. Soak water, cooling water for summer and winter with warm water. The fruit is soaked for 24 hours after the fish into the baskets, with warm water shower shoots two or three times a day, the water temperature should not exceed 30 DEG C. After 3 days, 4 days, two to grow grain leaf wrapped heart, cut it into pieces, and more broken is better.
3 cooking. The broken corn or rice washed, soaked in water for 4 hours and 6 hours, until after the water swelling, picked up the drain, a rice cooker or
 Malt dust Malt dust
The steamer, with 100 broken corn or rice steamed to C without hard core, remove the spreading in bamboo, cooled to 40 C and 50 C.
4 fermentation. Will cool the broken corn or rice, mix chopped malt or barley malt fermentation, 5 hours, 6 hours, and then into the bag, the bag fastened.
Press 5. The bag is placed in a press or homemade juicer, squeeze juice, which is maltose.
6 concentrated. Fried juice after heating boiled, can be condensed into a certain concentration, when the moisture content is less than 18% can be kept in a cool dry place for 1 years. The water is less than 15% can be kept in a cool dry place for some time.
Two, in nature, mainly maltose in the germinated grains, especially barley malt, it was this name. In the role of starch converting enzyme, starch hydrolysis reaction, formation of maltose is it the hydrolysis reaction, generating two sub glucose.
Maltose nutrient content: maltose per 100 grams of carbohydrates (sugar) content (82 grams) after the sugar (99 grams), therefore, can not be too much to eat.
The heat (331 thousand calories)
Protein (0.20 g)
Fat (0.20 grams)
Carbohydrate (82 grams)
Thiamine (0.10 mg)
Riboflavin (0.17 mg)
Niacin (2.10 mg)

Malt dust Nutritional knowledge

Maltose Knowledge Description: maltose is a carbohydrate food rice, barley, millet or corn and other food made from fermented. Sweet little, can increase the varieties of color and flavor dishes throughout the country are produced. There are two kinds of hard and soft, soft yellowish brown thick liquid, sticky glue, jelly; hard candy by mixing those lines, mixed air solidified, porous yellow white sugar cakes, known as white cerealose. In order to better glue medicinal jelly. Maltose is a double sugar, white crystal, soluble in water. Sweet but not sucrose, spleen, cough, the food is all ages.
Maltose nutritional analysis: maltose lungs, Sheng Jin, to dry; can be used to treat deficiency fatigue, cold abdominal pain, lung deficiency, asthma symptoms such as cough for a long time.
Supplementary information: maltose maltose (Malt sugar) is a gramineous plant barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) germination, amylase starch storage of decomposition of the disaccharide. Is the main raw material of sweet food.
The market sells maltose, alias "caramel". Not only is a mixture of maltose, glucose and maltose, including, dextrin (Dextrin).
Malt sugar for the crowd: the general population can eat, eat in patients with diabetes mellitus.
Therapeutic effect: maltose malt sugar sweet, tepid,
Has the effect of strengthening the spleen and stomach, lungs and cough,
Can be used to treat deficiency fatigue, cold abdominal pain, lung deficiency, asthma symptoms such as cough for a long time.
Maltose practice guidance: preparation of maltose:
1 the starch is heated into a paste with water, cold to 60 degrees;
2 plus malt (containing glycosylated alcohol factor), to maintain this temperature for about 1 hours;
3 boil into reheat.

Malt dust The relevant customs

Shandong Yimeng area small people: twenty-three days after the customs Small That is almost new year's dress rehearsal". That evening the family kitchen king, from dusk firecrackers rang, with guns to King kitchen paper like incineration, which is called the king of heaven ceremony. Maltose is rectangular or melon shaped block size. Stick with the legend Kitchen God The mouth, he went to heaven will not report to the jade family in bad. Now more you enjoy.
 Malt dust Malt dust
Malt sugar as a snack, It's golden luster, soft and smooth, rich clay is the cause of its popularity. Maltose in ancient times known as "Yee. Analytical Dictionary of Characters "Yi:" Bo meters also fried".
Maltose is two sugar, white crystal, soluble in water, rather than gold Qiemo Sugar sweet than sucrose crystallization, weak. A reducing sugar, and yeast fermentation into alcohol , dilute sulfuric acid and heat, into glucose, are often used as medicine.
Malt dust
Vitamin B
Production method
Only the cane juice heated into the gel, then add malt and Rice noodles cook for one hour is, but in the process it is easy to stir will not stick to the bottom.
Food law
Maltose burger malt confection method diversification, basically as long as want to have this food:
Net food, food is also one of the most. such as Candy .
Can squeeze into the needle cylinder, diet is quite interesting.
Production of maltose burger, net food is another popular food, often street snacks, preparation for:
To use chopsticks rolled up amount of maltose,
With two pieces of clip edible soda cake.
As food ingredients, such as desserts.
Add coconut food, and maltose clip cake.
BBQ, like honey use.
Add meat food production.
Medical value
With the edible value of maltose, also has its therapeutic efficacy, it is warm and sweet, water dissolved into glucose, as a medical camp
 Malt dust Malt dust
Can be used as nourishment, beauty, spleen qi, lungs and cough, relieving pain, nourishing viscera, Chufan, constipation and other appetizers, the spleen and stomach weakness, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, cold abdominal pain, Lung dryness cough Cough less sputum, sore throat. But in the weak, digestive capacity, body heat, body fat and sick is to be used with caution, because maltose will help wet heat, it is easy to abdominal distension.
Maltose anecdote
Syringes maltose
In 2005, China circulation a syringes maltose, needle filled with maltose syrup, just a squeeze, it is shot out of syrup. Because the price is cheap (each about 1.8 yuan -3.0 yuan), coupled with new and interesting, popular pupils favored. But the extension of a problem with "needle source", some people doubt the needle is medical waste, now most of them have disappeared.
With easy sugar
The children spend less, eat maltose, they take the plastic toys to sell sugar exchange to eat this, easy sugar also appeared in the world to take a variety of useful waste, with business people exchange, traders will sell goods after finishing in order to make profits. This is the unique way of sale of maltose!

Malt dust Isomaltooligosaccharides

As everyone knows, maltose is two glucose molecules to alpha -1, connect the 4 glucosidic disaccharides, Isomaltose (Isomaltose) is the two glucose molecules to alpha -1, connect the 6 glucosidic disaccharides. The molecular conformation is different, so different from the maltose and isomaltose called. Usually, maltose easily by yeast fermentation, isomaltose was yeast fermentation, isomaltose oligosaccharide is non fermented. Isomaltooligosaccharide can effectively promote the body of beneficial bacteria Bifidobacterium growth and reproduction, it is also known as the "bifidus factor", referred to as "bifidusfactor". After years of clinical and practical application showed that Bifidobacterium has many health functions, as Bifidobacterium promoting factor of Isomaltooligosaccharide naturally attracted people's attention. The nature of low poly isomaltose to very little The free state There, but as Amylopectin Or polysaccharide component in some fermented foods such as soy sauce, Yellow Wine or enzymatic glucose syrup in small amounts. Maltose industry using starch as an enzyme needed for the production of Isomaltooligosaccharide as raw material, the enzyme Alpha glucosidase Aka. Glucose medium Transferase , referred to as alpha glucosidase. It can cut the maltose and malt oligosaccharide in the molecular structure of -1 alpha, 6 glycosidic bond, which can be dissociated from a glucose residue transfer to another molecule of glucose or maltose or malt Three sugar Other molecules in the alpha -1, 6, the formation of maltose and isomaltose three sugar, ISO Four malt sugar ISO maltopentaose and Panose Etc.. Isomaltooligosaccharides vibration sieve, sieve properties of Isomaltooligosaccharides oligo isomaltose powder machine is introduced as follows:
One Sweetness The white granulated sugar sweetness is 100, the following Isomaltooligosaccharides with sugar sweetness contrast (20 DEG C, and 10% sucrose solution): kinds of sugar sugar 100 high sweetness fructose Pulp 165 glucose 70 maltose 40 sorbitol 65 Isomaltooligosaccharide syrup 1MO-50052 Isomaltooligosaccharide syrup 1MO-90042 Hight Maltose ISO 40 oligo maltose syrup (powder) taste good, can be used to replace part of sugar, improve food flavor, reduce the sweetness.
Two viscosity Isomaltooligosaccharide syrup with the same concentration of sucrose solution viscosity is very close to food processing than maltose is easy to operate, no adverse effects for candy, cakes and other food structure and characteristics.
Three Heat resistance Acid resistance, Isomaltooligosaccharide heat resistance, acid resistance is excellent. The concentration of 50% syrup decomposition long time heating is not under 120 DEG C, PH3. Applied to beverages, canned food and high temperature or low PH foods can keep the original characteristics and functions.
4 and prevent moisture The aging of starch Isomaltooligosaccharides with moisture, the moisture evaporates, maintain moisture and quality for all kinds of food has better effect, and can inhibit the formation of crystallization of sucrose and glucose. Bread, dessert with starch as the main food, often a little store shall harden, while adding Isomaltooligosaccharide can prevent the starch aging, prolong the retention time of food.
5 color of Isomaltooligosaccharide sugar molecules for reduction of gene and protein or Amino acid Total heat will occur Maillard reaction and produce varying shades of brown coloring, coloring degree is related with the concentration of sugar, and variety, and total heat protein or amino acid PH, heating temperature and time. So, by Isomaltooligosaccharide processing of various foods should be taken into account with the above factors.
Six Water activity Isomaltooligosaccharides water activity: in the concentration of 75%, 25 C 0.75. Close to sucrose, for conversion to replace part of sugar cane in food in the formula is quite convenient.
Seven freezing point Lower the freezing point of Isomaltooligosaccharide and sucrose decreased close to freezing temperature is higher than that of fructose. For cold drinks, make the product soft and delicious. 8, the fermentation of Isomaltooligosaccharide and yeast Lactobacillus Cannot use the sugar. Added to bread, fermented milk (yogurt), yeast, lactic acid bacteria will not be lost and its characteristics using residues in food, promote the growth of bifidobacterium. Especially the normal lactic acid bacteria in fermented milk does not interfere with the fermentation.
9 anti dental caries Of Isomaltooligosaccharides anti caries sex is good, not easy to be Tooth decay Pathogenic variation Streptococcus (Streptococcusmutant) fermentation, so acid produced less teeth is not easily corroded, and it can also use sucrose and sucrose, blocking is not easy to be caused by the interaction of Streptococcus mutans water insoluble High polymer Dextran, decay inhibition of sucrose. Isomaltooligosaccharide Panose (Panose) were formed to hinder the effect is extremely obvious. Dental caries is China's most common diseases of children, protect children's oral hygiene, prevention of dental diseases, with Isomaltooligosaccharide instead of sugar production, not easy to dental caries in the food and beverage is a very valuable work, hope to cause attention health, health food industry.
10 safety Isomaltooligosaccharides maximum no Action The weight above 2g/kg. For Isomaltooligosaccharide Powdered sugar The mouse, oral administration and the acute toxicity of LD50 4g/kg weight above, and low toxicity of sucrose (LD50 29.8/kg weight) and maltose (LD50 26.7/kg weight) are compared, it is extremely safe. Add the sugar in drinking water, 1 years free mice intake, daily intake for isomaltose 2.7-5.0g/kg weight, after long-term feeding test, blood test and autopsy results without any abnormal phenomenon, with abnormal chromosome variation test and regression test of bacterial cells, without any variation of the original. So, Isomaltooligosaccharides are sweeteners high security.