Taihe County

Taihe, the ancient name of deer, Xing Qiu , Lin Qiu , Fuyang County jurisdiction. Located in the northwest of Anhui Province, is located Huang Huai plain Fuyang is located in the south, Bozhou Between the two cities.
Taihe County
As of 2011, jurisdiction over 24 towns, 7 townships and 1 provincial economic development zone The total area of 1822 square kilometers, Cultivated land 1 million 720 thousand acres, a total population of 1 million 712 thousand.
Chinese is the hometown of painting and calligraphy, Chinese Folk Cultural Village Chinese, grain production counties, Chinese Model Green County, Chinese famous medical center, Chinese largest hair products raw materials, production and processing base of Platycodon grandiflorum.
Taihe County, fertile land, food crops to wheat, soybean, corn, sorghum, red taro and other main economic crops due to sesame, rape, cotton, tobacco, mint, herb etc., especially mint, known as "Asia Mint In Chinese, Chinese Mint in Taihe "reputation.

Taihe County History

Taihe, the ancient Yuzhou The domain is the spring and Autumn Period State of Song Name, deer, also known as "Xing Qiu, Qiu Lin, song and Qi This is called the meeting, Chu. The deer on the AU .
Belong to the Warring States period of wei, Su say Wei Xiang Wang "The south is a surname, namely Taihe new". After the return of chu.
After the Qin Dynasty unified, the new County, is Yingchuan county.
Han Xi yang, Lechang A new song, and his wife, is Ru'nan county. Emperor two years (205 years ago), Yi Feng Ru Yin Hou Jaap infants Fine Yang 1000. After two years (182 years ago), seal Prince of Zhao Zhang Aozi Shou Lechang hou. Emperor in section four years (66 years ago), the letter of Wang Lechang hou.
Han Guangwu Jianwu eleven years (35 years), from Chen Pengzi Chenzun Fine Yang hou. Jianwu seventeen years (41 years), the Israeli army work letter Guo Liang For the new wife hou. Zhang Dijian four years (79 years), and seal Yin after songgong to new wife.
When the Three Kingdoms of Wei, song of Song County waste, Early scene Two years (238 years), the membership Qiao county.
Jin Yang Fine waste. The Jin Dynasty Tai Shi Two years (266 years), the Song county to Ru Yin County . Is a song and Qi Xi Ru Yin County . Between the Northern Wei Dynasty (477 years - 499 years), Song County waste. The beam of Chen county.
Chen Sui Yingyang county to change.
Tang Zhenguan The first year (627 years) from Ying Yang, Yin (now incorporated into the Ru Fuyang ), built-in exit Bai Chi Zhen (the original wall).
Song shake out dice In six years (973 years) Ru Yin County Bai Chi Town home of longevity County, belong to Yingzhou . Sun and the first year (1119), renamed Taihe County That shift in the county Shahe North Shore (now The old county town ). In Shaoxing at the end of gold. The death of Kim, return the song.
Yuan Yuan two years (1265), Taihe in yingzhou. great virtue Eight years (1304), home county, "Tai" is "too", this is the county government moved to, after a Ru Ning Fu Yingzhou.
Nanjing Fengyang Fu Ming yingzhou.
The year of Kiyosu Shoji (1724), the change is Bozhou . Yong Zheng thirteen years (1735), Yingzhou palace complex to rise, yingzhou.
In the first year (1912) of waste Ying State, directly under the Anhui province.
In 3 years, is the Huai Si Road, after the seventh in Anhui Province The chief inspector of the district . In 1946, the beginning of the liberation war, the north is no deer too Fu County, northeast of the Ministry in Taipei county. Throughout the liberation of 1948. The establishment of Taihe county. 1949 Anhui The administrative office of Fuyang prefecture. 1951 is the Anhui province Fuyang area. January 1959 Jieshou He led the county too. In April of the same year the recovery of Taihe county.

Taihe County geographical environment

Taihe County position

Taihe County is located in the northwest of Anhui Province, the geographical coordinates of longitude 115 degrees 25 '-
Taihe County
115 degrees north latitude and 33 degrees 55 ', 04' - 33 degrees 35'. East Guoyang , Liesing The west, south of Fuyang. Jieshou Southwest, and Linquan Connected to the north and Bozhou, Qiaocheng District, northwest and Henan Dancheng Border. Southeast through Fengtai, Huainan to Hefei 224 km northwest through Huaiyang, Xihua to Zhengzhou 307 km. To the East Jinpu road to Bengbu 209 kilometers, 210 kilometers west of Luohe pinghan road. Taihe County 52 kilometers long from north to south, east-west width of 60 km.

Taihe County geology

Taihe County from 0 to 40 meters depth strata within the Holocene, 40 meters below the pleistocene. At the top of Upper Pleistocene, the lithology is mottled clay color Huang, messy, hard, dry, solid, smooth, and iron manganese nodules Calcium nodules But, there's a gap, hypoplasia. The new system is divided into 3 sections. The Holocene period under the roof depth 18 ~ 24 meters, 20 meters thick. The top is black, purple and gray clay, dense, hard when dry, fine particles, slightly slippery feeling, fissures and contain more humus, as possible Weathering crust This is a sign of the Holocene, layer under the layer. The monolayer thickness of 4 ~ 8 meters, 10 meters in some areas, to the southeast is thin, only about 2 meters. Central gray sandy loam or silt thickness of about 4 meters, to the south is 6 ~ 8 meters thick. The general level, the deposition is not stable, is thin and white powder, sand and clay interbedded sub. Poor sorting in Sandy loam Inside with calcareous concretions. The boundary of Holocene and Pleistocene strata.

Taihe County Landforms

Taihe County is located in the northwestern part of Huaibei alluvial plain of Yellow River Plain is the main landform types, began in the Han emperor yuan three years (132 years ago) since the the Yellow River times West flood and sediment. In flat terrain, Northwest (elevation 36.05 meters), Southeast (elevation 30.5 meters), 5.55 meters elevation, slope of 1/10000 to 1/7000. According to the classification of landform, denudation and accumulation can be divided into plain and the latest flooding with hejian. Truncation deposits are widely distributed in the area of Hejian Hejian plain, by yellow mottled Sub clay A top 50 cm black Weathering crust , the surface smooth, the terrain from the northwest to Southeast dipping. Yellow mottled loam significantly eroded along the edge fracture is a massive fall off, sub clay fragments of denudation off, re piling up in nearby or elsewhere.

Taihe County climate

Taihe County is located in the eastern part of the Asian continent, according to the natural climate China area is divided into the eastern monsoon warm temperate semi moist area, and close to the northern subtropical climate, is the essence of two kinds of climatic buffer. The characteristics of the monsoon climate significantly, Four seasons Clear, adequate light, mild climate, moderate rainfall, long frost free period. But because of the buffer in two kinds of climate, weather is constantly changing, even the rain, low temperature, drought and flood, hail, frost and wind and other natural disasters have occurred, causing adverse effects to agricultural production. The average annual temperature: 14.9 degrees. The coldest in January, an average of 0.7 degrees, the hottest July, the average annual temperature is 27.9 C, 27.2 C. From 1959 to 1985 extreme maximum temperature of 40.8 degrees. Extreme minimum temperature 21.3 C, maximum and minimum temperature of 62.1 DEG C. Taihe County from 1959 to 1985 weather records the lowest temperature is less than the year from-20 DEG for 5 years, the highest temperature is over 40 DEG C of the year has 5 years.

Taihe County Resources

Taihe County is rich in wheat, soybean, sweet potato and corn, high-quality native products, Chinese toon, cherry, Platycodon root, mint. With Platycodon grandiflorum Chinese herbal based products are exported to Korea, Japan and Southeast Asian countries, is China Platycodon production and processing of the largest distributing center. The territory of proven oil and natural gas and coal rich.

Taihe County Animal resources

Poultry: chicken, duck, goose, pigeon, quail , mandarin duck, magpies, crows, eagles, geese, Orioles, swallow, dove, sparrow, cuckoo, cuckoo, and babbler, Braun, wild duck, owls, woodpeckers, Ji cha.
Animals: cattle, horses, mules, donkeys, sheep, pig, dog, rabbit, cat, hare, Yellow weasel Rat.
Fish: carp, crucian carp, silver carp, catfish, eel, loach, mandarin fish, leisure, crab, mussels, turtle, turtle, frog, snail.
Insects: bees, silkworm, scorpion, snake, cicada, Frog , Toad Earthworms, insects, wood louse, butterfly, dragonfly, spider.

Taihe County plant resources

Cereal : wheat, barley, buckwheat, soybeans, mung bean, broad bean, red bean, cowpea, hyacinth bean, corn, sorghum, rice, millet, sesame, rapeseed, red taro.
Vegetables : leek, onions, onions, garlic, garlic, Leaf mustard Turnip, radish, coriander, carrot, cabbage, Chinese cabbage, spinach, amaranth, Ukraine, yam, lily, pepper, celery, flower dish. Lettuce Berry, beans, beans, cucumber, melon, crisp melon, pumpkin, gourd, gourd, gourd, gourd, mix cucumber, eggplant, tomato, schizonepeta, fennel Changchun, bud (famous brand).
Amphisarca Cherry: (a famous specialty), peach, apricot, plum, ginkgo, pear, persimmon, jujube, pomegranate, grapes, apples, walnuts, lotus, water chestnut, sugar cane, watermelon, peanut paste, Muskmelon Sunflower, etc..
Bamboo Bamboo, pine, cypress, locust, locust, elm, catalpa, mulberry, Changchun, yang, Indus , Paulownia, willow, Meliaceae, mulberry, boxwood, Tang di.
: cotton, ramie, cotton and flax , jute and kenaf.
Medicine : Mint (an important economic crop, peppermint oil exports), rehmannia, perilla, Cyperus, Plantago, motherwort, pinellia, almond, cassia, fennel, pepper, Digupi, fragrant, castor, honeysuckle, Yin Chen, Coix, Trichosanthes, Schizonepeta, calamus, Fructus Cnidii, Fructus Kochiae, peachseed, mulberry, sweet mother pomegranate, papaya, flat bamboo, Radix Isatidis, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Platycodonis, ai.
Flower Peony, peony, Begonia, Guangxi, plum, dahlia, woody, clove, rose, Magnolia, chrysanthemum, lotus, cockscomb, Impatiens, peach, oleander, winter jasmine, Canna, banana, Cactus Mulan, lan.
Kind of wild herbs : shepherd's purse, silver rich vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, bean tree, dog tail donkey tail Artemisia, Bauhinia tree, Wild garlic Water spinach, purslane, Lara seedling (seedling edible), lantern tree.

Taihe County mineral resources

(oil flow in Dawangzhuang oil industry in recent years, out of sand, clay, nitrate).

Taihe County administrative division

In the early years of the Republic the implementation of district insurance system, Taihe County District (with the number and product name), 97.
In 27 years (1938), the district and township, and a county located, 3 districts, 34 township (town), 478 fort.
In 34 years (1945), and adjust the division, 34 township (town) 30 township (town), include: fine, Zhao Sixiang, Yang Zhen Wang Gao Xiang, Guan Ji Xiang Xiang, three, Bamboo Garden Dragon Lake Township, Lee Township, light, Lu Xiang Long Tai xiang, Hu Ji Xiang Black tiger, Qi Qiao xiang, xiang, Da Huang Xiang , gaomiaoxiang, Old county Chen Li, xiang, Zhuan Qiao xiang Bright, Ji Xiang, tax Pu Zhen , jieshouzhen.
In October 1949 the new Chinese was established to District, township and village administrative system, 10 district, 139 township. The 10 areas are: Chengguan, valley mainz, Xing Yellow, yellow plate, tax, Zhaomiao Hongshan guangwu, New The original wall.
March 1950 additional double floating Guanji Township, added in May by the Fuyang District, into the area and Changchun district set house Zhao li, Wang Ying Li Xiang, Changchun, grass 4.
Withdraw in July 1952 added tax tax yellow zone, town, rhubarb, Changchun, Three Pagodas Clearly, Ni Qiu, the old county, District, Taihe County 19 district so far.
In August 1953, the village, Lu Guang Wu, rhubarb, bright set district and township in Jieshou county.
In 1956, Taihe County and 9 districts and 1 towns ( chengguan town Xiang, 64). March 1957 removed the district and township, the township was 45 and 64 in Taihe County township. In January 1958, removed all recovery.
In September 1958 9, modified Taihe County District 1 town 45 village 11 people's communes. In December 1960 the creation of the Hongshan commune. Taihe County Li xing, The original wall The big, new Ni Qiu, double floating, closed set, house set, fentai, Zhaomiao The old county, Chengguan, Hongshan 12 communes.
In August 1961, narrow rural People's Commune The scale of the 12 communes in Taihe County into 12 areas, the establishment of 71 communes.
In March 1969 the withdrawal zone and agency, established 20 communes in Taihe county. This set of 33 communes in Taihe county. For: set, suburban, new and old port, Xiao County, double floating and shallow, Zhao Miao, Ni Qiu, Hongshan, the original wall, tower, palace set, three Hall, Miao Ji, Ruan Qiao, Li Xing Town, tax, Cai Miao Song set, Zhao Ji, Fentai, water, Gao Miao Xu village, mulberry, camp, Chengguan, Ma Ji, Guo Miao, Changchun, double temple, temple, hu.
In August 1979, the people's commune dismantling recovery area, Taihe County (town) 13. In December of the same year, adding Cai Miao Palace district.
In May 1983, changed the people's commune for Township People's government, The production brigade To the village committee.
In 1985, Taihe County 15 district (town), 75 villages, 5 Township town.
In May 1986, an area under the jurisdiction of a sun zhen. So far, Taihe County has a total of 15 district (town), 75 villages, 5 Township Town, 3 Street offices. In 1992, Taihe County revoked 15 district (town) and under the jurisdiction of township (town), re set the County Chengguan, old county, new, Xiao Guan Ji, mouth, three, the original wall, three Hall, old seedling sets, 20 sets, Gong Zhen Fen Tai, Hongshan, Ni Qiu, double floating Zhao Miao, Li Xing, Cai Miao, and shallow, and a tax town, sun Hu, Zhao Ji, Guo Miao, Jiro, mulberry, Ruan Qiao, Ma Ying, double star, temple, temple, temple 11 township. In 1994, the county economic development zone to Anhui Taihe Economic and Technological Development zone.
In January 1998, the mulberry camp evacuated the town of town. In September, the town established five-star village. In December 1999, established the town Gaomiao village. October 2001, Ruan Qiao double temple, were evacuated the town of town. In March 2003, established the town temple village. In September 2006, the work of village zoning adjustment. Taihe County village organization by 804 (village 787, 17 neighborhood communities) adjusted to 311, of which 292 village committees, 19 neighborhood communities. All the village population has increased from 2003 to 5077 before the adjustment, "two committees" of the village cadres and 2517, a reduction of 35%. 2007 additional 1 neighborhood communities, 2 village committees in 2008. So far, Taihe County total village organization 314.
In 2016, Taihe County jurisdiction 29 towns, 2 townships and 1 provincial-level economic development zones, respectively: chengguan town , The old county town , Town tax , Sun Zhen. , The original town wall , Niqiuzhen , Li x , daxin town , Xiao Kou Zhen , Guan Ji Zhen , Three Town , Double floating town , Cai Miaozhen , Three Town Hall , The old town of seedlings , Zhao Miao Zhen , Gong Ji Zhen , Fentai town , The town of Hongshan , Shallow town , Wu Xing Zhen , Gao Miao , Sang Ying Zhen , Temple town Zongzhen, Hu, Guo Miao zhen, Erlang town , Ruan Qiao Zhen , shuangmiao , Zhaojixiang , Ma Ji Xiang and Taihe Economic Development Zone .

Taihe County population

Population size
The early Hongwu, 2211 households, 5299 people; Jiajing Thirty-three years (1544), 4257 households, 54782 people; Wanli twenty-four years (1596), 5484 households, 66255 people.
Ten years from Shunzhi to Guangxu reign period Seventeen years, 238 years, the population increased by 345633 people, an average annual increase of 1452.2 people.
In 10 years (1921), 71193 households, 449257 people; 33 years (1944), 71294 households, 471753 people. An increase of 22496 in 23 years, the average increase of 978.
After the founding of People's Republic of China, people live and work in peace, social stability, and improve the medical level, population growth is very rapid in Taihe county. From 1962 to 1972, the population growth in a state of anarchy, nature growth rate An average of 33.2%.
After 1973, the implementation of national family planning policy in Taihe County, fell to 8.32% in 1985.
As of the five census, the total population of 1371482 people.

Taihe County Economics

Taihe County Overview

In 2011, the county's GDP of 12 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 7%, growth of 74.1% in 2006, an average annual increase of 11.7%; fiscal revenue 1 billion 3 million yuan, an increase of 16.6%, growth of 325% in 2006, an average annual increase of 33.6%; investment in fixed assets 4 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 55%, growth of 406.5% in 2006, an average annual increase of 38.3%; the total retail sales of consumer goods 8 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 15.7%, growth of 114.9% in 2006, an average annual increase of 16.5%; the total import and export $150 million, an increase of 76.6%, growth of 463.5% in 2006, the average annual growth of 41.3%.
In 2012, Taihe County realized a GDP of 13 billion 720 million yuan, an increase of 10.3%; Taihe County above scale industrial output value of 14 billion 340 million yuan, an increase of 16.5%; the added value of 3 billion 460 million yuan, up 16.9%. fixed assets Investment of 5 billion 650 million yuan, an increase of 29%; financial income 1 billion 10 million yuan; per capita net income of farmers 6838 yuan, an increase of 13.7%; the total import and export $200 million, an increase of 28.5%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 8 billion 970 million yuan, an increase of 14.7%; financial institutions at the end of each 22 billion 410 million yuan deposits, savings deposits at the end of 17 billion 870 million yuan, respectively, an increase of 3 billion 410 million yuan, 2 billion 730 million yuan.
In 2013, Taihe County realized a GDP of 16 billion yuan, an increase of 14%; fiscal revenue 1 billion 240 million yuan, an increase of 23%; above scale industrial added value of 4 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 41.2%; investment in fixed assets 7 billion 600 million yuan, an increase of 34.5%; the total import and export $240 million, an increase of 24.2%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 10 billion 100 million yuan, an increase of 15%; urban residents the per capita disposable income of 21020 yuan, an increase of 9.7%; per capita net income of farmers 7800 yuan, an increase of 11.6%; financial institutions at the end of 25 billion 700 million yuan deposits, savings deposits of urban and rural residents 20 billion 830 million yuan, respectively, an increase of 3 billion 280 million yuan, 2 billion 950 million yuan, 7 billion 780 million yuan loans, an increase of 2 billion 50 million yuan. Total retail sales of consumer goods, household savings deposits at the end of more than and 10 consecutive years ranked first in the county in Anhui province.

Taihe County Primary industry

In 1951, according to the "reform" law of the people's Republic of China, and to carry out a comprehensive land reform movement. At that time, the county has 13 districts, 174 townships, which has been carried out land reform has 3 districts, 44 townships. The 10 area does not carry out land reform, 130 townships, the population of 639245 people, 1708885 acres of arable land. In mid August, the first in Taihe County, Liu Lou, Li Hu, Yang You Fang center 4 Township land reform pilot, to the end of September 2nd, accumulated experience, training of cadres. In September 21st, the county held 500 people participated in the training courses for the comprehensive development of land reform, land reform to make organization.
Before and after the land reform, according to the CPC Central Committee "resolution on mutual aid and cooperation in agricultural production (Draft)" spirit, the Communist Party of China in Taihe County countryside to develop agricultural production cooperation group. Until the spring of 1952, the county mutual aid group to reach more than 2.2, in more than 90% of the total rural households accounted for farmers. The perennial mutual aid group more than 2 thousand, in total about 17% households of farmers. Mutual aid is to solve the agricultural and livestock farmers over the difficulties of the lack of the spirit of the principle of voluntary benefit organized. Land, livestock, farm is still owned by all households, mainly to work for workers "in the form of mutual aid. Mutual aid team leader's work is voluntary and unpaid.
In November 1952, based on annual support group, according to the typical demonstration of the approach, the pilot, Zhao Zhuang, Zhang Chi Zhuang in the intersection of 5 primary agricultural cooperatives. To July 1954, to 65, the spring of 1955, to 471. The characteristics of the primary agency is the implementation of land shares, unified management. The price of farm animals and tools into the society, from the agricultural labor agency unified arrangements. The distribution of its benefits, the implementation of assessment work points, generally use four workers in six (40% or 60% land, labor) three to seven of the proportion. Agricultural tax, seed and feed left in the agricultural society, every year also retained small public welfare fund. The winter of 1955, to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the 471 agencies, 5 of which are better than old agency support group increased by 3 to 5, increased by 376 to 2 to 1 of the remaining 466 agencies in 3 to 4, increased by 46 to 1, increased by 5 to 35, to ensure production, production of 1 2 to 8. Production cooperatives accounted for 1.7% of the total, and ensure the production of the production accounted for 7.4%, accounted for 91%.
In July 1955, the central criticized the right conservative ideas. In late August, the Communist Party of China held Taihe County District and township cadres meeting, a "big storm", accelerate the pace of cooperation. In order to strengthen the office of social forces, since the autumn of 1955 to early 1956, has trained co-operative cadres of 16800 people. In early December 1955 to carry out the co-operative movement, after 20 days, the basic realization of primary cooperatives, farmers join accounted for 88% of the total rural households.
After the implementation of the primary cooperation, immediately began to transition to senior agency. The first set, Li Tai, Zhang Zhao in the intersection of 3 Township pilot senior agricultural cooperatives. By June 1956, the county has a higher cooperation, in 173381 households, accounting for 97% of the total rural households.
From 1953 to 1955 founded the primary cooperatives, steady pace, do a solid one, the effect is very good. By the end of 1955 to achieve the primary cooperation, not to consolidate that turn and is a senior agency, in 1956 the heavy rain disaster, the production efficiency is not high, the total grain output of 53 million kilograms less than in 1955, the members did not get to increase production.
In August 1958 " Great Leap Forward In the climax, "Central Committee" on the establishment of the people's commune in the countryside the resolution ", according to the province, Taihe planning, in 9, 10 months to establish 14 people's communes, the people's commune. Under the 265 battalion, 1630 Production team . In 1960 and merged into the 119 brigade, 944 production teams.
In 1978, the CPC Central Committee The Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee After the county cadres and members of emancipating the mind, summing up the historical experience, from reality, to explore new ways of management. By the autumn of 1980, the county's 8349 production teams, all of the implementation of the household contract responsibility system for production. From 1982 to 1984, the CPC Central Committee issued three consecutive No. 1 document, affirmed the agricultural production responsibility system. To the end of 1985, there have been tremendous changes in front of Taihe agriculture. The total agricultural output value in 1985 is 4 times more than in 1979. In 1985 the per capita income of farmers 261 yuan, an increase of 9.3 times compared to 1979. In 1985, 336 kilograms of grain per capita, growth of 61.5% in 1979. In the past 35 years is the best period of agricultural production.
"11th Five-Year" period, the total agricultural output value totaled 24 billion 950 million yuan, an average annual increase of 10.6%, the agricultural added value totaled 13 billion 50 million yuan, an average annual increase of 13.9%.

Taihe County The secondary industry

The period of the Republic of China, the handicraft industry in Taihe County in the textile, iron wood, oil, brewing, mainly brick. The textile industry, iron wood is widely distributed.
In 13 years (1924) the county engaged in knitting industry 5, in 23 to 10 years of development. In 33 years (1944) in the county government private joint civilian factory". The iron industry in the county, Ni Qiu County, the old port ditch, and other places have built a red furnace. As early as 200 years ago in the shipbuilding industry is booming, there are 4 shipyards and 97 handicraft workshops. The beginning of the Anti Japanese War, the old county has 9 shipyard to build 30 ton wooden ships.
In 1949 after the liberation of the city county, built iron factory, weaving factory, bag factory, Minsheng oil factory some small factories, mainly the production of small iron agricultural implements, cotton, jute bag, vegetable oil, for daily life and agricultural production by people. Taihe County individual handicraft industry according to 1954 statistics, to the development of 18 kinds of natural industry, 1669 households and 3453 people, annual production value of 935 thousand and 500 yuan.
In 1958 the big industrial climax, by the end of 1959, Taihe County Industrial Enterprises soared to 108. In 1963, the industrial enterprises decreased from 108 to 75, including state-owned enterprises reduced to 11.
1966," The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution "Start. Paralysis of Taihe County agencies at all levels of management rules and regulations, lax, production by contusion. Total industrial output fell from 8 million 400 thousand yuan in 1966 to 7 million 590 thousand yuan in 1969. After 1970, the industrial development, has built a chemical fertilizer factory, ginning factory, two agricultural machinery factory. In 1976 the total industrial output value 30 million 530 thousand yuan.
In 1979 to carry out the party's policy of reform and opening up, some of the enterprises have been adjusted and rectification, and expand the autonomy of enterprises, promote various forms of economic responsibility, establishing and perfecting the corporate rules and regulations. In 1985, the state owned industrial enterprises 22, 45 million 120 thousand yuan of industrial output value.
The development of township enterprises in 1985 to 22722, of which 266 households do Lianhuban, 22181 township enterprises, output value of 9 million 560 thousand yuan in 1983, 80 million 300 thousand yuan in 1985, in which households do, Lianhuban enterprises output value accounted for more than 85%. Mainly engaged in building materials, weaving, screen, fireworks, tear film rope and other handicraft industry and transportation, business services and other industries. And the emergence of more than 100 thousand yuan of 150 large, 200 thousand yuan more than the big 43, 500 thousand yuan more than the big 13, a sun dyestripping rope factory annual output value of over 1 million yuan.
 In the construction of high-rise buildings In the construction of high-rise buildings
In 2011, Taihe County scale industrial enterprises 81, the output value of 13 billion yuan, an increase of 7.4%, growth of 403% in 2006, an average annual increase of 38.2%; the added value of 3 billion 170 million yuan, an increase of 5.3%, growth of 305% in 2006, the average annual growth of 30%. The combined effect of the park gradually. Taihe County, an area of two yuan adjustment to the planning area of 52.8 square kilometers, built area of 9.1 square kilometers, respectively, at the end of 2006, an increase of 45 square kilometers, 7.1 square kilometers; 267 enterprises, 198 more than the end of 2006; Park scale industrial output value of 11 billion 500 million yuan, an increase of 509.5% over 2006, an average annual increase of 43.5%. In the city of Fuyang launched the first township industrial zone construction, Li Xing, Ma Zhen, a sun set, tax and other 7 industrial zone planning area of 17.2 square kilometers, built area of 2.1 square kilometers, 70 enterprises settled. In 2011, biological medicine, hair products, non-ferrous metal, wood, agricultural and sideline products, textile and garment, plastics (screen, rope), Chinese herbal medicine eight pillar industry scale industrial output value of 11 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 506.5% over 2006, an average annual increase of 43.4%. The biological medicine, textile and garment, food processing, agricultural and sideline products industry output value exceeded 1 billion yuan. The annual output value of over 100 million yuan enterprise 42, 38 more than the end of 2006.

Taihe County The service sector; the tertiary industry

"11th Five-Year" period, value added services totaled 14 billion 90 million yuan, an average annual increase of 14.3% . To foster the development of medicine, Chinese herbal medicine, human hair, wood and decorative plates, plasticizing, grain, powder, three non-ferrous metals recycling and other professional trading market. Total retail sales of social consumer goods for four consecutive years, ranking first in Anhui province. " Thousands of villages and towns "The market works and the" new network project "implementation, rural commercial network development to more than 6 thousand.
The proportion of three industries from 2005 to 2010 36.6:25.4:38.0 28.3:41.5:30.2.

Taihe County traffic

 Taihe Road Construction Taihe Road Construction
Beijing Kowloon Railway , Luohefuyang Railway Built in San Tang Ji Railway Station, 7 stations, including passenger and freight station (San Tang Ji Railway Station); State Road 105 Highway 308, highway, and mussels in Taihe County in economy wide highway intertwined, Ying River gold road after Taihe County Taihe County town more than and 40 kilometers, from Fuyang 4C airport and Fuyang Kowloon railway marshalling station is only 37 kilometers, forming a three-dimensional traffic network.
Land route
In 1984, Shang Fu section of the Beijing Kowloon railway line, the design of a national railway. Taihe County through the territory of 31.815 kilometers, design and construction of 3 stations, 49 bridges and culverts. In 1984 by the Fourth Engineering Bureau of the Ministry of Railways construction. Luohefuyang railway community Fu section is January 1986 fourth by the survey and design of Railway Survey and Design Institute of the two railway. Taihe County, 33.32 km in length, the design of tax ", The old county , Wo Jiepai 4 stations, large and small bridges and culverts 96.
Taihe County river navigable only Mainz river and shaying river . West Feihe River After the founding of the nation has
 Geng Lou gate Geng Lou gate
Not navigable, the valley of the river on 50s at the end of period. Mainz river, river water is gentle slope. During the Anti Japanese War, along the river town, business is booming as Qingjian Ni Qiu, the original wall, every day in more than 400 ships moored. Can go to Bengbu, can pass Huaiyin . Taihe County in the production of wheat, soybean Lai this waterway shipped out, and make it into salt, kerosene Cloth and groceries.

Taihe County Sociology

Taihe County Medical care

Taihe County has all kinds of public health agency 336, of which the medical and health institutions 10, disease county county hospital, county hospital, county hospital, county hospital, Second People Fifth People's control center, county health authority, County Maternal and child health care, the new rural cooperative medical school, county county, a County Management Center of the blood prevention; township hospitals in the county in 32, including 10 Center Hospital, 22 township hospitals, 294 village clinics. County, township and village three health care network preliminary formation, to meet the basic needs of the county's 1 million 750 thousand people's health.

Taihe County education

Taihe County ordinary middle school and high school occupation more than 40, More than and 200 primary school, teaching facilities, teachers and students quality reputation in both inside and outside the province, every year more than 5000 colleges of new transmission. among Anhui Tai an , Taihe middle school Talent training for Qinghua University and other national key universities a considerable number of. National demonstration high school occupation - Wo second occupation senior high school, the Anhui provincial demonstration high school - the first occupation occupation Taihe senior high school. Taihe County as the county of education in Fuyang area, including private schools for Taihe education has made a great contribution. as Taihe County Star School And the education of senior high school, senior high school, Tenghua Yucai Middle School.

Taihe County Culture

Taihe County dialect

Located in Taihe North China Plain The southern dialect belongs to Chinese. The northern dialect The North China dialect, also known as" official speech in the lower reaches of the Yangtze ". According to the 1958 census in Anhui province dialect materials, will be designated as the "Su Fu Tai dialect dialect". It is close to the Mandarin, in grammar, vocabulary and Mandarin are basically the same. On the pronunciation and Mandarin have certain difference, mainly in voice tone, tone, do not have regional differences, not a dialect area.

Taihe County Cultural Venues

Taihe County revolutionary martyrs memorial
In 1989 the Communist Party of China Taihe County Taihe County History Office according to the wishes of the people initiative for the martyrs monument.
 Taihe County monument Taihe County monument
In June 1990 the Communist Party of China Taihe County People's government made a decision to raise funds for the construction and the establishment of the Preparatory Committee of the Martyrs Monument Monument, the expectations of both parties to support, have donated three hundred and ten thousand yuan. The Revolutionary Martyrs Monument was founded in April 19, 1992, completed in July 19, 1993. The monument is 23.4 meters high, 0.2 meters thickness, Beizuo 19 steps, symbol four A. The 19 riots and seven A. The 19 massacre two time 19 martyrs memorial day, inscription in the name column, in addition to the three major events of the dead is a famous hero, "immortal revolutionary martyrs" eight characters by the chairman of the Standing Committee of Anhui Provincial People's Congress Gary Wang Gu Zuying wrote the inscription inscription, ho.

Taihe County Religion

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, in the temple buildings, the monks there. The jade temple is famous temple (in the Miao Ji Xiang), bixiayuanjun Temple (in the old county), chantang (in the town), Guanyin Hall (in the county). According to the jade Temple Temple Monument records, the Ming Dynasty, the temple has a temple more than 500 monks, 500 people. To 1951, the temple has quit the monk 17 people, after the land reform is to take care of. The meditation hall also known as Hong Fanan, is located in the west of Yinghe River, in 30 years (1941), the main hall there are 1 Buddha statues of sandalwood, in Ming Dynasty Cooper 3 strains, 2 strains of the Tang Dynasty West Temple ginkgo, lush flowers and trees, quiet environment. According to old records, the Qing Dynasty is the temple Abbot monk Qingyuan, had your officer parked under the temple, on shore Qingyuan, two people meet and watch. The original silence, over 1 watts to uterine brother, as a souvenir, never told the story, county people suspected dead monk dignitaries ming.
In the future, the gradual decline of Buddhism in Taihe county. The "54" movement, the school around the temple, the monks and nuns decline. In the early Republic of China Statistics, there are 345 monks and nuns. In 35 years (1946), the county has 96 people quit the monk.
Taihe Buddhist Association was founded in 15 years of the Republic of China (1926), the organization is unknown. In 33 years (1944) and will be renamed. In 35 years (1946), was changed to "China Buddhist Association of Anhui Taihe Branch, Guanyintang on site, with a membership of 200 people (including the laity), director Shi Linxiang."
In 1985, the territory of Nun 3 people are old, the cost of living subsidies by the government.
Islamism In the early Ming Dynasty was introduced into Tai. Hongwu ten years (1377), 12 from the construction of the mosque Wo Hui (now North Temple), later built the mosque and the old South County mosque. Please have a full-time Temple Imam (also called Dean), who is in charge of the canon, punctuality, and presided over the three week holiday.
Wo Hui all believe in Islam, they are smart, good at doing business, where the famous Ma Hongsheng fruit and some famous snacks, by Hui manufacturing business, make a significant contribution to the development of Tai business.
After the liberation, the teach in "three" (autobiography, rehabilitation, autotrophic) under the guidance of the principle, continue to innovate, Hui material life and cultural quality improvement. During the ten years of chaos, Muslims worship was forbidden, temple Imam expelled. The 600 year history of the North mosque, dozens of plaque were smashed, the antiquities (a song of a magnetic furnace), ancient calligraphy and painting stolen, suffered heavy losses. The Communist Party of China after the third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee, the party's religious policy implementation, to repair the North mosque funding to restore its normal activity.
The spread of Catholicism in Tai Qing Dynasty, the first church set in Fei estuary (after the liberation as Bo County). Sixteen years Guangxu (1890), the Diocese of Shanghai sent French white and gold two priests to Taihe building, the hall site located north street, across the street is building something houses, West Hospital for male priests hall and dormitory, Eastern Hospital for female college and chastity Nun The dormitory. In 20 years, by French missionaries and native high priest class Lianrong, established in the Tang Li village, Bell Temple, East Village, water Liu Jia Qiao and other places, the development of about 3000 believers. After Italy cleric Greg, Munro presided over the work of the.
The Catholic Church is chastity nun nun, sister served 18 people, their duties are assisted clergy educational management. The Catholic Church in Taihe missionary way, in addition to building preaching, and run by the words, the conservative school class. Often in the spring and autumn season two, extensive collection of children of believers into the hall and read, learn Tao Ming, accept Catholicism. During the study, free supply of food.
During the Anti Japanese War, who has run the Chongren private primary school, in addition to ordinary school curriculum, adding a moral course taught by a priest, as instilling doctrine position. In 1985, the county has about 3000 catholics. The clergy of 3 people. The clergy living by government subsidies.
In Christianity Guangxu reign period Eleven years (1885) into the Tang Tai, located south east street. The first British Minister feld. The American people later, Hector besiq mill and Shi Peiren repair. What is the local priest sent dust and Chen Shouchun etc..
The mainland will belong to Taihe Christian factions. In 26 years (1937), the establishment of "Chinese Christian Taihe mainland Fu too local union", also called the Evangelical Church, to the later period of the Anti Japanese War, the territory of a total of 16 Christian believers branch, more than 700 people.
In 35 years (1946), American clergyman Shi Peiren and his wife, domineering, bullying local pastors, and servants. The local clergy unbearable, adopting optional elders and deacons, established a local educational organization, and forced Shi Peiren to admit in public examination.
After the founding of the PRC, the teaching activities once was stagnant. In 1983, under the guidance of religion in the county, established the Christian three self Patriotic Committee, in May the transfer of property rights, to resume normal activities. Approved the 1984 annual report, the Department of religious, the creation of 8 points in the territory of christianity. According to incomplete statistics, in 1985 there are Christian Jovan.

Taihe County Tourism

Shaying River National Wetland Park
As the main river wetland park Geng Lou, located in Taihe County surrounding,
 Shaying River National Wetland Park Shaying River National Wetland Park
The extension area of 20 square kilometers, river wetland, ditches, marshes concentrated, interconnected, formed a relatively complete system of composite wetland, play a flood, irrigation, shipping, water purification, climate regulation, maintenance of important ecological functions of regional biodiversity etc.. The original ecological environment of the wetland park is complete, rich in animal and plant resources. Superior geographical conditions, many wetlands surrounding historic cultural long history, rich connotation. Taihe Shaying River Wetland Park was officially approved as a national Wetland Park .
Taihe Confucious'Temple
Taihe Confucious'temple and adjacent park, Confucious' temple Front Gate suspended "Wo strength" of the four characters of the plaque, the square in front of Confucious'temple square.
Taihe Confucious'Temple Located in Anhui Province Taihe County Chengguan town school science Street No. 35,
 Taihe Confucious'Temple Taihe Confucious'Temple
It covers an area of 4620 square meters, 7 acres, Yuan Dade eight years (1304), Li Ying created the daruqachi. War damage, Hongwu five years (1372) rebuilt, miankuo 5 20 meters, 10 meters deep into the single Yan Xie Shanding, glazed tile, wooden palace style building lifting beam and Chuandou type combination, with characteristics of North-South style combination, is the main frame beam of wood the hall type building roof, glazed tile roof, a beast, four Kok cornices, magnificent, has been 700 years of history.
Longevity Hill
Taihe County Longevity Hill The site is located near the town wall, the original town granary, is the ancient officials were digging the grave, there are a lot of priceless treasures. Later, Taihe County Government triangle triangle in the east be busy at putting up installations, piled up a mountain".
The Cherry Orchard
Jinghu is located in the west,
 Taihe Cherry Orchard Taihe Cherry Orchard
Each to the cherry blossoms and Cherry Mature season, tourists in a continuous line.

Taihe County Famous characters

Historical celebrities
 Xuguangjin Xuguangjin
Nikuan (? - 103 years ago), the Han Dynasty officials, the word Zhong Wen, now Anhui Province Taihe County Niqiuzhen People. Jiajingnianjian, commemorating the "Ni wide studious, built for the people, is generous" Wo One of the eight, known as the "moon floor hoe".
Fanpang (137 - 169), the word Meng Bo, Han Ru'nan fine Yang people.
Lü Fan (? - 228 years), the word sub scale, Ru'nan Fine Yang, is the period of the Three Kingdoms Eastern Wu The forces of the generals, former general officer to Yangzhou, animal husbandry, posthumously Great Minister of War .
Xuguangjin (1797 - 1869), the word Zhongsheng The word, Jing Hou, Anhui District Taihe County Xu Zhairen, Qing Jiaqing Jinshi, the official Viceroy of Liangguang EnSeal, Prince Edward taibao.
Modern celebrity
Crane Now, Chinese Calligraphers Association Member, vice chairman of Taihe County Calligraphy Association, vice president of the Academy of Shanghai book.
Liu (aka Liu Bin). Now: Sichuan Artists Association Member, China landscape painting art network Editor and art director, the eight party art consultant, Mount Huangshan Oriental art-college Dean.
Sulei Under the pseudonym, stone edge, Liuxiang lay, at the beginning of 80s, into the Henan Academy of fine arts, a famous art educator, artist Li Tianying Professor, solid foundation. Now Chinese Artists Association member of Anhui branch, Chinese Research Association, Beijing painting and calligraphy artist special hall china.
Wangtiehan , No. fruits in autumn People, Beijing is now the northern Calligraphy Institute distinguished artist, member of Chinese Calligraphers Association, Anhui Quanjiao Academy of distinguished scholars two grade painter, south China Director of Beijing Artists Association, Jingdong Museum registration signed by senior artist, occupation qualification certification and registration of International Federation of art occupation certification (certification number IORC05862237) visiting professor China calligraphy correspondence school.