Warriors from the Magic Mountain

The "new Shushan" adapted from the swordsman Huan Zhulouzhu The fantasy novels " Shushan swordsman biography "That is Tsui Hark Directed, Ha Ling Chun , Adam Cheng , Brigitte Lin Fantasy starring martial arts film.
Warriors from the Magic Mountain
The film tells the story of the South China Sea to send swordsman Ding Yin to eliminate rampant Gorefiend possessed by it, such as di minci save the world common to knife for Li Yiqi woman with purple blue sword story. The film released in Hongkong on February 5, 1983.

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Warriors from the Magic Mountain Plot

Five random Hua era, as a spy Di Mingqi in the barracks ( Ha Ling Chun Decoration) Because of anger army fled to Laishan Qi, accidentally into the cult of the South China Sea, to send swordsman Ding Yin ( Adam Cheng Decoration) He rescued. Ming Qi see D yinwu arts high strength, strong persuasion he can stand up to save the common people, to avoid the destruction, and determined the apprentice seeking to accept him as a disciple, but the master Ding lead but declined. D brother Kunlun faction head Xiao Ru ( Damian Lau Decoration) Rather than a true apprentice ( Meng Hai Decoration) Also came to the cave, four together was not against the cult law enforcement, as is badly injured, and Gorefiend possessed, Ding lead determination to take him to the Wonderland fairy castle healing. Then, four first decided to Wonderland fairy castle rescue dawn rest, to find the whereabouts of purple blue sword. A pedestrian came to the fort, unexpectedly,. ( Brigitte Lin Decoration) Are closed door practice, unable to save, Dante is able to make Fort ice flame immortal predestined people, so the owners can exit rescue dawn as. Ding cited and di minci leading out of the hole, they also accidentally injured by D bloodseeker. D to avoid their lead arena storm, immediately to Ming Qi immediately to worship him as a teacher, and give him three days to send him back to Wonderland fairy castle. But the main Fort save as drained of strength, has been unable to save D, but to break the ice lens, frozen blood, but they are frozen, only a true, di minci and Wonderland fairy castle in the female student ( Moon Lee Choi Fung Decoration) To escape, three people decided to peak day knife for Li Yiqi woman ( Judy Ongg Decoration) With purple blue sword, to master his universalist world common people.

Warriors from the Magic Mountain screen credits

Warriors from the Magic Mountain Actor table

Warriors from the Magic Mountain The staff table

producer Raymond Chow , Leonard Ho
director Tsui Hark
Screenwriter The moon in the water , Chuek-Hon Szeto
Photography Bill Wong
clip Yao Chung Chang
Art design William
Action guide Corey Yuen , Fung

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Warriors from the Magic Mountain Role description

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Warriors from the Magic Mountain Original Soundtrack

The name of the song Lyrics Composer The singer Remarks
"Descendants of the Yellow Emperor" James Wong The actor Adam Cheng The movie theme song

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Warriors from the Magic Mountain Behind the scenes

The film is the first in Hongkong with the "Star Wars" stunt team support fantasy martial arts stunts.
The film is Brigitte Lin The first martial arts works.

Warriors from the Magic Mountain Production and distribution

Country / Region Release / release date (details)
Hongkong China February 5, 1983
U.S.A January 4, 2002 (Reissue)
Hongkong China April 16, 2006 (Hongkong International Film Festival)

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Warriors from the Magic Mountain Evaluate the film

The film as the first in Hongkong with "Star Wars" stunt team support stunts sci-fi martial arts films, is of epoch-making significance. Because of the characters and plot clues too much and is a bit messy, in many places the account is not clear, but the visual effect is good, the art design and other actors also be not of the common sort. (Tencent Entertainment Rating)
The most commendable is full of imagination special effects, has changed the traditional Kung Fu "people previously thought only to call" concept, which is regarded as the history of Hongkong film a milepost of. In this film, Tsui Hark will be flying into the fantasy elements into martial arts costume, created the so-called "Oriental magic" of the genre, the exploration on the effects and creation, also became the same type of film absorbing the nutrition source. (NetEase rating)
The "new Shushan" musketeers of the sustenance of the Tsui Hark view of human nature, people are killing each other in the world, in the celestial and Nandi arch-criminal Gorefiend, is not unity, mutual block. On the contrary, if people are willing to work together, it will be a miracle, the climax of the movie and a true monk di minci hardships purple blue sword after the merger, the uniforms were Gorefiend possessed just d - in fact, this is also Tsui Hark will keynote by martial arts films to the evolution of the world's personal animosity challenge. (Sina entertainment rating)

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